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In Topic: Rangers In Crisis

Today, 15:25


Well, I doubt that it's a secret that very few non-Rangers fans care what happens to your club. :ok:


I was merely pointing out what's happened in the last few years. 3 short years ago, Rangers fans were confidently predicting that 'fan power' and the pressure that Rangers supporters would put on everyone and awbody, would have a huge effect.


It didn't.


I just don't see why anyone thinks it'll be any different with Ashley.....he doesn't care about Rangers, he's only in it for a quick buck.


Yeah but they are the peepul...

In Topic: Tamb Running Thread

Today, 14:33

I have just joined Strava and am having all sorts of bother with it displaying inaccurate times and splits. It bears no ressemblence to the times on Garmin Connect! 

In Topic: Tamb Running Thread

Yesterday, 21:58

I have a stop watch and I know my route before I go out. If I'm somewhere new I look at maps and know where I'm going. When I come back I write my route / times in a diary.


Recon I've saved by self at least a 100 quid and I don't have to wait for a satellite to come over head before I can run!


Lovely 3h (17m, 1000m climb) run round the Moffat hills this morning and even a bit of snow falling on the tops! 



Not easy to work out your splits as you go though

In Topic: George Square Crash

Yesterday, 15:08


This is the bit that is confusing me


The usual reaction for anyone that is in a vehicle where the driver collapses is to at least try to grab the wheel and steer the vehicle to safety/ stop - normally by turning it into a wall 





Yeah but what wall would be avaliable without running people over? I am certainly not jumping to any conclusions.

In Topic: Tamb Running Thread

Yesterday, 12:33


Watch is really easy to look at during a run.


This is exactly why a watch is better. I look at mine regularly when running and couldn't do that with a phone. I also don't like having a phone in the pelting rain.


Some people also don't like listening to music while running?  :wtf:


Congratulations on finishing the course though.



I never listen to music - it is a distraction and to be honest think it is dangerous. I like to be aware of who and what is around and that is a lot harder without hearing. I also enjoy running and don't need the distraction I am too busy with enjoying my environment and thinking about my running. The only time I would listen to music is in the gym as running on a treadmill is torture which is why I haven't done it in years.