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In Topic: Most Dangerous Woman In Britain

Today, 07:28

They still managed to get several headline digs in at the SNP mainly from Lord Pishy Pants 


They didn't dig up up for it!?  :unsure:

In Topic: Charles Kennedy

Today, 06:30


Just a question of time before they start eating live babies. 


It shows how low some have sunk that they immediately turn this sad occasion into SNP Bad. The guy hadn't even been dead a day.......

In Topic: Charles Kennedy

Yesterday, 22:11


Aye, it's a pretty sad state of affairs when politicians start to answer questions. Never mind, Nicola will boot his baws and make sure he doesn't make that mistake again. 


Especially since there was absolutely nothing wrong with the answer and those who have jumped up and down are the ones despicably trying to score points instead of covering the real disgrace which is people called in SNP murderers.  

In Topic: Charles Kennedy

Yesterday, 22:08


He didn't have to.



In Topic: Charles Kennedy

Yesterday, 21:41

Or he knows what the reaction will be and considers the political benefit of it for the Indy cause. The SNP, and especially Salmond, tend not to make daft mistakes. That's why they're sweeping the board at every election, eight years after they were first elected.


He was answering a question!