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Yesterday, 22:23


Especially since there was absolutely nothing wrong with the answer and those who have jumped up and down are the ones despicably trying to score points instead of covering the real disgrace which is people called in SNP murderers.  


Just a question of time before they start eating live babies. 

In Topic: Scots Mp's And Health

Yesterday, 22:21

Ron Brown & Nicky Fairbairn were another two that liked a refreshment or maybe masked a guilty conscience. Allegedly.


And George. As some folk have mentioned, the HoC possibly isn't the best place for folk with alcohol problems to work?

In Topic: Scots Mp's And Health

Yesterday, 22:15


Never understood this term. As humans we don't know the date or time of our death, so how can anyone's death be classed as early? 


0200 in the morning?


Maybe not the best term to use but what I think I meant was folk dying younger than the average age of death, for folk born in the year that they were born. Couldnae be ersed typing out all that though.

In Topic: Charles Kennedy

Yesterday, 22:08


He didn't have to.


Aye, it's a pretty sad state of affairs when politicians start to answer questions. Never mind, Nicola will boot his baws and make sure he doesn't make that mistake again. 

In Topic: Blatter To Resign

Yesterday, 18:56

Any truth in the rumours that Blatter is to be appointed the new Rangers boss?


I am fairly sure he would be "fit a proper" enough.