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Today, 11:04

If the polls are correct and the result turns out to be as close as they say then I am surprised that NI hasn't been mentioned more than it has. The results in NI could be crucial. If it is really close the Sinn Fein guys might even take their seats to get some major concessions. 

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Today, 09:06

Needs a good definition..


The definition would need to be loose enough so that it can be used quite frequently. So, something like "Nonsense posted on the TAMB" should do the trick?

In Topic: Diane Abbot

Today, 08:58


'Bibberish' is my word of the week.


Aye, it is good. :lol:  Do you think we could get it into the OED if we use it often enough?

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Today, 08:52

Sky news said she will make 10 million before she's ten , through beauty mags .
whit if she looks like fergy ?


Or Charlie?  :shocked:  :yikes3:

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Today, 08:51

I fail to see how you can be disgusted by North Ayrshire constituents refusing to ever vote Labour again. You are looking solely and perhaps with blinkers at the perceived quality of the candidate - I suggest the majority of voters are solely looking at how they have been sold down the river by Scottish Labour. To call them stupid puts your attitude very much in with the attitude of the Scottish Labour gravy-train.......


Snap! :lol:  Almost exactly what I was thinking.