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  2. My great-grandparents were married in St. John's Church on Portugal St in 1909.
  3. Ryan Jack starts. Very surprising
  4. Just to clarify , I don't believe in the medium thing nor seances or these ludicrous ghost hunting programmes etc . However I've had too many "experiences " of weird shit over the years to just dismiss the "supernatural" out of hand . One other stands out , whilst in The Gulf again in 90/91 I used to sleep on top of our vehicle. (Got some stunning night skies to go to sleep by) However the night the Air war started (16th Jan) I dreamt my mother was desperately trying to wake me ... I could literally feel her shaking me and hear her voice. I woke up suddenly (Managed to get myself hooked up in the cam net, shat myself, then looked around everybody was in NBC kit I jumped down and got my kit on thinking it must have been the guys voices I had heard .....until one of them saId....... " Oh I forgot you were up there !"
  5. It is called a self-deprecating sense of humour. You being from Edinburgh struggle to understand it. You are too busy sucking banker and english dick to be able to work it out.
  6. Don't you mean tictacs
  7. I'm looking for a Dundee bus too. Are the rampant lions still on the go?
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  9. The butterfly clearly didn't have the same affect on you ....😩
  10. Felt very spooky reading this. When my mum was in her very early twenties she worked in a whisky factory manning the switchboard. She was going out with one of the sales reps at that time. One evening she woke up in the middle of the night and he was standing at the foot of her bed. She tells me she was not scared, even though he was just standing there . She went into work the next morning and the first call she took was to inform the company that he would not be in that day as he had been killed in a car accident the previous night on the way back from England. She is adamant she seen him and it was not a dream. My great granny was a 'spiritualist' . There are numerous hand me down stories I could tell but would be laughed off the board. I myself am a bit sceptical but choose to keep an open mind due to one incident. My gran had an infatuation with butterflies. She had a big butterfly thing in her garden. It was made of wire and shaped like a butterfly, she grew flowers on it. She had umpteen butterly brooches , fridge magnets etc . When she died my brother stayed at my house the night before the funeral. It was mid January. He went into the spare bedroom at the end of the night and found a butterfly, on the bed. I know there will be some clever bod to tell me that it is not impossible to find a butterfly in the winter and not to read anything into it, but butterflies are not something i find regularly in the house, even in the summer, never mind mid January. As i said, I am more a cynic than a believer, but the butterfly keeps my mind opened. Maybe more through hope.
  11. I was at the Italy v Scotland game in Rome in 1993. I basically watched Baggio all night as everything Italy did went through him. On the original question, Maradona for me.
  12. Manager : C Levein (SCO)
  13. Can conclude the following: 1. This team needs more speed. 2. This team needs more strengh (that includes hacking/fouls. 3. This team needs more passing success 4. This team needs to not waste chances infront of goal. 5. This team needs to perfect the offside trap better against england 6. Headers in defense required 7. Substitue tired players at just the right time 8. Protect a 1 goal lead more aggressively. Thats all for now. Use above list and we have a chance to fluke the England game.
  14. Could definitely be improved of that there is no doubt. Nor is it the greatest city in the world, and by far, at least not to a neutral. But I think you are being a bit harsh. Not sure more outdoor terraced space is a priority in a city that is arguably, and current weather aside, one of the wettest in Europe. Bins are indeed a disgrace though. As with a beating heart, its not always what you see but what you feel that is important. I have been to cities that are world renowned for being beautiful, Paris for example. I felt nothing whatsoever in Paris, James McFadden wonder goal aside. Budapest on the other hand I fell in love with. Hopefully one day your love affair with Glasgow will return if a new council get their act together. 😊
  15. As a highlander I can say there's definitely a higher proportion of mediums up here. The central belt's chock full of large, X-large, XX-large, etc.
  16. Sad but true. "I just think Lionel's height is going to be an issue against Latvia ..."
  17. Strachan would fit Forrest in there somehow.
  18. Buffon Thuram Baresi Nesta Maldini Pirlo Xavi Ronaldo Zidane Messi Ronaldo What a team that would be.
  19. If cards were dished out in the 60s the way they are thrown around like sweeties now, then you'd see a heck of a lot more historic legends with higher crime counts.
  20. Cool, and the other 13 red cards?
  21. Somebody who was a drug cheat should never be classed as the worlds greatest imo
  22. every chance
  23. His goals v Newcastle, Argentina, and Leicester (the one at Filbert street) are right up there among my favourites. He was one of my favourites growing up, got his autograph at France 98 too (cool story bro) Edit: Forgot to add the goal at Roker Park v Sunderland too. Ridiculous skill
  24. Seems a crazy one, but some of the single greatest "plays" i've seen have been from dennis bergkamp A lot of modern players are so much faster than before, it's athleticism that's getting them there. Messi runs faster with the ball than an NFL cornerback just sprinting. Crazy acceleration that just didn;t exist way back.
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