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  2. Summer football has to happen, went to Alloa on Tuesday night and it was great standing in 20 degrees watching an entertaining game.
  3. Everyone is waiting for the Dons to kick-off.
  4. The past few pages are clear demonstration why Scottish football has its problems. No one talks about the actual football.
  5. Griffiths banned for one European game.
  6. We'll this thread has escalated quickly lol UEFA aren't serious about any of this crap. Illicit banners and now illicit bibs 😂 It's all a money making exercise for the second most corrupt organisation in world football. Huns creaming themselves over potential punishment is hilarious though. At least it's given them some European interest 👍
  7. You can't compare men's football to women's football. Yesterday was very poor but I've seen Scotland lose 6-0 in Holland before.
  8. Aye ok. I personally couldn't care less what the GB get up to. I have been shot many times at CP by snipers :-)
  9. If you don't see the IRA link in the Green Brigade's banners then to quote Nigel Pearson, "you're an ostrich."
  10. It went along with the words "Brendan's undefeated army". Same way people dress in military gear and call themselves the Tartan Army, nothing to get upset about.
  11. What is the purpose of the banner with the image of black beret, dark sunglasses and army style combat gear?
  12. None of the flags showed support for the IRA. I seen support for our manager and marking the players' undefeated domestic season, but none about the IRA.
  13. I thought it was Linfield , trouble with this lot is they all look the same. You throw in a tin of Spam and they all go mad .
  14. Presumably you have to be in Europe to be on the receiving end of UEFA's rule book
  15. I'm well aware that's a parody also. For the record I'm not upset, I have never stated so. However I do find it sad as in 2017 we have knuckle draggers that think this has any place at football. Celtic have made a rod for their own back accepting this fairly regurly when it could easily be stopped but they just don't have the appetite. Maybe the saddest thing of all is people on here making excuses for it all. I am well aware Rangers have an equivalent knuckle dragging element in their support too, not too sure what that has to do with Celtic's banners though. Grown men who fly flags supporting the IRA in 2017 man, how pathetic is that.
  16. It's worth pointing out that ours actually was a football banner.
  17. Exactly....... This thread is about European football.....
  18. Now I am offended , wheres those Uefa Khunts when u want them !!!!
  19. What have Rangers got to do with this?
  20. Rangers eh? Purely stick to football.
  21. The sniper at work is actually the parody. So it's a parody of a parody. Which basically means that you're upset about a road sign being on a football banner. Perhaps you should avoid watching this sport from now on.
  22. It's not meant to be funny. It's meant to show you how stupid what you've been posting is.
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