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  1. Apart from the 3 I have been with you....unfortunately. (not including Wembley)
  2. Sounds fair haha thanks
  3. Why wouldnt you stay in Dortmund mate?
  4. Cheers lads
  5. Me and a few mates are thinking of going over to Dortmund to watch a match but seems flights aren't ideal flying from Scotland. Is there anyone who has gone before and if so, how did you get there? Cheers
  6. Squad For Next Campaign

    Surely Armstrong and GMS will be in and around the squad? Would definitely have Armstrong in at the minute!
  7. 1 Ticket Needed

    Hi mate, I am at work but a couple of mates are out in Glasgow. Are you in city centre to meet?
  8. 1 Ticket Needed

    One mate who thought he had a ticket now doesnt If anyone has a spare? Long shot I know!
  9. Team Confirmed

    Happy with this team, plenty of attacking options going forward whilst having a solid shape to defend with.
  10. Georgia Predictions

    I hope there is nobody here who would be happy with that?
  11. Can't Concentrate At Work!

    I am the same, all I can think about. Finish at 5pm but hoping to negotiate an earlier finish. Took half day on Monday to go to the Germany game, and a half day Tuesday morning to allow for the pending hangover after celebrating 6 points.