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  1. Deecie is James Milner IRL.
  2. I think those 5 plus Celtic are much of a muchness. It wouldn't surprise for Celtic to beat any of those or likewise get knocked out by any of those sides listed. Ludogorets are the only one who are probably not favs to go through to the next round at the moment, a 2-2 draw at home to Red Star means they probably need to win in Belgrade. Although BATE Borisov only won 1-0 at home v Dundalk.
  3. Without looking at results in this round it would be one of BATE Borisov Legia Warsaw Ludogorets Dinamo Zagreb FC Copenhagen
  4. Ukrainians and Russians both shut down for long periods over winter. Hasn't stopped the likes of Zenit and Shakhtar reaching Europan finals over recent years, possibly some other side too which I can't think of at moment. Then are helped by having mega millions to throw at players though so it's not s direct comparison. Our season is effectively 10 months - August to May. Switch to mid Feb to mid November and the only impact, if there actually is anyone still in Europe, is possibly last 2 group games which tend to be end of Nov, early Dec. By the time your season starts you are probably hitting the knockout stages of European competitions starting up. If we are still consistently relevant at that point then we probably aren't playing as many ties at start of competition. As you said, we need to start winning games to break the circle of playing early games. But we would be better prepped if these games were mid season instead of preseason.
  5. Nah, was correct, the £1.3m was the loss on what we paid for him in answer to Giblets question in post above mine.
  6. southampton

    Better than Danny Rose for a start. I think Saints will also get a pretty good price for Van Dijk when they sell him on. One of the best centre backs in the EPL last season according to the pundits. I can see Koeman moving for him if he gets silly money for Stones.
  7. Wiki says he was bought for £2.3m, which is about the figure I seem to remember getting banded about. Sold for €1.2m so about £1.3m. Least Rodgers is getting rid of (some of) the trash quickly. CKR off to Brazil and Carlton Cole contracted terminated. Hopefully Ciftci is punted soon too.
  8. Celtic seem set to sign (Fulham) Moussa Dembele for compensation fee of about £350-500k. Will be a good signing if it gets completed. On the down side the superb Scepovic off to Spain for about €1.2m. Watch him score 20 goals next season.....
  9. Potential backlash?

    England have 3 (competitive) games before they play Scotland. If there is any "backlash" then it will be in these fixtures and the Iceland result will have passed from their memory come November.
  10. EU Referendum

    Cameron gone. Away by Oct.
  11. EU Referendum

    Posted on FB that I hope all leavers are holidaying in Europe soon and enjoy their £10 pints and £20 burgers. First leaver - "Ehh, what do you mean...."
  12. EU Referendum

    Both campaigns have been hideous. Its as if their only tactics are who can scare the UK population the most into voting for them. I will be voting remain and my mind was made up a long time ago, partly due to thinking that if you always take the opposite stance to Boris, Farage, the BNP and David Icke then you will never be far off making the morally correct decision. However its almost comical sitting on the outside with mind made up and seeing Remain headlines like leaving EU could lead to WW3 and 300,000 jobs gone here, bread will be double the price etc. As said, almost comical if it wasn't so sad and pathetic.
  13. Ronaldo

    He is their all time top scorer, I would say that's "shining" for them. Nothing wrong with being a bad loser but there is plenty wrong with having absolutely dreadful body language in relation to any time your team mates don't lay a goal on a plate for you. Switched on their first game and immediately saw him chuck his arms in the air and throw at WTF look at someone who had failed to pass to him. Stuff like that can surely only damage team morale. Stat at the weekend, Messi could fail to convert his next 147 direct free kicks and still have the same conversion ratio as Ronaldo. He is up there with Bobby Carlos in that he has taken a couple of good free kicks, although one was into David James, and that, plus his ego, justifies him taking everything within 40 yards of goal.
  14. Stone Roses

    Typical Aberdeen. Hopefully someone learns you to use a toilet sometime soon...... Was in Dry Bar Saturday afternoon, fantastic tunes. Then got taken to a "proper bar" by some locals. The words Trainspotting toilets were used more than once. I was there and yeah PE sound didn't seem great and I was front left of stage, pretty close in. Seen a few clips and Browns voice did seem a bit off in them but never really noticed at the time as, as you said, amount of sound around about me seemed to drown him out most of the gig. A cracking gig thought and atmosphere was superb. Normally you see the odd bit of bother at these types of gig but everyone seemed to be so happy, in bars before, on way, at gig, even walking back into town afterwards. Better no let the bedwetters read those comments on the flares and smokebombs tho.
  15. Stone Roses

    Likewise. And Sankeys after for the Hacienda night if I can make it that long. Which is probably 50/50.