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  1. According to news reports, which will still be developing, it was one person, one explosion. All the vids that have been released by people at the concert only seem to indicate one explosion.
  2. Marshall has been carrying an injury the last few weeks. Hamilton will only be with the squad if Marshall doesn't make it.
  3. I would say Murphy is in at the expense of Ritchie. Still waiting on Burke producing anything, never mind something, certainly hasn't this season for Leipzig.
  4. I am assuming its 29 players initially as he is expecting a few call offs therefore trying to preempt players heading off on the piss to Marbs in the next week or two. No idea why Ritchie isn't there, he played for Newcastle up to the end of the season. Murphy seems a like for like replacement but Ritchie probably had the better season. I thought McGregor would have been in, has had a good end to the season and, like Armstrong, has picked up a few goals from midfield, always good when you have a forward line like ours. Snodgrass hasn't kicked a ball since leaving Hull. Glad to see Ryan Fraser in again, I would start him. He has finished the season well, unlike Snodgrass.
  5. I disagree. Sporting thought Gauld might be good enough at some point but they didn't think he was good enough, for them, at the time of signing him. If they had then they wouldn't have sent him straight to the B team. £3m was a gamble for them in the hope that at some point he would be good enough for the their first team. He hasn't been, so far, and it looks like they have now decided he won't be good enough long term if they are willing to let him leave. I don't have any criticism of young lads going abroad to try and better themselves. However if I was offered that sort of move, or any sort of move in fact, at 18/19 year old the first question I would be asking is "Are you going to play me?". I do think at that age the most important point for a young players development is not where he is playing but if he is playing. He should be Scotland player at 21.
  6. Everton have Baines who although dropped out of England picture is a very reliable left back. West Ham have missed Cresswell for large parts of the season and are, today aside, a better team when he plays. Southampton have Bertrand, at the moment, who is in the England squad. WBA have been playing Brunt at LB for a large part of the season, he's moved back there from previously being a winger. Is a NI international though.
  7. Bannan seems to do ok in the Championship I believe. Similar size.
  8. 3 wasted years IMO.
  9. If you are saying 50k a week after tax then it does give you £15m. Pre tax that puts him on about £90k a week, possible for Charlie Adam? He is on back page of Scotsman today promoting awareness of a mental heath charity. Edit: although one of the reports I read said his cash was boosted by sponsorship and endorsements
  10. He is 21 in October. My mates stepson was at school with him, another mates laddie played youth football with him until a couple of years ago. Both are amazed he has got to where he is. Fair play to him but I don't think he is going to be the one to solve our centre back problem.
  11. Boyce has 21 this season, Dembele has 32.
  12. Apologies for the cut out, didn't mean to ignore it. However I think you are overplaying the requirements for my suggestions. I can have my Betfair account bets for the month in a spreadsheet in 30 seconds, I could then email it to someone in 30 seconds and it would then take them 15 seconds to word search "EFL Championship" or "Burnley" or whatever the criteria would be. The FA could make it a criteria for any bookmaker that if they want advertise or have a presence in any league ground in England that they have to monitor and also report any players bets on their own team/own competitions they play on. Bookies have more than enough monitoring tools that they could do that quickly and efficiently. Small price to pay for the bookies to get the continuing exposure they do. Thats just two quick examples, I am sure those involved in the actual process would have plenty more solutions. I don't think Barton is innocent here, he has bet for and against his own team which is something he should be punished for. What I don't think he, or anyone else should be punished for is betting on a game on the other side of the world which they have zero influence on, therefore not impacting the integrity of the sport. Footballers not being able to bet on football is like me not being able to invest in any shares whatsoever just because that's my day job. I can, if I stick to the rules, they should be able to do so too, but the rules should be relaxed to only stop them betting on games they are involved in.
  13. There is no harm to sporting integrity or conflict of interest in any way if Joey Barton, or some random player from Fleetwood Town, has a bet on Palace v Spurs tonight. The pair of them have as much influence on the outcome of the game as you or I do.
  14. Whats wrong with anyone having an edge over the bookies? 99% of the time they will have more information that you. There is nothing wrong with you knowing, and then betting, on something you know that they don't and haven't factored into their price. That's their fault IMO. Put it in a players contract? Has to disclose any betting accounts they have and have to provide a periodic statement of their bets to the club? It would also maybe assist those who actually have genuine gambling problems having it recognised by the club and some help given to them. I have to disclose any broker accounts that myself and my wife have to my work and get approval for any transactions I do on them beforehand. Its just a requirement of being able to buy/sell shares in my industry and the rules I have to stick by. If you don't want to bet/trade don't have a a bookie/broker, if you do, comply by the rules. Barton's statement is good and puts a bit of context to the offences. He also makes a good point that football/the FA are opposed to players gambling on football but happy to have bookmaker involvement at nearly every level of football. If they were really so opposed to it then they would cut all ties with bookies. http://www.joeybarton.com/betting-statement/
  15. Some previous bans/fines in here http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/26653978 Apart from the Accrington MD no one has faced anything like an 18 month ban. Ignoring its Barton, I think the rules are very over the top. It should be limited to not being able to bet in matches you are playing in, end of. Joey Barton when he was at Rangers, or any other SPL player, placing a 5 team accy on games such as Celtic v Aberdeen is not going to have any influence on how that game turns out. Even more so if he is punting on something like Real v Barca on his coupon.