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  1. Been to The Sherlocks in PJ Molloys in Dunfermline, excellent. Going to Stones Roses @ Hampden Skids @ Glen Pavillion in Dunfermline TRNSMT for Fri and Sat @ GG Shed Seven @ O2 Academy
  2. Both are playing every week at the same level that Hanley isn't playing at. That's a no brainer for me. We have to focus on the present and this campaign still. Hanley will be punted in summer when/if Newcastle go up. If he joins someone where he plays regularly then he is back in the picture next season for remainder of qualifiers. Until then he shouldn't be a starter.
  3. He has had 5 appearances this side of the England game. 3 of those were starts in Newcastle "reserve" sides in the FA Cup. He has 1 league start and 1 sub appearance in the league since the end of October. Nothing will change between now and Slovenia, he is 4th choice centre back at Newcastle and will have virtually no match sharpness come Slovenia. Its impossible for him to start IMO. Or at least it should be....
  4. Although he didn't actually apologise, he said he was hit on the head which is why he went down. All he said was he wasnt trying to get the player sent off, which going down holding your head, if properly hit, is always going to get someone sent off.
  5. Looking forward to Kelty Hearts v Kilwinning Rangers tomorrow, hopefully a big crowd again, Dunfermline don't have a game so maybe a few extra along from there. Kelty still going strong in East Superleague and probably favs for this. Also good luck to Dunbar v Glenafton, keep the dream going Seasiders!
  6. Was in my notice period now so gave my 31 days notice yesterday. Lad on phone offered me something like 40% off for 10 months. Told him no thanks and go ahead and process cancellation. Logged into account tonight, 60% off for a year, job done for another 12 months.
  7. And Snapchat.
  8. So has Warburton been cast out of Rangers or Heaven? Or both? I've lost track.
  9. I hope that is the case!
  10. I took my oldest to his first game when he was coming up on 6. Junior Cup final between Kelty and Linlithgow. He wanted to go home after 20 minutes when the first bag of crisps and Capri Sun was finished. I made him stay until near end of extra time but a lesson was learned that day.....kids don't really get football at that age IMO. He is older now and has recently started going to Dunfermline games with his mates, which is good, in fact he has only missed Ayr away since the turn of the year and is off to Hamilton tonight for the replay.
  11. I think the lack of budget would cause problems for De Boer. Without wanting to go over old ground, Rangers have spent £18m of the £30m King thought they would need, in whatever areas of the club, but have very little to show for it on the actual pitch. Apart from Wallace you could easily argue that every player in the starting 11 needs replaced, that's not a small task to take on if you are shopping in the English lower leagues, or equivalent, market.
  12. That statement was made yesterday, not 2 years ago. He makes no mention of other costs in the rest of the statement either. Again you would think if he had budgeted £30m to achieve the teams objectives and had also spent on other costs he would have said so? Fair points in King tbh. Although I actually thought that was one of his clearer statements! But I suppose the debate above confirms otherwise!! That was one of my original questions - what has £18m been spent on because it surely can't just be new players fees and wages - which if the case sort of defeats my subsequent arguments!
  13. What else would get Rangers promotion, challenging for second, Europe and then challenging for the title if it wasn't players signing and wages? It wouldn't be fixing the roof at Ibrox? Points 2 and 3 talk about signing players to achieve these goals. I take the fact that he mentions nothing other than the teams 3 season objectives and then the sum it will cost as the sign he plans to spend £30m on those objectives. I would have thought if he had only planned to spend £15m on players he would have said £15m on players and £15m on other costs. The fact he makes no mention of any other requirements bar those for the team suggests it's all going on that, to me.
  14. Cheers. If I get 60% will subscribe for another year. Virgin Media laying FTTP cable in D Bay at moment, will see how that goes this year with view to switching all to it next year.