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  1. I am going to assume the pints of wine he was drinking had probably done for rational thinking at that point but yeah that's a riddy.
  2. Why not just go to the pub with your mates?
  3. My BT Sport costs me about £6 p/m, thats for the HD version, due to having broadband with BT.
  4. Or possibly it would be pointless for a Championship side to move for him when is playing for Celtic, winning things, scoring goals, playing European football. I doubt, bar a salary increase, there is anything to attract him to a Championship side from Celtic.
  5. As per this thread too. Both of them fannies IMO.
  6. Robert, can you clear up an earlier debate please - is it the profits or a donation that are going to TACC? I thought it was the former but others suggesting differently. Cheers!
  7. To be fair the FB "examples" on here are no different from a lot of posts on here. Seems a lot of people are incapable of getting from A to B without hand being held.
  8. Hanley probably only getting a game due to it being League Cup. He's probably 4th choice centre back at Newcastle.
  9. Tut tut, come join me on the "naughty step"! To be honest mate I don't know you or Robert but at the moment it's just your word that's saying that. I usually like to give folks the benefit of the doubt so without Robert saying he is going to be making a profit then I don't think folks should be suggesting that. IMO. On a similar topic, is there actually anything wrong with people doing something for the TA, such as putting on an event, running loads of buses or say making t-shirts or such like, putting their own time and effort into it, possibly taking on some financial risk if it doesn't go as planned and at the end of the day making some money, even if the amount is quite small?
  10. Ahh, my bad. I thought "donation" and "profits" would be one in the same and the usual TA rules about not making money out of your fellow TA would apply. I am sure they will.
  11. Sounds good and therefore should be supported by the TA IMO. I am not often on the FB pages so don't really know what is discussed on there. Well done to the organisers if they are donating the profits made to TACC.
  12. I don't think people should knock the attempt to get something organised for the fans in London on the day of the game. Sounds like its going to be a popular and well attended event with the possibility it might be moved to a bigger venue. Is one of the TA charities benefiting from any profits on the event because I am sure they would be very thankful for that?
  13. Possibly not everyone thinks its super-duper but it is at a comparable level with the SPL? I genuinely don't know. If it is then one of last seasons supposed best players has suddenly turned into a haddy in the space of 4 months. I also don't probably buy into the lack of full pre-season argument. Barton isn't the first player who has missed some days at the start of pre-season but come mid September everyone who has not had injuries keeping them out should be up to match sharpness levels. He played his first game 2 months ago so he shouldn't be treading water come mid September.
  14. He didn't officially become a Rangers player until 1st July, 5 days after Rangers had headed to the US, according to a Record story. He was in effect their marquee summer signing so I would imagine they have gave in to his media demands? I am actually surprised it hasn't worked out. I thought he would do well up here. He had a cracking season with Burnley, was named in the Championship team of the season and the season passed without incident. I am also pretty sure I read they were wanting him to play on with them this season in the BPL? It seems an awful quick drop to be one of the best 11 in the Championship to treading water in most of his Scottish appearances this season. 3-4 weeks away from the club definitely suggests more than a simple training ground bust up which probably happens at most clubs week in week out. I don't think he will be back.
  15. Aberdeen are 2/1 to beat Rangers next Sunday. I'm just going to leave that there.