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  1. I would love to know what you are basing that on given Watt has done or shown the square root of fvck all in his career to date and has a goal scoring rate which makes Steven Fletcher look prolific. I do have a fair idea where you may have got your thinking from though.... Watt may turn out to be a player. Or he may be the next Simon Donnelly but at the moment he is kicking about not settling anywhere while McCormack is scoring regularly and in turning getting bought for silly money. There is no comparison really.
  2. There quite simply has to be something more to the non inclusion of McCormack than either Strachan or the player is letting on to.
  3. Absolute and utter sh1te. i think practically every Celtic supporter was delighted when Gordon signed and started to show some of his old form. But from practically the Malmo away game last season he has struggled, especially on cross balls. His decision making is away to pot and his confidence looks shot. The simple fact is that right now he is a liability more than anything. Maybe some time out of the spotlight will help him? As for being "Celtic minded", that doesn't come into it. Who exactly is "Celtic minded" in the current team? James Forrest? Didn't exactly do him much good over the last couple of below average seasons? And Anthony Stokes wasn't exactly given an easy time when his attitude dropped. It would do you good to not just make up sh1t to try and prove your point.
  4. No, it just means you are too easily offended. There are many bad things that can happen in life. Someone calling you a name isn't one of them.
  5. No, the last 18 European games have all been either CL qualifiers or EL group games. While the opposition wouldn't have been as good in those games there will be less journey times to Germany, Spain and England in the CL than some of the CL qualifiers and EL games and all CL games will be a Tues/Wed so potentially longer recovery time this season ahead of weekend games.
  6. Got 6 of us on the 12.30 for £30 a head.
  7. Thats Virgin East Cost trains now on sale for 12th November.
  8. Celtic have won the last 18 domestic games in a row following European games.
  9. There is a stall/seller at the start of Princes St continually trying to punt The Scotsman. About 6 months ago you were getting a "free" linen bag thing if you bought s copy. Passed last week and you were getting the bag and some Nairns oatcakes and a 3rd freebie which I can't quite remember. Can't remember seeing anyone at the stall, even with all the additional stuff trying to tempt you to buy.
  10. Have the programme for that one in the loft. Remember they scored late in the away leg to go 3-0 up and knock us out. Actually just looked at Wiki and we beat Partian Tirani of Albania in round 1 and then Dundalk in round 2 to get to the quarters! Real Madrid got pumped by Hamburg in the semi's.
  11. Nope, that was Parkheads capacity at the time. Have been in plenty of 67,000 capacities even when I started going in 84 - Rangers games, European games. The Dundee title win game in 1988 had an unofficial attendance of 70,000+. Celtic fans filled Rangers end, the segregation area in the Rangers end and there were loads sitting trackside as well.
  12. Aye but you said Celtic buy "any player who plays well against them and then never play them". So has there only been 8 players who have played well against us in 9 seasons? One of whom, Allan, never actually played against us and one of whom, Mulgrew, has actually played a lot since signing, on a Bosman, and ended up a Scotland international. So that leaves 6 players who we have supposedly bought and "wasted", in 9 seasons. How many of the 25 players you have taken from other Scottish clubs in the same period have you "wasted"?
  13. At Stoke? Because of Glen Johnson probably. Bardsley has started this season because Johnson is injured. He played 1 league game up until about March last season for Stoke, the rest in that period being FA and Capital One cup games. I assume Johnson picked up an injury towards the end of the season because Bardsley seemed to play a bit more.
  14. We have also had Whittaker in squads, whether he is good enough is another question but he is a player Strachan likes based on his comments after Poland away. Bardsley may have been footballing reasons last year. Only really featured for Stoke from about March onwards, was mostly FA and Capital One cup games previous to that. However his non appearance in I think any Strachan squad since he came in probably backs up the non footballing reasons. I've always like Bardsley, a good solid full back, would have him in at right back in front of any of the other options.