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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Grim watching last night. Just glad Rick didn't have to follow through with Negans final test for him, think that would have just about been enough for me. Negan now above Joffrey and Ramsay Bolton in the "can't quite die a bad enough death to make me happy" league.
  2. My thoughts exactly. That and this need to be within touching distance of 100+ other Scots at anyone time is just wrong. Train down, check into hotel, find a good pub close by, sit in there and have a bevvy with my mates until its time to go to the game.
  3. That was easier than Friday.
  4. Height never held back plenty of our players from playing international football in the past, Strachan himself being a notable example.
  5. The old TAMBers page which McDermott had control off is now called a Tartan Army McTartanface. New admins including Craig Couper and Sexpest. McDermott has now renamed his other page from STAFF to TAMBers. And changed it from "secret" to "closed" to try and get more members seeing as having 2000 members isn't as appealing as 8000+ Apparently there was 900 bans on the TAMcTF board when new admins took control. A fair few of them spam but obviously not all. McDermott refers to the TAMcTF board as "his", not the Tartan Army, not a fans page but his page.
  6. Logged on about 11.50, said it was gonna be 15 min..20 mins....30 mins but then went down quite quickly and had bought by about 12.10.
  7. No one plays 7s at that age. Kids move to 11s as soon as high school age. My youngest, 10 at the moment, plays 7s and will be 8s next year. They are looking at taking part in tournaments in England next Easter but England is all 9s at 10 years old although they stay at that number til about 13 I think. My elder son went to 11s in summer, aged 11 (12 later this year). I thought the jump to 11s was too soon but then remembered we played 11s in P6 and 7 when I was young.
  8. Don't think so. Sale starting next Friday will allow them to update members points after Slovakia on Tuesday before putting them on sale. Members points are already on their account AFAIK, only adjustment would be those chosen to pick up who didn't.
  9. Tickets £35-£65. Someone posted a map in here of where we were getting when we were getting 9000 tickets, have a look about.
  10. I don't think it will. Segregation probably means they will be limited to 5000 standard max away allocation. If there is season tickets sold in the section next to away section then hard to see how they can give out more than 5000.
  11. Over 4000 tickets for zero pointers, that's assuming EVERYONE on 1-10 buys. And that's before Nigeria drops off, which is 6000 tickets.
  12. A great player, he had that ability of timing his runs to perfection, just seemed to ghost in on crosses. I was there when he played his first OF game at the start of the centenary season. He scored, back post area if memory serves me right, and was also nailed by Souness in the second half, Souness got a straight red for that challenge. A big player in landing the title that season I am sure. In terms of no Scotland caps, we were so chock full of good players it wasn't a surprise, even when he was at his peak at Aberdeen. I had a younger Rangers fan eulogising on FB about the skills of Davie Cooper and moaning about his lack of Scotland caps. I pointed out that Cooper was kept out the side by a double European Cup winner in John Robertson and, in addition, Forest's captain, John McGovern, also never received a single Scotland cap. Imagine that nowadays.....the champions of England and Europe's captain not being good enough to get in the Scotland side?! I still look back at our 82 WC squad, look at the players in it, what they achieved both before and after 82 and think about what a missed opportunity that was.
  13. Thanks for the offer mate but managed to get tickets at 10.30. Seems they must have re-released a load that were either stuck in incomplete orders. I got 5, mate got 2 and other mate even got 1 about 11.30.
  14. Went into a meeting at 10, annoyed, came out at 10.30, page still open, had one last try.....result 3 pitch standing tickets secured!
  15. Missed them. Had them in basket and cocked up payment part.