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  1. Aye, because leicester is like the costa del sol anaw. Surely the ever accomodating women of paisley would have kept him warm during the winter months.
  2. i first heard that song in kavos from a motherwell fan we met, and for years i had tried to remember the words for it.
  3. That's harsh parenting, surepy you just take the sparklers off them, or make them wear gloves.
  4. Forgot about the mark wotte system. We just have to hope it does. Totally agree with the second point though.
  5. Pass. Thats for the big wigs to deal with. All im saying is it seems like a good solution if our teams want to be fit enough to deal with european competition this early
  6. Sensible solution is something we all said again and again. 16 team league, possibly a winter break? Get finished end of april, cup final at start of may, get at least 4 or 5 weeks break before pre season. The teams getting very little breaks is partially down to uefa inviting anyone and everyone into the europa n champions league to elimanate the riff raff.
  7. If we were involved in a tournament shootout, you should be allowed to come on and score the winning pen. I can see ye scoring then doing a ronaldo.
  8. Bonny, i admire your optomism pal, but realistically we are years from qualifying again, providing we change things now. Our players aren't fast enough or strong enough to compete with some of the teams that are there, and im no talking about germany, italy etc. Just reparting what everyone else is saying, a grass roots upheavil is needed. We need to go round europe, look at other teams and what they are doing and find out where we are going wrong.
  9. Go onto youtube and just type in scotland v france for the link. With every passing year we seem to fall further behind the strength, speed, skill of these so called bigger teams and to an extent the teams we use to be on an even keel with, ie the likes of ireland,
  10. We won't be anywhere near that if lockes track record is anything to go by. Someone said to me is the best we can hope for is he has a point to prove and has learnt from his mistakes. Hamilton did have a dodgy patch last year, god knows what killie will do next year and at inverness it depends who comes in. Partick and ross county seem to do well enough to not be involved in a full season relegation battle. On saying that, they will probably be the 2 teams that go down next year
  11. Raith to finish 2nd? You're having a ####in laugh. We have gary locke and darren jackson as oor management team, be lucky to finish 2nd bottom.
  12. Well done to him. I thought him getting that job would be a disaster for them, but he's done brilliantly.
  13. Claude analka. Thread closed. Came in with this ambition to bring players he was an agent for big moves after starting off at raith rovers, unfortuntaley the flaw in his plan was, he was a pi£h, and so were the players. Someone who had clearly thought it eas easy after playing one too many games of fifa and championship manager. Don't think he ever won a game in the 3 months he was in charge. Took about a year to get rid of all the dead wood he had brought in. By that time we were relegated and had a massive rebuilding job to do.
  14. That comment from mclaren can go one of two ways, it can either fire the players up to prove him wrong, or just be another dent to their confidence and finish the job. I thought them and sunderland would get relegated this year, but sunderland have started to turn things around while norwich are sinking fast.