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  1. Its all fine and well the sfa saying he can turn it around, but to get best 2nd place we would need 6 wins from the next 6. And considering our last decent win was over 2 years ago its not going to happen.
  2. As a consequence of the money brought in from the 3rd runway being built at heathrow, The queen could be set to receive millions of pounds to soundproof windsor castle. No being funny, but considering it doesn't open until 2025, is that go be her problem?
  3. A win against Lithuania and draw wi slovakia, this isn't the end of the world if we lost. But given the poor results we had, anything less than victory its game over. Can't see us getting that unless strachan pulls off some sort of miracle. We dont press teams enough and that is exactly what we would have to do.
  4. Gordon in goal is a definite. After marshalls display on saturday you can't justify keeping on picking him. Not just saturday, but i lost faith in marshall ages ago.
  5. Hi quinny, theres a woman on facebook looking for a seat on a bus from fife. I have told her to maybe get in contact with you. 


    Heres the link


    The womens name is madeline matelir. Hope you don't mind. 


    1. scotland1967


      quinn  hows fife  seeu in wembley great bus to  dublin last june


    2. HIGHTOWER 1314

      HIGHTOWER 1314

      i am ok and fife is great.i saw you in trnava after the game but too far to shout to you.

  6. No appetite to sack him in the ivory towers, but he is "considering his position" mind you this came from keith jackson, so no sure how true it is. ETA: apologies shaun, hadn't seen your post.
  7. I never thought i would have a tipping point with my national team have i think i have reached it. 2 or 3 times i have came close to it, But this time i can't bring myself to be travelling from fife to glasgow for middle of the week games just for what? Not as if the football is great, and unless some sort of miracle happens, we aren't qualifying for the foreseeable future. I will still watch and support the team, but the house or the pub will be the place to do it. The hampden "experience" has become stale, ye put up with the travel chaos and misery before and after games because there was always a chance you would see your national team win, but even that hope has gone.
  8. Aye, because leicester is like the costa del sol anaw. Surely the ever accomodating women of paisley would have kept him warm during the winter months.
  9. i first heard that song in kavos from a motherwell fan we met, and for years i had tried to remember the words for it.
  10. That's harsh parenting, surepy you just take the sparklers off them, or make them wear gloves.
  11. Forgot about the mark wotte system. We just have to hope it does. Totally agree with the second point though.
  12. Pass. Thats for the big wigs to deal with. All im saying is it seems like a good solution if our teams want to be fit enough to deal with european competition this early
  13. Sensible solution is something we all said again and again. 16 team league, possibly a winter break? Get finished end of april, cup final at start of may, get at least 4 or 5 weeks break before pre season. The teams getting very little breaks is partially down to uefa inviting anyone and everyone into the europa n champions league to elimanate the riff raff.
  14. If we were involved in a tournament shootout, you should be allowed to come on and score the winning pen. I can see ye scoring then doing a ronaldo.
  15. Bonny, i admire your optomism pal, but realistically we are years from qualifying again, providing we change things now. Our players aren't fast enough or strong enough to compete with some of the teams that are there, and im no talking about germany, italy etc. Just reparting what everyone else is saying, a grass roots upheavil is needed. We need to go round europe, look at other teams and what they are doing and find out where we are going wrong.