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  1. Prices For Next Campaign

    Baws. Cheers for letting me know, i'll figure something out. Was swaying on the season ticket idea,
  2. Prices For Next Campaign

    I was thinking about taking my son to the lithuania game, i will probably get a season ticket for this campaign, but hes not an SSC member, should get a ticket easy enough for him though eh?
  3. Tetley say the best way to make a cup of tea is agitate the bag. So every morning i slap her arse and say two sugars fatty
  4. What about hamburg or steuea? Or celtic? Here, maybe this is lawells idea
  5. Fecking boohoo. Can't qualify? Stop playing shite and win games, simple as. Instead of having a superleague bale ye out.
  6. We were in gran canaria and my mum starting shouting and shreeking that a cockroach was crawling on her leg. Turnt out that it was just a leaf that had fallen off a nearby tree
  7. I have a fear of snakes that seems to have got worse over the years, to the point i can't even look at photos of them.
  8. I took my wife to see the doctor today hoping to sort out her tourettes problem. It turns out she doesn't have it... turns out I am a and she really does want me to f**k off...
  9. Scottish Cup Draw

    Pish. We were never the better team we had the best chance of the first half, that was it. Malongas goal, there was no stopping that.
  10. Scottish Cup Draw

    That wasn't a classic game. No walked out of a raith game for years, but did today. That was horrendous. We never looked like troubling hibs. Going long ball all day didnt work, we had no one willing to take on players out wide and the decision making in the final 3rd.
  11. "Look, you're my best friend so i have to be honest, Movember went and Decembeard passed, now please, it's January, shave that ridiculous mustache and beard off, you look like a ." I got such a slap, that's the last time i tell my wife she's my best friend.
  12. Scottish Cup Draw

    No sure about our end, but would like to hope we can get close to it. Atmosphere was good last time you were at starks park.
  13. Scottish Cup Draw

    We have a no bad record against hibs in the cup. Not been a lot between the two teams in the games this season, but i can't see us getting paat them this time.
  14. Maybe just blocked it out. Maybe just seemed better because of the playoffs (holland away aside). Burley ####ed up a winning side that should have qualified and levein had us out of the running before our 3rd game in the w/c group. Even san marino stood more chance mathematically of qualifying than us. Dont get me wrong, the start of bertis second campaign was a disaster as well. But at least we were still in it when smith took over.