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  1. yep,just tired of it all,looks like the neaster's are leading the revolution,I'm going to watch the egg chasing this coming saturday to see if that perks me up
  2. eehhh....I must be watcing a differeent gamee .. I'vee started to wmnder how much ach abrdeen player is on a week .. and my e button on my laptop is playing up
  3. his dad billy keogh is/was a bells hotel/lounge legend,now its shut I often see him in the foundry with his usual guiness..(legend in footy and drinking....)
  4. " Its not big and it's not clever. "
  5. I've always found that it helps although there is a very very fine line ,enough fizz to allow you to open your shoulders and boom the ball down the fairway to sclaffing it off the tee/air shot/huge divot ...
  6. Ellon and Byron ? how on earth did you two bedfellows get together ...?
  7. pub crawl, if thats your thang, I'll show you the way to the highs and (very) lows within the deen
  8. Its freshers week shortly....
  9. In the next couple of years in the fire service there will be mass retirements to due the large amount of recruits taken on in the 80's due to a move to the 4 watch system, its possible a new shift system will be implemented to ease the shortage but will still need massive recruitment. Next recruitment is in next couple of months,did I mention I have only 6 shifts to do....
  10. I'm on annual leave as from yesterday,
  11. clash, cant remember song ,wee bit fuzzy jist now...
  12. kenny rogers - lucille (dont take your love to town)