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  1. Things to do in Aberdeen

    pub crawl, if thats your thang, I'll show you the way to the highs and (very) lows within the deen
  2. Pokemon GO

    Its freshers week shortly....
  3. In the next couple of years in the fire service there will be mass retirements to due the large amount of recruits taken on in the 80's due to a move to the 4 watch system, its possible a new shift system will be implemented to ease the shortage but will still need massive recruitment. Next recruitment is in next couple of months,did I mention I have only 6 shifts to do....
  4. I'm on annual leave as from yesterday,
  5. clash, cant remember song ,wee bit fuzzy jist now...
  6. kenny rogers - lucille (dont take your love to town)
  7. Oil

    I was thinking Balmoral group
  8. Oil

    come on give us a clue.....
  9. I've just got a fine through for driving in cathedral street glesga,I was using my sat nav and following the instructions looked up and saw I was about to enter a bus lane (on a sunday) moved out and carried on,pic 1 shows me outside the lane,pic 2 shows me moving out the lane after 20 feet any chance getting away with this I have appealed against it, bus lanes dont operate in aberdeen on sundays obviously they do in weeg city
  10. Scottish Cup Draw

    anywhere in Glasgow showing the dandies that are sympathetic to the sheep ?
  11. well,.... I now know there was another gay who was always buying the young loons who were playing football across the grass from his hoose ice creams from RS mcolls... and mt tortolano is deid and the chinese takeaway has closed but an indian opened up (different place)
  12. I wanted to reply in a different manner but I'll stick to protocol I was brought up in Garthdee in the sixties and seventies leaving in the early eighties to get married in my time there I can remember at least one gay,4 chinese ,a pakistani, an australian,a canadian,a jamacian ,a malaysian, and Mr Tortolano with his ice cream van,and some guffs....