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  1. All sold cheers 👍
  2. Selling last batch at reduced price to get rid. £2 a badge plus £1 postage PM me if interested thanks
  3. Maradona75, braw badges - how can I get one of ?

    1. maradona75


      How many you looking for ?

    2. WeeJohmny


      How much for 10 ?

  4. for anyone who has ordered, they will be sent out next week. Any interested parties PM me
  5. £50 £35 both are high quality photos
  6. Now that France game is confirmed is there anyone running a bus Paris - Metz ? Cheers
  7. Got 100 ordered should have them 3-4 weeks so taking orders now via PayPal
  8. It's got a clasp 😜
  9. A wee bit early but playing at Wembley this year PM if interested
  10. Would be perfect if it was an afternoon kick off for us, but more than likely be a night time game. Once game is announced buses may get sorted
  11. Anyway is there anyone running a bus back to Paris after the match ?
  12. Two away games 29th Italy v Scotland is in Switzerland followed by France in Metz.
  13. Italy v Scotland 29th may France v Scotland 4th June
  14. My flight back to Glasgow is 0730 on Sunday morning and first train not until 0600 from Metz to Paris
  15. Is anyone running a bus to and from Metz from Paris ?