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      ATAC Travel Guide   10/17/2016

      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
      ATAC would like your feed back. Go to the website and contact them http://www.associationoftartanarmyclubs.com/


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  1. http:// campaign badges £2 - PM me if interested thanks
  2. All sold cheers 👍
  3. Selling last batch at reduced price to get rid. £2 a badge plus £1 postage PM me if interested thanks
  4. Maradona75, braw badges - how can I get one of ?

    1. maradona75


      How many you looking for ?

    2. WeeJohmny


      How much for 10 ?

  5. for anyone who has ordered, they will be sent out next week. Any interested parties PM me
  6. £50 £35 both are high quality photos
  7. Now that France game is confirmed is there anyone running a bus Paris - Metz ? Cheers
  8. Got 100 ordered should have them 3-4 weeks so taking orders now via PayPal
  9. It's got a clasp 😜
  10. A wee bit early but playing at Wembley this year PM if interested
  11. Would be perfect if it was an afternoon kick off for us, but more than likely be a night time game. Once game is announced buses may get sorted
  12. Anyway is there anyone running a bus back to Paris after the match ?
  13. Two away games 29th Italy v Scotland is in Switzerland followed by France in Metz.
  14. Italy v Scotland 29th may France v Scotland 4th June
  15. My flight back to Glasgow is 0730 on Sunday morning and first train not until 0600 from Metz to Paris