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  1. Not on this clip but I'll never forget him nutmegging Beckenbauer & leaving him on all fours. Pele for me followed by Messi then possibly Maradona with notable mentions for Ronaldo, Cruyff, Eusebio & Best.
  2. Grim Jim, Heuch & Fringo all on....damn
  3. Something a bit more modern
  4. An out of sync Steve Miller from 1976 but...
  5. If you're talking bass players .. Sound quality not great & almost 40yrs after it was first released. Still haunting.
  6. Yep that's about it. I've got 8yrs NCB. My previous car, which was a Saab was about £220 but that was in 2014. I purchased my Q3 in 2015 & insurance was around £280 which crept up to about £345 last year. I've spoken to my insurers again yesterday & they seem confident of resolving everything with the 3rd party's insurers in the next 6-7 days so I guess pursuing them has had some effect. Possibly This was my 1st Scotland game..
  7. Thanks, yes I could try that. I haven't had very successful experiences with ombudsmen. The first one went on about a car I'd bought on HP (which I hadn't). Then apologised & gave me extra time to prepare my case (which I'd already submitted). Then ruled that because I'd left my job before the figures had been given, I had no recourse (I hadn't. I left my job based on the sum they'd offered me, in writing. Then they rang up after I'd left to say the figures were wrong & so could only pay me £xxxxx). There was no right of appeal except to the High Court on a point of law!? The second time I used an ombudsman, they got the dates wrong & Utility Warehouse basically lied & the case was found in their favour. Cheers for your input though. Much appreciated.
  8. Yes I tried that thanks. I used which threw up a few cheaper. Needless to say I was contacted by a couple of them within minutes of my search. As soon as I told them about the 'claim' outstanding the price doubled. Premium's gone from £345 to £530.