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  1. Not a deal last year - Stereo MCs, Muffin Men, Alabama 3 & War on Drugs. Seen Ian Morrison this year & got tickets for Fat Freddy's Drop in Manchester & Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks at Hyde Park. Had tickets for Stan Webb & Chicken Shack a week ago but he cancelled due to illness.
  2. Blackadder: Oh, fire, fire. Ah good. Right. So let's recap. Um... if I admit that I am in love... Torturer: No! No! Blackadder: Sorry, head over heels in love with Satan and all his little wizards, then you will remove my testicles with a blunt instrument... Torturer: Una guadaña, una guadaña. Blackadder: ...resembling some kind of gardening tool but we can't quite... um... and roast them over a large fire. Torturer: Si, Si. Blackadder: Whereas if I don't admit that I'm in love with Satan and... and... all his... his little wizards, y-you will hold me upside down in a vat of warm marmalade. Torturer: Y! Blackadder: And remove my testicles with a blunt... oh I see. Well, well, in that case, I love Satan. I saw what you did there Made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that.
  3. Yes he did. Almost as strange a decision as to select him in the first place. A centre half with only 3 appearances for the first team & decide to play him up front against Franz Beckenbauer?? Needless to say it didn't work out too well.
  4. After my 125/1 Everton 4-0 romp & 11/5 Man Utd v Liverpool draw last week it was back to normal for me too. Took Arsenal 1-0 @ 17/2 which it was until a 93rd min pen. Offset losses though with Raith v Hearts - draw @ 10/3
  5. Everton to beat Man City 4-0 - 125/1 Disappointed as it was 200/1 in the paper. Returns £126
  6. It does. Or a lion that's just walked into an electric fence.
  7. Leanne Dumpster promising to bring in some new faces in January. Dylan McGeough, Lennon & Fraser Fyvie have all asked if they can have one.
  8. Was it not Charlie Nicholas? Or was that just the coaching thing? Anyway, do you think we'll ever see his like again - especially in a Scotland shirt? Some decent comments here from fans of other clubs - (apart from one ).
  9. Despite the OP's post, it would seem the top three to date are Hearts, Aberdeen & Rangers with Rangers being the 'leader.' Fantastic Prior to coming on the board, for me it would have been (outwith the OF) - Dundee Utd & Hibs. Now it's everyone.
  10. Actually, the post was more about the fact that Ladbrokes' advert had it as PATRICK v Celtic in today's paper but there you go. No idea what the odds are for the Jags to win +2 but I would be surprised if it was much higher than Evens if what you say is true?
  11. Apparently PATRICK is 11/1 to beat Celtic tonight according to Ladbrokes advert in paper. I hope he does but can't see it. Celtic + btts @ 15/8 looks a better bet although the draw @ 5/1 is tempting.
  12. Whit? If you don't call it dinner at dinnertime & tea at teatime how come you had dinner ladies when you stayed school dinners? Not to mention dinner money. And when you're Mum shouted "Come in now your tea's out" you knew she didn't mean a cup of hot liquid. It's worse down south - they call dinner = brunch or lanch & tea = supper
  13. Never saw Charlie Williams play (obviously ) but saw him on stage when he was a comedian. He used to handle hecklers by threatening to move in next door to them if they didn't shut up. Albert Johansson of Leeds was the first black footballer I saw play & remember being shocked by the monkey chants & bananas thrown. I never thought I'd witness the same scenes in Scotland 20+ yrs later when Mark Walters suffered the same racial abuse on his debut & the game had to be stopped so the pitch could be cleared of bananas. We have come a long way indeed.
  14. I doubt if they wear a poppy in Spain, being neutral - it was more a 'Commonwealth' thing I believe - Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia....? In France they wear the blue cornflower - "le bleuet"
  15. Gordon / Marshall Paterson Martin Berra Kingsley Fletcher McArthur Brown Snodgrass Burke Griffiths