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  1. Ssc Renewal Information

    No, dont think you ever did. Youd maybe be able to swing the discount if buying it at the same time.
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    Mckays delivery is never that good, still not convinced with him at all. S. fletcher is not and has never been a big goal scorer. To play him alk the time when he isnt known for goals is a bit pointless
  3. 😂😂 called me a grass Aye wtf is that about. What were the intentions once they snatched the kid? Creepy bastards,glad one of them took a dunt. 😂😂😂 😂😂 pishin maself They want another chance at snatching a child Brilliant Im sure I slagged him before and then someone produced and article that said something about a skin condition. Anyway took me a while to get through that but killed some time in work. Well done to Hibs and hope the fans all enjoyed it. No doubt we will be hearing about this for a while. As most have said. No excuse for assaults on anyone, especially players, but it looks like it was a few rather than the whole team. Shame the billy boys and their song book are back though, hopefully they get done for that and all the fannys fighting/kicking folk in yhe head etc are dealt with accordingly.
  4. Coupon

    I wanted to go heart over head and do killie hibs double, was at a golf outing on saturday and game kicked off just as i was about to put it on
  5. Was too hungover and fell asleep first half, woke up to see thr last ten minutes. Happy days mon the killie
  6. That would be the standout! Toronto FC Edmonton Oilers
  7. Good game, Sevilla came out and scored when they needed to and totally changed it. I said 3-1 to my dad befote the game, gutted I didnt back it. Good to see liverpool fail
  8. Coupon

    I did this a bit myself but just did like 25-50 max each time and got myself up to about 650, started shitting it and lifted a few hundred. Dont have the balls to put huge ampunts on for the most part
  9. Coupon

    Sevilla and btts Accrington Fus de rabat Vasco de gama 9 quid returning 250 First 3 were coming up so partially cashed 70 quid in play and its still worth £138 with the vasco game to go.
  10. Should Strachan be given another campaign?

    No they are not. This is why we lose. No confidence
  11. They can have lee clark if they want
  12. Transfer gossip

    Dont think I said that but we know you are deluded anyway