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  1. Early maybe cynical no, certainly seems to fall in time again. Had the same thought myself this morning. The Tories will use this to win votes without a doubt.
  2. Some people just don't like hitting penalties. At the end of the day I'd rather have someone who was confident taking it over someone who isn't too sure.
  3. That was my thought too. Shame about Cornell though, great voice
  4. And Bannan was outstanding tonight, don't remember him making a mistake, great passing and awareness in tight situations.
  5. Steven Fletcher with a nice header for Sheffield Wednesday
  6. Last two away kits have sold loads so that would suggest fans do want to buy them
  7. Yea i agree , would make it they can't get on anything in any competition they are involved in but hat still leaves them plenty
  8. That bit about the I20s should have been a separate paragraph. Wasn't really making it part of my opinion was just saying it was something i knew was going on.
  9. 😂😂 Yea said the same, because of who he is they are putting a marker down Yep I'd say any competition your club is involved in should be the rule. If they want to bet on football they should be allowed. I know of some U20 players that are making killings betting on U20 games this year as they know the teams etc and the bookies are clueless
  10. Lego hair 😂😂😂 never heard that but it's kinda true. As you saidni couldn't care less what she looks like. A guy in the pub was going on about hating her and how could you vote for her coz she was so ugly etc. He wasn't best pleased when i said that he liked the queen and she was ugly as f*ck, he just couldn't understand it at all.
  11. Yea saw the highlights last night, watching the game back now. Marcelo should have been off for his elbow on Messi. Crazy but he's a great player minus his discipline, scored a fair few goals, and important ones at that
  12. yep they should have gone for a 3rd and killed it, if rangers got one back it could have been serious backs to the wall at the end, not worth it when you are far superior
  13. Celtic let rangers in in the last 20 mins by just stopping playing and fannying about. A good team would punish that. If they actually want to do something in the champions league they really need to buy a couple of quality players and keep playing for 90 mins. Rangera are awful though