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  1. lucky buggar haha. I got to 21 and stopped being able to eat and drink everything without putting on weight
  2. Majority are brought up to support the same team as their parents I would think, thats how I've seen it anyway. Im different from my dad due to a proddy catholic wedding and both sides of the family being idiots at the time. Is your son fat? or was he at 4 haha, dont think i could eat all that now ffs
  3. Aye he was defos putting on a bit of a show I think, but fair play to him, seems to have a good personality. Yea true, Pie was probably sitting there since half time haha
  4. clearly I missed these before I left. Got a smart short sleeved shirt and wore just the waistcoat. Was perfectly fine, there were folk there in trousers and a casual shirt you'd wear to a night out. Was 38 degrees at 5pm so was a bit toasty to begin but good night anyway
  5. Just back from Bangkok and saw four full grown adults on a moped, also a few with 2 or 3 adults and a kid on the handles, nuts
  6. Haha love that one, know a few of those. Hate that so much, pretty sure I first heard it living in Canada.
  7. True but i just dont think he qould get much game time
  8. Just what I think, could very well be wrong though. Good chance to make money
  9. I think its another case of drunk girl regret
  10. Man utd would be a waste of time for Tierney
  11. On slightly the same subject, im going to a wedding in Oz and its billed as smart casual, itll also be around 30 degrees i think, any ideas for the top half. Dont really want to wear full kilt shirt and tie etc. Considering just a smart shirt and waistcoat.