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  1. He is way past his best but wages would be the big issue anyway
  2. Weird, sorry couldnt be bothered posting a link haha
  3. A simple google search brings up his tweet
  4. Thwy had that a few weeka ago, so good
  5. He is a good player, could be veru good but he needs to learn to plau the simple ball at times, trys to overdo it far too often. Celtic really are poor and will struggle to beat a good side.
  6. The Open

    Its a sore yin
  7. Ryan Gauld

    I couldnt even see him on the team lists I saw. Think he needs to go and play
  8. Cheers will get it sorted within the week then
  9. The Open

    Me and my dad usually do Mickleson and Stenson, of course we didnt bother this time. I had Rory each way and got away with it at least.
  10. Ryan Gauld

    See sporting are getting pumped 3-0 at PSV and he isnt even on the bench. Is he injured or still not getting near the team? Im sure someone said he had been promoted?
  11. Andy Watson replaces McCall

  12. Wembley 2016

    I think this is made up..........
  13. seems like a sensible thing to have lying around