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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Armstrong is probably better further forward, bitton is an awful player though
  2. Still canny believe people want Miller to play. Surley to fook they are fishing
  3. Gilks kept rangers in it today no doubt. Celtic out classed them and Brown was brilliant in midfield. Nice to hear Rangers fans shouting Peados too, classy as always.
  4. Problem with the astro pitches is that they arent open at weekends/holidays for kids to use, certainly not in Barrhead anyway. The kids get in obviously as they will climb etc and I know of an older guy with a key for one of them, but they should be open all the time. Even if it takes one of the daft community wardens (who do f*ck all anyway) to come and open them at 9 or 10am, go round and check them every couple of hours and then lock them at the end of the day, it would at least allow kids to play football on a decent facility when they are off school.
  5. Tierney lb and robertson lm would be ideal for me, both good going forward and robertson could provide cover no problem if tierney is further upfield. Tierney is probably the better defender for me hence why i would have him at the back.
  6. Exactly, f*ck him Good finish too, think he may have been a good addition for us in midfield aswell, oh well cant do much now. He is past it sadly, his ilness has taken its toll and it shows now, shame as he was brilliant at his best.
  7. Correct
  8. Correct Kenny miller is better than messi though FULL OF GLUE
  9. Aye its a mad rule but hardly surprising at all
  10. The two keepers thing is a rule aparently, no idea why. I havent checked this but thats what I was told.
  11. This will be getting a watch, his barca season was just unreal. One of the all time greats
  12. is everybody fulla glue? not the answer at all. ffs this place is mad
  13. So hes been robbed of a few years of his life and career, hopefully he can get back to the level he was at as he looked a good player at the time