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  1. You know what i mean, not even looking fir the ball. Nice dive in the box there too
  2. Garner with a shocking tackle headbut type thing
  3. They wont shut up about him tonight, loving how upset they are about it all
  4. Too far away for me Ill be in sunny glasgow. 😂😂😂 think Ill just go to hampden
  5. Which one?
  6. Plenty of rangers fans that dont rate him at all. Time will tell. Glad i didny buy a season ticket, game by game for me, really lacking enthusiasum now
  7. I think the majority are happy enough with this decision. Brown has had his ups and downa for us and I wish him all the best and thank him for hos contributions but it is best for Scotland that he is done and will no doubt help his weekly performance at Celtic too. Win for everyone, except you, but nobody gives a f*ck about that.
  8. 😂😂 Thats the one, couldnt be bothered looking for it
  9. Im sure there was a new version once he signed for them appologising for their nasty words or something haha
  10. City fans about Tevez Youll never shag a sexy burd tevez tevez, youll nevee shag a sexy burd tevez tevez, you argie twat you ugly c@nt your heads sewn on from back to front, carlos tevez herman munster head
  11. Yep a few times they have mentioned english this or that. The wanks also didnt show Murrays medal ceremony, they really are awful!!!