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  1. Kosovo

    Not helen......
  2. Scotland Players In Action

    They have barley had a chance to be fair.
  3. Scotland Players In Action

    Griffiths and Rhodes both score regularly. mccormack too. Plenty scoring a lot more goals than Fletcher.
  4. Scotland Players In Action

    Yes sadly we can all see that but no manager ever can
  5. Scotland Players In Action

    Hes no a striker though thats the thing, he creates a lot and holds the ball up well, never has been an out and out scorer
  6. It updated itself on my parents laptop, it basically stopped a lot of this from working. You can reset it to your old windows within a month though so I did that and its far better back on windows 7
  7. Good for you mate, im too shit at golf to get a job in golf 😂😂 At the stage in my life where it looks like I wont be moving to canada and really need to get a career rather than a slightly over minimim wage job thst I hate. Or get good at the gambling.....
  8. Aye he doesnt do himsepf any favours nwith the almost horseshoe man bun 😂😂 Not convinced with the new album though. Give me The Man Who any day
  9. SSC

    😂😂 I'll need to go see Ruth myself
  10. SSC

    but i used an app
  11. SSC

    I can only appologise I was caught up in all the excitment
  12. SSC

    Better than a Western Union account, then I would have been suspicious
  13. Exactly but the way it was talked about today and the players were acting would suggest they have won it.