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  1. Anyone work for Sky

    Garywag on here works for them. Dont know how often he is on but send him a PM anyway maybe?
  2. New set up

    We demand a recount!!!
  3. New set up

    Aye in the same boat, think most people have lost some. Im not too fussed
  4. Its no that bad, worst bits seem to have been ironed out
  5. But could they do it on a wet wednesday night in stoke?
  6. I just cant agree. Would rather not have crisps than eat plain. Each to their own
  7. New set up

    That didn't exist this morning when I posted. I'm very aware of how it worked before. Seems to be in a better nick now
  8. New set up

    Looks like the board has changed a wee bit overnight. Is there no option to "go to last unread post"? 
  9. Scotland Players In Action

    Awful penalty from fletch
  10. Scotland Players In Action

    So close to putting fletch on to score too
  11. Prices For Next Campaign

    Ive grown to detest people who hate their country.
  12. Metz A No Go

    Having to fly out sat morning so looks like ggow-cdg via ams. Back ive nae idea what im plannong