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  1. Rattled? By one of you regular arses on here? Bore off.
  2. Typical of you. His comments cool? You won't be the only one. The other minions will b along soon I'm sure.
  3. Fortunately more in your mob than me Danniella.
  4. Will stick with junkie. Bad patter seems to be the way forward. Bonfires an aw that.
  5. No seen one since last November. Still got your hard earned in your nose Danniella?
  6. My bad, scum in a different comp. I read it as Europe.
  7. Well, I am sure some of you have managed to get tickets no doubt.
  8. Great week with no bigotted c**ts though.
  9. There you go, much better, and much more like ya
  10. 1.5m mentioned yesterday. I hope to feck thats not true.