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  1. No, I'm not. Used your words but I think generally whining about this stuff with the majority of fans will be when it is against you, rather than for you. I doubt there are many Hamilton fans complaining about it, but rather taking your stance on it. Doubt the majority would have the same view had it happened at the other end, for example.
  2. I had a colleague in the past who would go mental when I used that word, which obviously spurred me on to continue.
  3. Swings and roundabouts. A lot of modern day players have made a hard job harder for the ref. Some you get, some you don't. Seems it is ok when it is your own player at it, but theatrical whank when its not. Thems the rules. Be a pity if Utd go out 1-0 on Sunday.
  4. I think he may have meant the substitute throwing a huff when swapped?
  5. We looked at it but £95 a ticket for Wembley, so binned it. I haven't looked at all the dates & locations yet.
  6. Drove down to mates today in Brum. Seeing them on Sunday. Downloaded Shinedown albums yesterday and listened to them on drive down. Ok. How are they live mate? Be my 9th time at Maiden.
  7. Come on now, its better when it is me v you 2.
  8. is he not fully fit at the mo? I havent caught up on who will and won't play yet.
  9. Why a lot of people go to games, to see big clubs trying to beat each other. I'm looking forward to it even though its not worth anything league wise, except a bit of pride. Hope I am wrong, but if ever Aberdeen are going to break this hoodoo, tonight is the night.
  10. Do yer wee laughy emojis all you want. Jack not a move forward. Not got the temperament to make us better, he would be far too frustrated, not got the ballz in big games, which has been mentioned before. If we are going to remain where we are, not worth the money for him. No thanks
  11. No he wouldn't instantly be our best midfielder. Holt a better player than Jack. But thanks for your input
  12. I agree. I think if we want to / have to carry on at the same low standard we have set this year then he would be a good signing (across the board - not just recruitment). If we want to at least kick on a 'bit' from this season then I wouldn't sign him. Beggars can't be choosers though. Not looking forward to this window. Will be interesting to say the least.