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  1. Yeah but it then there are William and Kate!!!
  2. I always love seeing this attitude because I am pretty sure those expressing it wouldn't think it was so cushy if they ended up in prison. If it is so marvellous surely we would all be queuing out the door to get in. It also appears that you want those released from prison to fail and end up back there costing us all more money and experiencing more crime. Why on earth would you want to do that even if you do want to just take the selfish point of view?
  3. I would say there are good and bad in all walks of life and so of course there will be some bad within this category but I think people's views can be distorted by the bad because these experiences are more likely to stick. I also think that often people just see the result and not the reason. They see the behaviour but don't actually look deep enough into the cause and so don't actually find the genuine reason.
  4. All I know is that it is horrific and in the end of the day that is what matters and what needs to stop. Sadly there are too many fingers in the pie and too many people with an agenda which isn't about sorting things and stopping the devastation.
  5. Don't know whether to believe that either Hmmm This on the other hand....
  6. As someone else pointed out nonsense like that is purely put out there to shut down debate.
  7. No only you. And good to form you distort the truth of the matter just to prove the point.
  8. I know it doesn't but it doesn't help the debate. Blindness on either side is unhelpful
  9. Eh no. Plenty others have done so including me on many an occasion so I have absolutely no issue with that. Alan however is a troll.
  10. Am I just being ultra cynical not being convinced by this?
  11. I have problems with my achilles that actually go more aggravated when I was on holiday in Malta and Slovakia with all the walking I did. Hill running also aggravates it. Does this sound like the issue? Mine is caused by my hips dropping in and resulting pronation. I went to the physio and got some exercises. It isn't bothering me at all right now but at its height I would get waves of pain even when I was sitting down not moving.