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  1. I just don't get why they do this so early!
  2. Hate to say it but I think Hearts deserved something.
  3. We should start learning not to give these people the reaction they so crave!
  4. That is just simply quite nasty. What a complete @rse!
  5. Looks like normal service has resumed already!
  6. Ach he just thinks he is cleverer than everyone else and sees things us mere mortals can't see.
  7. It is utterly irrelevant what he did or didnot say. This is about you and your tedious mantraand posts that do nothing but wind people up rather than constructively attempt to make your case. It is not just about the people you are responding to some of whom will not be open to listening but also about others who might be reading your posts if you simply aren't interested in pursuading anyone crack on but that seems incredibly self defeating and pointless
  8. I may be entirely wrong but I would assume that you would want to try to convince people of your arguments, surely you can see all you are doing is likely toget people's backs up and so entrenchviewswhich seems a bit self defeating to me. Then again maybe you aren't trying to persuade people - than in itself seems equally self defeating.
  9. God this is tedious! About as lame as all the red Tory, Yellow Tory shite! Surely we can do better than this patter?
  10. Why not? I haven't read the latest manifesto - I take it it is back in since there wouldlittle danger of it being blocked this time?
  11. Was trying to get sub 50 at Balmoral but finished with a time of 50.38 which was my second fasted time. It felt good though and I am relatively happy as I didn't quite think I would do it anyway. It was freezing with snow showers which actually suited me. The event is however shit value for money compared to just about any other 10k I have done. They was no clock at the end which was push for spectators. The cheapest quality t-shirt and just a bottle of water at the end - not even a banana to be seen. They also really need to sort out the start which is stupidly congested. The information didn't even tell you where the water stops were which isn't a big deal for the 10k but for the 15 miler it is quite important. I do enjoy it though it just is a bit poor for an event of this size.