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  1. It was indeed, thankfully. That last hill in the forest was a killer though.Enjoyed it so much more than Peterhead
  2. Hope it says that way - it wasn't meant to be like it turned out at Peterhead!
  3. She is just the stooge to trigger the challenge. I am just waiting for Miliband to add his name to the list.
  4. 3. The jealousy and massive chip that oozes from this post
  5. Peterhead half last Sunday - crashed and burned in the heat. Nice course apart from having to croak the main road. Stonehaven half this weekend. Just doing it as a training run though - too hilly for anything else, just hope the sun stays away!!
  6. Even when people are being racist and xenophobic?
  7. I think people have to be very careful about anecdotal evidence. I think it is important to remember the bubble many on the Yes side last time didn't realise they were in.
  8. Well they are as stupid as the people who voted No because they didn't like Salmond.
  9. I don't particularly like him either. That doesn't necessarily mean that the points he makes are wrong but I just put this there as a point of view to add to the mix.
  10. https://weegingerdug.wordpress.com/2016/06/25/an-argument-as-rank-and-rotten-as-a-two-year-old-fish/
  11. To be honest I have no idea how you would actually prove this given it all depends on how you identify who is socialist.