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  1. They are trying to convince us it is easier to read. I have news for them - it ####in isn't!!
  2. I was looking at Fraserburgh but it clashes with Brodie 10k which I really enjoyed last year so not sure which one to go for. Fancy Crathes too but it is just after we come back from Malta and not sure I could face that wake up call Doing the River Ness 10k - Inverness is buzzing that weekend with the Marathon the main event. In need a 10k PB for the clean sweep this year.
  3. It did threaten to get really warm but then clouded over thankfully. I chucked water over my head which helped
  4. Yippee I finally did it and got a sub 1.50 half. Ran Dyce half in 1.48.52 and fair delighted
  5. Chuffed with my parkrun progress and my PB today of 22.24. After thinking I would never get under 23 mins again after doing it only once in 2013 I have done it 7 times this year.
  6. But why on earth do artists recording in other languages have to translate into English. We should be perfectly capable of enjoying music in different languages. I know I can.
  7. Where are you seeing her?
  8. And how is that any different to the way things are now?
  9. Ballater 10 mile race was interesting. Tough hill and track sections but at least it wasn't hot which would have killed me off I think. Was a minute quicker than the flat icy Lossie Turkey trot so happy enough and I kept going which I have been struggling to do for the half marathons - having a few mental battles this year.
  10. I know one of those poor souls! I can't begin to get my head round how I would cope with that!
  11. Sorry - I didn't read the entire thread so to anyone jumping to conclusions (think it should be named the De Menezes effect)