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      ATAC Travel Guide   10/17/2016

      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Na its at the back He also takes his windows out to paint them!
  2. Our neighbour who is either in his 70's or 80's goes up on his roof and cleans the tiles with a brush every few years. The roof hardly looks any different after he has done it but he spends weeks at it!
  3. Another parkrun pb last week. Knocked 18 seconds off my previous best with a 22.05. Not so quick today, the wind was brutal! Got the Illuminator in a couple of weeks and not sure how I will get on with that! 15 miles on landcover tracks in the dark. I will be sure not to watch The Blair Witch Project the night before!
  4. Plenty of good places you just had to go looking. I really enjoyed it and very glad we didn't stay the whole time in Bratislava. One of the better trips, really friendly people. Just spoilt by the 90 mins as usual.
  5. Its all a bit Monty Python - The People's Front of Judea.....
  6. Overheard a fascinating discussion in a Slovakian pub between a local and and English couple. The local ask 'but doesn't Scotland deserve its independence' to which the English guy quite simple said 'No!' Funnily enough he didn't go on to tell the Slovakian that they didn't deserve theirs! Yeah there is no way Slovakia could survive on its own. Far too wee too poor and too stupid. I suppose it does have the advantage of not having the curse of oil so maybe that's the difference. Prior to this exclamation his wife was loudly proclaiming they English Parliament was full of corruption. They knew we were there and could hear but when we got up to leave they suddenly got shy and started whispering I just laughed. What do you do with ignorance like that
  7. No one did that.
  8. This!
  9. You numpty - why did you order the UK one. My one is flagless No way I was buying it otherwise!
  10. Ohhh, hadn't seen that one before although it is the same day as the Lossie 10 mile Turkey Trott. Hmmm another dilemma!
  11. Eh....no!
  12. Ohh noticed the tags but not that there was a price on them. Odd!
  13. Smashed my 10k PB by 2 minutes at River Ness 10k and 4th in my category. Really chuffed with that one What a great event the Loch Ness Marathon/River Ness 10k is.
  14. Wee races are by far the best! I get so claustrphobic when surrounded by people and can't get space. Even watching the London Marathon brings me out in a cold sweat.