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  1. The SFA

    Wait until England win it. The only logical conclusion to this sequence of events.
  2. Edinburgh City

    Jings that's a relief. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. Edinburgh City

    That's right, and if Cove Rangers lost to ( say ) East Kilbride in the play off next year they'd be in the Lowland League. Insanity.
  4. Reminder - Scotland U17's

    Good to see the supply line of futureDivision 3 bench warmers still in full swing.
  5. Worst 5 pubs you've been in

    Ye gods The Rabbie Burns Lounge. A tavern with only one redeeming feature - it's not the Bee.
  6. Worst 5 pubs you've been in

    A controversial inclusion - especially withthe omission of theBee Bar.An absolutehovel of an establishment with clientele to match.
  7. Total Nedfest. Not the name of a horse, but the clientele.
  8. Ray Wilson

    Another fully signed up member of the forever expanding Village Idiot TA.
  9. TV Money

    Whenever, wherever he can get the most £s I suppose.
  10. The 0 Pointer

    Yes - but two more badges for the extravagantly feathered glengarries. Result!
  11. Biggest Flops In Europe?

    The fact that out ofthese serial no hopers I'd only be confident of taking 6 points offthe last 2 sums up why we'll never see the World Cup again.
  12. Dalglish's goal v Spain in 84

    Thoroughly depressing viewing in contrast to the present daywhen comparingthe charlatans that fillthe jerseysand the twits that fill the stands.
  13. U17s

    U-17? Complete waste of time. None of these characters will ever make it. Only in the team because someone at Largs saw them scoring in an U-7 game 10 years ago.
  14. Denis Law Day

    Grrr. It'sDENIS.
  15. Partick vs Aberdeen rearranged

    You missed the bit about Motherwell voting PTFC down in 2004, but a good summary nonetheless.