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  1. Wait until England win it. The only logical conclusion to this sequence of events.
  2. Jings that's a relief. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
  3. That's right, and if Cove Rangers lost to ( say ) East Kilbride in the play off next year they'd be in the Lowland League. Insanity.
  4. Good to see the supply line of future Division 3 bench warmers still in full swing.
  5. Ye gods The Rabbie Burns Lounge. A tavern with only one redeeming feature - it's not the Bee.
  6. A controversial inclusion - especially with the omission of the Bee Bar. An absolute hovel of an establishment with clientele to match.
  7. Total Nedfest. Not the name of a horse, but the clientele.
  8. Another fully signed up member of the forever expanding Village Idiot TA.
  9. Whenever, wherever he can get the most £s I suppose.
  10. Yes - but two more badges for the extravagantly feathered glengarries. Result!
  11. The fact that out of these serial no hopers I'd only be confident of taking 6 points off the last 2 sums up why we'll never see the World Cup again.
  12. Thoroughly depressing viewing in contrast to the present day when comparing the charlatans that fill the jerseys and the twits that fill the stands.
  13. U-17? Complete waste of time. None of these characters will ever make it. Only in the team because someone at Largs saw them scoring in an U-7 game 10 years ago.
  14. Grrr. It's DENIS.
  15. You missed the bit about Motherwell voting PTFC down in 2004, but a good summary nonetheless.