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  1. Worst 5 pubs you've been in

    Ye gods The Rabbie Burns Lounge. A tavern with only one redeeming feature - it's not the Bee.
  2. Worst 5 pubs you've been in

    A controversial inclusion - especially withthe omission of theBee Bar.An absolutehovel of an establishment with clientele to match.
  3. Total Nedfest. Not the name of a horse, but the clientele.
  4. Ray Wilson

    Another fully signed up member of the forever expanding Village Idiot TA.
  5. TV Money

    Whenever, wherever he can get the most £s I suppose.
  6. The 0 Pointer

    Yes - but two more badges for the extravagantly feathered glengarries. Result!
  7. Biggest Flops In Europe?

    The fact that out ofthese serial no hopers I'd only be confident of taking 6 points offthe last 2 sums up why we'll never see the World Cup again.
  8. Dalglish's goal v Spain in 84

    Thoroughly depressing viewing in contrast to the present daywhen comparingthe charlatans that fillthe jerseysand the twits that fill the stands.
  9. U17s

    U-17? Complete waste of time. None of these characters will ever make it. Only in the team because someone at Largs saw them scoring in an U-7 game 10 years ago.
  10. Denis Law Day

    Grrr. It'sDENIS.
  11. Partick vs Aberdeen rearranged

    You missed the bit about Motherwell voting PTFC down in 2004, but a good summary nonetheless.
  12. Partick vs Aberdeen rearranged

    Indeed. Of course Fir Park is long renownedfor a bowling green style surface.

    I still recall Killie v. Thistle games from the mid '80s. The football equivalent of two bald men fighting over a comb.

    Kilmarnock were in the bottom tier of Scottish football not that ago and were absolutely rank throughout the entire 80's.Or did the bank write off these seasons from the records too in a 'good deal' for KFC historians?
  15. Partick Thistle vs Aberdeen

    From the PTFC forum: 'My information is that the club have been requesting a pitch inspection since early morning. The SPFL refused, saying it would be 5.30 as per the normal referee inspection. They relented at 3.30.' Sounded completely ludicrous until I spotted the reference to theSPFL then it made sense.