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  1. Lets get section 13 & 44 now full of scots. Building up to be a cracking support in the ground
  2. Nae bother lads, happy to help.
  3. ****Slovakia End Tickets**** All if planning to buy Slovakia end tickets then you should all try to get in sections 14 & 45 via Gate E entrance. This is the closest section to the official Scotland section Tickets I believe go on sale on Monday 19th Sept @ 10am GMT via: https://sfz.maxiticket.sk/event/upcoming-list To do this you will receive a ticket for both Slovakia v Scotland and the Slovakia v Lithuania game. Combined ticket price for either section 14 and 45 is €24 Single tickets aint on sale until October priced at €18 but you risk not getting in the section next to the Scotland end. Its been suggested that maybe we should donate all Lithuania tickets to the Sunshine Appeal to hand out to Slovakian Charities. Don't quote me on this, but I believe upon purchasing a ticket on the above website, all tickets can be printed off via PDF. I did a mock purchase for Spartak Trnava's league game on 17th Sept on the same website and it was certainly the case for that game. Hope this helps.
  5. I did receive, appreciate the heads up.
  6. Larbert Ta - Please PM me with email address etc. and names of both passengers. Hamilton Wanderer - If any more comes available you'll be first to know
  7. Another 2 seats have come available!
  8. Keep trying I just got for friends on 5 points
  9. Hi


    I will take the 2 seats. Send me the payment details please.


  10. 2 x seats have come available. First come, first served.
  11. No No Irene, not at all. See you in Slovakia.,
  12. I guess it fluctuates bus company to bus company. Im running 3 buses, all through the same company. First 2 priced at £12 and 3rd bus priced at £15. Reason 3rd bus is more expensive is because it has to come from Vienna and quoted price was higher. Received some cheaper quotes and a few far more expensive quotes when I was enquiring. Went for the one I did because I felt like they were most professional and gave me the feeling that I wouldn't get screwed over...fingers crossed that's the case. Plus has a toilet on all buses, well so they say anyway haha But don't see the need to start a thread on here questioning the guy on FB selling seats on a bus for X amount. Im sure that's the correct percentage cost of the coach hire. If not, then that's that guys choice. If your not happy with his pricing you should send him a pm and ask him on his pricing policy, before publically questioning if he's a 'chancer', or simply book onto another more bus :-) Just saying and enjoy your trip.
  13. Update all, All bus tickets will be emailed out to everyone over the next 7 days. Cheers Zander
  14. The flight on the Thursday was cancelled due to a knock on effect due to the 'security breach' on Wednesday. I.e the Wednesday night FRA-ABZ flight was cancelled due to the security breach. I can confirm the flight on the Friday morning was cancelled due to a technical fault with the plane on the incoming flight on the Thursday evening..
  15. Was having same problem. All sorted now