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  1. Hi Zander, can you get in touch with me 

  2. Received and messaged you back.
  3. Hi Zander can I buy your tickets 

    pay by Paypal now 


    all the best 

  4. Due to friends not being able to attend now, I have 3 x West Stand Adult tickets for sale. Face Value. I think they were £42 each going by the SSC price chart PM if you required. Payment via Paypal ONLY.
  5. Looking for 1 home end ticket for England game. Can anyone help us out? Cheers
  6. Agree, place drives me fecking mental. Anything half decent that ever gets proposed in the area, gets fecking ridiculed by auld Edna and the likes, then the idea turns into a damp squib. I can pretty much guarantee that some spanner gets thrown in the works and the Dons new stadium gets canned. Same for the new proposed sports centre expansion in Inverurie. The only reason the new exhibition centre got approved is for the land value at the current site. I am still in shock were getting a bypass and still canna believe trumpy got his golf course. Maybe times are changing. Im awa to hide under a table for a few weeks. Over and out.
  7. Many thanks to all that came on the buses and made it a success. I'm just glad everything went smoothly. Hope everyone enjoyed there day up in Trnava before the game. Big thanks to Graeme (Couttsy) and Ross (Ellon Ta) for the help convening bus 2 & 3! Cheers Zander
  8. 10 bought nae bother
  9. My mate on 0 points phoned the ssc last Friday to get put on the Slovakia ticket 'waiting list' and got to add his name on no problem. He just received a call from SSC no less than 10minutes ago, telling him he has a ticket. He's fecking delighted!
  10. Alright,

    I see it looks like that seat that became available is now away but if anything comes up, i am looking for just the 1 seat if possible.

    Appreciate the busses are all full but just if anything opens up, would really appreciate if you could let me know!




  11. Hi Zander,

    Not sure why I can't PM you. I'm a lone traveler having booked separately from my pals. If the space is still available then I would gladly take it. 



    1. Zander_14


      Yes still available.

      Should be able to pm me now.

      Please pm me your full name, and email address.
      Is your pals already on my buses?

      These buses are scheduled to leave Bratislava at 1.30 to allow to enjoy the day in trnava.
      Im aware a lot of other buses are not leaving until the evening.

  12. 1 space has come available. Contacted Jaggycolin via pm but no response. Seat available for first person to pm me. For all other confirmed passengers. All coach tickets got sent out via email last week. If you think you're on the bus but haven't received an email, then please contact me on this ASAP. See you all in Bratislava.
  13. Lets get section 13 & 44 now full of scots. Building up to be a cracking support in the ground
  14. Nae bother lads, happy to help.
  15. ****Slovakia End Tickets**** All if planning to buy Slovakia end tickets then you should all try to get in sections 14 & 45 via Gate E entrance. This is the closest section to the official Scotland section Tickets I believe go on sale on Monday 19th Sept @ 10am GMT via: To do this you will receive a ticket for both Slovakia v Scotland and the Slovakia v Lithuania game. Combined ticket price for either section 14 and 45 is €24 Single tickets aint on sale until October priced at €18 but you risk not getting in the section next to the Scotland end. Its been suggested that maybe we should donate all Lithuania tickets to the Sunshine Appeal to hand out to Slovakian Charities. Don't quote me on this, but I believe upon purchasing a ticket on the above website, all tickets can be printed off via PDF. I did a mock purchase for Spartak Trnava's league game on 17th Sept on the same website and it was certainly the case for that game. Hope this helps.