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  1. Sorry Guys, 3 buses is the max I will be running and these are all sold out. Cheers Zander
  2. Sorry Bus 3 is full
  3. I have 2 seats left available on Bus 3
  4. Could I reserve 2 seats for Torino TA.


    1. Zander_14


      Yes no problem

    2. malky24


      Torino TA no longer require these transfers. We've decided to stay the night and travel back to Bratislave. All credit to you for organising these buses. It will make the trip a lot easier for a lot of people. Good luck



  5. Due to a change in coach availabilityI will now be running a 3rd Bus from Bratislava to Trnava return. The coach company that is supplying me with the initial 2 buses has justcame back to me and can now supply a 3rd bus from their sister company located in Vienna. Due to the bus coming from the Vienna, this has slightlyincreased thecoach hireprice in comparison to Bus 1 and Bus 2. Bus 3 cost will be£15 per/person. If you require a seat on the bus, please PM asap. So far I have confirmed on Bus 3: Ellon Ta x 9 Hertin x 8 Cheers Zander
  6. Grant payment received Many thanks
  7. On the standby list brocher
  8. Buses are now full and all seats allocated. Unfortunately never heard back from Wee Clootie or Grumpyauldgit, so I have allocated these 4 seats to Mark Benzies accordingly. Updated reserve list is: ScotsRix x 2 Dundee Dave x 3 Syther x 3 Double SC x 2 Ellon TA x 9 For everyone else that has confirmed their seats, there will be an email sent out to you guys this afternoon regarding payement etc Many Thanks Zander
  9. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Watershed, Tried to PM you but you could receive anymore messages. I have a waiting list for my buses and could easily allocate them 14 seats to guys if required. Send me a PM and hopefully help you out. Cheers
  10. I am still awaiting confirmation from the following people: Wee Clootie x 2, Dr Doom x 4 Grumpyauldgit x 2 Please confirm before 9am tomorrow morning (26/02/26) to secure your seat.
  11. Good morning all, Ican confirm that we are now running 2 x 49 Seater ExecutiveCoaches from Bratislava to Trnava (return)due to the overalldemand that has beenreceived.Everything is now confirmed and fully booked with the awardedcoach company. I have now got a confirmed cost per personof £12.00. Following on from my post on Monday at10.56am, many thanks to all who has messaged me to confirm that they require seats on these coaches. I am still awaiting confirmation from the following people: Wee Clootie x 2, Dr Doom x 4 Grumpyauldgit x 2 Please confirm before 9am tomorrow morning to secure your seat. Confirmed reserve list is as follows: Mark Benzies x 4 ScotsRix x 2 Dundee Dave Syther I will be sending outan email to everyone booked on these coaches with full information and payment details next week. I will update again when this has been done. Regards Zander
  12. Update: I have now secured bigger slightly buses so can accommodate 98 rather than initially 84. Therefore I have sent replies back to everyone and awaiting confirmation from people in red below: Zander_14 - 11 Couttsy - 12 Slasher - 10 Grantyboy – 3 Sheach – 4 LS5 – 7 Shameless Stan – 1 Tartan Graeme – 2 Plastic Scot – 1 Rossta2003 – 6 Doric – 4 Kumnio – 4 Kevmac – 3 Wee clootie – 2 Dr Doom – 4 QBCTA – 9 Dave P- 2 Fugative - 2 Grumpyauldgit - 2 Jas - 2 Dave Chiel - 2 Tartan Doz - 2 Alwaysascot - 2 Mazziessc - 1 Reserve List Mazziessc - 1 Mark Benzie - 4 NickyT - 1 If you're highlighted in red please email me back asap. I will leave your space available up until 9am on 26th Feb - If no confirmation by then,I will pass on to next in the waiting list. Further info will be sent out via email in due course. Cheers Zander_14
  13. Sorry bud, I had a lot of PM.s so went on who asked first basis. Anything changes ill let you know bud.
  14. your on the standby list bud