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  1. That all you got? Id get onto the ssc right away. I ordered 7 tickets for our group and I received the following in my envelope: 7 tickets, 7 match programmes and 14 complimentary beer vouchers which can be used in the beer tents that the ssc are setting up outside the ground All for £2 delivery aswell. You've been done over mate.
  2. Nae problem, just thought id be straight to the point and truthful. See you in Slovakia.
  3. Sh1te
  4. Possible team: Marshall Undecided Martin Hanley Robertson McArthur Brown Snodgrass Anya Ritchie Mccormack
  5. Yeah, sorry no confirmation and bus Is now full
  6. Please PM me your: name, email address and mobile number. Cheers
  7. Yes I have 4 and only 4 seats remaining. Do you want these?
  8. Sorry bud, don't have space for 7.
  9. Are you still requiring seats?
  10. Hi Zander,

    Looking for 3 seats if there are any still available.

    We are based in St Julian.

  11. Zander do you have a rough estimate of pick-up point? I am travelling with my son and the bus I am booked on is a 30minute walk from my hotel so may change to yours.


    1. Zander_14


      At the moment it will be at the Marina Hotel Corinthia

  12. Hi - we are based in Bugibba and are looking for 3 seats - is there a chance your minibus could include us or is it definitely just a pick up and drop off at St Juliens?

    1. Zander_14


      Just pick-up and drop off in st julians.

    2. mackek



  13. All, I have managed to arrange a 14 seater minibus from St Julians to the stadium (return), on match day. There is 7 people in our group, therefore, we have 7 seats available, if anyone is still requiring transport. 5 Euro a head. PM me.