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  1. How do volcanoes fit in with the flat earth theory?
  2. Aim for the same team as Slovenia.
  3. Aye him too. As many players playing regularly in top divisions as possible.
  4. Anya didn't do anything drastically bad against England so unless there is a friendly and they experiment with someone else who plays a blinder then can't see anyone other than Anya playing right back. For me Armstrong is more an attacking mid than a central,holding one beside Brown. I would put McArthur in with Brown, and Armstrong in a 3 with Burke and Snodgrass behind a striker. And Matt Philips and George Boyd deserve to be in the squad at least too
  5. put him up front then
  6. And would have Russia not been monitoring this very closely with their own telescopes, radars etc and be quick to point out if anything didn't match the official NASA story?
  7. If I got offered to do my job in our Chinese office (or anywhere for that matter) for 4x my salary I would consider it.
  8. If your only really looking for a GPS, calorie counter, speed, distance counter etc and you use your smart phone there are loads of free apps you could use instead of buying a watch that just gives u the same info. I've been using 'runtastic' for years and gives me everything I really need. Even the free version gives you the stats I've listed above and stores each individual run. I still just strap my phone to my arm even if I'm not using my phone to listen to anything. Like someone said above unless you are closely monitoring your distance and speed while running then watches are obviously easier but I would recommend looking at all the freebies available to see if they suit what you are looking for before throwing money at anything.
  9. No idea, the tops I bought were for my nephews.
  10. It was different shops, Silverburn to buy it and then Braehead to get it printed. Had the receipt but they said it still didn't work. Ill go back with both receipts and see what happens
  11. Knew I was trying my luck but the discount also doesn't include any names or numbers you get printed on the back.
  12. This might have already been explained but 1 second before that it looks like the plane's left wing disappears behind the building... that it is infront of?
  13. If you turn into Tunnel street like you are going to go to the Rotunda restaurant (which has barrier but also free- get barrier code from restaurant), but stay on that road, once you pass the restaurant if there is space on that street that is free. Yellow lines have been blacked out.
  14. Thousands of football fans were sent a scam email asking them to pay a bill after a Scottish Football Association database was apparently hacked. An invoice for £170 was sent to subscribers to the Scotland National Team mailing list just after 09:00. The email - addressed "Dear Customer" - provided a link for payment, which was a disguised website address. The SFA said a third-party email database had been compromised and urged recipients to delete the email. Its statement said: "We would like to apologise to those who have received a spoof email this morning purporting to be from the Scottish FA." It recommended that anyone who may have opened it run a security check on their computer to ensure no malware had been installed. Virus fears It said: "We would like to assure all supporters that no bank or credit card details have been shared. "We have moved to delete this account and the issue has been raised with our suppliers. "We will provide an update in early course." Fans on message boards suggested that clicking on the link within the scam email could infect computers with a virus and leave them out of pocket. The email contained links identical to those sent on official communications to supporters and were signed off as being from the "Accounts Department" of the Scotland Supporters Club. The group - which gives members access to away tickets for Scotland matches - currently has 29,231 members.