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  1. But he cant defend set pieces and isn't 6'9 so he wont get picked.
  2. Couple of things: Relaying on strikers to defend set pieces instead of making our defenders better at it? Is this a new excuse he has come up with? He hasn't had a problem in picking Barry Bannan, Ikechi Anya and Shaun Maloney in the past. All are all smaller than Griffiths (and James Forrest is a whopping 2cm taller too) Is the whole team back defending each set piece? Who is staying up to make a counter attack? (Or chase the punt up the park?)
  3. Win all our remaining games and yeah, we will qualify Problem is us being able to win all our remaining games.
  4. 5-3-2 suits a lot of departments: Gives us 3 centre backs- we have lost a few goals lately down the middle, playing 3 gives us an extra man covering. Gives the fullbacks freedom to continue bombing up and down as they have been given the extra man in defense. Gives the three midfielders security that there is another guy behind them which could hopefully push them forward a bit. Gives the striker who we no doubt will still punt long balls up to someone to actually flick it onto and maybe create a half chance.
  5. I remember seeing or hearing something along the lines of this too. Something like him being too psyched up to even open his mouth because he didn't know or could control what would come out... never mind sing.
  6. If he didn't go 4-4-2 against Malta, there's no way he will do it tonight. He tried to do something different at home to Gibraltar and quickly reverted back to trusty old 4-5-1 after they got a goal. Guys like Anya, Naismith, S Fletcher and Griffiths deserve a chance at some point in my opinion. Its a completely different game so hope to god its a completely different mind-set and tactical approach. Will be counter attacking more than Saturday and will need pace so can't see us playing a target man type up front (Martin). We have a lot of guys who didn't feature at all and should be 100% fit so I would expect quite a few changes.
  7. It was sort of in response to the "if we beat Slovakia we are 7 points ahead of them" thing- which will be true if we win, but given the fact that they still have to play Malta twice and we need to play England and Slovenia twice, at this early stage we cant rule out them catching us when they still have the bottom side to play and their easiest chance of points.
  8. "Lets hear the famous Hampden roarrrr" Give us something to roar about and you'll get it.
  9. I think some people are forgetting only us and England have played Malta so far. So barring any shock results you can (fingers crossed for not but most probably) add 6 points onto everyone else (and then 3 to us and England). As it stands now: 1 England- 6 2 Scotland- 4 3 Slovenia-4 4 Lithuania- 2 5 Slovakia- 0 (Potential) points added from Malta games: 1. Slovenia - 10 2. England - 9 3. Lithuania - 8 4. Scotland - 7 5. Slovakia - 6 that leaves our race for 2nd place looking much tighter.
  10. This could be the last Saturday kick off?? (And also the biggest Hampden crowd for a qualifier since it was redone?) It was towards the end of the campaign tho and was one of those mysterious "must win" games if i remember right... but also post the 4-6-0 game in Prague and the 3-2 loss to Spain
  11. It looks as though all sections in B,C,D and F are all fully sold out(plus A&,6 and 5). G1, I3, I6 and P4 look pretty much sold out too- so if anyone knows the Hampden section seat numbers and can be bothered to work it out then you could make an educated guess at the "at least" number of tickets sold. That is of course if all those tickets were on sale in the first place and the folk turn up....
  12. I like Bannan and think he should be playing more than he does, but unfortunately for him McArthur is in great form and scoring from centre mid, and Fletcher is the captain and if fit- he will get picked. He could play along with this 2 ^, Snodgrass, Ritchie and a forward (Fletcher probably), but I think we should be going more positive than that against Lithuania at home. Would maybe be better using him as a sub and keeping Fletcher or McArthur fresher for Slovakia.
  13. Benefit- Same as any other media answer he gives. Manager's answers to media questions and what they actually tell players in training sessions and in team talks really shouldn't be looked at as the same thing..
  14. Shouldn't every game be must win? If not, whats the point?
  15. Probably wont fit up the stairs... Main staircase splits into 2 halfway up.