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  1. Anyone on here have any idea of ball-park figures about having garden work done? Been given a few quotes for the following and just making sure if we should keep looking or go with the most reasonable so far: Re-paneling approx 15 feet worth of 6foot style garden fence panels (straight, 1 side, no corners etc). Re-posting (with concrete) 3 out of 5 posts (2 either side of new gate and 1 at end of fence. Other 2 are fine and don't need replaced). New/replacement gate as mentioned above. Approx 10x12 feet patch of ground to be turfed. Prices have been "totals" so far so have included materials, transport of materials, work and taking down of old panels, digging out old posts. Garden has direct access from a car-park and not on a hill or slant.
  2. I would go with this: (its Malta, we don't need 2 holding central midfielders, get it forward instead of sideways) GoalkeepersDavid Marshall (Cardiff City)Defenders Andrew Robertson (Hull City)Grant Hanley (Newcastle United) Russell Martin (Norwich City) Ikechi Anya (Watford) MidfieldersDarren Fletcher (West Bromwich Albion) James Forrest (Celtic) Matt Ritchie (Newcastle United)Robert Snodgrass (Hull City)Forwards Leigh Griffiths (Celtic)Steven Naismith (Norwich City)
  3. while at the cinema together.
  4. Made me feel old when my brother told me that Bebeto's son (from his famous cradle celebration at USA '94) signed his first professional contract a few YEARS ago...
  5. What I've always found interesting is that this was in 1967.. Who, in 1967, would be able make or create something that looks so "real". To have some comparison, look at Chewbaka from StarWars: A major major film branch with a huge budget couldn't come anywhere close to matching the quality of the P/G costume. And that is another 10 YEARS on from the P/G film... There is footage going round of being able to see the back muscles working and moving, the soles of the feet, the no visible "wrinkles" in the neck that a rubber or fake (not sticking to skin) costume would have... its by far either the best costume or the best evidence whatever way you look at it.
  6. I find adults suggesting what clothes other adults should wear a wee bit pathetic too.
  7. My mate is there just now and I'm pretty sure he has his Scotland top and kilt with him and quite sure by now he would have had either or both on at some point throughout his holiday. Don't worry though I will text him and warm him about his choice of clothes he is wearing and the backlash he is sure to receive or perhaps already has received during his trip. I will keep you all informed of his response.......But I'm sure he will tell me where to go. By the looks of things he is having the time of his life. I don't think his choice of clothes seems to be having any effect on him or the group he is with.
  8. Remove or reduce your sugar, all dairy and "carbs" and you'll see a difference.
  9. 1 or 2 yeah you can call that "jammy" or lucky.... but 10+? Can't really call that luck... More like determination, hard work, fight etc?
  10. 02-Feb for me, still waiting
  11. Ufc

    I wasn't making a point or validating anything. Just giving the owners explanation of why it has grown in popularity in the last 10 years.
  12. Ufc

    UFC owner gave his explaination of why so many people like it: "On a playing field, in 4 different corners, groups of people are playing 4 different sports: basketball, football, baseball and tennis. All of a sudden on the field a fight breaks out. What happens? Everyone watches the fight." Same situation in a stadium or in a crowded street or nightclub etc. No matter how many people think its barbaric and dissaprove, people will still watch.
  13. Ufc

    Always thought Boxing is way more brutal than MMA. In MMA/UFC one of the main ways you can win is with a submission so in theory you could go in; twist your opponents arm or leg a certain way and they tap out (give up). As someone said submissions usually don’t get put on fully to the point bones/joints break or pop, just enough that there is no way out and the guy losing has no choice but to give up. Of course there are exceptions to everything and bones do break and people get hurt but really not as much as you might think. And in Boxing (correct me if I'm wrong) the only way to win is by repeatedly punching your opponent in the head or body to either knock them out or successfully hit them more than you get hit yourself and win by points.
  14. Looking for 2x tickets for Germany too if anyone has any spare?? Can pick up anywhere in Glasgow from now until kick off!