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  1. Scottish League Play Offs

    1 or 2 yeah you can call that "jammy" or lucky.... but 10+? Can't really call that luck... More like determination, hard work, fight etc?
  2. SSC membership pack

    02-Feb for me, still waiting
  3. Ufc

    I wasn't making a point or validating anything. Just giving the owners explanation of why it has grown in popularity in the last 10 years.
  4. Ufc

    UFC owner gave his explaination of why so many people like it: "On a playing field, in 4 different corners, groups of people are playing 4 different sports: basketball, football, baseball and tennis. All of a sudden on the field a fight breaks out. What happens? Everyone watches the fight." Same situation in a stadium or in a crowded street or nightclub etc. No matter how many people think its barbaric and dissaprove, people will still watch.
  5. Ufc

    Always thought Boxing is way more brutal than MMA. In MMA/UFC one of the main ways you can win is with a submission so in theory you could go in; twist your opponents arm or leg a certain way and they tap out (give up). As someone said submissions usually don’t get put on fully to the point bones/joints break or pop, just enough that there is no way out and the guy losing has no choice but to give up. Of course there are exceptions to everything and bones do break and people get hurt but really not as much as you might think. And in Boxing (correct me if I'm wrong) the only way to win is by repeatedly punching your opponent in the head or body to either knock them out or successfully hit them more than you get hit yourself and win by points.
  6. Germany Tickets Wanted

    Looking for 2x tickets for Germany too if anyone has any spare?? Can pick up anywhere in Glasgow from now until kick off!
  7. Squad For Georgia And Germsny Games

    Depending on everyone staying and being match fit I would go with this for Georgia: Gordon Hutton/Whittaker Hanley Martin Robertson/ Whittaker Brown Morrison Anya Naismith Maloney S. Fletcher then swap the Fletchers around for Germany game.
  8. Best / Worst Possible Draw

    not if your playing scrabble
  9. World Cup Draw

    "The fixture list will be confirmed on Sunday 26 July."