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  1. Probably wont fit up the stairs... Main staircase splits into 2 halfway up.
  2. You could stop off at Shawlands or Crossmyloof stations too. Always a lot of supporters and pubs in that area (Church on the Hill is about halfway from there to Hampden)
  3. I believe he is both a Dick and a Dyke
  4. The bust up and weekend suspension is a coincidence yeah, its the phoning radio stations and getting his quotes out to the media- and the obligatory follow-up news and media stories is what I'm getting at.
  5. Ahh so he has a book to promote? All makes sense now. Imagine getting yourself into the news and sports headlines then stoking the fire by calling up radio shows the week before your autobiograph goes on sale! Genius!
  6. I agree! Half the advertised prices and it will sell out no bother. (I just won't mention that South stand tickets are £40 each before booking fees......)
  7. Exactly what I was thinking. Not doing himself any favours
  8. East and West are £30
  9. Atmosphere during the day and before kick off will be good because of the day and time. But during the game I can't see it being as good as others have suggested as the game is against a team we should be beating, if we are drawing or god help us losing by 40mins / halftime the moaning will surely start. Compare that to a game where Scotland are the underdogs and battling against an England, Holland, France etc then going into halftime drawing would have the place buzzing for the second half to try and grab a goal or even a half-chance at something. But an early goal (for us) and a Ukraine style goal fest in the first half and we should be fine
  10. Maybe a 7:45pm kick off on a Saturday will help.... If that doesn't I don't think anything will.
  11. I remember 4 points being enough before the Georgia game to make the playoffs at least? After losing that it was win or bust against Italy, a draw still wouldn't have guaranteed anything.
  12. Surely one of your first questions would be "what happened between saying you were a Rangers fan to getting a glass thrown at your head?" That seems like an important and large part of the story to have missed out. Did the bottle throwing happen instantly? Was there a back-and-forth conversation before hand? Or was it a one sided argument? What club team/s did the group say they followed back home? Did this make matters worse? Did your 2 friends do or say anything that might have antagonized the group? Was there a group "leader" or was it all that took part in verbally abusing them? What age were they? Are you sure they were "TA" members? Did they say they were? How many followed then out? All of them? Where was the bar? What (part of the) town? What time did this take place? Morning, afternoon, shortly before kick-off? Was the bar full? Empty? Just the 9-10 of them and the staff or 50-100 odd? Any witnesses? Anyone stand up to the group and tell them to calm down? Anyone else get involved in any sort of way that could back up anything you have said?
  13. Said it in another topic but I really don't think we need to play 2 holding midfielders against Malta. We should be playing 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2. There are plenty of guys who can track back IF Malta get an attack going or can drop deep if we feel our mighty opponents are outnumbering us in midfield.
  14. Anyone on here have any idea of ball-park figures about having garden work done? Been given a few quotes for the following and just making sure if we should keep looking or go with the most reasonable so far: Re-paneling approx 15 feet worth of 6foot style garden fence panels (straight, 1 side, no corners etc). Re-posting (with concrete) 3 out of 5 posts (2 either side of new gate and 1 at end of fence. Other 2 are fine and don't need replaced). New/replacement gate as mentioned above. Approx 10x12 feet patch of ground to be turfed. Prices have been "totals" so far so have included materials, transport of materials, work and taking down of old panels, digging out old posts. Garden has direct access from a car-park and not on a hill or slant.
  15. I would go with this: (its Malta, we don't need 2 holding central midfielders, get it forward instead of sideways) GoalkeepersDavid Marshall (Cardiff City)Defenders Andrew Robertson (Hull City)Grant Hanley (Newcastle United) Russell Martin (Norwich City) Ikechi Anya (Watford) MidfieldersDarren Fletcher (West Bromwich Albion) James Forrest (Celtic) Matt Ritchie (Newcastle United)Robert Snodgrass (Hull City)Forwards Leigh Griffiths (Celtic)Steven Naismith (Norwich City)