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  1. Fletcher will play and captain tonight, Brown will play and captain Sunday. Would like to pick about 9 midfielders (not including ^), Tierney and Robertson given the squad but unfortunately we need a keeper and some center backs.
  2. Interesting sentence in this article and something I actually hadn't thought about, " It also fulfils their obligations to Sky Sports to provide a fixed number of internationals for broadcast. " Even if the manager doesn't see the need/want to play extra fixtures (friendlies) they might have to in order to hit their Sky quota?
  3. Berti got us closer to qualifying than the last few managers
  4. Been working for Chelsea this season...
  5. Agree about Bardsley, there must be something up. Was he at Rangers when Strachan was at Celtic?? Is Adam an any better option that what we have in the squad already? Will he get game time if he gets called up now? Lucky for us our midfield is looking quite decent so its a hard one to choose whether the call up is necessary. I'm sure hes on the radar unless theres a Bardsley-like situation going on.
  6. 3 regulars to home games are a 'no' for this one. Watching in the pub instead, and the football isn't even the main reason we are meeting up. Recent performances, costs and constant let-downs are taking their toll...
  7. Do any of these polls ever give you the actual number of people that took part? What was drilled into us at uni was "A poll is only a poll of people who took part in the poll." Eg it cant really be taken as a fair guide unless the population percentage that took part is pretty high.
  8. Can you see him doing anything different? It depends really what happens in the Canada game, he could go Fletcher & ? for Canada then Brown & McArthur for Slovenia. Who knows. Theres so many options: hes got 20 players playing for (potentially) 6 positions.
  9. He wont do it but seeing as the Chelsea 3-4-3 is flavor of the month for some clubs: GK R Martin, Berra, Wallace Anya, Brown, Fletcher, Tierney Armstrong, ST, Fraser Easily becomes a 5-4-1 when defending. When attacking we still keep 3 back plus a midfielder in-front for cover and plenty going forward. Gives our best assets (attacking full backs) more freedom.
  10. How do volcanoes fit in with the flat earth theory?
  11. Aim for the same team as Slovenia.
  12. Aye him too. As many players playing regularly in top divisions as possible.
  13. Anya didn't do anything drastically bad against England so unless there is a friendly and they experiment with someone else who plays a blinder then can't see anyone other than Anya playing right back. For me Armstrong is more an attacking mid than a central,holding one beside Brown. I would put McArthur in with Brown, and Armstrong in a 3 with Burke and Snodgrass behind a striker. And Matt Philips and George Boyd deserve to be in the squad at least too
  14. put him up front then