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  1. 2016 Tour De France

    Nah probably more cause Tucker said something to elicit response Never know though...
  2. Martin was killed cause Zimmerman was a #####. Evidencing my theory is the fact Zimmerman continues to have violent interactions with people due to his temper. Tailing folk, having shots fired etc. Nothing to do with the police though, it was two citizens, the police eventually put Zimmerman through the judicial process. Suggesting he was killed because of his own violent and criminal action (walking home from the shop, then meeting an angry Mr Zimmerman, who gave him the assumption of guilt) is not correct. Look Zimmerman up, he seems to keep having these altercations with people. As you say though nothing to do with "police brutality".
  3. 2016 Tour De France

    Also look at what happened to the 2 "whistleblowers" with Amstrong. One portrayed as bitter about being spurned with a cyclist and rumours about trying it on with all the cyclists. The other portrayed as a drunk psycho. Turns out both were nice honest ladies, secretly taped phonecalls where people saying they feared etc. It's like the guy just came to the sport. Landis only whistleblew after years of being ostracized and then when he could no longer make a living in the sport decided to grass everyone up. Nobody is whistleblowing as turkeys dont vote for christmas. You can't grass someone up for doing what you're doing, unless you get really aggrieved, like Landis.
  4. 2016 Tour De France

    Well Martin's wrote a whole book on marginal gains, so if it turns out one of the studies of his book who claim marginal gains have really just been cheating then his book is a pile of horseshit. Funnily enough it is also about cognitive dissonance which is possibly what is happening here. I love how he talks about "going after" Vladimir Putin. Weird he goes after Tucker just after Sherps on here lol. No wonder we walk into wars and shit when journalists think like this, i see he works for Mujrdoch and was a Labour candidate as well. Obviously a paragon of virtue.
  5. They need useful idiots to propagate the narrative.
  6. The French Airforce did bomb a school in Manbij Syria days after the Nice attack. Killing 36 children and between 100-300 other civilians around targets with the majority being woman and children. Must have been Islamic Pilots or something... Meanwhile the Western Backed rebels decided to behead a child for "collaborating with the government"
  7. they were chanting "lock her up" lol. What a horrendous choice of candidates.
  8. 2016 Tour De France

    I have no problem with Cynic, being the ultimate one was a bit too far considering his academic credentials. Aye he is a good read. He isn't the final arbitrator of who is doped of course, but is an interesting voice. That's what i was meaning Froome is that good going for two tours in a year could be his next move, probably Giro and Vuelta probably but i mind Roache and Merckx doing the "triple Crown" so added the Giro/tour as i think that's the most common one historically. Big mig did it back to back as well.
  9. 2016 Tour De France

    Someone pointed out that if Froome hadn't taken a backseat to Wiggins and not crashed, he'd be 5 times on the trot. Considering how hard it is to win that's a small amount of luck needed for the change. Froome got disqualified at the Giro in 2010 for holding onto a motorbike going up a climb, when he was done (had a fecked knee i think and was just exhausted) which is no shame as was near the end of a grueling Giro and can't be fun cycling with a damaged knee. Now he has won as many tours as Greg Lemond , no one is near him. Long TT's, short hilly TT's, big Roleur stages, long grinding HC climbs. He even won a stage descending with power this time. I wonder if he could do the Giro/tour giro/Veulta double.
  10. Obviously made up quote. I'm just supporting Corbyn cause so many kents want him out. They're lucky he isn't a bold charismatic person, as his popularity would be crazy, but then a lot the charismatic folk in politics are actually mor elikely to be psycho's.
  11. 2016 Tour De France

    Ross Tucker isn't the "ultimate cynic" when it comes to cycling. He's an expert in the field who makes careful speculation. He talks about loads of sports in the same manner. He just finished doing a few pieces on the south african female runner with the problems in gender testing. Also on the 100 meters etc. He writes the same for each sport. Ascribing cynicism as the reason for his suspicion as opposed to an educated guess mis represents everything he says on twitter. Kimmage is the ultimate cynic (through experience) Tucker is a scientist. Dr Ashenden was called out in the same way by Seb Coe and Armstrong. This type of argument just doesn't fly these days. The crazy thing is SKY running huge deep trains up mountains at about 6W/kg meaning no one can attack. Not even US Postal kept it up for as long. We've had climbing times that compete with any previous era. I thinks its been much the same over the years. PED's allow better spectacles allow more money.
  12. Laura Muir

    I saw her win a Diamond league meet from the front which was crazy impressive. Missed the events yesterday looks like there was some really strong performances from her and as Toepoke mentions the hurdler. Who won by miles.
  13. Anyway now we've settled on sources we can move to the less important issue of France bombing dozens of civilians in another country just after their own civilian murdered dozens of civilians. Plus arming "moderate" rebels who do summary executions on 12 year olds and have actually cannabilised victims. But it was all a mistake you realise... Nour al-Din al-Zinki, who are US backed just made a wee mistake, accidentally cut off a 10-12 year olds head. http://www.latimes.com/world/middleeast/la-fg-syria-beheading-video-20160719-snap-story.html https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jul/20/syrian-opposition-group-which-killed-child-was-in-us-vetted-alliance Nour al-din al-Zenki, widely condemned over images of child’s beheading, was part of group receiving military support, including anti-tank missiles, until 2015 some MSM sources.
  14. lol again i picked the Syrian Observatory for human Rights deliberately. lol Fool me once...
  15. I picked RT deliberately for the source, the story is in 100's of publications , however like deliberate spelling mistakes i like to see who is going for the ball and who is going for the man. the real source is "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" the US military are investigating and every major newspaper worldwide is reporting it. But yeah RT is a bad source well spotted lol