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  1. Saudi's moving planes to Turkey and vowing to oust Assad.
  2. Gorillas have tiny penises relative to humans. I hope this correction doesn't spoil your rape fantasy.
  3. Ukraine is fair enough, but in Syria the Russians have been invited and did the most to bring an end to the massive bloodshed. They got Assad to get rid of all his Weapons of Mass Destruction, bombed the shit out of ISIS and the other "moderate" (the free Syrian Army used chemical weapons are drugged up and indulging in cannibalism and mass infanticide) rebels. Russia bombed the shit out of Aleppo and the Kurds moved into the area to take control, now Turkey are shelling the shit out of them as we speak. The Saudi's,Turks and Israel prefer ISIS to Assad and are working towards that with the help of NATO, however that's starting to dry up as more and more people realise what a feck up they have created. No one talks about Yemen being starved to death really either, something Bernie Sanders is keen on. To mix threads.
  4. Obviously a CO when it was his turn to go to Vietnam ofc.
  5. Compare that with David Cameron’s reaction when presented with some really quite difficult polling in 2011 on the NHS. Cameron scribbled on the memo: ‘Give me the right language in speeches, and physically attack me - underlined - with the right words before an interview. I will do what I am told’.”   interesting.
  6. I was just checking all these notifications have been turned off now
  7. Sanders is a total war-monger voted on everything bar the iraq war (republican war at the time, they all voted to keep funding it when Obama was in power).   Orraloon you're missing out the actual edited post, so you've not demonstrated anything.
  8. He voted to keep funding it every time though.    
  9. They talk about jezzus album or whatever its called. the first song is called "on sight" It starts with an auto-tuned version of the noise played by the Autobot base when the dinobots attacked it in series two of transformers the cartoon. Then you have this "poem" lets see what auto-correct does to it. EDIT: Hashtags equal the "F Word" what a poem this is to a sick beat of dizzy 3 loading. Yeezy season approachin' ###### whatever y'all been hearin' ###### what, ###### whatever y'all been wearin' A monster about to come alive again Soon as I pull up and park the Benz We get this bitch shaking like Parkinsons Take my number and lock it in Indian hair, no moccasins It's too many hoes in this house of sin Real nigga back in the house again Black Timbs all on your couch again Black dick all in your spouse again And I know she like chocolate men She got more niggas off than Cochran, hah! [Hook] On sight, on sight [bridge] How much do I not give a ######? Let me show you right now 'fore you give it up How much do I not give a ######? Let me show you right now 'fore you give it up [interlude] He'll give us what we need It may not be what we want [Verse 2] Baby girl tryna get a nut And her girl tryna give it up Chopped 'em both down Don't judge 'em, Joe Brown One last announcement No sports bra, let's keep it bouncin' Everybody wanna live at the top of the mountain Took her to the 'Bleau, she tried to sip the fountain That when David Grutman kicked her out But I got her back in and put my dick in her mouth [Hook] On sight, on sight [interlude] Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh Uh-huh [Outro] Right now I need right now
  10. Smart way to not have to write lyrics. Picked a great piece of audio though.
  11. Reading the thread he was in and out of the trap before anyone knew they had it set up.
  12. I think it might be satirical as Kayne West seemed to be some sort of benchmark.
  13. Why are you pushing for tax increases? It goes against your political philosophy. Why are you abandoning that?