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  1. Just looked him up. Aye and he was running like every 3 days as well if you average it out, insane stuff.
  2. The best bet is his book, but a quick look it is rare and costs £200, i wish i had kept mine. Googling his name will get a few blog posts with info from his book. So the short answer is his book but it costs a fortune now, and feck knows where my copy is. Book is called My Vertical World: Climbing the 8000-Metre Peaks. £200 now though
  3. There is a 27 page what came before section at the start of the Great Ordeal according to folk who got advanced reader copies. I've just finished a series re-read so i should be cool, but it is needed! He has 3 small tales on his website as well, one set way in the past of the book timeline. One during the scholastic wars and one 10 years before the start of the series. They aren't necessary though, i've not yet read the third one.
  4. First 3 (Prince of nothing) ones you've read. next trilogy takes place 20 years later (Aspect emperor) Same characters though. obviously some new ones, but same story. The judging Eye and The Whiteluck warrior are out, the last book in the triology has been split in two "The great ordeal" is out start of July and "The Unholy Consult" is written and will probably come out early next year. The last book was too big for a single volume. The last triology we don't know anything about, so may take place right after or 100 years after the 2nd one. Author is keeping tight lipped about it, wont even say the name as it's a spoiler.
  5. Jerzy Kukuczka was a beast, a chimney painter in the soviet union, who ate better on climbs than in real life. Had no money, he actually died cause his 2nd hand rope, bought in a market, snapped while he was climbing Lhotse's South Face (still not been done). His flight was cancelled once, so he walked to the airport he was going to in 3 days over huge peaks, solo, creating 2 new routes as he went. Compared to the other much larger budget climbs, with better equipment, he had no specialised equipment as had no money to buy it so he had to do with what he could get his hands on.
  6. It's a great achievement, i think folk are suffering from recency bias by proclaiming it the greatest. Henry Armstrong held the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight titles at the same time. It's never been done or before since, even with adding in extra weights. Jerzy Kukuczka did all 14 8000metre mountains in under 8 years, still only one of two people to do a winter ascent of K2 on the Polish line (no one has successfully recreated that and his climbing partner died on the descent). Are the two main ones i can think of off the top of my head.
  7. Been looking at some of the claims made. I'd like to see some of them tested in a court setting rather than the newspaper printing what they want. Like Israeli involvement with ISIS.
  8. First episode was terrible. The plot holes were huge. 2nd episode was better. Tower of Joy next week by the looks of it. Where we'll find out about what really happened wirth Rhaegar and Lyanna stark. I can't speak for the non-book readers but Jon Snow was always coming back, and you'll find out next episode why in the next episode. It's gone beyond the books now by quite a bit in some cases.
  9. They felt a need for it. You might disagree. I have no opinion.
  10. Khan V Alvarez

    Khan is a great boxer. He probably had the best style for taking out Mayweather although he would have probably lost anyway. The judge who gave the draw would have done so to make it a majority decision thereby giving the house all the Mayweather UD money (which was most of it). But i like a conspiracy Aye Khan has a chance here, fire off 3 then move, reset do the same. build up a lead and then try and walk him onto something. Size and Khans lack of durability will mostly tell later on though.
  11. From the Encyclopedia Britannica
  12. The article is confused. Livingstone never said Hitler was a Zionist, never denied the holocaust. Never went on about conspiracy theories, never mentioned Germany as being attacked, or tried to not mention genocide etc, Jones had a much better and clearer point about saying anti-semitism is not racism. (it is). this half-wit invokes a dozen straw-men argues against them, cheap rhetorical tricks " anyone with a smattering of historical learning and even a shred of integrity can see these... " invokes a perverted truth without telling us what the truth is or how it's perverted etc. Check this for a mofo sentence rofl " Toxic inattentiveness to the rules of the historical discipline is the stock-in-trade of the grievance-mongers of the Far Left and the Far Right, the breeding ground for the conspiracy theories that frame their understanding of how change is achieved (as well as explaining why, despite them having seen the truth, they are singly unsuccessful in changing much themselves). " Then just use a cheap bit of negative association " Mein Kampf, for example, is full of it" The fact that Ken mentioning Hitler has on the main drawn more focus than him saying Anti-semitism isn't racism, let's you know for some it's more a pavlovian response.