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  1. Well he could have came forward and said "hey i leaked the hilary shit , cause of all the shenanigans they did against Bernie" and that would feck up the narrative. Dead men don't talk. Pilger wrote an article about Assange a couple of days ago which was eye opening.
  2. Yeah the BBC are out to do many things, they lost any sense of independence when Dyke and co had to go instead of A Campbell over Doctor Kelly. Think how many more conspiracies i know about that actually happened than just BBC plants, you've got to sift the information. It's vital. Just don't engage with them, certainly dont pay the license fee!
  3. We can go round the houses but the need to parrot information without vetting it is always going to be a vice not a virtue. Discipline and patience are the key in any fight.
  4. Continuing your analogy of a street fight, windmilling your arms in the hope you hit something is a worse tactic than trying to box. You don't play the media game at all, that's engaging on their grounds, you use social media and positive approach and ignore all the other shit. Corbyn has a 16 point turnaround in Wales as of tonight, just going grass-roots and in person by-passing the media that way. Labour support surges in Wales with 16-point shift towards Jeremy Corbyn's party The party has overtaken the Tories in Wales and has a 10-point lead
  5. Exactly we're playing against skilled players, if you can't match the skill level stay out of the game, instead of doing damage being a dumb feck. Walking up and giving her a get out of jail free card isn't wise. I bet the seating arrangement was no mistake either, or the rumour being flung about social media really quickly.
  6. I agree, not that Dandy is a bawbag, just that it is common courtesy.
  7. I know man i'm just teasing. My eyes are really sensitive to light, for instance camera flashes hurt them and everyone is always telling me to "not look at it" which is pointless advice.
  8. They strive for homogeneity of message so it's not a surprise you have a bunch of sheep braying at the same time.
  9. " Got to admit "not looking" straight ahead is unusual driving advice." Yet that wasn't the advice. You just flung my quote into a different sentence which changed its meaning. But it's the TAMB and no one can admit they're wrong. Apart from me who did it no bother with Larky and the highway code just today, but i've stated my interpretation and know yours, so i'll move on.
  10. It's annoying because the brightness of the brake light gives me a sore head. Nah my memory is fine.
  11. my recollection was sitting at traffic lights, will go back into the thread to see if the goalposts have been moved on me. BRB Also my advice was to not look, nothing about straight ahead etc. I guess if you're determined to make a point making stuff up in the short-term will make it stronger, but it sort of falls apart when everything is written down and available to both sides of the argument.
  12. getting a headache off brake lights is an unfortunate weakness to have. Have you tried not looking?
  13. Also folk are probably being fed bad info deliberately. If i was going to run cointelpro against the SNP they're supporters propensity to parrotting would be one of the first things i'd use. Plant false info and just let it spread like wildfire, instant credibility problems.
  14. Depends what side of the road they are Fair point, I realized your interpretation after i had copy and pasted it, and rather than go back and edit it out, i decided to leave it and clear up the mess afterwards,