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  1. This does the same as this but for 5% of the price. I see the Aeropress thing is reasonably priced.
  2. Obama

    They became that adopting the European model. They were copying our culture of creating empire. I'm against collective punishment, punish the folk who did the crime, don't incinerate the folk who are from the same country. That is the sort of shit ISIS and UN do (letting 500,000 children under the age of 5 die, to "sanction" Iraq)
  3. Obama

    If you can't say sorry it was wrong to vaporize tens of thousands of men woman and children with a nuke 70 years ago, when you won the nobel peace prize for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons , then when can you say sorry?
  4. Don't take sugar. I drink both tea and coffee. I like my tea well brewed though.
  5. Neil you've always been my favourite on here. Looking up some of terms supplied in this thread. Folk are paying top dolla for "the finest coffee beans hidden in a capsule" , 95% plastic and 5% coffee. The machine is actually just a kettle as well. Amazing what you can get folk to buy if you put enough glitter around it. Big windows in these nespresso shops one assumes. " Elevate your Grands Crus coffee experience to a new level, with our crystal-glass tasting glasses. Building on a similar approach to oenology "
  6. Tennis 2016

    I can't watch him without turning into a superstitious weirdo.
  7. a "large proportion of Hibs fans" ran to the away end to offer square goes, while a "tiny minority" of Ranger's fans... I thought it had already been established that the Hibs fans were in the wrong the invading the pitch, to differing degrees. The ones running on and celebrating with players etc, it is wrong but can sort of be excused if it's a once every 144 year thing. The "Goaders" are wee fannies and as such should be ignored. The folk attacking players are criminals and should be in jail and not allowed to football games. The excuse " well the Hibs fans set up square go stalls on the pitch, so what am i meant to do, i had to shop till i got dropped." is funny as feck and is rightly being mocked.
  8. Well elucidate your point instead then. Instead of trying to portray it as axiomatic, when it clearly isn't.
  9. I still don't see anything that would even remotely get me to attack someone. Getting goaded into fighting happens to teenagers not grown men. I got suspended from school twice for hurting someone that goaded me but i was 14 and 15. The fact that it's considered a serious excuse that someone was yards away shouting shit is somehow a get out of free jail card is ridiculous. It sounds ridiculous as well. This isn't a comment about Hibs fans, there lack of mention doesn't indicate they are angels or anything. They're just irrelevant in this context.
  10. Fair to who? So if i were to offer a square go to you right now? What would your reaction be? Well if they weren't going haha we won you lost. Then what were they doing, goading?So ignore it. Having to insert straw-men into the post like labelling them "wee angels" doesn't bode well for your argument. My point relies purely on reality.
  11. Nah you've twisted round my words. I'm saying if England win and some of their fans run onto the pitch and gesture GIRFUY at us, we turn round as the losers and walk away. Not run onto the pitch to establish the Maginot line at halfway.
  12. Bragging rights is the name of the term, some folk are better winners then other. Saying haha you lost and i won isn't looking for a fight.
  13. So? Folk were goading you, you poor lamb. let's attack everyone then.
  14. It's not too boring considering the size of the fines. Also an insight into the efficacy of the civil service.