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  1. I've not listened to either for years and feel i'm better off for it.
  2. SKY chucking Wiggins under the bus, the team have most responsibility. They're the ones that created the narrative Wiggins followed. Unless it's a proper dick like Armstrong, the riders are exploited somewhat by teams. the system carries on as usual, while the cyclists pay the price.
  3. I hear you thplinth just bringing in the data. It's all pantomime anyway as you say. George Soros style shit for europe. Moaning about skittles when you used to have apples is superficial. However America have a big hand in Syria they should least pay their butcher's bill. Normal folk are living in absolute hell atm.
  4. The 9/11 hijackers got through the net cause someone in one office was fast tracking them, then the CIA were not informing the FBI they were in the country. Another reason why people don't believe the official narrative.
  5. Since it's America i'll post the hoops they need to jump through to get asylum, normally an 18-24 month vetting process. Of course if your consulate in Jakarta is issuing 9/11 hijackers with visas then you're fecked as happened in 9/11. There have been 750,000 refugees since 9/11. 2 have been charged with terrorist activities relating to Al Qeada. No domestic terror issues. The problem are discussed in the link. "The vetting begins with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee, which determines who counts as a refugee, who should be resettled (about 1 percent) and which countries would take them. This alone can take four to 10 months. If the UNHCR refers refugees to the United States, they then face scrutiny from federal intelligence and security agencies. Their names, biographical information and fingerprints are run through federal terrorism and criminal databases. Meanwhile, the refugees are interviewed by Department of Homeland Security officials. If approved, they then undergo a medical screening, a match with sponsor agencies, "cultural orientation" classes and one final security clearance. Syrian refugees in particular must clear one additional hurdle. Their documents are placed under extra scrutiny and cross-referenced with classified and unclassified information. The process typically takes one to two years or longer and happens before a refuge ever steps onto American soil. Ultimately, says the State Department, about half are approved, and there’s no real precedent of a terrorist slipping in through the vetting system." http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/jun/13/donald-trump/wrong-donald-trump-says-theres-no-system-vet-refug/ Other info from a foreign policy magazine i read.
  6. and they planted the bullet on the gurney to make it look like he had been shot, as a president getting shot is more palatable to the public than knowing your head can just do that.
  7. Saudi Arabia appears to be using American-supplied white phosphorus in its war in Yemen http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/saudi-arabia-appears-to-be-using-american-supplied-white-phosphorus-in-its-war-in-yemen-a7316841.html?cmpid=facebook-post
  8. God knows what merckx was on when he did his 100km solo breakaways lol. Shows you how hard the Tour is though. You're needing that to get through training, mental stuff
  9. Yeah it was going to rebel positions around Alleppo, As quarter of a million civilians around the area.
  10. See you shouldn't have alienated scunnered he could have advised you well. alcohol and speed is the ones we're talking about in the good old days. pot belge as well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pot_Belge
  11. Aye probably getting a bit romantic with my views there. lol Maybe less opportunities to use illnesses for gaIn. I'm sure if the opportunity was there folk would take it. As you say everyone was "charging" back in the day.
  12. Indeed or you're so ill you need this but can still win a three week tour? In the old days you'd take the medicine and sit out cause you were not well. Seems most competitive gamers take Adderall as well. Someone let it out the bag a year or so ago.
  13. Americans blaming Russians, or Syrian Regime arguing either amounts to the Russians fault.
  14. Yeah i managed to get a hold of it. Cheers for the correction I wasn't aware of it. So like Froome this jives with what he said. “I’ve had two: I’ve had one recently in Park City and one in 2008,” Farah said. Asked whether he had applied for TUEs to help with his asthma, Farah said: “I’m not on TUE for asthma, I’m just on the normal, regular asthma [inhaler]. I just take it before exercise.”
  15. Aye his are "benign" and more importantly completely in line with what he said.