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  1. So about 50 million miles between the two closest, depending on shape of orbits and relative positions in that orbit.
  2. They'll be millions of miles away from each other surely? They just truncate distances for the purpose of illustration as a scale model would be ridiculous looking.
  3. For some reason I think the disempowerment of women lines up with realising that males played a part in the creation of babies. I cannot remember where i got this "knowledge" from though, which makes me suspect it greatly. EDIT: a quick google search seems to confirm that " reproductive consciousness" existed tens of thousands of years ago. So the above is even more likely to be claptrap. Interesting read:
  4. People do the crimes. Let's not shift the blame to something abstract. There are no crimes as long as there are no people.
  5. He thinks he knows, no one does. Certainty is an illusion when you have such imperfect tools as us.
  6. So much projected anger over someones beliefs. Everyone so certain. No one knows. Not one member of our species has ever known. You believe that book is true which is stupid, so let me psychoanalyze you from posts on a message board cause that's a much more rational course of action.
  7. This guy is a bit over the top with the sophistry , for example take the very start. Here we have a rhetorical device called False equivalency used as the byline of the piece. "Tony Blair may be reviled by many former supporters, but so is the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn" No idea who Euan McColm (the author of this piece) but he writes like a sophist. I'm away to watch Blair's speech as a few folk have said it is worth the watch though.
  8. Got 7/7 piece of piss. When it was done with George W bush in Rory Bremners book it was actually harder. Not sure what to make of that.
  9. Sorry charged was a synonym for "getting in shit due to". I have no idea, the one thing we've established is i've not really read much about it, hence all my mistakes. I might not be the best person to ask on this subject
  10. Only in the most twisted, self centered, souls could wanting a football team to lose be construed as some moral quandary. Yes let's dwell on the zero-sum eudaimonistic game Scotty is playing with Rangers using Aristotle's Nicomedian Ethics as the context. That way you can both be right and we can get back to the plight of the aforementioned Rangers, instead of wondering why a being that might or might not exist doesn't dedicate itself to the erasure of cancer in one species out of 8.7 million. On one planet out of Trillions.
  11. What mechanism is used to determine if a verbal contract exists? I have no idea myself.
  12. Obama had a war against whistleblowers. Set up his own assassination team , in which he can legally bomb buildings they suspect are "terrorists" in, but release Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri. ran a coup against the Russian Puppet and put in their own one, with huge right-wing influences in it. The Palestinians are "safer" now with Syria slowly turning back into a viable state. As it thwarts the greater israel plan. If Syria fell, then Hezbollah is next and the Golan Heights. Then into West Bank and Gaza Strip to complete the formation of Greater Israel as set out by some religious text. Folk sometimes forget their's two sets up abrahamic god sects who have loads of nutters in them across there. As i say i'm happy with the internalisation of these struggles in America that is happening at the moment.
  13. Oh right, my imperfect understanding was he was getting charged with the Logan Act. As opposed to lying to Pence. That obviously changes the context and my view.
  14. Came across a couple of articles that mention that specifically, saying how jarring it was to not have an episode blaming the worlds ills on immigration. Never watched it though
  15. Can't believe his national security advisor got done with the Logan act. A centuries old act that has one successful prosecution(against a farmer way back) and one that is broken every year at various meetings like Bilderberg or when newspaper men meet with leaders etc.