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    Goats. I like goats. I also like Llamas, ooh, and shaggin, and beer. So if yer into gettin pished and shaggin goats or Llamas then send me a PM and we'll catch up sometime.

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  1. I am considering the inside of a pub instead.
  2. Agreed, as surely the "staying in" position would carry all the weight as opposed to the uncertainty and doom of leaving and trying to get back in disaster unionist glee situation... that'd give them the perfect sensationalistic scaremongering stance.
  3. Team GB can go fk itself.
  4. Good to hear. I hope you are right. Looking forward to seeing a bit more of him, fingers crossed will be able to catch some of his club games.
  5. Gary McAllister would be an excellent choice.
  6. I arrive about 1600
  7. I arrive in Vienna on monday and am getting the 0900 boat to Brats on the tuesday morning!
  8. I arrive around 5 i think.. catch yeez fer a pint!
  9. More gay bars in London apparently...
  10. Magic cheers!!!!
  11. Aye, I'm in Vienna Monday night too. Cannae wait! :beer:
  12. Not interested. "British" shite.
  13. I'm doing... Edi - Dublin on the sunday, night in Dublin Dublin - Vienna on the monday, night in Vienna Vienna to Bratislava on matchday and somehow get to game and back. Next day it's Bratislava back to Vienna for a flight to Amsterdam (6hrs) then hame to Edinburgh for last orders. And then I go on a family holiday the next morning.. no, Im not driving.
  14. Hey John, long time no speak! I'd be interested in a seat or 2 if still available? 

  15. aye