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    Goats. I like goats. I also like Llamas, ooh, and shaggin, and beer. So if yer into gettin pished and shaggin goats or Llamas then send me a PM and we'll catch up sometime.

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  1. I arrive around 5 i think.. catch yeez fer a pint!
  2. More gay bars in London apparently...
  3. Magic cheers!!!!
  4. Aye, I'm in Vienna Monday night too. Cannae wait! :beer:
  5. Not interested. "British" shite.
  6. I'm doing... Edi - Dublin on the sunday, night in Dublin Dublin - Vienna on the monday, night in Vienna Vienna to Bratislava on matchday and somehow get to game and back. Next day it's Bratislava back to Vienna for a flight to Amsterdam (6hrs) then hame to Edinburgh for last orders. And then I go on a family holiday the next morning.. no, Im not driving.
  7. Hey John, long time no speak! I'd be interested in a seat or 2 if still available? 

  8. aye
  9. Try The Blue Poodle in Sopot. Probably no fitba on but one of the weirdest pubs Ive ever been to! They'll have the fitba on in the Casino on the beach... danger danger....
  10. Ditto fella
  11. What a load of paranoid pish eh! As Pool Q says, no much really to get excited about the night other than beer! I'm the same, wouldn't be gutted if the Dons did scab a win (lol, we've been playing utter mince for months) and eventually nailed the expectant ones. I'm off to the pub too..
  12. 16 players affected. Aberdeen game is a big game for them not for Hearts. Our season is pretty much done, 3rd place it is.
  13. Callum Paterson. He deserves and probably needs the step up...
  14. I think it's alright, it's better than the fkin home jersey.
  15. Go to Skye and never look back...