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    Goats. I like goats. I also like Llamas, ooh, and shaggin, and beer. So if yer into gettin pished and shaggin goats or Llamas then send me a PM and we'll catch up sometime.

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  1. Maybe we should report them to FIFA...
  2. Got to say I agree. We've got a decent keeper and the odd decent midfielder. Other than that we are looking pish poor.
  3. What you on about? he made a penalty out of nothing v Celtic! lol
  4. Abolish them.
  5. Chris Martin is not good enough. Not slating the guys efforts but really, he has an ever worse goalscoring record than the legend that is not Steven Fletcher.
  6. Did you get loyalty points for Ross Co away? I didn't... Am in the same boat as you fella. Nae chance of getting a ticket, well, not in the right end anyway.
  7. I was very disappointed by them, some of the shite they were coming out with made me kind of understand where this brexit pish has come from, too many wanks trying to start fights, too many gobshites. Not an enjoyable bunch to be around.
  8. I always thought she was quite hot..
  9. You'd think that the powers that be might have a contingency plan for a reply like the Embra derby.. I'll be at the game anyway but I think it is quite ridiculous that we can't even watch our own cup games on tv in our own country.
  10. Liverpool need to up the general standard of player if they are going to take a step up, Henderson is a rubbish captain and a poor midfielder. Wonder if he's any good in goal?
  11. Just coming back from a bad injury and being eased in gently. Still looks a hell of a prospect albeit as in impact player recently. As for Walker, he wasn't great on Sunday then who was? awful game, I'd still have him in ahead of Forrest anyday.
  12. Who was u21s manager?
  13. Aye cos he's virtually a dwarf compared to Bananaman & Maloney
  14. Has to be in the next squad, he's on fire at moment.