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    Goats. I like goats. I also like Llamas, ooh, and shaggin, and beer. So if yer into gettin pished and shaggin goats or Llamas then send me a PM and we'll catch up sometime.

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  1. WHat's this? a tory telling us "we" need to live within "our" means!?
  2. Wouldn't be seen dead with green claws on ma jersey...
  3. I'd love an Umbro jersey again, must admit I do like Puma's current efforts too. I'm not too bothered about the pink jersey, I just think it looks cheap and like a training top. Rather have a decent plain yellow or red effort, or something absolutely mental like the zig zag jersey from 1991
  4. Any news on when we can get rid of these bloody stupid white sleeves? We have a great strip manufacturer but someone somewhere is making awful decisions, why can't they consult us, the customers, as to what we want?
  5. I fail to see any humour in it. The boy's a bit of a knob tbh
  6. I've been going to games in the West Stand for 30 odd years and I can't remember ever sitting down. Only time I can mind sitting down for any game was a friendly v Switzerland donkeys years ago and that was cos it was in the East Stand surrounded by fkin kids. Horrible experience.
  7. FIngers crossed Craig Levein will soon....
  8. This
  9. Kick the fk out of them.
  10. She's some woman! I had a brief chat with her last Wednesday after the derby and you could see she was as angry and upset as we were. Not sure how long she will let things go but I don't think it will be long before she demands a change. We are shocking at the moment. Still, at least we are still here!
  11. Ok... I'll try... cannae be any worse than watching Hearts at the moment!
  12. Why do people keep employing him as a manager!?
  13. Maybe we should report them to FIFA...
  14. Got to say I agree. We've got a decent keeper and the odd decent midfielder. Other than that we are looking pish poor.
  15. What you on about? he made a penalty out of nothing v Celtic! lol