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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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    Goats. I like goats. I also like Llamas, ooh, and shaggin, and beer. So if yer into gettin pished and shaggin goats or Llamas then send me a PM and we'll catch up sometime.

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  1. They need to be on our terrestrial channels, how are we supposed to encourage and enthuse kids to aspire to the national team if they never see them? it's ridiculous especially considering how much the license fee is and how much it revenue generates. Proportionally we get a joke fee so where's the money going?
  2. Back to the days of dreading the teamsheet...
  3. Sounds pretty stupid to me, surely building a team spirit is part of the whole thing? here we go again, another mad manager... must admit I have not been impressed with Strachan's general attitude of late, now I know it is irritating getting stuck infront of the media but he has come across as particularly arrogant. still willing to give him the benefit of a bit of time but there are a number of issues appearing that I'm no happy with.
  4. That'll change on independence. Quite pathetic really, any other country in europe, or even the world, that doesn't have it's own national team's games on it's own tv channels but has it's rivals?
  5. Lol
  6. Nail England twice and we will win the group.
  7. It's pretty impressive that we are picking a striker whi has an even worse goal scoring record thanumber Steven Fletcher.
  8. Don't want to see C Martin, Forrest or S Fletcher. There are better options for all their positions & of course Craigie has to be in goal.
  9. True but still considering the 10th anniversary is coming up & all...
  10. Agree 100% I'd suggest this is best left to the club.
  11. Something I mentioned on the other Twinkletoes thread... As next year is going to be the tenth anniversary of Faddy's wondergoal v France, how about we petition the SFA to get James McFadden inducted into the Hall of Fame. Would be quite fitting IMO for a player who lit up many a game and will always be remembered for that moment of genius at the Parc Des Princes in September 2007... What's the best way to do it? can we set up a petition here, start a wee campaign? any ideas? I doubt many would disapprove....
  12. Was there no a minute's silence for him at the England game?
  13. It's the tenth anniversary of that goal next year, we should petition the SFA to have Twinkletoes inducted into the HoF next year.
  14. I was hoping it might be this one... Im less than impressed... as someone said before, it's so fkin awful it might be quite good.
  15. I am considering the inside of a pub instead.