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  1. Manchester flights

    Himself because hes a grumpy fecker.
  2. Sliema To Stadium Return Details (DeeRus Buses)

    Is the last seat on bus 5 taken yet? If not can you put my name down for it please. Davie
  3. and now the good news it will be warm but....

    Get to bed. You know you'll be buckled tomorrow night.
  4. Wheres You All Stayin

    What time do the pubs open? Because I want to make it to your hotel beforehand to have a look at this. Or is the pool filled with beer?
  5. Wheres You All Stayin

    Now come on Del. Are you sure? And remember, its wednesday we get there, not saturday.
  6. Awfy Quiet

    Feks me. I didn't realise they got the haar in Prague as well. See you over there.
  7. Booked!

    Looks like the 1450 from Heathrow on the wednesday will be busy. Three of us on it.
  8. Paris

    Exactly. Will be many sleeper cells around Paris, waiting for the word from Allah. All this has been planned well in advance. When the call comes, you do what the man says. Cells may guess there are other cells in the area, but have no idea of who or where, just in case one spills the beans. I'm very pleased that we are letting thousands more into europe every day. Think i'll pack up and move to the middle east. It will be safer there soon.
  9. Scotland Players In Action

    My plan B In the games against the top teams SF hasn't been effective as a striker, but he has created chances for others, from a midfield position. Would like to see him drop off and play behind a pair of strikers, Naismith and Chris Martin. Naismith is used to playing with a big striker up front at Everton, and a he showed the other week, is a goalscorer too. When Martin came on against the boche, he at least started to get in their faces, and is a big strong lad that a lot of defenders don't like playing against, SF hasn't shown that side of his game yet.
  10. Well, if you take the high road, then I'll take the low road............................
  11. Brora Vs Montrose

    Why is it nonsense? These figures are taken from various newspaper clippings of the day. Do you want to know the crowd when Montrose beat Hibs 3-1 after being down 1-0 from the game at Easter Road? Personally I would prefer it to go back to the two leagues, as you used to play more teams throughout the season. If you read my previous posts correctly, you will see that I am blaming TV for the death of football as we know it, and the reduction in attendance figures. I agree with you in changing attitudes. Kids would prefer to sit on their arses all day watching the Ronaldos, Beckhams, Messis of this world, or playing it on their playstaions. We never had that option in our days. Peever and myself used to use trees, or jumpers for goalposts, and rather than one of those overpaid Prima Donnas, we used to be a Charlie Guthrie, Kenny Watson or Harry Johnson, et al.
  12. Brora Vs Montrose

    Agreed. What about the figures for April, May and June? That was the old Second division.
  13. Brora Vs Montrose

    Not logic, its facts. 5/4/75, East Fife 0 Montrose 4, crowd 2,248 30/3/75, Montrose 2 Stenhousemuir 1, crowd 1,200 4/5/75, Montrose 2 Hamilton 1, crowd 1,750, wednesday night game 13/4/75, Montrose 2 StMirren 1, crowd 2,000 Arbroath 0 Montrose 2, crowd 1,997 15/8/75 Montrose 4 East Fife 0, crowd 1,100 20/8/75 St Mirren 1 Montrose 2, crowd 1,900 23/8/75, East Fife 1 Montrose 1, crowd 1,844 27/8/75 Montrose 2 Raith 1, crowd 2,000, midweek game. After 40 years I still have the scrapbook. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. Football played at 3 on a saturday and 7:30 on a wednesday. No live games on TV, people went and stood on the terraces and watched their local teams. Montrose has/had a population of 10,000 back then. More than 10% of the population going to watch their home team play. The stats don't lie.
  14. Brora Vs Montrose

    No I haven't. If I did it would be engaged......
  15. Brora Vs Montrose

    Try ringing the right fecking number then.