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  1. Yes that was him, not surprising that he's a downtrodden no voter. Scotland were mentally weak yesterday, beaten before the game even started.
  2. Not a bad way to think about it! That's me booked up for it, training starts next week!!
  3. Haha, I totally agree, but would like to do it once too!
  4. Hi there It has been on my to-do list for a few years now, so thinking of running a marathon this year before I get too old to run a decent time. Been looking at the Perthshire and Fort William runs later this year. Thing that puts me off the Perthshire one is that it's a half marathon course that you run round twice, think I'd struggle with that psychologically. Fort William run mentions various terrain, don't want to be running through forests and mud tracks. Think I will have to pick one of them though as this will fit into a 16 week training plan which I aim to complete prior to the race. Any advice / tips would be greatly appreciated.
  5. To be honest, what is the point in merely qualifying unless the aim is to win it outright!
  6. Surely the North and South American countries now have to be grouped together. Mexico and USA already effectively have a bye to qualify for each tournament. New Zealand also together with every other country in Oceania should also by lumped into the Asian qualifying section. World qualifying groups would resolve the issue although that would be extremely difficult and would mean the entire football calendar would have to be synchronized.
  7. It goes without saying that all Scotland games matter to us all. However, surely at some point you actually want to follow a winning team and witness some success? If it's just a carry on and a few pints and laughs you're after, you can do that any weekend.
  8. Yes, winning a tournament should be the ultimate aim. Think you misread it, I meant we should at least aim for the ultimate prize, as opposed to aiming for 2nd / 3rd place finishes before a ball has been kicked.
  9. I agree, a boycott seems to be the only option left to get our point across. Think an empty Hampden at the Slovenia or England (better option) match next year would get people talking. Our ongoing negligence and continued failure out our NATIONAL sport has to be addressed, or else what is the point? No more acceptance of failure and mediocrity can be accepted. Our aim should not only be to qualify (lets do that first) for a major tournament, our ultimate aim should be to reach the latter stages and WIN, yes WIN a tournament. That should be the aim at the very least. No more 'poor wee us canna compete because we're too wee and too sh1te', lets aim for the very top. Look at Uruguay, population of 3.4 million.....2 x World Cups and a record 15 x Copa Americas won. WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE AN EXCUSE FOR FAILURE. If anyone reading this thinks I am being unrealistic or too ambitious, then I would say that YOU are part of the problem.
  10. Yep, last few years have been shattering both in a football and political sense. Although, part of me is glad that all the home nations and Eire are progressing because it gets it right up the sfa, Scottish football in general and the pathetic can't do mentality of our nation. Will we ever wake up and strive to do better? Doubt it
  11. It is a very good representation of the pathetic downtrodden nation that we are.
  12. Yet again we will be watching a major tournament unfold on TV this summer. The last decade + has been a terrible period for our national team. Even when we did qualify for tournaments in the past we always flopped in terms of how far we progressed. When you consider other nations in Europe and their achievements at a particular tournament, I think we may have the worst record! Here is other countries best finsihes as I remember them: England - WC Winners N Ireland - WC Last 16 Rep Ireland - WC QF Wales - WC QF Sweden - WC SF, EC SF Denmark - EC Winners Poland - WC QF Romania - WC QF Bulgaria - WC SF Turkey - WC SF Russia - WC QF Greece - EC Winners Italy - WC & EC Winners Germany - WC & EC Winners France - WC & EC Winners Spain - WC & EC Winners Portugal - WC SF & EC Final I may have missed some countries out or got some of their final positions slightly wrong. However, it really does put into perspective how we have truely underchieved as a country at our national sport. When you consider some of the players and teams which we've had in the past it's remarkable! This argument could also include nations from outside Europe when you consider that countries like Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Senegal, Cameroon, Australia and South Korea have progressed further in a World Cup than we ever have. We may have qualified for more individual tournaments than some of the countries mentioned above but we have yet to have our big moment. Will this ever change?
  13. [quote name="jock strap" post="259919" timestamp="1451762496 I still try to remember that for a country of our size, we have done not to bad overall. Think that viewpoint is one of the main reasons why we as a nation accept mediocrity far to easily. Uruguay have a population 'only' 3.5 million and yet they've won 2 x world cups and a record 14 copa americas. Football is our national sport, therefore we should be aiming for the very best, not simply being content with making up the numbers.
  14. The tmo has intervened effectively throughout this World Cup, and yet his silence during the last few crucial moments was deafening. Why was the late tackle on Hogg not looked at and the penalty incident? We do our best to feck things up, we don't need the officials working against us too! As Ian McG said in the after match analysis, would the ref had made the same decisions against NZ or indeed Australia in this match? I doubt it.
  15. Yep, always think maybe we are going to do it this time, but somehow you just knew we'd let Australia off the hook! gut wrenching all the same!