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  1. Tom English also got him and Eddie Jones told on Twitter. I would love to see Jones reaction if we some how pull off a win on the 11th of March
  2. we're still playing well despite the injuries. Hardie went off after 24 minutes on Saturday, we were shite until the 2nd half started. Losing these players is a huge blow but we are still playing well without them.
  3. Dare I whisper it............ we have a great chance to win a twickenham I've probably just jinxed it
  4. Agree with this, a completely over the top reaction coupled with a high level of ignorance from macy and mox. There's nothing wrong with rugby and what's been said about footballers is true. They have become overpaid fannies, particularly in the super rich leagues.
  5. every game is a must win game but we have a balloon in charge who doesn't believe this, this campaign is over so I have no issue with experimenting.
  6. Fraser, Burke and Armstrong must start this match. ill be accused of bias but I'd like to see Ryan jack and kenny McLean get a chance in the 2nd half. No better chance to see what they can do. Both on fine form too.
  7. That went well "walking in the footsteps of giants"
  8. Cathro sounded like he was going to cry during his post match interview with radio scotland
  9. he should never have been brought in to start with, he's there because he's strachans pal. Both of them are a pair of arrogant pricks.
  10. did I seek back up? when did this happen? are you sure your not just having a sulk because my preference would for killie to go down?
  11. never called it the new firm in my life, feck knows why you bring it up.
  12. I hope its Kilmarnock you are up against and I'd hope United would beat them.
  13. I don't think thats what he said I don't agree with Scotty but fair play to him for sticking to his beliefs, he's taken stick from all ends...............some of it OTT too
  14. the famous are only going to edge out rangers to 2nd because of Ryan Christie.