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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. It'll be shite Oh oh the tambs own Kris Boyd will be all over this soon
  2. No I didn't, I said they socialise with each other in other places and from my experiences they have always been able to, its just that some of them are bat shit crazy and hate everything to do with the other. Anyway this is besides the point, Mox thinks the police do this to antagonise fans where I don't think they do. Most fans outside the OF don't need heavy policing
  3. I don't live in Aberdeen and thats not what I said
  4. they've always socialised together outwith Glasgow
  5. maybe its no where near as bad because of the police presence..................
  6. They were doing police free matches in Aberdeen until the police force was centralised in Glasgow. Once this was done there were police everywhere.
  7. this is where we differ in opinion, I don't believe they do this to spite football fans. if fans behaved it wouldn't be required. If they have increased the police presence for Saturday its over zealous because the chances of trouble are very low, Sunday....................well thats a different story
  8. Extra police drafted in for semi finalS I'm sure 15,000 on Saturday require extra policiing
  9. Something definitely needs to be done. the support has become boring and the song book is......well it's boring too.
  10. Throw them all across the back 4, they couldn't do much worse :-)
  11. Local rag in Aberdeen reporting that McInnes is bookies favourite
  12. At this moment in time I agree with both of you We lack in competent let alone quality centre halves and we lack a manager who can organise a team. In saying that we lack in the quality in a lot of areas compared to Wales. Its an unfair comparison because they out gun us at the back, midfield and upfront.
  13. Shinnie has been playing Midfield all season for Aberdeen, he's still a very competent left back and I think he deserves a chance before Wallace but he's behind Robertson and Tierney at the moment.
  14. Agree with this There will be matches against top class opposition in the CL where he takes a beating but in the CL he's playing against the best on the planet, he won't be doing this in every match at International level with the exception of top seeded teams. In terms of talent he's got more than the other 3 in our back 4. Left back is about the only position I am not concerned about.
  15. I reckon he thinks you're full of glue because you think we should call up Kenny Miller, nothing to do with your factual statements. Just a hunch