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  1. A week? I'll need to use up six weeks of holidays if we win this. Despite our form we are massive underdogs here so I'm going 1-0 dons. Andy Considine to score
  2. It's nothing more than fear which is something I can understand. People are lashing out because they are afraid. I know a few local people who are taking their kids to an all day pop concert at Wembley in two weeks. Some of them are now uneasy and in some cases scared to go. I understand that but none of them are lashing out. bizarrly it's people I know from Scotland who are lashing out on social media, none of them are really friends but I would never have expected such a right wing reaction from them. Get a grip
  3. This latest attack is certainly bringing out the worst in some. There's people I work with and people I know getting really angry and racist about the Manchester bombing
  4. whats that got to do with anything?
  5. 4 goalkeepers one of them is Hamilton Reynolds John MCginn - has he been released from Shinnie's back pocket after the semi final yet? No Shinnie
  6. and you should be able to debate without being a condiscending......................
  7. sorry Mox, thats your poorest attempt yet.
  8. you're like a dog with a bone, give it a rest. all you're doing is proving my earlier point
  9. he's apparently injured. I was making a poor attempt at humour. Hayes is suspended, he's the biggest loss IMO. Ryan Christie should play instead of Hayes
  10. Ryan Jack to make and appearance, boss the game and score the winner
  11. enjoy the game tonight.