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  1. They don't want to make it a competitive league.
  2. I'm surprised the rangers fans are coming up to Aberdeen, were we not pat of the boycotting? I forget if we were on the list or not.
  3. There are a few who will have missed this fixture, weve got idiots among our support too. I haven't missed this match, I'm back home for a visit and won't be going, I'm going to st Johnstone match on Thursday. It's a far more important match for us because it's in a competition we can actually win.
  4. I've done at pittodrie many times, it used to be brilliant but the last two times I've been, the service has been gash. others I've done :- Fraserburgh twice Peterhead twice Liverpool for a merseyside Derby Arsenal - it's not called the corporate bowl for nothing. Hampden for Scotland v Holland playoff if i had to pick I'd say Liverpool was the best.
  5. you cringe at the truth? all your doing is proving my point.
  6. Talksport - Barton is struggling because the players around him in Scotland are not as technically good as Barton. before anyone asks, its not my station of choice, its the choice of the EPL fan in my office.
  7. I love how this still gets to a lot of rangers fans, even some of them up in the north east of Scotland start frothing at the mouth at the mention of old rangers or sevco. Its even funnier that they have convinced themselves that its still the same club.
  8. Hun isn't sectarian and never will be, they can scream all they like about it. It's not sectarian
  9. you only find me boring but only because what I say is negative against your team. If I was doing the same for Celtic you'd be all over it and agreeing with me.
  10. you are frothing at the mouth because you hate hearing the truth about the disgusting organisation you support. you're one sad little man
  11. default hunnery, if you say you anything negative against the rangers you automatically have an obsession or apparently a fetish too. Maybe for once in your sad pathetic little lives, you could take some individual responsibility instead of accusing others of being obsessed. For what its worth, posting on a football forum does not constitute an obsession
  12. I'm not disagreeing im just saying the SFA are just as bad as the Rangers for letting it slide.
  13. The SFA would need to have an appetite to stop it too but they don't want to. For some reason they see the bigot fiestas something to be proud of because more people watch it on TV.
  14. I can only suspect that PAIK is fishing with that comment
  15. I only saw the highlights, that miss from Stockley was shocking. I'm not sure what Stockley brings yet, I've not been impressed by anything he's done so far