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  1. Does this mean Celtic winning means nothing to the rest of us?
  2. UEFA to announce new CL proposals today http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11945/10551522/champions-league-revamp-could-guarantee-premier-league-four-slots-in-group-stages Celtic fans better enjoy this while it lasts because it could be about to get a lot harder to reach it.
  3. It really is a ridiculous tournament yet the masses love it........
  4. Can one of the chumps league fans answer this, did I really hear them say Spurs couldn't be in certain groups for two reasons, other English sides was the first reason but the 2nd was to do with tv rules? wtf?
  5. Ian Black was an unused sub for Shrewsbury last night
  6. Strachan showing how stupid he is when linekar brought up goalscoring last night on BT sports. His response said it all.
  7. Since Celtic and rangerrs regularly qualified for the CL, the Scottish national team has been nothing short of an embarrassment so how anyone can say scottish players playing at that level benefits Scottish fitba is beyond me. It's been no benefit to anyone other than the two clubs in question. strachan peddles this line on a regular basis about the players playing at the highest possible level benefits the game. He's clueless because there's no evidence of this at all. I hate the fact a dons legend is such a #####
  8. what are you on about? you were the one using an interview with strachan to back up your opinion that Hutton had played well for us. ts not like Strachan is going to slate him is it
  9. Oh!! thats ok then. Strachan thinks he's good, I will change my opinion completely because strachan praised him publicly
  10. we are talking about the guy who said "aberdeen shouldn't be building a new stadium, they should be buying new players to win the league" he's a mutant
  11. Forgot about that one Griffiths looks like he's doing the same to Thompson in that article..................did sutton call Thomson a bottler for not sending Griffiths off?
  12. Slightly off topic but is the rule regarding back chat to he ref applicable in scotland?
  13. What was his justification for that statement? I think Strachan just opens his mouth and lets his stomach rumble.
  14. absolute bull shite