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  1. You're right Scotty, I've never met you. However on here you have two main themes you consistently push - Jesus and crackpot conspiracy theories. I'm particularly enjoying "the earth is flat" at the moment. Jesus Christ to me is one of the many characters that appear in The Bible. I understand he also gets a few mentions in The Qur'an. Finally, "All Christians go to heaven and everyone else goes to hell." is a pretty nasty philosophy I'd thank you to keep to yourself.
  2. With all due respect Scotty, you come across on here like someone who struggles to cope with reality. In the past alcohol and other drugs helped, but you didn't find it sustainable. So now you rely on fantastic unprovable theories to help you make sense of the world. Thinking the Bible is divine, factual and prophetic and grasping onto outlandish conspiracy theories helps you cope - because you can't take the world as it is. As for my "world view" I enjoy a drink and having read The Bible can see it for what it is - a loose collection of old stories, myths and fables that have been translated from their original language and have lost a significant amount of context to muddy the intent of the original message and left open to widely different interpretations. The theory of a divine creator is outlandish enough, without using The Bible as evidence that a supernatural being actually exists.
  3. That's my understanding. Corbyn would view the EU as pro-corporate interests at the expense of the worker, so he was in a bind during the EU referendum as his beliefs aren't aligned with the Labour Party's stance, nor could he share a platform with the Leave camp as he wasn't bothered about sovereignty or immigration and I dare say he found that rhetoric repugnant - even though he has felt for a long time that the benefits of being an EU member are not strong enough for the consequences. Nationalising the railways will be easier outside the EU - that's an obvious example of a Corbyn policy that's pro-Brexit but that your right wing Brexiteer doesn't care for. I'm sure there are others and it's a shame that none of them were properly debated before the vote was made by the electorate.
  4. Hi Scotty, When did you get your faith? Was there any particular catalyst or catalysts? What did you believe before you got your faith? What were you like before you got your faith?
  5. Whatever The President says in the press, what the Services do in practice will be far worse. With Trump green lighting waterboarding, the Services will now be looking at other techniques that go beyond what the mainstream considered acceptable. Trump never says anything by accident, he's saying to the worst elements of the intelligence community - fill yer boots.
  7. Happy New Year Irish. I can't recall us "coming out the blocks" at all during Strachan's tenure. It's part of our problem.
  8. This is quite the prickish post. If all the other teams are irrelevant why don't Rangers just piss off with Celtic and form a two team league and play each other every week? Pitch that idea to Doncaster and Regan - they'd probably go for it.
  9. Farage reaches new heights Take a look at @Nigel_Farage's Tweet:
  10. Jesus Christ was born on what day?
  11. "Forget the past, I can your game's ills", Stewart Regan, Chief Executive of the Scottish Football Association, July 2010 Neil Doncaster has been with the SPFL (nee SPL) since 2009. If that pair saw it as a problem they would have done something about it by now.
  12. I have a love/hate relationship with Scotland at the moment. As The Proclaimers would have it: I hate my love for you.
  13. She needs more of a platform. Get her on Question Time, not every week, just fortnightly.
  14. This was from 6 years ago. How would you say this is panning out, Mr Regan?
  15. Grace Dent: The deep irony of “abortion” is that if men as well as women were able to get pregnant, this tedious issue would have fizzled out circa-1100, possibly around the time of the establishment of universities. I agree with that. If men could get pregnant the whole world would be pro-choice.