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  1. I understand your dislike of the political party the SNP, but I'm struggling to see the effectiveness of this "no new ideas" chat on the debate for independence. The independence movement has one very big idea and that's independence! You might want to focus on the pros and cons of independence in this post Brexit era (without relying on the Tory invention that is GERS or the hysteria of The Daily Mail).
  2. There's a democratic defecit that devolution isn't able to shore up. Trident and the EU for starters. Scotland votes clearly in one direction and has to go the other. Significant constitutional changes is the only solution, regardless of what other innovative policies the SNP come up with.
  3. With no prescription charges, no university fees and getting rid of Trident, who needs "new" ideas?
  4. Which club does etc play for?
  5. Anya struggles against teams that sit in - Georgia, even Gibraltar - his main strength is hitting teams on the break. I wouldn't start Anya against Malta if we're expecting them to sit in. I'd start Burke though, he goes past people, draws fouls and had a great finish.
  6. ... David Mundell confirmed as staying as Secretary of State for Scotland. How many pandas are there currently in Edinburgh zoo?
  7. According to The Guardian the Secretary of State for Scotland is the last to be confirmed...
  8. You might be right about the constraints on the position and the potential direct damage it can do to the electorate, but Cook wasn't Foreign Secretary when the decision to invade Iraq was made - he was Leader of the House of Commons. A position he resigned from because of the decision to invade Iraq. Cook knew the intel Blair was waving around was dodgy because it was the same dodgy stuff he'd seen when he was Foreign Secretary - and didn't invade Iraq at that time. Jack Straw was Foreign Secretary when the decision was made to invade Iraq and he was all for it.
  9. Anybody else completed this SSC Survey? http://scottishfa.us5.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=97b07671d018e040a613eb3ac&id=3eeaeaeb1c&e=07efac72a2 The link was included the SSC email about season tickets. I'm pretty down on our chances of getting to Russia, based on the last campaign, the performances in the recent friendlies and the SFA in general. I'm also interested in what they're going to do with the survey results.
  10. OMG! Women are in charge? WOMEN!
  11. Islam doesn't have the monopoly on homophobia. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/glenn-garner/faith-in-my-comfort-zone_b_5677110.html
  12. But I thought it was the Marseille Ultras plus Marseille's Algerian population that instigated the trouble? Have Marseille's hoolies traveled to keep this going with the English?
  13. What's Russian for "pwopa nautee"?
  14. The scenes of fans rioting in Marseille were worse than the scenes of fans rioting at Heysel. The consequences of Heysel were far greater.
  15. Your posts are misleading. They suggest that 39 folk died at Heysel in hand to hand combat like we've seen in Marseille. A wall collapsed at Heysel, did the hooligans construct the stadium, deliberately weaken the wall or choose to host the European Final there?