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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Do we actually "need" the Sky money? What iis the income of the Northern Irish FA, or the Icelandic FA, or any of the countless other FAs that have qualified for tournaments since 1998? The SFA's business model is burst.
  2. Euston Tap is too small, too expensive and too pretentious. This is the place http://londonist.com/pubs/the-boot
  3. Excellent post. It's been so long since we've qualified for a major tournament that the SFA have forgotten that qualifying is the biggest revenue stream of them all! The SFA are so busy maximising loads of pishy wee revenue streams that they've lost sight of their main reason for existing.
  4. Should be fine. The crowds leaving Wembley are normally well managed and the last tube isn't till after midnight, with Jubilee line running 24 hours on a Friday and Saturday. Nothing like getting away from Hampden!
  5. Not at all surprised by this. We are pash. They are pash. The stadium is massive. There should be loads of spare tickets flying about.
  6. End of the day its all about the SFA shrugging their shoulders and sitting on their hands.
  7. If the SFA saw it as a priority, they would hop in a taxi to Pacific Quay and explore all options to get our national team on council telly. SFA clearly don’t see it as an issue that kids are growing up watching England play on STV, but not Scotland. As such, SFA haven’t bothered their arse.
  8. And does the SFA have no relationship with STV? They are both based in Glasgow - are you saying that UEFA have banned National Football Associations from encouraging their national broadcaster to show their games?
  9. We can do loads of thing better with the same players/formation/tactics. How about we start with a plan of what to do when we win a corner? At the moment Ritchie comes up and floats the ball in, we don't win it and are susceptible to a counter attack. Previous campaign it was Maloney who would float in an easy-to-defend cross (Ireland at home aside). How about Hanley heads to the near post for a flick-on, Steven Fletcher hangs on the penalty spot and Snodgrass stands on the opposition keeeper to distract him? McArthur and Darren Fletcher hang back 20 to 30 yards out and fire the ball back in if it come out, as well as thwart a potential counter attack. At the moment when we get a set piece we just look gormless.
  10. The last campaign we were in a tough group so I understand why folk would be reluctant to criticize the manager and players. Georgia away aside I don't think any of the performances were negative enough to merit booing. The last 2 games the performances were below acceptable so its fair to question Strachan and the progress he has made. We're more comfortable in possession than we ever were under Levien so I'd take that as a sign of progress. However, we are toothless upfront and very vulnerable in defence. I don't think that's down to the quality of individual players or the formation the manager selects. Its more down to understanding and how we attack and defend as a unit. The management and players both need to take responsibility for that. I don't think anything the fans have said or done these last 2 games have contributed to the poor performances we've seen on the pitch.
  11. None of those 3 make my starting 11.
  12. I understand your dislike of the political party the SNP, but I'm struggling to see the effectiveness of this "no new ideas" chat on the debate for independence. The independence movement has one very big idea and that's independence! You might want to focus on the pros and cons of independence in this post Brexit era (without relying on the Tory invention that is GERS or the hysteria of The Daily Mail).
  13. There's a democratic defecit that devolution isn't able to shore up. Trident and the EU for starters. Scotland votes clearly in one direction and has to go the other. Significant constitutional changes is the only solution, regardless of what other innovative policies the SNP come up with.
  14. With no prescription charges, no university fees and getting rid of Trident, who needs "new" ideas?
  15. Which club does etc play for?