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  1. This. Every bloody game it gets worse, it's been a really enjoyable tournament and it's gutting seeing all the fans from the likes of Iceland, Albania, Norn Iron, Wales, Sweden, etc, etc enjoying themselves and wishing we were there.
  2. New Strip Launch

    The last campaign's away top is a classic and will be worn at games in twenty years time. The current away rag however, is just appalling.
  3. England v russia

    Really? Worse than that pink rag we currently have as an away top?
  4. Kosovo

    Januzaj went to the world cup, I remember him coming on in one game so he's definitely played a competitive game.
  5. TV Money

    Iainmac1 summed it up dan cake. It's not a criticism, everyone would probably do the same thing if they're sensible. I'm just lamenting the way football is going!
  6. TV Money

    The domination of the EnglishPL in money terms is going to fundamentally ruin football (even more some might say!) and will inevitably lead to some sort of European Super League soon enough. You can already see it with e.g. Stoke's front 4of Shakiri, Arnautovic, Afellay and Bojan. That level of forward line10 years ago would have been at clubs of the stature of Dortmund, Juve, Valencia, etc. Now it's not Stoke's fault that they're well run so good luck to them really,and it's not the PL's fault that they're so well run in a business sense that they're leaving every other league behind on the money side. However I do find it a bit sad that Shakiri would rather play for Stoke than Inter.
  7. The Archbishop of Canterbury was talking the other week about setting out a standard date for Easter but it would need Catholic and Orthodox agreement. As they've been unable to agree for centuries I don't anticipate anything happening soon!
  8. Kids Football 5+

    Finally got the wee man into Little Kickers, starts next Saturday. Something to get us out the house on a Saturday morning if nothing else!
  9. Scottland Player Transfer Gossip

    Jordan Rhodes has signed for Middlesbrough. Edit to say apparently not yet! Will be interesting if it does go through and they go up if that changes Strachan's feelings on him any.
  10. Prices For Next Campaign

    People will moan about anything, I think it's pretty good pricing really considering the cost of football nowadays. On the face of it, the South/North England game tickets are astounding but a lot of people will pay a similar price for the equivalent rugby match at Murrayfield next month so it's perfectly understandable.
  11. Kids Football 5+

    How's he getting on with it? Still going? I've got the wee man (he's only 2 next week) on the waiting list for little kickers. I'm really looking forward to it, I'll be stunned if he doesn't like it!
  12. Home Brewers

    I brew my own but I only do the kits, I'd love to do full grain but I just don't have the time to set aside for it. Give a simple malt extract kit a shot and see how you get on, I was pleasantly surprised with my first one so carried on and just set my 21st one off fermenting the other night. Most of them have been pretty good and it's always nice to see someone else's face when you give them a taste and it's not the moonshine they were expecting but actually quite a good beer.
  13. The height and weight ones can be discounted IMO, the other ones are concerning to varying degrees. particularly "% of minutes, footballers under contract with top division clubs, 2015 matches" @ 62.1%.
  14. Finally Booked Up

    I'd be staggered if we played a game before Malta. Everyone else will but we won't.