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  1. Is that the red one with the blue pin stripes? If so, yes! I maintain that the last away one (white/pink/yellow) will go down as a classic and will feature in this list in 20 years time.
  2. A bit daft that in my opinion, if we assume the squad will be the same as the last one: - the Championship finishes on May 7th - 13 players will go 5 weeks without a game - Hibs finish on May 6th - add John McGinn to that list. - Bundesliga, Scottish Premiership and English Premier League finish on May 20th/21st - 8 players will have 3 weeks with no game. - Celtic finish May 27th with the Cup Final - 6 players. So, there's only really going to be 6 players who are relatively match fit. Surely there's a case for playing on June 3rd/4th.
  3. First time I'd seen Cairney live today and I thought he was superb. My Portuguese mate couldn't believe he had no caps.
  4. I've just looked at the stats from the game to refresh my memory. It was Hayden that came off, the app probably mixed them up. 👍
  5. What? He played the whole game. He was fine for about 70 mins, made a couple of mistakes with about 20 minutes to go which seemed to knock his confidence a bit. Lost Ince completely for his missed sitter but then was backs to the wall with the rest of the team. Johnny Russell was poor, didn't get anything out of Yedlin and was subbed off in the second half.
  6. My wife preferred it to the book. Both are ok to me, but I couldn't get past the fact that I didn't like a single character. Emily Blunt is very good as well, give it a whirl if you've read the book.
  7. I'll look at doing one of the Twickenham games. Is the contract with Twickenham just for 3 games in total? If so that'll be it done after next year's games. Then on to White Hart Lane?
  8. I'll defer to you on Cooper as I've never really seen him but I would disagree with you there on Hanley. I'm a season ticket holder and I don't think anyone really has an opinion on Hanley as he hasn't been seen that much. Most people would probably just shrug and say "I dunno" My personal opinion is that as he's not playing for his club and is making regular mistakes internationally, he should be out of the squad till he gets back playing regularly.
  9. 2 of us booked yesterday, just wanted it sorted before Christmas. Newcastle to Vilnius via Amsterdam with KLM. Both 6 pointers, not confident of getting a ticket but should get in the home end at least as I can't see us being much of a draw for the Lithuanian public!
  10. I hope I'm wrong but I'd be surprised if we had a friendly before Slovenia.
  11. Sorry GJ! I would say Slovenia are a level up from Montenegro going purely on results and having seen neither recently! However, we should be looking to beat both of them if we have aspirations of doing anything ever again!
  12. Well they finished 4th in a tough-ish Euro 2016 qualifying group. This campaign they've won in Denmark, drawn in Romania and lost at home to Armenia which implies a bit of inconsistency! Personally, I feel that would be a good opponent for a friendly but only if the game was utilised properly. The result isn't the most important thing for us in friendlies. Currently the priority should be figuring out how we can protect our defence better, if we can figure out how to accommodate more than 1 of our left backs at the same time then great!
  13. Just looked this up out of interest. In November, Slovakia are playing Austria away, Slovenia are playing Poland away. It's ok though, the manager doesn't like friendlies and we've tried out all possible formations and players so there's no need for them....... oh!
  14. If you look at the qualifying for the Euros (same group sizes), once the games against 6th place teams are taken off the 2nd place teams had between 14 & 17 points. If we assume 15 would be ok, we need 4 wins and 3 draws not including the Malta game. After last night, I just can't see us doing that tbh.
  15. I've said it ad nauseum to my mates, but the last away kit is a proper classic and people will be wearing it to games in 20 years time. The last home was the best we've had for a while as well, although some people do have a problem with the silver badge which I can understand.