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  1. I think it's only the ones that play for top teams outside Scotland that are, so around 10 probably.
  2. Without question they are. Everyone of their team are full time professionals. The fact we're missing 2 of our best players in Beattie & Little doesn't help & neither does having Fay & Dieke in the team 😫😫😫
  3. I would say the bookies are pretty spot on with that, possibly a bit generous to us.
  4. There were serious rumours that City were going to trigger Neymar or Messi's release fee (Neymar was the strongest rumour)
  5. yeah, Ryanair changed the flight time about 6 weeks ago
  6. I've got 2 spare tickets in RE if anyone is still looking.
  7. For the bit in bold, you are completely wrong
  8. Aye, you would say that
  9. I don't agree with that whether the scheme was illegal or not was not taken into account with the LNS ruling, so nothing has changed in that regard.
  10. I think it would be best if Rangers remain out tbh for the reason SH quotes above I doubt there's anything in this & it's all probably come from the tongue & cheek text sent from a Rangers fan last night to Celtic asking how we find out if they had an ineligible player
  11. LNS ruled on the side letters, not the legality of the scheme, there will be no reopening of any case into stripping titles, it has already been decided.
  12. Now that would be funny