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  1. From what I heard that was to do with some ongoing family feud in Liverpool - doesn't make it any better mind you
  2. I think there'll be more chance of trouble if Rangers win, after all over exuberant celebrating & pitch invasions are all OK - even if it includes running to the other end & goading the opposition fans
  3. That boy will be safe - chances are high he's either still in London Road or currently sitting in Glasgow Sheriff Court
  4. Rossy, we're talking in respect of this law though. Also, I'm not excusing sectarian singing in anyway, And offensive singing is a lot worse than a lot of football songs - I can't remember ever saying that I thought FOS was offensive in anyway, but you might be right, to put it plainly, I don't think it is. You might see it as muddying waters, but IMO there is no difference between having a go at someone due to their religion or due to their place of birth.
  5. Ray McKinnon

    Gary Locke taking over at Raith.
  6. And would you be happy with teams getting points deducted for singing "In your Glasgow slums"?
  7. I get your point, but my point was that this law is not an anti sectarian law, therefore if someone is offended by being "picked on" due to their place of birth, the person or people doing the "picking on" can find themselves in the same situation as someone doing it for religious reasons.
  8. I one you are picking someones religion to have a go, in the other it's their place of birth - both could have offense taken - although in the real world neither really would.
  9. Has nobody realised that this act doesn't just attack sectarian problems but all anti-social behaviour. Your as likely to get done for calling someone a Weegie pr!ck as you are for calling someone a fenian pr!ck.
  10. Edinburgh City

    I'm meant to be going to a game there on Sunday afternoon.
  11. No maybe about it IMO, they might even have managed a shot on target
  12. Voting

    Sorry - I thought from this that using part quotes was fair game
  13. Ray McKinnon

    Deducted 3 points & fined by the SPFL