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  1. Agreed The view on City forums from fans seems to be that if this is what they want there should be 2 "Champions Leagues". One for clubs that deserve to qualify & one for clubs that used to be good & are now shitting it that others are catching up/taking over.
  2. I don't think it was a league game, I'm sure it was a cup replay
  3. 24Hr Football Event

    Myself & a couple of friends have signed up for it
  4. Travel

    Fairly sure Passport were bought out by Sport Options (I'm fairly sure they are Manchester based) but they never got decent prices/enough interest in any Scotland trips
  5. Of course I've not - when Aguero scored against QPR, I still though we could lose the league
  6. Got tbh, I agree with McExpat on this one. IMO, it would stop the majority of tax evasion & tax avoidance.
  7. Very true, but City's next 2 games are Leicester who are just above them & Spurs who are just below them (and have already humped them this year) so it could be an interesting 2 weeks & I doubt anything will be any clearer after that
  8. January Transfer News

    Michael O'Halloran has signed for Rangers 4 1/2 year deal
  9. Oil

    That seems fairly certain to me tbf
  10. Oil

    Would they have had a certain future after a Yes vote? How do you know that?
  11. I didn't want to say "the zoo"
  12. Very true - especially in Sturgeon's own constituency. I kind of wondered at the time whether the idea was almost for Sturgeon to help her out since she lives in the area but clearly that wasn't the case.