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  1. City have apparently signed Bernardo Silva from Monaco
  2. I thought the display did look good, but a bit dodgy with the flares so close to the plastic sheeting (at least that's what it looked like) Also, was it not a bit shit for the people in that section when the sheeting was put down a few minutes before the 67th minute totally blocking their view of the game - I know yourself & at least one other on here are in that section
  3. City's new Home top apparently
  4. Of course. if not it'll need to be like Trnava when they ran out of cider - red wine all round
  5. See you at the bar, 8 of us staying here
  6. So far - Labour have lost one council, as have the SNP - most are No overall control, with 3 councils still being held by Independents As for seats Independant - 14 Labour - 68 SNP -17 Tory + 103 Lib Dem - 4
  7. Fair point - it's a different political landscape now
  8. I have spoken to many "Labour people" who moved allegiance to the SNP purely to gain independence & with the view of moving back to (a further left) Labour when that has been achieved. IMO SNP/Tory were far more aligned than any other 2 parties - with one major, and obvious, exception.
  9. Plenty did it when moving from Labour to the SNP due to one policy - Independence
  10. I made they 2, but also on 7 & looking for a harvester
  11. Guaranteed on 10 points, pretty much guaranteed on 9 points screwed if below that