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  1. City's stewarding has been pathetic this season, especially at European games & fans turning up too late. Against Swansea, I was outside the game at 13:10 for a 13:30 kick off & it took till 13:35 to get to my seat.
  2. I think he did Sane, Yaya & Fernandinho within about 5 seconds I'd take 2-1 but it would be a bit more nervy than a boring 0-0
  3. I thought Bernardo Silva looked a class above last night. Leroy Sane was really good for us as well (as was Sterling). I'm going over for the 2nd leg, and hoping for a 0-0
  4. Apologies, I thought he was currently an aide & a candidate, but I see he's just passed the vetting & been put forward as a candidate by a branch
  5. I suppose they could have balanced it out with this SNP candidate
  6. That's exactly the type of conversation you still get at City
  7. I thought Snoddy made a difference for you when he came - looks like he could be a good signing.
  8. That is brilliant
  9. City have went pretty much full strength in both rounds so far this year.
  10. I assume he means the year Hearts had Burley in charge (and another load of managers after him) when they came 2nd to Celtic - it was the same year Hearts beat Gretna on penalties in the cup final.
  11. If you are VAT registered, the Vat can be "claimed back" against the VAT you take in. If you go bank loan only the interest is allowable as an expense (+ a percentage for a capital allowance)
  12. If Vat registered, lease, if not pcp/bank loan (depends if you are planning on keeping the car beyond 3/4 years)
  13. I don't read them to be fair, so you could be right I think that is a very good point