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  1. EU Referendum

    I did, heard plenty about former Tories being peado's but not about the SNP.
  2. EU Referendum

    I missed that clearly, can't remember that story at all - it was probably missed by me in the rest of the mud slinging
  3. EU Referendum

    Or they might accept the result, move on & not blame everyone & everything else for their own failings
  4. And it nearly killed one of the Celtic fans that was with us - literally
  5. Holyrood predictions

    In Glasgow East, I've had 3 generic SNP leaflets (all delivered on the same day), 2 generic Tory leaflets & 2 Generic & 2 local Labour leaflets along with a knock on the door from Labour.
  6. New Celtic Manager

    That's the "done deal" I've heard - O'Neill upstairs & Keane as manager.
  7. Rangers v Celtic

    Yeah, I'm standing around in it Not heard anything for a while now now you mention it
  8. Rangers v Celtic

    Ahh, I missed the Alloa bit from where I was
  9. Rangers v Celtic

    I thought it was the Wee County True Blues one you'd have disliked more
  10. Rangers v Celtic

    How do you know??? I thought your phone was gubbed yesterday
  11. Only for the second part after he'd gone home to get changed into it Rubbish - it was only the 2nd half that was a sash bash - the first half was fairly tame
  12. It happens all the time, but for some reason City fans seem to be enjoying the Champions League now
  13. Not quite true, City were very "lucky" to be able to grab onto the ladder as it was being pulled up. FFP was put in place to stop teams like City & PSG being heavily invested in & splitting up the teams that have been the mainstays of the Champions League since the European Cup was re branded
  14. TAMB Facebook Page

    Fairly sure I'm still banned on it, not quite sure why, but I think it was more down to who I appeared to know on the FB page. I do remember I asked a fairly genuine question of the main man just before I was banned but can't for the life of me remember what it was
  15. Tax

    It'll affect everyone paying 40% tax & above, therefore at least 372,000 people.(going by your figures)