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  1. Yeah - he plays for England at Under 19 level - his old man wasn't happy with his decision
  2. I took it to mean there were more than normal asked to collect.
  3. For the first time in a long time, dayshift is bringing in more than nightshift
  4. Edinburgh - Malta on the Saturday with Ryanair & Malta - Glasgow via Dublin on the Monday also with Ryanair
  5. He's (Bravo) apparently already agreed personal terms
  6. Yeah, Bravo seems to be the one just now but it's stumbling over the fact Ter Stegen won't be fit for a few weeks. I think he probably got the nod at International level because he had the shirt and, until the Euros, never made any mistakes that cost England so really never did enough to lose the shirt. I remember him shouting at ball boys trying to get the ball back - not right but understandable in the heat of a game when trying to get a winner/equaliser. As for berating players, I though all keepers did that & I don't think I've heard any player front up to their mistakes & take the blame as much as Hart has.
  7. No capable at short passes What, in your opinion, makes him a c*nt?
  8. Villa fans last night to the tune of Rotterdam by The Beautiful South; "We've been to Manchester, Liverpool, Rotterdam and Rome But now we're playing Huddersfield, Huddersfield at home"
  9. His distribution is woeful - he'll be lucky if 30-40% of his long clearances find a City player. Looking at the game last night, City are going to be playing out from the back a lot & he always seemed capable in that situation to me.
  10. I think he's definitely on his way out at City - probably on loan this window. I'm a bit disappointed with it tbh because he has done very well for City over the last few yeras, yes he's made a few mistakes, but he's also saved us a lot of times & has won the golden glove on a few occasions. I thought he would do well under Guardiola, but his mistakes in the Euros & then losing a goal he should have saved in his first pre-season appearance seem to have done for him. Rumour is that Jack Butland is being lined up as the long term replacement.
  11. 'We used to have a song for you, Tevez, Tevez, But now you've gone from red to blue, Tevez, Tevez. We're sorry for the hurtful words, I bet you shagged a load of birds, Carlos Tevez, City til' he dies
  12. I remember the Hearts keeper doing his best to get himself sent off & get the game abandoned towards the end - all in all it was a farcical/comical game.
  13. Morton vs Falkirk
  14. We stayed at one of the Eurocamps in a caravan, and drove into Disney a couple of times. Spent the rest of the week either in the campsite or out driving about the French countryside. This was a few years ago, (my daughter was 4) but we loved it