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  1. Its on DC Sports in the requests section..
  2. Great little documentary. Here's a piece from a few years ago, apparently his father was from Orkney... http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/fate-of-scotland-s-first-black-footballer-revealed-1-2845754
  3. For anyone coming over next weekend and a fan of craft beer and whisky, there is a festival on in the RDS (big hall next to ground where Leinster play and only a 10 min walk to Aviva). www.irishbeerandwhiskeyfestival.com Tickets are a tenner but a 2 for 1 offer is available using the code THEIRISHTIMES.
  4. Hope it's better than Cardiff on a football day.!!
  5. Keep checking ticketmaster.ie regularly. Returns are quite often put on sale there but they sell quickly.
  6. Many many times, was born and brought up on a Papa Westray...
  7. This problem is so common now with Loganair they told me they had taken on extra staff to deal with all the claims. Anyway, after a couple polite emails and about a 9 week wait, 250 euro compensation per passenger was paid..
  8. Let's hope it continues. With England ranked 8th and us 9th and the world cup draw next year, the 6 nations will be huge. Would be great if we could knock them from 2nd to 3rd seed..
  9. https://youtu.be/oBpUyul0BuY
  10. AFAIK yes, I have the Garmin 500 on my Christmas list. Try to get out every 2nd/3rd weekend or as much as I can get away with. It's like planning Scotland matches as disappearing for 5 hours on a weekend morning doesn't always go down too well.! Try to do 3 or 4 sportives over the summer also, done Ring of Kerry last 2 years, 170+kms with over 11000 cyclists, great day out..
  11. Anyone with balls to leave it till last minute could now pick up cat A tickets for 100 quid on viagogo.
  12. Got row 6 in the upper so shouldn't be too bad. Remember being the very back row for the 4-0 humping a few years ago. Add on the 8 pound overseas postage and suddenly 2 £65 tickets is almost a 150 quid..
  13. 45 minutes in the queue. Eventually get Cat B, upper tier behind the posts. Which makes me wonder where the cat D were, in the car park watching a big screen.!!
  14. Came off last night with which looks like dislocated finger, getting tests done today..
  15. This lad doesn't seem to have a problem openly selling on club tickets.. http://www.adverts.ie/8507928