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  1. Thought Aberdeen would win this. Got a fair whack on them but they've been very poor. Long ball stuff.
  2. Morton will have 10k ish I'd guess. They've got the potential to anyway
  3. He's been posting a lot this week for somebody with far more important things on.
  4. State bar. Raven.
  5. I wasn't talking about that when I said behave.
  6. I'm with Sutton. Never thought I'd say that.
  7. Add Christophe Cocard, Eremenko (first spell) and Leckovic to that list. Dindeleux was classy as too.
  8. Likewise. Halliday possibly a bigger than Barton.
  9. See this, if i were Boyd i'd be more annoyed with moron's like you trying to say effigies were aimed at his brother's suicide, than the dolls themselves. You are using a poor mans death to try and point score and are as low as the clowns who decided an effigy with a Rangers scarf was a good idea in the first place. If you want to see a scumbag, take a look in the mirror.
  10. Without a shadow of a doubt.
  11. I started off wanting Celtic to win but ended up wanting more goals to go in. Men against Boys as Broon would say.
  12. How dare somebody go to the effort of organising a bus(s) for drunk football fans and have the cheek to make a couple of quid. Next we'll hear that the guys who sell pin badges etc do so as a non profit making hobby.
  13. Not sure if you're serious but I'll bite. Care to elaborate?