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  1. Killie Vs Rangers

    Read the comment below. You aren't getting any of the main stand.
  2. Killie Vs Rangers

    Kilmarnock say otherwise https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1188908774467822&substory_index=0&id=968188079873227
  3. Fat Sally For Killie?

    Graham Alexander interviewed.
  4. Killie Vs Rangers

    My mates missus is the manageress.
  5. Killie Vs Rangers

    If there's one thing Colin Blair knows how to do its run a cracking restaurant. All the buzzworks places are brilliant.
  6. Killie Vs Rangers

    They aren't getting any of the main. The club confirmed this via the SLO
  7. Killie Vs Rangers

    That's my pre match local now. Cracking boozer.
  8. Ssc Renewal Information

    Likewise. Certainly the last campaign is my last aa4a regular. Think Wembley will be my only away in this group.
  9. Would need to be Killie this time. Hibs and the Scottish Cup don't go.
  10. Italy V Scotland In Malta

    Spot on. I'm on 7pts and have other commitments this year so doubt I'll make any friendlies. I'd rather move down the points ladder if this means we're better prepared for world cup qualifiers.
  11. That would be a final that would ensure a sell out! My sisters man is a Morton fan. Think she'd be kicked out the house if we won!
  12. I was watching highlights of our last Scottish Cup Final win. Sorry, I'll try and keep up.
  13. Agree with you there. It's a horrible song.