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  1. Winners and 4 best runners up. Happy with our group. Never been to Albion or Berwick so hopefully away.
  2. The reincarnation of Rangers fans really are a precious lot more At least the old lot admitted they were cvnts.
  3. Rangers fans were provoked, they have nothing to worry about.
  4. It's more believable than half the sh1te Rangers have come out with since.
  5. We never got promoted that day. Rugby Park twice (Hamilton and Cowden)
  6. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/cops-claim-mob-rule-outside-8052126 Surely not, their fans showed unbelievable restraint. I except an updated statement from Traynor forthwith......
  7. I've been on the pitch 3 times in my life. twice in promotion games for Killie and once in 2010 when we stayed up last day of the season (that one was pure relief). In the two promotion games (Hamilton & Cowden) there were 100 away fans if you are lucky so no harm done. Falkirk one must have been hard for them to take but they never tried to get on the park to have a go. Hibs fans should have stayed in the stands on saturday but i can understand why they got carried away. Absolutely no excuse for assaulting players, vandalism though. Just in the same way there is no excsue for the 100s of Rangers fans who invaded the pitch solely to fight. All this p1sh about protecting their players is exactly that - pish. The Rangers fans were entering the field seconds after the first Hibs fans did. Let's face it, both teams have a large % of their support who would have been loving it.
  8. Mark Warburton

    Aye, he got off lightly.
  9. I think we may have a decent season this season. I like the fact that LC has punted all of the sh1te AJ and Locke signed.
  10. Where's showing the Italy game?

    I watched the Czech game in Sweeneys in Shawlands.
  11. They def shows restraint. Delusional.
  12. Scotland Players In Action

    I'd be very surprised if Greg Kiltie doesn't earn full caps.
  13. That shut a few folk up. Macy37. Get it up ye!