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  1. Was sat in front of me at the Hearts-Hibs cup final. Wasn't happy.
  2. Class of 92' to a brickie. He was actually one of the highest rated out that squad too!
  3. i'm just repeating what you said. You said you hoped Utd would win their play off and for it to be against us. Doesn't bother me anyway, we won't be in the play offs (or automatic) anyway.
  4. Just thought it was cute you wanting Utd back up.
  5. Don't get me wrong, i like to laugh at Rangers as much as the next non Rangers fan but fcuk me, some folk need to get their hole or something.
  6. Good for you. Then the "New Firm" could be reunited. What a cringey rivalry that is.
  7. I can imagine. Last minute goals are always good.
  8. Bit OTT celebrations for scoring in the diddy diddy cup surely?
  9. God = Sky Fairy. File under Tooth Fairy, My Little Mermaid and Superman. Shame is causes so many brainwashed nutjobs to kill each other (and innocent bystanders)
  10. Lindsay is an absolute rabid currant bun. A right bitter one at that.
  11. To be fair, i think our subs had more to do with how the game went than anything. Baffling bringing that diddy on when Scott Boyd was sitting on the bench. Dicker/Ajer were playing excellently together at CH. When Smith went off we should have swapped like for like and put on Wilson as a direct replacement. Addison is a complete and utter bombscare. Fine margins i suppose. Aberdeen can snatch a win from the defeat and we can snatch defeat from victory. Suppose that's why you are 2nd and we're fighting relegation. Looking forward to Perth on saturday but missing Dicker & McKenzie which means i think the bombscare will be playing at the back!
  12. Hopefully he kicks the bucket soon. Waste of skin. Looat the state of the fat mess.