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  1. He's the Republican candidate......Yanks really are thick as .
  2. Killie Pie's at Wembley

    I'm hearing our very own YNTTK might have got a deal to supply pies when we visit.
  3. Michael Johnston (Again)

    Sad to hear mate. Sadly the pies will be shite next year too.
  4. Michael Johnston (Again)

    Billy Bowie? Would I. I think it'll be John Kiltie (relation of Greg Kiltie who plays for us) who'll be our next chairman. Johnston is only a director just now but we want him nowhere near RP.
  5. Michael Johnston (Again)

    I think that says more about your knowledge of Scottish Football than anything else.
  6. I think we're getting close to getting this bellend chased out RP. Is there a Scottish Football fan who doesn't think he's a ? Looking forward to attending the EGM and seeing him squirm. Gutted i couldn't get away from work yesterday afternoon, sounded fun. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/former-kilmarnock-fc-chairman-michael-7843003
  7. New Celtic Manager

    He's a Celtic fan but probably not "Celtic Minded" enough for the Green Brigade.
  8. New Celtic Manager

    I know his nephew pretty well. If he knows something, he's not letting on to me and he's close to Stevie.
  9. Aye was a cracking night. 3-0 going on 6-0!
  10. Hillsborough Inquest

    Agreed, they should be tried and convicted, no matter their age. Another reason to be glad that cow Thatcher is dead. World is a better place withou her. Hope Kelvin McKenzie is next to pop his clogs, cvnt.
  11. Weekend football

    Early rise for the trip to Inverness. Hope its worth it!
  12. Club don't even own the Sports Bar.
  13. We took something like 16,000 to the League CupSemi vs Ayr in a crowd of just over 25,000. We took 25,000 to the Scottish Cup Final Vs Falkirk in 97 and 18,000 to the League Cup FInal vs Hibs in 2007. We've played Celtic twice in Legaue Cup Finals and taken less than we took to the Semi Final vs Ayr! Think we took 13,000 the tirst time and just over 12,000 the second time. Each club should get teh chance to sell 50% each though, it's a neutral venue and should be treated as such. I couldn't care less how many season ticket holders Celtic or Rangers have. If Man Utd play Fulham at Wembley, each team gets 50% initially. It's not even up for debate.
  14. I remember being at Tynecastle in the mid 90s when you were getting 8 or 9,000 at home.