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  1. I can't believe 1 Sevconian was daft enough to believe this rumour, never mind enough to get the market suspended.
  2. Novo signs for Glens

    Cool story. Now get back to pretending your support aren't bigoted filth as per.
  3. Novo signs for Glens

    My mistake, it was the weekend after the 12th. http://www.glentoran.com/news/glentoran-fc-vs-kilmarnock-fc-elliott-morris-testimonial-information
  4. Gary Holt and Dylan Kerr both occasionally post on Killiefc.com. Both actually have Killie Tattoos too!
  5. Novo signs for Glens

    It was 12th July when we played them. Maybe not to a man but they certainly had that element.
  6. Novo signs for Glens

    Was over there pre season a few years back, he'll fit right in with their fans. Bigoted scum to a man.
  7. League Cup 2016/17

    Nah. I was straight to the car at FT.
  8. League Cup 2016/17

    You should have said hi. We were rotten.
  9. Guy got stabbed to death in Stevenson yesterday near my mates house. Definitely wasn't a syrian who did it. I hate the daily mail.
  10. Wages

    There is no chance Ross County are the lowest average. I'd also be amazed if we average £1400 p/w. Boyd was/is our highest earner on 2k and i'd be amazed if there are any more than say 4 or 5 on £1400 pw. Boyd, McDonald, Magennis, Smith, Dicker and potentially Kiltie/McKenzie will be the only ones north of say £1200 p/'w, We had guys in the first team last season who were on £500-600 pw basic.
  11. Hi

    you still looking for train tickets to London, might have 2 spare.

    e mail me if interested 


  12. God, never realised you were the fashion police.
  13. Hamilton getting 4300 average is severely booasted by away crowds. Both times we played them last season there we had almost have the crowd and we're by no means the biggest away support (Think it was something like 900 out a crowd of 2040 & 1400)
  14. Ryan Gauld

    If he gets as many caps as they got i'll be surprised.
  15. League Cup 2016/17

    Do you just guess where the alternative seat is?