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  1. On last night's showing Rangers will be 4th at best. Extremely average side. Rangers fans with their usual filth. They really have a high % of sub human scum in their support.
  2. I'll ask his uncle in the boozer on sunday if he's in. Drinks in my local in Ardrossan.
  3. Agreed, i thought it was pretty well put together and it certainly had me and my mates talking in our bus WhatsApp (Most of us 28-35) so it was slightly before our time some of it.
  4. I thought it was really good.
  5. Ha that thought did cross my mind!
  6. Brain dead morons. Just like the rangers morons interviewed.
  7. Got 10 tickets for B5.
  8. I stand corrected, i should pay attention to tims in work. Was that played at Hampden given the size of crowd?
  9. Hadn't realised that Celtic hadn't played Real Madrid in a competitive game before? My mum and dad's neighbour scored the winner for them in the Di Stefano testimonial right enough. I wouldn't have minded being that this game... http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/kilmarnock-fc_real-madrid/index/spielbericht/2254907 .
  10. Not a bad record! I'm envious of older Killie fans. My dad (just turned 60) has seen us win the league, both cups, draw with Real Madrid at RP in the European Cup, seen us overturn a 4-0 deficit against Entracht Frankfurt and get to a Euro Semi Final. Bonkers.
  11. Harry Soutar away to Stoke for £200k.
  12. Totally agree, especially the last bit.
  13. That'll be made up then?
  14. What benefit would not qualifying do?
  15. I can't remember either Celtic or Rangers getting pumped in 90% of games? Care to provide info on when this was?