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  1. Scott Brown threw his runners up medal away on the patk when we beat them in 2012. In fact, Celtic did a disappearing act after their medals. Great player but classless.
  2. Cheers Aberdeen. Unionist s at it again.
  3. He didn't cheat for the sending off though, did he?
  4. Better hope Dave has his hand in his pocket. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/how-pedro-caixinhas-rangers-team-10487391
  5. Hamilton is utter p1sh, another Samson.
  6. His bird when he was at Thistle was cracking! We knocked about with her and her pals a few years ago in Ibiza as they were in the same hotel. I always thought he was overrated anytime I saw him against us.
  7. We've not even got a manager yet!
  8. One left!
  9. Given you are from Ayrshire and live in Dundee then I'd take that with a pinch of salt!
  10. I'd say similar about Manchester, I love it. It's very like Glasgow in so many ways.
  11. Shat out hitting a pen too.
  12. McGregor being left out is a shocker.
  13. Sooner he's chased from Hampden the better. Absolute tube.
  14. That's like the daft Liverpool fans who oppose Safe Standing but stand at away games!