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  1. I think i'll trust the guy that actually goes to the games!
  2. Was at The View at Tuts on Wednesday, cracking gig. Got tickets for Stone Roses at Hampden, Pixies at Kelvingrove Bandstand & Shed Seven/Cast at the Academy.
  3. That's what happens when you let a bevied Geordie release half your squad. Mental decision.
  4. Doesn't help when alleged fans like yourself openly admit not attending games though does it? There is no reason why clubs cannot be fan owned. i'd much rather have that at Kilmarnock than the status quo. Clubs shouldn't be reliant on hand outs to stay alive. We have a situation where the majority shareholder takes a six figure sum out each season as a wage and has never invested a penny and has fallen out with major sponsors. Nobody will tell me that is better than fan ownership.
  5. Enjoyable day in Perth yesterday. Thought we were excellent. Didn't let Saints play.
  6. I would happily contribute £20 or so each month if it meant that the club was run by fans that had been elected than the parasite that is Michael Johnston. Sadly the scumbag isn't even interested in speaking to interested parties.
  7. Yup, far better options than him IMO.
  8. Totally agree
  9. I often think that about Hearts.
  10. Agreed. Think some folk are trying too hard not to care about CL football. That game was excellent entertainment. Don't see how anyone can watch it and say otherwise.
  11. They never at RP this season, we absolutely hammered them!
  12. Going to try for Friday tickets for Ride/Mary Chain. Seen the latter before but really fancy seeing Ride.
  13. They could give us half that and it'll be more than enough.
  14. 4wins buses in 2006 were excellent.