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  1. Hi

    you still looking for train tickets to London, might have 2 spare.

    e mail me if interested 


  2. God, never realised you were the fashion police.
  3. Hamilton getting 4300 average is severely booasted by away crowds. Both times we played them last season there we had almost have the crowd and we're by no means the biggest away support (Think it was something like 900 out a crowd of 2040 & 1400)
  4. Ryan Gauld

    If he gets as many caps as they got i'll be surprised.
  5. League Cup 2016/17

    Do you just guess where the alternative seat is?
  6. Season ticket sales

    I'm sure they sold something like 42000 last season which was their highest for a while.
  7. Season ticket sales

    I see Celtic have sold out their season tickets. How many is that? 52,000?
  8. Real opening day fixtures

    Folk that live in Glasgow?
  9. Real opening day fixtures

    Old firm game at 12 on a saturday. Nothing could possibly go wrong.
  10. League Cup 2016/17

    I don't know. I quite enjoyed Saturday. Almost 1,000 Killie fans at Clyde on saturday in peak holiday period. Be lucky if there was a few hundred if it was a pre season friendly. Def better than run of the mill pre season games. League Cup wasn't well attended as it was, i reckon by having localised games and some at weekends it'll help the crowds a wee bit.
  11. League Cup 2016/17

    In boozer just now before heading to Broadwood. Totally new team.
  12. TITP 2016

    Rockness was a much better festival than T. Sadly they spunked their ten year budget in the space of 4 years or something. Organisers have driven away people who have gone religiously each year since the beginning. A lot of my mates have gone to T since the 90s but stopped going as the line up was so poor and the the organisers show no imagination. They instead have gone to Glasonbury, Lisbon, Kendal Calling, Bennicassim etc in recent years and seen far better line ups for the money. T will eventually die a death as they no longer have the folk who went year or year (eventually taking their kids with them) like happened in the past. They are chasing the quick buck and they'll end up losing their licence. Hell mend them. I go to tons of gigs, both local bands and huge bands and i'd struggle to fill a days worth of viewing out the T line up last weekend. TITP in it's day was an absolutely fantastic festival. It's dead now.
  13. TITP 2016

    This is also true. Had many a erm, memorable night in there. It's still the strongest stage at the festival though.
  14. TITP 2016

    It's the type of music which attracts them though - that's my point!