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  1. He played him because he's resting his entire first team before a European Final that will determine whether he's had a successful season or not. When the season gets going again do you really think Mourinho is going to be playing players like him? Really? He didn't give any youth players game time in the league cup in the early rounds when they were away to the likes of Northampton so I can't see it changing next season when the pressure ramps up again. United have a massive squad, for the likes of McTominay to break into that is incredibly difficult, I don't see what is so wrong with pointing that out. I'm not saying he's a bad player, or that he's not got the ability or potential to make it as a professional, I just think the odds are massively against him making it at United. As i noted before, he is under a manager that isn't well known for playing youngsters. The only young player to get real game time this season was Rashford and he was already established and even then only became a starter after Ibrahimovic got injured. The pressure will be massive on Mourinho next season to challenge for the league title, I just can't see him giving much game time to any young players. Tuanzebe for example, is incredibly highly rated by the coaches at OT but he didn't even get a sniff of first team action when the early rounds of the cup were taking place. He didn't even get off the bench against Swansea when United lost Bailly to injury and instead he put on Darmian to play centre back. He also went through a spell when he didn't have a left back but the lad Mitchell, that finally got some game time on Sunday, was never even on the bench, he preferred to play Ashley Young at left back. If you think that his attitude to playing young players is going to change any time soon, I think you'll be disappointed. I've got no idea what the reference to Burke and Leipzig is. There is a massive difference there in that Leipzig paid big(ish) money for him and will give him every opportunity to succeed. I genuninely hope that McTominay does succeed, I just think the odds are stacked massively against him.
  2. I'm not, I'm judging him on numerous reports and views from fans of United who have watched him for years. Many of them think that the likes of Cleverley and Lingard were miles ahead of him at the same age and that he has a lot of catching up to do to get to their level, and even then those players mentioned aren't really considered good enough (I know Lingard has established himself to an extent this year). McTominay also plays in a position that United are well stocked in, and by the sounds of things they are looking to sign even more midfielders this summer. It's really tough for young players to break into the first team of clubs chasing the top fo the league in England and even tougher when the manager doesn't have a history of developing young players. I hope for our sake he can really kick on and impose himself, but my opinion is that it will be extremely unlikely.
  3. Which part do you disagree with? The part that he was ok but outshone by Harrop and Mitchell or that he won't make it at United?
  4. He was OK, nothing special. Kept things pretty simple, but was outshone by the other two youngsters making their full debuts. Sadly I don't see him making it at United, he may make a few more appearances but that will be it.
  5. If he doesn't get any game time against Southampton on Wednesday, he will definitely start v Palace at the weekend. The reality is though that he is unlikely to be anywhere near the first team next season. Man Utd desperately need a "big" season next season and I can't see youngsters (apart from the currently established ones) forming part of that. He may play some league cup games but that will be about that.
  6. Arsenal have supposedly signed up a left back from schalke on a free transfer. Would imagine that if they were interested in Tierney, they aren't anymore.
  7. Ryan Gauld on the bench for sporting tonight. Will be interesting to see if he gets on.
  8. You could try City's website, they have been advertising tickets for all their home games on the radio the past few weeks. I'm not sure if City have a ticket exchange system going, viagogo or something similar.
  9. Yeah, that's right. If it was 40% of your whole salary once you cross the threshold nobody would accept a pay rise!
  10. I think his biggest problem is that he's not got a great squad and when he's been faced with playing 2 games in a week he's struggled with rotation. His style of play is physically demanding on the players and unless he reinforces his squad things won't get any better. That being said they only have something like 16 games left this season as they're out of both cups and have no european football so they'll probably finish the season well. The same problem will crop up next season though if he hasn't strengthened the squad and they have the league, champions league and league cup games to fit in between August and December then the traditional glut of games over the Christmas period.
  11. I'm going in July and i'm thinking the same
  12. I got mine from MacGregor and MacDuff on Bath Street. Would recommend them
  13. The SFA/FA asked permission to display poppies and were told by FIFA that we were not permitted to do this, we did it regardless and we think that we can appeal the fine, seriously? Regardless of anyone's feelings regarding FIFA and their ability to govern world football, they are the ruling body and we need to abide with their laws and guidelines whether we agree with them or not. If we have asked permission and had that refused that should have been the end of it. The FA seem to be continually spoiling for a fight with FIFA and this is just another example of this.
  14. Looks like Vincent Tan is going on a full offensive now he's close to another job. Stories emerging this morning about irregularities with the transfers of Caulker and Odemwingie.