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  1. Yeah, that's right. If it was 40% of your whole salary once you cross the threshold nobody would accept a pay rise!
  2. I think his biggest problem is that he's not got a great squad and when he's been faced with playing 2 games in a week he's struggled with rotation. His style of play is physically demanding on the players and unless he reinforces his squad things won't get any better. That being said they only have something like 16 games left this season as they're out of both cups and have no european football so they'll probably finish the season well. The same problem will crop up next season though if he hasn't strengthened the squad and they have the league, champions league and league cup games to fit in between August and December then the traditional glut of games over the Christmas period.
  3. I'm going in July and i'm thinking the same
  4. I got mine from MacGregor and MacDuff on Bath Street. Would recommend them
  5. The SFA/FA asked permission to display poppies and were told by FIFA that we were not permitted to do this, we did it regardless and we think that we can appeal the fine, seriously? Regardless of anyone's feelings regarding FIFA and their ability to govern world football, they are the ruling body and we need to abide with their laws and guidelines whether we agree with them or not. If we have asked permission and had that refused that should have been the end of it. The FA seem to be continually spoiling for a fight with FIFA and this is just another example of this.
  6. Looks like Vincent Tan is going on a full offensive now he's close to another job. Stories emerging this morning about irregularities with the transfers of Caulker and Odemwingie.
  7. Malky MacKay it is according to the Scotsman.
  8. Oil

    I'm glad we can spready the heavy burden onto the broad shoulders of the UK.
  9. Maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not sure why the number one ranking is up for grabs. I thought djokovic was defending the points he won here last year by winning it and Andy had already gained a good few points by making the final as he didn't get out of the group last year. I know that the points gained are also determined by sets lost so maybe that's got something to do with it but it seems to me like djokovic can't gain any more points and Murray has already gained more.
  10. In the town for me. It was in the reardon's snooker hall on Stockwell Street but I don't think that's there anymore. We could always get served in the Cellar Bar on Miller Street too.
  11. Turns out they won the popular vote in 2004 when Bush was re-elected but lost it in 2000 when we was initially elected.
  12. I'm sure the republicans haven't won the popular vote since 1988
  13. For the height when defending corners, obviously.
  14. Indeed. Martin never once looks behind him to see what's going on, just watches the ball and ends up leaving Paterson to try and come across and cover for him. Paterson was never going to stop the guy as he was the wrong side of him as it should have been Martin covering. Very poor.
  15. Yeah get the bus, the only issue could be how quickly your bags get put through but at that time in the morning there should be enough baggage handlers to get them through quickly. As long as you get the bus by 11am, you'll be fine.