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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. The tipping point for me was Georgia in the last campaign. I wasn't at the game but watched it with friends and can remember sitting there thinking that there was only so many time I could feel like i've been kicked in the teeth before I'd had enough. I went to the remaining games in that campaign as I'd already bought tickets and was travelling to Faro with the Mrs but I made the decision that I wasn't going to renew my membership. I was on 5 points at the time, but worked out that the England game and possibly Malta was the only games I'd have a chance of making so my points would disappear at the end of the 2 year campaign anyway. Wasn't tempted to buy Lithuania tickets and can't envisage me getting tickets for Slovenia in March. I'd been going to Hampden to watch Scotland for over 25 years, it was the first time I could take it or leave it
  2. Usually an hour before the game that the teams are announced.
  3. Fletcher passed fit for tonight, so you'd think he'll almost definitely start.
  4. No, can't say I've ever had any problems. I've had mine for over a year and it's still working fine. The only thing I ever need to do is periodically udate Wookie.
  5. Yeah, Lithuania were pretty gash on Saturday. They pressed quite well and were given enough space to look competent in spells but most of the good stuff they did was as a result of us playing so poorly. They must have had 3 or 4 decent opportunites given to them by poor passing/marking/decision making by us and contrived to waste all but one of them. They had a 3 on 1 not long after we got our equaliser and managed to make an arse of that. Had we produced a performance like that against Solvakia, Slovenia or England we would have been resoundly beaten. Massive improvements required tomorrow night.
  6. 123 Movies is the best one ive found for films. Never any dead links.
  7. I'd thoroughly recommend Calan Bosch too. Been there the last 2 years and it's a lovely place. We stayed in the same chain of hotel, just round the corner from that one.
  8. This place was recommended on here before, and I booked up on the back of that. We all had a great time here, would thoroughly recommend it.
  9. Not sure where it got paid from but yeah it was capped.
  10. Yeah the Union guys are right, you can claim for it. I did it with a previous employer who went into Admin and subsequently liquidation and got paid. Can't remember all the ins and outs of it, but from memory the claim was done jointly for all employees and it went before a court (not sure which one). I didn't need to be present and the court found in our favour and we got our payments. Can't remember how long it took though.
  11. According to Wikipedia (I know) the German Women's team have qualified for 9 seperate tournaments and have won 8 of them They have won the last 6 Euros That's some record.
  12. It might be different now but I always found the top of the south stand to have less folk in in that were bevvied and generally not the best folk to have young kids around. If I was taking my kids to the game I'd be inclined to take them in there if possible.
  13. I think the attitude on here is pretty consistant and there are very few people on here who expect the players for the national team to have scottish accents or be born here, their parents and grandparents born here etc. I've always found that if a player has playing for Scotland as their first choice and qualifys to do so then that is all that matters to the overwhelming majority on here, regardless of their accent or where they were born. Don Hutchison and Graham Alexander are prime examples of this, although there are plenty more examples. As far as I can see Oliver Burke is every bit as keen to play for Scotland as those two. Where the issues start is with guys like James Morrison and Matt Gilks who were prettly clear from the outset that they'd rather be playing for England. Posters on the TAMB haven't taken to these guys because of that and not because of whatever accent they have. To suggest that people on here don't want people with non scottish accents playing for us is wide of the mark I think.