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  1. According to Wikipedia (I know) the German Women's team have qualified for 9 seperate tournaments and have won 8 of them They have won the last 6 Euros That's some record.
  2. It might be different now but I always found the top of the south stand to have less folk in in that were bevvied and generally not the best folk to have young kids around. If I was taking my kids to the game I'd be inclined to take them in there if possible.
  3. I think the attitude on here is pretty consistant and there are very few people on here who expect the players for the national team to have scottish accents or be born here, their parents and grandparents born here etc. I've always found that if a player has playing for Scotland as their first choice and qualifys to do so then that is all that matters to the overwhelming majority on here, regardless of their accent or where they were born. Don Hutchison and Graham Alexander are prime examples of this, although there are plenty more examples. As far as I can see Oliver Burke is every bit as keen to play for Scotland as those two. Where the issues start is with guys like James Morrison and Matt Gilks who were prettly clear from the outset that they'd rather be playing for England. Posters on the TAMB haven't taken to these guys because of that and not because of whatever accent they have. To suggest that people on here don't want people with non scottish accents playing for us is wide of the mark I think.
  4. I thought it was a great game with both teams going for it, at some points it was just relentless end to end stuff. City were miles ahead for 40 mins of the 1st half and fully deserved to be 2-0 up but could have easily went in 2-2 at half time. Ibrahimovic had a free header at the back post that he couldn't quite lift over Bravo and then the chance that he scuffed and was stopped from trundling over the line. I think if there had been another 5m in that half then United would have scored. Guardiola got more control back of the game when he subbed Iheanacho for Fernando as United were looking the better team for the first 10m of the 2nd half. I thought Bravo was really, really lucky with the challenge on Rooney. He was completely out of control with that challenge and was really lucky he managed to get something on the ball as if Rooney had been a bit sharper then he'd have gotten there first and it would have been a really bad challenge. Would have been a game changing moment. Smart idea from Guardiola for the defence to hold such a high line at the free kicks to give Bravo some space to come and claim balls, but I think he could well get bullied at set pieces as the season goes on. Most keepers coming from the Spanish league struggle, at least initially, with the physicality of the league. I still think Bravo will cost City some points this season, but Guardiola doesnt look like he'll change the way he wants him to play.
  5. Not really, not for me anyway. I can get out of my street and pretty much anywhere I want to go, although Baillieston Cross will effectively be shut from 5.30am till 11am but I can't see us wanting to go anywhere before 11am on a Sunday
  6. The route goes past my house i've noticed
  7. 0-0
  8. I was a bit pissed off at the guy who was talking about Sky and English/Scottish football. Saying that the SPL were saying that if English football was getting paid X then they should be paid that too (or something similar). He said that opinion was wrong and that the two weren't comparable. He then made a comment along the lines of people in Scotland watch English football but the same couldn't necessarily be said for English people and Scottish football. This is probably true but ignores the fact that had Sky proportianately invested in Scottish football from the outset, this may not have been the case. My issue is that until Sky started pumping money into English football, the gulf between the two leagues wasn't massive and that the reason we are so far apart now is a severe lack of investment from TV into the Scottish game. So maybe if Sky had started putting a proportionate amount of money into Scottish football in the first place, the quality would be higher, more people would want to watch it and it would become a product that would be "worth" (In sky's eyes anyway) continued and increasing investment. When he was interviewed again it noted that he was a Sky employee at the time, so it made a lot of sense.
  9. Derby trying to sign Anya. Would be good for him to get a move to a team where he'll be playing more often.
  10. Ryan Fraser starts for Bournemouth.
  11. To me it just seems like a procession for the bigger teams through the group stages and round of 16. There are very few shocks and it only really gets interesting until the QF stage where the gaps between the teams get less. I don't find the group stage particularly interesting to watch unless there is a pretty big tie, even then that only really serves to decide who's going to top the group and who's going to finish 2nd. Even in the knockout stages the games can be boring because many teams put more emphasis on not losing rather than going to win the game.
  12. Watch most Scottish games and in terms of English football will watch Man Utd but nobody else really. The "big" games are always overhyped and turn out to be a disappointment. Will watch some of the bigger games from the Champions League, but i'll pick and choose the games. Europa League can sometimes be better to watch. Don't really watch much Spanish or German football although it can be better than the EPL. Got 2 young kids so i'm more focused on spending time with them at the weekend than watching football if truth be told. Before they were here I'd watch wall to wall football at the weekend but now i'll watch one or two games and even then it probably won't got my full attention for the 90m.
  13. I don't think it's something that is affecting us only either. In European football these days there really is a shortage of top class centre backs. Most if not all of the really top ones are at the end of their careers and there aren't many out there in their early 20's that you could easily pick out and say they will be stars.