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  1. New kit thread 16/17

    I quite like it, much better than the home kit anyway.
  2. southampton

    I'd agree with that. Had a tough first season but showed glimpses of what he was capable of. At the beginning of last season he was outstanding until his injury and many United fans felt that losing him had a big effect on the rest of the season. He was building a really good relationship with Memphis who's form dropped considerably once Shaw was out of the team. If he can recover from the leg break and keep fit then he'll be a big player next season. Not worth what they paid for him at the time but if he goes on to play 10+ years for United then it won't be too bad of a deal.
  3. Messi

    I'm sure I read somewhere that FIFA had effectively taken over the AFA. It happened around the Copa America Final and the subsequent announcement of Messi's retirement so seems to have been lost among that news. Think their FA is in a bit of a state.
  4. Is this the lowest point of being a Scotland supporter?

    Yes and also Ukraine who had been WC quarter finalists.
  5. That was my impression. What I saw her say is that we're in uncharted waters with regards to Brexit and it was her job to ensure that the best interests of Scotland were looked after. She didn't commit to another Indy Ref but said that in the event that Independence would serve Scotland's needs better than remaining in the UK post Brexit then she wouldn't be doing her job if she didn't pursue it. As far as I remember she didn't say that it definitely would just that if it did, we should pursue it. I can't see anything wrong with what she's said really. Edited to add; I only saw one interview, so she may have said something different on another programme.
  6. The Bright Side?

    Bring back the three foreigner rule and we'll be qualifying for world cups in no time
  7. New kit thread 16/17

    I think it's horrific
  8. I think Thistle may increase their percentage over the next few years. More and more players are being promoted from the development squad and hopefully some of them can become first team regulars
  9. France v Albania

    Yeah, mine too. Was like putting my specs on I have noticed that stv's pictures have been pretty poor. I had to check I was actually watching the HD channel
  10. Engerland Fans

    Uefa also encouraged fans without tickets to head to Lille and watch it in the fan Park there.
  11. Euros Betting

    That's exactly what my predictions are for these games Same scorelines too!
  12. Droid Box

    I got the Scotland v Italy game on the Halow add on if I remember correctly. The quality was ok, not in full HD but watchable and it didn't buffer at all during the game.
  13. Droid Box

    I used Wookie on my android box and it downloaded a whole range of add ons that are great for sport. As Parklife said, zemtv is good as is Halow and NJM Soccer. Between them I never struggle to see a game and the quality of the streams are usually very good. Phoenix sometimes have decent streams but I found their Premier League Pass streams to pixelate too often when watching them. It can be quite daunting at first, but once you work out which addons are good for certain things it won't take you long to find what you're looking for.
  14. What Games Are You Going To See?

    I've got tickets for Portugal v Austria at the Parc Des Princes on the 18th of June. Should be a decent game.
  15. Louis Van Gaal

    He's getting a lot of praise for playing youngsters, but in a lot of cases he was left with little choice because of injuries and when the injuries cleared up then the younger players were mostly dropped with Rashford being the exception. For example, CBJ played when Rojo was missing but as soon as he returned CBJ disappeared from the team and even the entire squad. CBJ came back and played v Bournemouth with Rojo being dropped and played very well but was still dropped for the final. Fosu Mensah looked to be playing well but I don't think has featured since the semi final v Everton. I doubt Rashford would have featured had Martial not been injured in the warm up prior to the FC Midtjylland game. In fairness though he kept playing him from that point on when he could have easily dropped him when Rooney came back. He spent upwards of £250m but £60m of that was on Di Maria who was sold on. Although I understand he sanctioned the deals, Shaw and Herrera were signed before he joined and I think they were roughly £30m each