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  1. U21 right back Donald Love playing for Sunderland
  2. He was absolutely rank rotten at St Mirren. I watched him week in week out, and I doubt he'll be anywhere near good enough, even in the future.
  3. Mallan, not McMillan. He also only scores crackers and has a excellent free kick on him.
  4. Goal for Steven Fletcher.
  5. Team: Marshall, Hutton, Martin, Hanley, Whittaker, Brown, D. Fletcher, Ritchie, Naismith, Forrest, S. Fletcher
  6. I'd probably go with Marshall Hutton Martin Hanley Whittaker Fletcher McArthur Ritchie Maloney Anya Naismith
  7. How about Ian Murray? I'll drive him to Fir Park myself. (I can't actually drive, but still)
  8. Water!
  9. Ritchie scores for Bournemouth.
  10. Yeah, it's not real.
  11. The line up is already out there on social media. It's Marshall, Hutton, Martin, Hanley, Mulgrew, Brown, McArthur, Maloney, Morrison, Forrest, Fletcher.
  12. St Mirren signed Andy Webster today, apparently Killie came in last night with an offer for him but he'd already agreed to sign with us.
  13. Lawrence Shankland joins St Mirren on a season long loan.
  14. Bannan.
  15. Anya getting the "star player" accolade in The Independent's report of the Watford game.