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  1. Hi could be looking for 2 seats on the bus to dublin, due to work commitments the wednesday thursday suits us better. I see you have said pick up in blantyre, as we a re ayrshire based would it be possible to pick up in killie or ayr? can get to the A77 so it would just be a 2min stop, cheers Ally

  2. Hi mate, was talking to you on the train on the way in for the Spain game, if i'm going it will be straight from work in kilwinning as late as poss. Have little holidays left and still need some for dublin, so hoping to get away from work about 3 and head straight up, if the plans change will give you a shout and thanks for the offer,


  3. Fareo's game! Alright mate, see you are driving up and back for Fareo's game. I am doing the same. Rather than take two cars, you want to share a lift with me? Will be setting off about lunch time.

    Let me know as I have plenty of room.



  4. Aye prob stop off somewhere, in northern france, would avoid heading to any major city, as that would just take time getting in and back out.

    If you had a feeder driver to take the bus down to the channel and then 2 others you could do it in one shot, but would be looking at 30 hours +. let me now how the planning goes


  5. cumbernauld - spain

    just read your reply there are you talking about traveling all the was to leich on the one go or stopping off for the night somewhere? ie paris tehn on to leich. going to madrid would prob do in the one shot as wil;l be the way home.