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  1. The Bastille Day bombings happened on Bastille Day. The 1996 Manchester Bombing happened during Euro 96, and there was one at the Atlantic Olympics the same year. 1972 Munich Olympics? I suppose in recent years, security is so ramped up and there is an air of fear and expectation build up, that the terrorists think job done. Better keeping your suicide bombers alive to reap havoc on just a normal Friday night in a European city somewhere.
  2. Going there on Thursday night - I will rate its shitability. Note: Free tickets (I wouldn't pay to go!)
  3. PAH! - Diddy cup anyway. Hibs now have a special relationship with the big cup!
  4. Tottenham Hale is a sh1thole - avoid. Better of staying in Harlow or Stansted Mountfitchet or even Broxbourne, but getting there after the game would be the problem unless you arrange mini-cab to pick you up at stadium after the game.,
  5. Just announced 10% tcket pickups
  6. Planning it for Jan, so hopefully fully open then.
  7. Is that Paisley Road your talking about? I've just walked in on Google Maps, and that is where I ended up.
  8. My mate is planning on doing the Glasgow Subway Pub Crawl (visit a pub by every subway exit on the circle), however he has heard that the Louden by Ibrox station is only open on matchday. We don't plan to do it on a matchday, so can somebody confirm if it is closed on non-matchdays, and if so, where is the next closest/decent boozer?
  9. Yeah, they should strum each others banjos while watching Brokeback Mountain at the cinema together.
  10. Tickets are still on sale - my mate just bought one half an hour ago.
  11. Learn a musical instrument
  12. Just booked to go to Stuttgart's Volkfest Beer Festival this morning!
  13. Multiple deaths reported by German media
  14. Breaking news - shootings in a shopping centre.
  15. Worrying that that you don't need a gun or to make a bomb to do this - all you need is a driving licence, £50 to hire a truck from Eurocar and a fVcked-up belief.