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  1. Steady on Derek, we're supposed to be mates. Donald
  2. Bloody orange walk just happening right through Merchant City
  3. I'll pop up. If you see somebody walk in with a big stupid beard wearing a black Harrington jacket, say hello.
  4. What's it like up there? Sitting in a pub in Merchant City on my Todd and trying to think about what to do next.
  5. New Radiohead Album

    OK Computer had a big affect on me when I was younger. I remember regulary getting home from the pub, in a state, and listening to it and thinking I need to change my life and move away from Scotland - which I did. I used to listen to The Bends a lot as well. Everything else since has been a bag of sh1te, topped to the brim with cat piss. ENDOF!
  6. Should Strachan be given another campaign?

    An interesting and fresh perspective. Apart from Rhodes, I cant say I'm too perplexed.
  7. And die from the bizarre incident of the falling coconut
  8. Reminder - Scotland U17's

    Pretty depressing viewing, and I've only been watching it for 10 mins.
  9. Still obsessed with Hibs attendance.
  10. Obsessed with Hibs attendance.
  11. I upgraded my Wookie Kodi recently, and it is a big improvement in terms of reliability. I wish I could say the same for my zGemma and cableline.
  12. Another one off to the big spaceship in the sky!