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  1. Just booked to go to Stuttgart's Volkfest Beer Festival this morning!
  2. Multiple deaths reported by German media
  3. Breaking news - shootings in a shopping centre.
  4. NICE

    Worrying that that you don't need a gun or to make a bomb to do this - all you need is a driving licence, £50 to hire a truck from Eurocar and a fVcked-up belief.
  5. New bus to match and back from Bratislava

    I'll reserve 3 seats I did look at doing a mini bus but cost was prohibitive, but I was thinking of the following (depends on KO time): Start Time: Approximately 12:00 Route: Bratislava - Nitra (Approximately 3/4 hours) - Trnava (Approximately 3/4 hours) - Bratislava (After game) Might be too costly/pain to do.
  6. Singapore

    Night Safari and Zoo are good Universal Studios is good only for two rides: The Mummy and Transformers - the rest is poor but expensive to visit. I really liked the modern art gallery - but exhibits change all the time. The best thing about Singapore is it's food - but avoid their world class restaurants. Even though it is from Taiwan, the Din Tai Fung chain is the best Dim Sum ever! Getting away from city centre are the best places to eat - but no point in doing that if you are a tourist. I could rattle off loads of places around Katong area. Apart from that - it is a pretty boring place and glad I chose not to move over when my GF got a job there. She ended coming back disillusioned by the place after 9 months.
  7. What was better, Trumpton or Camberwick Green?
  8. Proposed French Rail Strike

    After reading this I sent them an email using the link on this page: http://help.uk.voyages-sncf.com/en/contact I gave them my booking reference number and a few other details. Within half an hour I got a reply saying I would be getting a refund.
  9. St Juliens To Stadium Return

    Hey John, I need 3 more seats. Is this okay? EDIT: I've sent you the money via Paypal for these extra seats anyway. If you are all booked up, then donate the money to Sunshine Appeal.
  10. Game of Thrones

    Apparently only 13 episodes left which will be spread over 2 seasons.
  11. Game of Thrones

    Read up to Feast for Crows, and have been waiting for the 'revelation' that appeared at the end of book (3 or 4?) when somebody returned VERY unexpectedly alongside Thoros of Myr. I'm guessing that has been cut out completely from the series.
  12. Game of Thrones

    Very poor last season - it could have been condensed into half the episodes. Last episode was kinda okay - but the whole season had very few dropped jaw moment. Now to drop out this thread out of fear of reading spoilers from books.
  13. Iceland v England

    Sure I heard Forsinard say on BBC after Sun night Belgium game that if England got an early goal against Iceland then 'it would be a walk in the park.' That video would be worth digging out.
  14. Glengarry badges

    Only one I don't have is England playoff 99.