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  1. Cummings scored again for Hibs yesterday...just saying likesay.
  2. The Jambos don't do Irony
  3. Anger and lashing out is a natural consequence of grieving. It'll take time to get better, but that deep down feeling of hurt will never leave. In the meanwhile, to occupy your mind, you need to start working on some new songs and put-downs as most were made irrelevant after 21 May 2016.
  4. The video is the extended version, however the stadium chant is (To the tune of Runaround Sue): "Hibs! Hibs! Woa-oh-oh-oh-oh ... repeat Hibees 3 Rangers 2 Jambos know that it's true Ram your 1902!"
  5. You can get access to any game in the world that is being broadcasted anywhere in the world. Quality and reliability is mixed though.
  6. 45 years old, decades on booze and coke, washed up and life going nowhere but the trash heap. All she has is the inner secrets of the Royal family and being Wills' first ride. All that's left to do is sell her story and expose the Lizards - lots of money, worldwide exposure and fame. BOOM! - the tiny implant in her brain is detonated.
  7. I appear to have served enough of a point that you needed to point out that I'm pointless.
  8. The point was to point out that there was probably no point in you starting a new topic on the point of Hypernormalisation, as the topic has already been discussed, and all you needed to do was point your mouse on the search box, click mouse, enter 'Hypernormalisation', then use point your pointer to the magnifying glass, which is pointed out to you by use of an icon in the shape of a magnifying glass, then click your mouse button - ensuring your pointer remains over the icon during the point of pressing the button. The search will return a list of pointers to previous threads on Hypernormalisation. Once again used your mouse pointer to select a link. So the point of the point is to demonstrated that Eddards had already pointed us all towards the show. I hope that points you to my point - do you get my point?
  9. Just seen Trainspotting. Not wanting to give much way, but if you are Scottish, from Edinburgh Hibs fan, Catholic and in your 40s and enjoyed the first movie, then you will get the most out this movie. If none of the above, then you will not see the point. 3/5
  10. Actually found it boring. Some well shot battle scenes, if you like that kind of thing, but even though it is based on a true story, I found it drab. Best thing was the girlfriend - pretty gal.
  11. German leagues have been on a winter shutdown from before Xmas, and won't begin again for a couple of weeks. Their last game was against B Yes, won't restart for a couple of weeks. Burke got about 10 mins in the last game against Bayern, but the game was well lost by that time.
  12. Two good finishes from Cummings with Strachan watching from the stands....
  13. It'll give the new manager plenty of competitive games to settle into the job and build a new team.
  14. I remember when Norway used to be good - so there is some positives!