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  1. Still obsessed with Hibs attendance.
  2. Obsessed with Hibs attendance.
  3. I upgraded my Wookie Kodi recently, and it is a big improvement in terms of reliability. I wish I could say the same for my zGemma and cableline.
  4. Another one off to the big spaceship in the sky!
  5. Have they not found anything about Rangers in there yet?
  6. Yeah, I watched that one, then checked out his musical instrument website. Basically it is a box, that makes different sounds depending on what side you hit.
  7. They did move it - it is now quite a distancefrom security. I really dislike Stansted's new layout. It is just a long shameless walk ofin your face BUY! BUY! BUY! The other bars are usually quieter.
  8. Asturias, Spain

    My favourite area of Spain. Try the ciderand visit Poo Beach in Llanes.
  9. Trains

    Come out of Eurostar terminal, go left, then Paris Est is about 200metres in front of you.
  10. Thing is about this new mobile phone evidence is that the prosecution could argue that Steven is the one carrying that phone. I guess at best is put the original arguments into doubt, but doesn't make Steven innocent.
  11. Trains

    4 of us on the Paris EST20:40out on Friday, then back Sun on 13:56 Also getting Eurostar 16:01 OUTand 16:33 IN
  12. Aye, I was at that as well. Didn't realise it was 38k - I've kinda erased that game from my memory (Honestly, I remember very little about it).