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  1. The ?!

    Just used it on my Samsung S5 and its pretty poor. There is too much space allocated to poster details (name, icon, posts)  and reply buttons and its associated whitespace, rather than making the actual message the main focal point. I'm finding I'm  having to search out the post on the screen.  However, the 'look at me' posters, will think the opposite is more important. 
  2. Hibs v Hearts

    Chrome HOLA Extension is your friend I have Hibs TV subscription and it works great with it.
  3. The ?!

    Would have been a good time to do a warning points reset as a goodwill gesture - I'm still pissed off for the one I got 3 years ago!!    
  4. Storm Imogen

    My 9.09 train out of Hertford was cancelled this morning due to plastic sheeting being wrapped around the overhead cables. I'd just bought a tea from the kiosk as well!! Grrr...
  5. 80's - Song and Artist "Ooooh...I've had a million different lovers on the phone. But I just stayed right here at home. I don't think that I can take it anymore this crazy war."
  6. I have no idea what you are talking about
  7. February...

  8. Tennis 2016

    Andy wins
  9. Tennis 2016

    This game is over. You'll be lucky if it lasts another 15 mins.
  10. Sonos

    I would fully recommend getting the Sub wirh the playbar and 1s. When that Sub kicks in, the whole place shudders.
  11. Sonos

    Got a couple of Play:1s, Soundbar and Sub. It rocks, but my Panasonic TV doesn't support 5:1 throughput, so dont always get the best sound I could get watching movies. Just moved into a new bigger house on Friday and plan to dot a few Play:5s around.
  12. The area around Villa park is dire and dangerous. Handsworth...Nechells!
  13. Wembeleeyy

    With the number of potential away friendlies coming up, I think the points required to guarantee a ticket for any game will radically change.