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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Another recommendation: http://www.pittcue.co.uk/ Fantastic food - The Marrow Bone Mash is out this world!
  2. ta gathering

    Aye, without doubt they are great looking pubs. I used to work in Holborn, and I'd go to The Princess Louise and the Cittie of York. But I generally go to pubs to drink, and the lager is not for my palate. Maybe the ale is better? I would recommend Sam Smiths pubs for a visit, but not to get drunk in.
  3. ta gathering

    And the pishest beer! The Organic Lager is just drinkable. Just don't drink the Alpine Lager - there is more alcohol in a can of Bass Shandy.
  4. ta gathering

    Ahhhh...erm.....yes! Can I recommend the Serpentine Gallery Cafe/Bar - the TA will be loved and welcomed there!
  5. ta gathering

    Russell Square...Hyde Park - HAHAHA! Better options: Covent Garden Camden Angel Clapham Carnaby Street Soho Even Shepherds Market...
  6. Pete will be spinning in his grave at some of these puns.
  7. Hmm... Just finished watching it, and while I enjoyed it, it was a bit of a bombing Syria is deserved, Trump is bad and we will all be punished for voting Brent, bit of propaganda. Big holes missed, such as covering Osama Bin Laden - he was only mentioned in passing near the end.
  8. Will watch this tonight. However, why would something so state controlled, such as the BBC show a programme, opening up our eyes about us being so controlled and misled? Is this programme also misleading us?
  9. On the ZGemma, I've found the Sports and movie channels excellent, and also most of the standard Freeview channels too. However, music channels are unwatchable, and the usual paid for channels (Discovery, National Geographic, etc) to be glitchy.
  10. I also have one of these for Virgin - however I'm having issues with sticking channels, or some just won't work. The support I'm getting from my line supplier is not existent so I'm thinking of going with another - even though I've splashed out for a year. How do you find your reliability? And if good, can you also PM your line supplier so I can see if I can get one from there to. Incidentally: My mate's T8 Droidbox also has the same issues which I have - can anybody tell me a more reliable (cheap) one? I would be using Ethernet connection, so not wanting a Firestick.
  11. In all honesty, win or lose that cup final, he was going to have to leave Hibs - voluntary or involuntary! Failing to secure promotion was not good enough.
  12. I laugh in the face of social media. 😁
  13. Yeah, I don't doubt that it was publicised on here somewhere, however I never noticed it, and I'm quite a regular visitor (not so much a poster) here. I think I spend less time now in match specific sub-forums, as the threads are less useful than it used to be. I tend to just visit them to get on organised buses now.
  14. I knew nothing about it.
  15. I did eventually want him to become Hibs manager. I'm now not too sure about that.....