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  1. I'd never be able to have a w@nk again if I suspected my deid gran or uncle were watching me.
  2. Reading the BBC News Twitter feed, it would seem that the focus is now to find the most iconic emblem for this incident. Lots of different possibilities being posted.
  3. I had tickets to see Soundgarden on their reunion tour about 5-6 years ago, It was in Hyde Park, but it was bucketing with rain, so I decided I couldn't be bothered.
  4. Got Maiden in London on the 27th
  5. Soundgarden and Audioslave - aged 52. Big shock! Behind Nirvana, Soungarden could be considered grunge's second biggest band.
  6. That interlude band with the women stormtroopers was the best song of the night. My favs: Romania , Moldova Croatia Actually winners: Norway, Hungary, Austria
  7. UK - well sung, but song wasn't powerful enough.
  8. Been pish poor so far. Only Ray's of love got have been Belarus and Moldova
  9. Did you mean 500? Is it 5% or 10% minimum for this game?
  11. He's played well as well - sh1t penalty though.
  12. £360 for Easter Road East Stand. Unfortunately l'll probably only make it to one or two games next season.