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  1. You are not even going to be out the airport until at least 7.15. I believe arrival time is when the wheels hit the runway, not when you are embarking. Avoid taxi as traffic at that time of night on a Friday will be a nightmare. So Express to Paddington (every 15 min - so you could be lucky or unlucky). Don't get tube. Then overland from Marylebone to Wembley (not regular) . By the way, it is a good 15min walk from Overland Station at Wembley to where we will be sitting. My advice would try and get a flight to Luton then minicab or possible overland train.
  2. Marylebone overland is a good shout for speed, but that will be the English Fan route for many. The Globe at Baker St/Marylebone is a well known England hangout pub.
  3. It (the cold) didn't stop us in 1999
  4. What version of Bits n Pieces on Spotify should I be listening to. And what part will be played after the goal?
  5. 82nd minute
  6. ...so why not try collaborating with us and make this a better more competitive league or all of us. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37440689
  7. As of today: http://www.supporters.scottishfa.co.uk/points-table/ 10: 203 9: 297 8: 434 7: 645 6: 687 5: 845 4: 990 3: 1,136 2: 1,350 1: 3,044 0: 18,499
  8. I think this will be the game that most 10-7 guys will be looking forward to the most.
  9. The TA is changing. The kilt will soon no longer be the standard garb for travelling fans.
  10. A game of two halves, but on paper a good competent result. The history books won't show that Scotland were booed off at half time. We need the midfield to distribute the ball forward quicker and sort out our defense. But overall many positives if we can keep our key players injury free. If you'd offered me 1-5 at kick of I would have bitten your hand off.
  11. "Scotland under-21 international Islam Feruz is to join Belgian top flight club Royal Excel Mouscron on a season-long loan deal from Chelsea." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/live/football/37229780 I'm saying nothing.....
  12. Withdrawn from the squad: Kieran Tierney, Leigh Griffiths, Kevin McDonald and James McArthur. Added to the squad: Tony Watt and Lee Wallace.
  13. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=1961&newsCategoryID=1&newsID=16468
  14. Scottish Bobbies should be wearing kilts