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  1. I did exactly the same with the parents. Told them what was expected and that if it happened during a game then I would give them one warning. A second time and I would substitute their boy. Funnily enough I've never had to carry out that threat yet ......
  2. Have to agree with the posts on here. Start them as young as possible. We take them in from 4 year old and it's all about getting kids enjoying playing the game and having lots of touches of the ball. My 6 year olds are now playing fun 4s tournaments and some of the shouts from the parents and coaches are ridiculous, as are the whoops and screams when a goal is scored. The ethos of the club will play a big part in how your son is developed. I know that I pull any parent up who tries to coach their son during a game. We ask parents to actively encourage by clapping or shouting well done but the coach will talk them through where they need to be on the park etc. I would suggest that you go and view a couple of clubs and look at their training sessions and view how the coaches interact with the kids, ask for their visions and aims as a club and gauge your choice from there.