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  1. Yeah mate, I'm going to Crystals well. just a pity we're not allowed Crystals for after match too. Would save having to trek too far for Celebratory Beer!
  2. Got this update from Football Supporters Federation regarding Wembley Pub Split.... This is the information we've had from the police about the pub split: "The following pubs will be accepting Scottish supporters on Friday 11th November 2016 around the area of the stadium.. Crystals...Southway, Wembley. This will be open pre match only. Hennessey's...Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury ( 1 minute walk from Kingsbury Tube Station) JJ Moons....Kingsbury Road, Kingsbury (next door to Hennessey's) All other pubs that are normally mentioned on our pub split list are accepting home fans only. This applies only to the pub split list but there are many other pubs around the Wembley/Kingsbury/Sudbury area that are available to supporters. It is entirely at the discretion of each pub licensee as to whether they will accept home only, away only or a mixture of both. These decisions are normally made on the day depending on how each licensee feels about the the supporters in his/her venue. Please note that Police cannot force any licensee to take home or away supporters. The pub split is done on a voluntary basis not on the directions of police." Hope this helps! Cheers, FSF