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  1. Aye, she is on it. There are fekin hundreds of them. I don't think they all get told all of the secret stuff though.
  2. They probably thought that Llangatwg sounded like the sort of place that terrorists would come from.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if the Tories win it.
  4. It's in Errol, between Dundee and Perth.
  5. Who is that St Johnstone number 9?
  6. Nae idea, but I would recognise him if I saw him.
  7. Elected by Fifers. Whit dae you expect?
  8. Did you just put it back on when it got a wee bit chilly? What did you score at the 17th? That's one of my favorite holes in golf.
  9. It's funny either way, but I think it was deliberate. Hard to believe it just slipped out without him noticing. That would be enough to send you round the bend.
  10. Aye, a bit of both, I think. It didn't get widely reported in the media, for some reason.