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  1. Not so sure about Flure's memory though. He seems to think he is Grim Jim?
  2. You should be looking at the traffic lights not the brake lights. Oh aye, they are going to be red as well right enough. Nae luck. You could just have a wee kip for a few seconds. The car behind will let you know when the traffic starts moving.
  3. But, but then he wouldn't get a headache and have to find something else to moan about.
  4. We did a pretty good job of trying not to defend at Wembley.
  5. That's why I tend to go for the one fingered salute.
  6. If only we could play Jim Baxter at sweeper.
  7. The way I look at it is, that she is a member of the public and shouldn't need to be put to the same level of scrutiny about her "honesty and credibility" that public servants should be. She may, (or may not?), have told a few fibs to help get her point across but her lifestyle shouldn't be put on display like this. She has been used by the BBC. Attacking the BBC is fair enough but she should be left alone, IMO.
  8. Here's a fairly reasoned take on Nursegate from a former BBC employee. http://derekbateman.scot/
  9. It hasn't always been the case but, nowadays 6 usually plays at the back alongside number 5.
  10. I always thought the rule was that whoever has the biggest vehicle, and the least likely to come off worse in a crash situation, goes first. Fiat 500s should be very careful about trying to bully 20 tonne artics. And if you drive a white van you always have right of way, anywhere at any time. Sometimes common sense is better than the highway code.
  11. But we are all going in the same direction so there is no need to give way for anybody.
  12. I would have thought that the bigger question here is why the BBC deliberately focused the debate on devolved issues when it was supposed to be a GE debate. It is obviously a clear attempt to focus the discussion on the SNP record in government at Holyrood and to steer folk away from the vile Tory policies coming out of Westminster.
  13. I think it was about 10 million last time round. These are just guesstimates though.
  14. Fitting in an extra shift as a waitress? Are folk saying that councillors shouldn't be allowed to attend these things? What's wrong with councillors (Tory or otherwise) asking questions? If folk are concerned about BBC bias then they should be attacking the BBC, NOT the folk they may or, may not, be using to perpetuate that bias.
  15. I'm not often wrong. I remember one occasion back in 1996....................