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  1. The deadline for members to buy is 8th Sept, so I would imagine it will be after that. I don't think it will be a sellout. Might get a wee boost in sales if we manage to beat Malta?
  2. I like him. It's good to see folk enjoying themselves on the golf course for a change. I don't think he should be in the team but I would pick him before Westwood.
  3. Jokes of that outstanding quality will never reach the "overused" status.
  4. I was sitting in Aberdeen airport the other day and got chatting to an American lady. I asked her how she had enjoyed her trip to Aberdeen. She said "Aberdeen truly is the asshole of the world". To which I replied, "I assume you'll just be passing through, then"
  5. Is that a legal move in taekwondo? Sounds like a tough sport that.
  6. BMX looks pretty good. Wouldn't mind a go at that myself.
  7. Hurdles, going by that video posted earlier.
  8. The Russian diver last night was pretty good as well.
  9. Maybe the PC was just doing his job?
  10. It's 14 years old now and too old for any more competitions. Heading to the glue factory next week. She will just buy a new one though. they are not too expensive.
  11. And 2 for Scotland. There are loads of players who haven't done it. Even Steven Fletcher would get on that list.
  12. Which one of the "Laws of the Game" would that come under then?
  13. I see they've moved the game to Saturday.