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  1. If he is getting divorced there is a good chance the ex wife will have taken all the curtains with her. You could take him out curtain shopping and help him pick out some new ones.
  2. I'm starting to think that this might be one of those, subtly disguised "I think I might be gay" threads?
  3. I think he might be touting for business?
  4. Aye, that's what I thought. That would be pretty weird. Unless you are gay, it which case it would be perfectly acceptable.
  5. Ssc Renewal Information

    They'll have to change it after 4 games to something like " Ok, well, maybe next time then?"
  6. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    Do you think the players were as daft as you in thinking that we were out as soon as Ireland scored against Germany? I would like to hope not, but you could be right.
  7. Golfers Forum.

    You should speak to the guy who is organising the competition and explain your situation. It's obviously not an "official" competition so they might have their own rules as you won't be the only person without an official handicap. But you have played to 5 very recently so you shouldn't be playing off any higher than that. You won't enjoy winning the competition if you play off a dodgy handicap. You can get online handicaps, without being a member of a club, these days but I don't know if they are recognised by CONGU?
  8. I just surprised the nutters haven't been slagging off wee Nicola, once again, because she doesn't have any kids. What's the big problem here. They were in the process of introducing some legislation that some folk thought might be unlawful. Somebody took them to court and won the case. So, they have to go away and change it to something which does comply with human rights law. Or, bin it. Sounds like democracy in action to me. Can't see what all the fuss is about.
  9. Golfers Forum.

    You're not coming across as a smart arse. That's my job. I know the rules. It's just hard getting some folk to believe them sometimes. I think you are pretty much spot on with everything you have posted about this.
  10. Golfers Forum.

    Your handicap should be pretty close to your best possible score not your average score.
  11. Golfers Forum.

    It's very simple. Look up the CONGU website if you don't believe me. You either have never had a handicap or your handicap has lapsed. In both cases you need to submit 3 cards to get a new handicap. You have submitted 3 cards to the TAMB handicap committee (i.e. me). They way it works is that we take your best score out of the 3 then subtract the SSS for that course and BINGO that's your new handicap. Easy peasy. Here you go. I looked it up for you. "What are the requirements for obtaining a CONGU® Handicap ? Having satisfied the requirements for membership of a Club, CONGU® requires that to get a handicap a player must submit cards from 54 holes of golf, marked by a person approved by the Club. The rounds must be played at that Club over a measured course and may consist of any mix of 9 hole or 18 hole cards, though the preference is for 3 x 18 hole scores. The Club will then adjust the returned scores, so that a lady never records more than 3 over par and a man never more than 2 over par on any individual hole. The cards are then assessed and the club allocates a CONGU® handicap based on the amount the lowest score returned exceeds the Standard Scratch Score of the course played (after taking into account other factors it considers relevant)." http://www.congu.com/obtaining.htm
  12. It's the political equivalent of the spiteful venom of a dying snake. They know that the game is virtually over and they will lash out at any tiny thing they can get close to. Why would folk, seemingly, get so worked up about a fairly minor piece of legislation that the majority of folk would never even notice? It's kinda similar to the reaction of folk who thought the SNP would face dire consequences, because the Forth Road Bridge was falling down.
  13. Is that the European Union you are talking about?
  14. Golfers Forum.

    Aye, that could be right 69 off the medals and 67 off the forward tees. You have played to 5 over SSS very recently,, so it would be wrong to claim 7 or 8 as your handicap. Surely you wouldn't get any satisfaction from winning a competition playing off a false handicap?
  15. I'm pretty sure Neil Lennon used to post on here.