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  1. Bobby Moore dipped into the jewelry business.
  2. NHS

    So, we haven't actually privatised them then? Our NHS drug policy is largely determined by NICE and SMC, which I would guess you already know. If you're unaware of that basic information then you might not fully understand how Pharma companies work. Some of them make huge profits, some of them barely get by and some of them go bust. Just like in any other branch of industry.
  3. I thought that Corbyn has always wanted to leave the EU? Even before it became fashionable.
  4. NHS

    Are the subs tax deductible?
  5. NHS

    Privatise pharma companies? When did we do that?
  6. NHS

    Folk who constantly whinge on aboot paying a wee bit more tax should should be sent to the back of the queue.
  7. To be fair, he made a couple of good points. That's Mr Blue Jumper, not Alan obviously.
  8. And, as Dandydunn says, probably desperate to get his first ride.
  9. Keeping his options open? Nothing wrong with that. Maybe he has got a bit more sense than the average footballer?
  10. How much money do you have? Are you a refugee? Are you a good swimmer?
  11. Getting rid of "free" prescriptions wouldn't save any money though. Don't forget that prescriptions aren't free at all. We have already paid for them through tax, NI etc.
  12. Maybe they should move to England.
  13. Only one person has ever been cast out of heaven? And he/she had two names. Sounds like a fairly easy club to get into. What about Thathatcher? Is that just a third name for the same person?
  14. Gravity exists everywhere in the solar system. Probably everywhere in the universe. You could say gravity is one of the few things which is omnipresent. When folk describe the situations we have been talking about as "zero gravity" they are wrong. it's just a situation which has been created which gives the appearance of what it would be like if there was zero gravity.