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  1. Watched his interview with Andrew Marr. He didn't sound too convincing to me and that was without being asked many awkward questions. Sounds to me that these TUEs are just a slightly more sophisticated way of cheating than the Russians were using. Team GB uses bits of paper and dodgy doctors, whilst the Russians used holes in the wall and clean pish donors.
  2. The SFA website is shyte. They don't make it easy to buy tickets.
  3. Did it have a magazine inside it?
  4. I think it's a wee bit early to be righting off Ragers. They aren't going to win the league obviously. Celtic will win by at least 12 points, IMO. But most folk seem to think they have had a shit start to the season and yet they are only 3 points off 2nd place. They've only lost 2 games so far - both of them away to the top 2 from last year. Long way to go yet. Dons fans shouldn't get too cocky until they win at Ibrox.
  5. When you say "The rest of the world" do you actually mean "everybody who seems to have an obsessive hatred of anything to do with Rangers" i.e. you? It was just two ex football players shouting at each other. IMO neither of them "wiped the floor" with anybody.
  6. Sounded like he was challenging Johnstone to a square go.
  7. Aye, you're right. I must have been getting mixed up with somebody else? Apologies if I caused any distress to any of his fan.
  8. McIness getting his excuses in early.
  9. Aye, ages ago. At least 10 years.
  10. A lot of them might want to save their money for the final.
  11. Last time I saw him he was looking quite slim. Relatively speaking. It was a few years ago mind you.
  12. The late Mr McNee at least tried to be a wee bit subtle about it, sometimes. He was actually quite funny on occasions. Sutton just wants to get himself noticed by annoying folk. Seems to work.
  13. Aye, you're right, but if one opposition leader is incapable of finding a button at the right time, it's not beyond the realms of possibility that another one just forgot that one of her MSPs was on a training course. Imagine the pair of them trying to run a coalition government. That would be scary.
  14. I'm with Derek Johnstone on this one, Sutton is a total twat. A poor imitation of Gerry McNee.