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  1. Think it was carlsberg, john smiths and strongbow!
  2. 5 of us did the Escape Lounge at T3 Manchester October 2015 on our trip to Faro. Food was actually quite good and plenty of it. Soup, pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, salads, biscuits, cakes etc. Tea coffee. Self service to bottled beers, soft drinks. Basic spirits free anything else at a premium!
  3. Just to confirm this is available! To be honest did not expect any takers!! Am going to cancel it tomorrow pm and will get the taxes back which account for 90% of the cost! Obligatory admin fee will cut in to refund!
  4. I may have one return BA flight Glasgow to London City! ( Will know definitely later today) It's leaving Thursday 19:50 back Sunday 19:10!! It's a group booking so no worries about name change etc! Cost £120 now well over £200 open to any sensible offers!! PM me
  5. We don't have any tickets in those green sections for £35! See link below for the areas where we are getting tickets.
  6. My estimation for where tix are likely to be seated are as follows: £35 ones first few rows behind the goals! £45 either lower tier behind the goals between the goals and corner flag or upper tier more than one third of the way up! £55 either lower level in the corner area or front third of the upper tier! £65 lower tier from corner flag towards half way line!
  7. Leaving at just before 5:15am if any late takers!
  8. Had been wondering why Ryanair had a big gap in their schedules to Vilnius in July and August. Reason is Vilnius airport is scheduled to be closed for almost 5 weeks from mid July to mid August. Hopefully all completed before we go!
  9. Sold oot!
  10. But others may not have realised! Hard enough getting reasonable travel (times and prices) sorted without building double headers in!!
  11. Just remember we are at home on Thursday the 5th!!
  12. Just bought 5 Numbers 1014 to 1018!
  13. Ordered 7 tickets in total. 5 in one transaction 2 in another. Received: 4 tickets in envelope 1 2 tickets in envelope 2 1 ticket in envelope 3 Who knows. Mind you who cares.