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  1. Park Inn Danube

    Yip closed in March till November at earliest. Their plan is to honour every booking made during that that period and rebook in a similar hotel standard at the same room type and rate as you booked originally. They are doing it chronologically and haven't got near October yet. They are aware of the match in Trnava but I am struggling a bit to get them to rebook my 3 rooms ahead of people arriving earlier in the year. I have booked another room thats cancellable as back up. I'm not too comfortable with the dialogue I am getting back, but it'll probablywork out for me one way or another. Ive booked directly with the hotel as well, those having booked through another source might find it a bit more awkward to get sorted.
  2. Gdansk/Sopot

    Was in bothGdańsk and Sopta couple of weeks ago! Lots of bars and hotels were showing Premier League football so don't think finding a game will be a problem. Both nice places. Quite liked Republika in Gdansk down on the waterfront not the cheapest but still less than £2 a beer!
  3. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Himate have checked emails and messages and haven't had any details yet, Cheers
  4. 2 of their next 3 games are Aberdeen and Celtic at home
  5. When will tickets be sent ot.

    It won't be 100% pick up 2,700 tickets is too big a number to facilitate!! It will be more like 10 to 20%
  6. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Thanks if you PM me I'll arrange payment!! Appreciated
  7. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Can I have 5 please if still available! Ta!
  8. any chance of keeping me informed about your spare car seat

    only need it one way tho (metz to charleroi)


  9. Parking looks extortionate at up to £20 a dayif your hotel is in the bang in the centre of the city and your accomodation doesn't have any reduced price deals etc. as ours does!!
  10. Arrive Brussels Charleroi from Edinburgh 18:05 Thursday 2nd. Fly back same route 21:55 Sunday 5th. Have 2 free spaces in hire car! Its only about 150 miles so should be in Metz in about 2.5 hours and be there by 9pm Thursday. Will leave Metz early afternoon Sunday. Any other way by public transport will take minimum of 4 to 5 hours not including any time you need to wait at the airport. By the time we hire car, pay for fuel and parking I would estimate car will cost about £45 a head. If anyone interested please pm me.
  11. Flights From Scotland

    Not the closest Airport but still direct from the UK with Ryanair on the dates you wanted: Price Breakdown Bristol to Malta Thu 1st Sep 06:20 - 10:40 FR 37741 x Adult fare£ 90.99Malta to Bristol Tue 6th Sep 11:05 - 13:40 FR 37751 x Adult fare£ 93.99 Redeem a voucher / rewardTotal price£ 184.98
  12. Car Hire At Malaga Airport

    Used them a few times. Simple pick up and drop off, about 500m from airport. They operate a free shuttle service. Excellent prices and decent quality cars:
  13. Sliema To Stadium Return

    Put me down for 5 please! Ta