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  1. Early start after the previous nights game for the 07:10 Ryanair flight to Bratislava. Have 2 spaces available: Pick up 5 minutes walk from Glasgow Central Station just before 5am. + 2 spaces in a Private Transfer from Bratislava Airport to Bratislava City Centre on arrival. £25 per person for both transfers. PM if interested.
  2. Season tickets

    Similar thing happened to me. Thats because the website is confusing, or may perhaps have a slight flaw in it! When you entered how many tickets you wanted it was in the choose seats in the "My Favourite Seat" section. It then defaults all seats to the bookers favoured seat selection and allocates that seat if it's available (as has happend to you) or if it is sold it then allocates the closest available seats to that one. It will then allocate any other seats in your booking next to the main bookers "Favourite Seat" selection to all other members of your group even if their favourite seat is elsewhere. Because you choose this option it appears to automatically overwrite any other seats that you may then subsequently attempt to select and sells you your favourite seat, even if you dont really want it. So for any one still purchasing check the summary of the seats actually allocated to you, prior to paying otherwise you may get seats well away from where you want to purchase. Fortunately for me it defaulted me to my favourite seat which was fairly far back and central in the North Stand and only 2 rows further forward than I had actually thought and had chosen to buy.
  3. Season tickets

    9 purchased here and Social Worker and Psychiatrist informed!!!

    Not yet!! Only been wearing it for 3 days!😀

    JD Sports at the Airport selling home and away tops Vat free less your SSC 15% £38.75 total cost!!!
  6. Park Inn Danube

    Yip closed in March till November at earliest. Their plan is to honour every booking made during that that period and rebook in a similar hotel standard at the same room type and rate as you booked originally. They are doing it chronologically and haven't got near October yet. They are aware of the match in Trnava but I am struggling a bit to get them to rebook my 3 rooms ahead of people arriving earlier in the year. I have booked another room thats cancellable as back up. I'm not too comfortable with the dialogue I am getting back, but it'll probablywork out for me one way or another. Ive booked directly with the hotel as well, those having booked through another source might find it a bit more awkward to get sorted.
  7. Gdansk/Sopot

    Was in bothGdańsk and Sopta couple of weeks ago! Lots of bars and hotels were showing Premier League football so don't think finding a game will be a problem. Both nice places. Quite liked Republika in Gdansk down on the waterfront not the cheapest but still less than £2 a beer!
  8. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Himate have checked emails and messages and haven't had any details yet, Cheers
  9. 2 of their next 3 games are Aberdeen and Celtic at home
  10. When will tickets be sent ot.

    It won't be 100% pick up 2,700 tickets is too big a number to facilitate!! It will be more like 10 to 20%
  11. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Thanks if you PM me I'll arrange payment!! Appreciated
  12. Bratslavia to match return coach

    Can I have 5 please if still available! Ta!
  13. any chance of keeping me informed about your spare car seat

    only need it one way tho (metz to charleroi)