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  1. It's easy to see why he has been appointed though. Roden has a talent for concocting anti-SNP stories, and doing little more than attacking the SNP is what SLab have been reduced to. Also, Roden has been critical of SLab in the past, so getting him on board stops that (in much the same way the OF sign troublesome players from diddy teams and then leave them on the bench).
  2. Fair enough. The move makes a bit more sense now.
  3. Seems like a bit of a sideways move to me. This outfit play in the German second tier; I'm sure he'll get a game but he'd have been as well staying put at an English second tier club where at least he's settled. Then again, money talks. I just hope this works out for him because from what I've seen the boy looks the real deal.
  4. I decided to watch the Celtic game - looks like I picked the wrong one to see Scottish players scoring goals though!
  5. Cerny and Lindsay being fit is big bonus (watch Liam go and get himself sent off again!). I'd be very happy with another draw at Pittodrie today; a win and I'll be delighted! Don't worry, they'll all get lifted for it afterwards.
  6. Matt Ritchie on the score sheet for Newcastle.
  7. Sad news. He was quite a talent in the early '90s when he was at Aston Villa but he never seemed to fulfil his potential. A horrible way to die as well.
  8. Aye, I noticed that too. Maybe he's injured. If he's fit and he can't even make the bench then that is disappointing and doesn't bode well.
  9. If they were referring to the former then they are bang on the money (and by the way, I completely agree with the OP about kebab shops). If it is the latter then they are talking mince (mmmm, mince). Our salmon and strawberries are as good if not better as any I've tasted from elsewhere in the world. Apparently Glasgow now has more types of restaurant then any other British city (bar London, probably). Many are chains, so perhaps the cooking isn't always top notch, but I don't think I've ever been abroad and thought to myself that the cooking was much better than at home. I even had a tremendous meal at a Scottish restaurant in the Merchant City a year or two ago.
  10. Wonder what kind of price you'd get on a Pogs hat-trick?!
  11. F*ck's sake! Quite a strong starting 11 too. Ach well, at least if we go out we can concentrate on the league...
  12. Could be a good move for him.
  13. They've got a replacement bus service on but I don't imagine that would be as much fun.
  14. Haw now, that's unfair. Scunnered is nothing like Alan. Alan supports a decent football team, for a start.