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  1. I'd be surprised if the SNP could do any right in the eyes of someone who considers him or herself to be a unionist though. I thought the whistling was a fairly amusing bit of banter. It made me smile anyway, because I thought it showed their human side. The MPs didn't take it too far and the deputy speaker rebuked them in good humour too.
  2. 'Barry Brain Donor' would make a great Viz character.
  3. There's no disputing that. The point I was making was if he hadn't, he'd enhance our squad.
  4. No I haven't. Please see below.
  5. Make that 9 goals, and for an otherwise struggling team in a division where some of our more experienced forwards also play, like Fletcher and Naismith (who have both scored fewer than him so far this season). Add to that the fact he's blessed with strength, a decent change of pace, good technique and he's still only 21, makes me think he could do well in the game. If there are any Scottish forwards of a similar age on the scene at the moment who are doing better than that I'd love to know about them.
  6. I once sat next to a guy on a coach from Glasgow to Carlisle who kept doing that. The coach was packed too so I couldn't even move seat. And he looked like Craig Levein, just to compound things.
  7. He's not even Partick Thistle class! Third choice right-back by the time he left Firhill. Nae harm to him though, I hope he does well in Poland.
  8. He's not very good?
  9. Gallagher looks a better prospect than any other young forward we currently have. It doesn't sit well with me that he turned his back on us but if he did change his mind back again, I'd have in the senior squad in an instant.
  10. F*ck me, what a group! Can't see us finishing any higher than 4th. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if we finished lower than that.
  11. He probably should, but I think they only section people nowadays if they are a threat to themselves or others, or if there is evidence of serious self-neglect. Dow's a bit different (to put it mildly!) in that his behaviour is likely to put him at risk of harm from other people!
  12. There definitely seems to be similar 'types' in every workplace. I recognise quite a few people described by other posters in this thread!
  13. That reminds me of someone I work with, a proudly self-confessed 'professional volunteer'. If there's a collection to be done, a presentation to be presented or a committee looking for a member, she'll be there. She'll volunteer for anything that means she can avoid doing the job she's actually paid to do. Of course, because she'll get involved in shitey wee peripheral things that most other people aren't interested in, the management love her! There's another character who I would describe as lazy, except that suggests he doesn't do very much, which isn't quite the case. No; what this guy does is find ways to fob work he should be doing off onto other people. He works hard to avoid working hard. It's actually quite clever but it's as annoying as f*ck.
  14. Correct. Put simply, we struggle to score goals and we struggle to stop them. Classic ingredients for failure.
  15. Apparently GMS reported this last week as a rise in petrol prices - talk about putting a negative slant on things!