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  1. Sad news, but 89 is a very decent innings. The first couple of Bond films he was in are among my favourites. The guy that played JW Pepper died just the other week too, I think.
  2. Well ... *puts tinfoil helmet on* ... I've occasionally wondered if the whole point of this early election is, after everything that's been said, to achieve as soft a brexit as possible. Seemingly Theresa pays a lot of attention to Mr Theresa, who is immersed in 'the city', and 'the city' aren't very keen at all on a hard brexit. So what better way to achieve that than to elect even more malleable.
  3. That was the most pathetic thing I've seen all week (with the possible exception of Thistle's performance against Celtic last night). It's the kind of subject you'd expect to see debated in a school classroom, not the Scottish parliament! Leaving aside the question of whether the Tweet is homophobic (personally, I think it is cruel to both Mundells but I can't see how it is attacking gay people in general) Campbell isn't even a member or connected to the SNP in any way, as far as I am aware, so what the feck has it got to do with Nicola Sturgeon? Why not just "call him out" on Twitter and leave it there? Or, better yet, if the Tweet is homophobic - and thus a 'hate crime' - report it to the polis and let them take care of it?
  4. Apparently Soundgarden only played a show last night too. Very sad news. A fantastic songwriter and singer.
  5. This guy did: A bit ironic, if you ask me, since the underlying message of that song is in tune with (pardon the pun) what the OBFA is trying to achieve. As well intentioned as it might be, the OBFA is a flawed piece of legislation. First I've heard of it, and I have been at Parkhead to see Thistle a few times over the past couple of years. I would have expected such an incident to stick in my mind, especially if it lasted for several minutes and, as you say, Thistle don't have a very large support these days, meaning those fans would have been more conspicuous. Maybe it happened at a game I wasn't at (I've been to most but not all). It's a pity the video has been deleted.
  6. I'm sad to say it but he's probably not too far off the mark. I'm a season ticket holder at Firhill and ouwith Aberdeen, the OF and Hearts and Hibs it's rare these days to get a crowd much in excess of 3,000 - although I'm not convinced this factors in the U16s, who get in for nowt. Either way it's disappointing, since it's our best season in the top flight since the early 80s. Still, the training facility is a great bit of news. It's not essential but it'd be great if they could build it in the north or west of the city, to keep that community feel going.
  7. Getting someone to clean up the burd sh*t, as well as empty the bins, would, for me, be a good start.
  8. Some good names in there. The trouble is, unless they really, really like whisky and golf, I reckon none of them would be interested in managing Scotland just now, not when the SFA will only offer washers compared to what they could earn from managing a club side.
  9. Aye, Fraser has a knee injury, unfortunately. Goodness knows why Burke isn't on the bench. To my mind he's the ideal impact player.
  10. Don't know about anyone else, but I feel like I spent an hour and a half of this evening in 2003! Typical Scotland: disorganised in defence, anaemic in attack and one-paced in possession. Bannan, Martin and Wallace were poor. Snodgrass has played some excellent games for Scotland but he looked out of form tonight; couldnae trap a bag of cement at times. Oliver Burke looks like he could be capable of destroying teams with his pace and power but defensively he offers next to nothing. On the plus side, Anya was good at right-back (I thought he did okay there against England too) and Cairney looks suited to international football. I doubt it will happen but I'd be tempted to start him on Sunday.
  11. There was a brief interview with him on Politics Scotland on Sunday. The interviewer made a point of asking him about what kind of reaction he got when he 'came out' as a No supporter and he rhymed off a series of insults he claims he was called on social media. Now, it's perfectly possible he's telling the truth, but what I found strange was they then showed an interview with a business owner (I think), who said she had move from No to Yes but the same question wasn't asked. He might be an arsehole (and I can see why someone might think that) but that doesn't necessarily mean he's wrong. What's he said/done that's misogynistic, out of interest?
  12. Agreed. Both those players should be in the squad.
  13. I think she's right. The UK isn't quite as secure an option as it was three years ago. I wonder who will lead the pro-union campaign this time? Ruth Davidson would be my best guess.
  14. Pleased to see Armstrong, Cairney, Fraser and Phillips in there. Disappointed that there's no Bardsley or Sam Gallagher (not that that I expected there to be). What is unforgivable, though, is the omission of Liam Lindsay!