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      ATAC produced a guide to Bratislava and Trnava prior to our recent visit. If you saw this, did you use it? Was it of any help?
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  1. Goal for Scott Arfield! Oh, wait....
  2. Why, does it cost A bomb?
  3. Correct. It's obscene.
  4. I must admit, I haven't noticed a huge 'awakening' amongst people I know who voted No last time either. The polls don't seem to be indicate much of change either. Then again, would the shift have to be seismic? Assuming the Yes vote remains solid all we'd need is for a few hundred thousand to switch from No to Yes and we'd be home and dry.
  5. Last week was a Plaid Cymru hatefest, with wee Leanne Wood getting it in the neck (to be fair she did a very good job of defending herself and her party). The sad thing is, many of the view expressed by the (obvious) plants in the audience and some of the panel members IRO Scotland are shared wholeheartedly by a lot of people up here.
  6. What can we do better? Whatever it was we were doing two years ago, when we were beating Ireland, drawing away to Poland (arguably a better side than Slovakia) and making the world champions work for their victory on their home patch. Since then we've regressed back to the Craig Levein days of anaemic, ponderous attacks and meek defending. I don't know what has happened behind the scenes but I want Scotland c.2014 back, and soon.
  7. Really? That makes the Kenny Misser nickname slightly unfair (although I eventually learned not to bother getting out of my seat if he was ever through one-on-one because it hardly ever resulted in a goal!).
  8. Yep. I thought at the time we'd miss him once he'd gone. He wasn't the most gifted of players but he made defences work; and despite his often wayward finishing he chipped in with a few goals too. Christian Dailly and Davie Weir haven't been adequately replaced either.
  9. That's maybe reflected in the way we play: okay on the ball but toothless in attack and defensively as brittle as Strachan's dodgy hip.
  10. Well, if we are going to get shot now might be a good time to do it. We're still in with a shout of finishing in the top two and unlike with Burley and Levein there are enough games left to turn it around (in theory).
  11. By bribing the officials? Or by playing himself at centre-half? He'd probably be about as agile as Grant Hanley, to be fair.
  12. I think we've now reached the 'back him or sack him' stage. If I'm honest I wouldn't cry myself to sleep if it was the latter either, but I'm still not convinced another changing of the guard will yield much different results.
  13. Wales have players like Bale, Ramsey and Williams who would walk into our side, and arguably a couple more too. The Irelands don't have brilliant sides on paper but both have a kind of toughness that for some reasons we seem to lack. Perhaps the coaching staff can be blamed there, I'll maybe give you that, but we're seeing a painfully familiar story unfolding in front of us here and it goes far deeper than just the coaching staff. I've been following Scotland since the late 1980s and the team then consisted of players who played regularly in England's top flight and in other good European leagues; our own league was a lot better too back then. Even the France '98 squad featured players who had won the EPL title and European trophies. And lo and behold, bar the poor USA '94 campaign, we used to qualify for things. Until we get back to having at least a core of players who can complete at that kind of level I don't think we should expect to go anywhere. It can't just be bad luck or the odd duff selection that after 18 years and 6 permanent managers we still haven't qualified for a tournament! Strachan's CV is superior to his two immediate predecessors but we are seeing similar outcomes. I'm not saying he is the answer but we're kidding ourselves on if we think that simply appointing someone else - again - is going to turn everything around.
  14. Good question, because we have players who can hit them. Slovakia have looked pretty ordinary so far, it's quite galling to be losing to them.