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  1. Fair play to Celtic. They were pathetic against Barcelona but they went out and gave it a really go tonight.
  2. It's a shame for Celtic that Rogic had to come off, he looked class in the first half.
  3. I suspect City will go on and win this now. Then again, Celtic have come back twice before, so who knows! Great game to watch as a neutral.
  4. They already are doing with civil servants (who work for reserved departments). Bristol Hibby's right though. To be honest, I wouldn't blame any junior doctor for voting with his or her feet and seeking employment where the terms and conditions are more favourable, whether that's the private sector or abroad. Another step towards privatisation, IMVHO.
  5. Is he not 6'3"? That's pretty tall.
  6. It amazes me how these men fall for these scams, time and time again. Big Sam's clearly as greedy as he is glaikit.
  7. I think Hanley came through the Rangers youth system (before joining Blackburn) and Robertson was with Celtic before they released him. Tierney was in the initial squad too, before withdrawing with injury. 7 out of 24 isn't exactly brilliant either though, right enough!
  8. Wilson's a nyaff. This documentary showed he was a nyaff over 30 years ago though, so at least he's consistent.
  9. I thought Darling came across as quite bitter, which is surprising for someone who led an ultimately successful campaign (and has been rewarded handsomely for it). Okay, it can't have been easy being relentlessly gloomy for two years but I'd expect him to at least look relieved. Maybe he's worried he'll be asked to do it all again! Credit where it's due though, I thought it was an interesting and reasonably even handed series.
  10. And the Gretna Gateway Village and Palmerston Park (which is quite a nice wee ground, IMHO).
  11. I think they might be in for a rude awakening. Off the top of my head I can't think of the area being of much practical use to London; even the novelty factor of getting spliced at Gretna Green would be removed if D&G was no longer part of Scotland. So with due respect, I can't see rUK being all that fussed about the region.
  12. The hospital explanation sounds plausible. There used to be buildings in a similar 'spur' style in Blackpool and Newcastle, which were intended to be hospitals to treat injured servicemen prior to the anticipated invasion of Japan in WW2. Of course, the invasion never happened but the post-war Welfare state did, so the government used the buildings as offices instead.
  13. Jeezo.
  14. Lithuania usually get a good result against a team who are expected to beat them. Hopefully this is it and they don't get another against us!
  15. He is, I agree, but if he is good at one thing it's scoring against not-very-good defences. If he has someone playing alongside him, or close to him, maybe this could be his night. Maybe.