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  1. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    It could be, as they were going there in a commanding position in the group at the time, that they thought all they had to do was turn up, go through the motions and they'd take the points. They'd be stupid if they did; plenty of better Scotland sides have had a rude awakening after approaching games with that mindset, but it's a possibility.
  2. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    If I remember rightly - and it is nearly two years ago, to be fair - we began the game comfortably in control and created a number of chances; then we scored and were a bit 'meh' after that. In the second half, Georgia had a wee go and created a couple of half chances but nothing to cause too many headaches. I certainly don't recall having that emotionally/physically drained feel that I usually do after most Scotland 1-0 victories, so we must have been fairly comfortable. The only result from the last campaign I would class as truly unacceptably was the 1-0 defeat in Georgia. We were shocking that night. The game at Ibrox reminded me at the time of the kind of functional, unspectacular win we used chalk up in the Roxburgh/Brown days; the kind of result that would be quickly forgotten as we moved on to bigger and better things. It wasn't to be though, in no small part because we were so shite in Tbilisi.
  3. Don't know why everyone's having a go at the SNP. Carol Monaghan even invited Dave to join (on the basis that he had done more to advance the cause of independence than most people already in the party).
  4. I always thought he was a pretty good keeper. It wasn't that long ago he was in the national set up and being linked with a move to West Ham (not sure how much truth there was in that mind).
  5. That would be the best thing in the long run. I suspect a lot of MPs know they have burned their bridges with their constituency members and are shitting themselves now. In that sense, an early general election suddenly looks very appealing.
  6. Oh dear. Mibee they should have put in a bid for Steven Fletcher after all - if you need someone to score a hat-trick against a team from Gibraltar, Fletch is your boy.
  7. Ziggy Gordon signs for Thistle. Really pleased with that, he's always impressed me.
  8. The rumour is that Grayling will get the Chancellor's gig.
  9. Excellent Group - Best Chance

    That's the way to do it! I expect England to win most if not all of their games again, so the fight will really be for second place. If we can beat the teams ranked below us home and away and win our home games against Slovenia and Slovakia (and picking up what we can on the road) we should do it. Unfortunately, this is probably closer to how it will actually pan out. It wouldn't surprise me if we lose to Slovakia as well and I suspect we might get a bit of a doing by England. I admire the OP's optimism, and I passionately hope he is proven right, but based on recent form I can't see us finishing much higher than fourth.
  10. Allan McGregor out for up to 6 months

    There and left-back, to be fair. Bad news for McGregor. I hope everything goes well for him though and he can force his way back into the Hull team once he recovers. Their other goalie is full international (for Switzerland, I think) so that won't be easy.
  11. No great surprise realy. I get the impression Nige doesn't keep too well. Did the Tories not make holding the EU referendum a manifesto pledge? I think Kev is spot on - any attempt to overrule the result and there could be hell to pay. Imagine how many of us would feel if after a successful Yes vote MPs just voted down a bill confirming Scottish independence. That's not to say I don't agree that it's a possibility though.
  12. Ah, they seem to have rediscovered their taste for them!
  13. That's true. If people see that making big decisions doesn't necessarily result in the sky falling in then it might calm a few nerves before any future referendum on independence. That said, it is still early days and we still haven't actually left the EU. It still isn't clear what the longer term effects of that decision might be. Unfortunately, it was the Herald where I saw the headline (or on their Twitter feed anyway). With the exception of the National (which preaches to the converted) we still don't have a daily newspaper that is sympathetic to independence. In the EU ref most of the media was fairly evenly balanced; that's a hurdle we have yet to overcome.
  14. Aye, the game has certainly changed. We're now in realpolitik territory, whereas before the independence referendum we were dealing with hypotheticals. The Scottish press have begun to air their 2014 clothes though, with stories about 'think-tanks' and 'warnings'; we'll be 'Greece without the sun' if we vote for independence, apparently.
  15. I'm tempted to say bad losers, but that's a bit rich coming from someone who only took down a Yes sticker from his window a couple of weeks ago!