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  1. Robertson to Watford....strange one
  2. I find it hard to understand that some folk on here are calling for Strachan to go. He got the tactic spot on in the first game against England and he got the tactics correct in this game. the players need to take more responsibility.......Lithuania was a shocker Who else are we going to get and where are they going to find the top class players we crave for. He is trying to bring young players in but they are not there or not good enough. Grow a brain.
  3. Fletcher did OK - he was the only one to try a penetrating pass but far to deep against this mob. No doubt the fletcher hate squad will disagree. Burke is a donkey at the moment. Not sure Griffiths was a positive, more a neutral. The rest I agree with the others on here. I think we need to accept that we have ceased to be a football nation and move to tennis while we can. I am going to sit in a darkened room for few hours and then book a holiday in Moscow in September.
  4. Agree with that........... and that has been a failing recently.
  5. If we had a great manager we would not be far off where we are now - Wakey Wakey. at best 3 points or realistically 2 points off where we are now. 1 win
  6. Not sure what the surprise is all about.. we drew against lithuania and that was poor we got humped by Slovaki and we planned for a point, although we were poor England beat us and we expected that. If anyone was not expecting that at Wembley then your are blind! at this stage we are 3 points away from our target - one win. I thought we completed well against England for 60 mins and had bettter chances. They scored 2 great goals. I thought Strachan set up well against a better England team. I do think he needs to re-think Bardsley, Boyd and Adams - just to shake it up again. Hanley is no where near a Scotland team. Strachan needs to work out Burke - he has touches. I thought for 60 minute Brown and Fletcher played well but there seems to be hatred on here for Fletcher in particular. Why cant folk see he works bloody hard to do the quiet job all teams need and his game has never been a Souness type. Accept where we are and understand the diffficulties we have at present. I hate losing but live in hope.