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  1. You are correct, E*st Fife and Hibs are the only two lower league teams to ever win the Scottish Cup. The mighty Raith Rovers are the only lower league team to win the League Cup.
  2. Thanks, Donny, we're heading to the Wentworth. They have it on the tv.
  3. Will be in Sheffield on Friday for the football. Do you have a couple of recommendations for where to go to watch it? Will be near the ice rink, but not bothered if we have to get a taxi.
  4. I would watch them in order of when they came out, so Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, then episodes I, II and III. The plot twist in Empire Strikes Back would be less of a surprise if you watched them in numerical order.
  5. You posting here as Admin4 kind of proves his point, though...
  6. Nice! My family are in Vancouver, so get to a few NHL games every Christmas. Chicago are looking pretty good just now.
  7. Have you ever been to the (ice) hockey? Quite a good night out watching the Braehead Clan in the Elite League.
  8. Based on watching the three trailers, it is already the best film I have ever seen. CANNOT wait until Thursday evening. NPH St Andrews here I come!
  9. It was good to hear Gaelic being spoken regularly and I liked that there were no subtitles, so we had to view the story from the same perspective as the female lead. The No campaign did well to ban/stall the show as I am convinced that it would have helped the Yes vote. The last show was one of the more distressing episodes I've watched on a 'mainstream' tv show.
  10. I am guessing that Ormand is meaning that it features a hunky Scot for the US female tv audience to watch? The lead actress is Irish, but is playing an Englishwoman. I'm a little bit surprised about the lack of interest in this show, from using the TAMB search engine. Even if you thought it was terrible, the content and where it was filmed made me think it would provoke more of an interest. Has Outlander been hidden away from Scottish eyes, or do you all just think it's crap? I know that you can't can't always trust reviews, but IMDB gave it 8.5, rotten tomatoes gave it 91% and metacritic gave it 73%
  11. I wasn't writing that it was good or bad in my OP, but if you'd managed to watch till the end of the series, then you'd have seen some extremely harrowing scenes.
  12. After a fair old search at many local supermarkets, I finally managed to buy a copy of Outlander on dvd. Wasn't sure what to expect, but after watching all 16 episodes I can see why this was not shown on UK tv before the referendum.
  13. It's not confirmed until he contacts me with his withdrawal! Russell Knox remains Res 1 for now.