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  1.  I'll sleep soundly now - looked like it might not happen for a good while though.
  2. I'm only watching in the hope that someone refers to the island on the other side of the Irish Sea from Wales as Ahyaland...    
  3. He's now pleaded guilty to two out of four charges and will stand trial on two more.
  4. Somebody please hit him over the head with a kitchen implement.
  5. Audience member : 'The danger is when those idiots get elected'. Dimbleby: 'Paul Nuttall...'.
  6. Nice to listen to a Labour politician who's capable of rational thought and doesn't blame everything on the SNP.
  7. 'It's not an obscure language like Swahili' says Isabel Oakeshott. Swahili is spoken by about 15 million as their mother tongue and several times as many speak it. Seems to be a shorthand way of referring to Bongo Bongo Land.
  8. 'The Scotsch are shtealing owah munnee.'A strategically shaved chimp dressed up in a suit does not a politician make.
  9. 'We conceded too many goals in Europe last year. If you become open and detached against good players and teams you get punished. Its something that doesnt happen in Scotland. No disrespect to teams here but theyre not clever enough players or quick enough thinkers to punish us.' How do you like them apples John?
  10. VAT is ultimately paid by the individual customer, which is in the vast majority of cases a person rather than a company. The VAT registered companies in the supply chain simply collect the VAT from the customer and pass it to HMRC, after offsetting the VAT that they have paid.
  11. I went to Halfords when we got our Thule roof bag a few years back - they were good for explaining what I needed and even fitted it all. The roof bag was my preferred option as it rolls up and can be stored easily while the box takes up much more room. Depends how often you're going to use it, but given that we only needed the extra capacity for summer holiday trips it made more sense to go for the bag.
  12. I'n with Stewart Lee on this one:
  13. When I first saw a road sign for Bonkle some years back it drew a laugh. Dykehead sounds like an insult that'd be the starting point for a fight in a kebab shop.
  14. Bowie did some excellent impersonations as well. This is very good: