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  1. #bantz
  2. The part where a black reporter asks him whether he was going to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus and he tries to get her to organise the meeting (cos she must, like, know them personally and she's got nothing else to do) was straight out of The Office : Thankfully he shied away from saying 'Sho' nuff' and calling her homie but must have been a close run thing - fecking excruciating...
  3. Nor indeed any countries where Donald Trump has business interests...
  4. Monarchs Ye'd Love Tae Shoot would have been the thread title probably
  5. Love the way he does a worked example of an acceptable waist to hips ratio
  6. His pitch to the ladies was genius. A photo of himself wearing nothing but y-fronts while reclining on his sofa, then describing himself as a 'local graduate scientist figure' and stipulating the age range and body measurements he was willing to accept. The videos on YouTube were top notch too
  7. Can't remember his username - he's been well kent in Aberdeen for years though. Used to dress up in a military uniform of his own design with the saltire on one sleeve and the Royal Standard on the other and stand in the centre of Aberdeen campaigning against the Windsors amongst other things. Also used to hand out leaflets about himself to women, basically asking for a ride...
  8. I think he was punted off the board for something similar a few years back:
  9. Aged 84 ‪‬
  10. Top stuff from Kevin McKenna in The National today
  11. Saw this just now - I thought he might arrange to bus his supporters in to avoid sonething like this.
  12. I had to keep a straight face not long ago when explaining to a (well educated) American colleague that like most people in Scotland I spoke English (and only English) on a day to day basis - she'd asked me in all seriousness whether I usually spoke English. I suspect that she may have confused Scotland with Ireland and didn't take umbrage at the obvious implication that she'd understood from hearing me speak that I was struggling to get by in a second language.
  13. Am really hoping he goes 'off piste' during the swearing in...
  14. Will be something of a novelty for Piers Morgan to appear on a panel show and have serious competition for the title of the biggest Juan Kerr in the room.