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  1. Excellent interview with him covering his time with Aberdeen, Manchester Utd and also Scotland. What a player he was...
  2. Out of jail
  3. Fer fux ache Scott Brown...
  4. Always worth watching when it's from Wales just to hear someone say Aye-Ah-Land
  5. Fux ache - utterly dismal...
  6. A chancer on the 5Live phone in claimed to be a Yes voter who would vote No if there's another referendum because he doesn't like being asked the same thing twice... The next one claims that the SNP are a spent force Crazy stuff
  7. Matthew Parris has been decent so far - the audience seems to have been bussed in from the Jeremy Kyle show though
  8. 'Scots throw a sporran in the works' 🙄
  9. Hopkins is fecking deranged - in what sense can she call Sturgeon ginger (on several occasions, including referring bizarrely to 'her ginger legs' 😂) merely because she's dyed her greying hair a lighter colour? I assume she types by banging her head against the keyboard repeatedly and relying on autocorrect...
  10. A surprisingly supportive editorial in the Guardian tonight: 'Scotland’s needs have been brutally ignored, its special identity – of which the SNP is the unquestioned guardian – disregarded.'
  11. #bantz
  12. The part where a black reporter asks him whether he was going to meet with the Congressional Black Caucus and he tries to get her to organise the meeting (cos she must, like, know them personally and she's got nothing else to do) was straight out of The Office : Thankfully he shied away from saying 'Sho' nuff' and calling her homie but must have been a close run thing - fecking excruciating...
  13. Nor indeed any countries where Donald Trump has business interests...
  14. Monarchs Ye'd Love Tae Shoot would have been the thread title probably