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  1. I did a 10k training run in the early afternoon here in Aberdeen - fecking hard going and I nearly bailed out before I finished...
  2. Great to know that our new PM says she's right up for some indiscriminate mass slaughter of men, women and children should the occasion ever arise. #bettertogether
  3. She's almost a parody of herself. Surprised she doesn't want to disapply health & safety law and the Working Time regulations. An utter scumbag.
  4. She seems about as much use as a chocolate teapot: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jul/07/the-perfect-champion-for-the-new-nasty-party-andrea-leadsom I shudder at the thought of her as PM (and can scarcely imagine how inept she'd be) but on the other hand it might make a few more No voters switch to Yes for the 2nd independence referendum with a total ba' heid like her in Downing Street.
  5. I'd never heard of her till last week when she was on a discussion on the radio and was being ludicrously touchy about not being allowed to finish what she was saying. If she gets the gig she'll make Corbyn look media savvy by comparison. Her speech on the economy today seems to have been based on some inspirational quotes from her desktop calendar...
  6. Fair play to Blair though - he'll have spent long hours studying footage of people with a conscience showing remorse and regret for what they've done and will have made every effort to mimic them convincingly. It's by no means easy for psychopaths to do what he did today.
  7. Robin Cook's been vindicated anyway.
  8. The pair of them thought they were being guided by God. ISIS without the beards...
  9. 'Australian style points system' Gie's peace...
  10. Trumpton had the fire brigade - but then again Camberwick Green had Windy Miller getting pished. Close run thing but I'll go for Trumpton. http://metro.co.uk/2016/01/03/camberwick-green-is-fifty-here-are-14-of-trumptonshires-most-memorable-moments-5590272/
  11. I used to love these programmes - Chigley, Camberwick Green and Trumpton. Very influential too - Radiohead's recent video was a Trumpton take off. A good innings for him but another piece of childhood lost. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/tv/2016/06/30/trumpton-creator-gordon-murray-has-died-aged-95/amp/?client=safari#
  12. Typical of Boris's Bullingdon Boy attitude to life -,trashes the restaurant and gets someone else to tidy up the mess and pick up the bill. He seems to regard the Referendum campaign as a spiffing wheeze - a bunch of posh public school boys settling scores from earlier in their lives with the British public as the dupes. An utter kuntt of a man.
  13. And now Boris has decided not to run...
  14. Gove's announced he's standing for PM. Murdoch will be pleased.
  15. I suspect he'd prefer if he was remembered for Piggygate