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  1. Cracking show tonight - I fecking love this Periscope thing!
  2. Folk queuing at the Etihad since Monday...
  3. If it's any consolation to the guy, at least he knows that the club he supports has exonerated him of any blame and is of the view that in kicking the Hibs guy in the head he was protecting Rangers' 'players and officials who were being visibly attacked' and that 'Any club's supporters would have done the same'. Presumably there's no chance of him being banned from Ibrox - seems much more likely that he'll be welcomed onto the pitch as a guest of honour at a home game.
  4. Rangers have broken the cardinal rule of public relations - don't let Jim Traynor near a laptop when it's a full moon: Suddenly everything makes sense.
  5. Great result but these kuntz are spoiling it.
  6. TA Specific is genuinely like another universe at times. I don't think I've posted there for months. I recall a thread about some crisis in Eastern Europe a while back (probably Russia/Ukraine) where the thrust of it wasn't so much 'this is terrible' but was more about 'what happens if this escalates and the game is postponed; will I get to keep my points if I can't go to the rearranged fixture?'
  7. Dey're taching all owah muneeh. Dih Shcotch are taching ir all.
  8. An unnamed 'source' is quoted in one of the papers as saying 'These two have behaved with all the decorum of a coach party in a Carry On film arriving at a pub'. I though that was quite good, though probably made up by the journalist.
  9. Seville v Liverpool

    That's Liverpool lost their most recent final in all 4 of the cup completions they can play in; Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League. Lucky white heather...
  10. Seems a sensible approach for outdoor gigs with more casual fans in attendance, although I'd have been happy with the full album. I've never see either My Love Will Not Let You Down nor4th ofJuly, Asbury Park (Sandy)live - would be happy to get one or both.
  11. Quite impressed with Periscope - hadn't used it before but realised that there would probably be a few streams from Camp Nou tonight. Amgoing to enjoy these next few weeks of the tour.
  12. Even if he wasn't such a gobshitehe'd be painful to listen to on a account of his wanky, dreary, complaining,whining voice - he's more suited to announcing train delays for South West Trains at some non-descript station in Surrey. He makes Ken Livingston sound like Richard Burton...
  13. Stone Roses

    It's not their best work.
  14. Anyone seen the Springsteen Sessions band before? Am going to see them in Aberdeen at the LemonTree on 28 May - they seem to have a decent reputation. I'vethen got the Hampden gig on the Wednesday andhave just found out that I've to be in Londonthe following week, so I'm scoping out Wembley on 5 June (31 years to the day after my first Springsteen concert). All coming together very nicely...