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  1. This is worth a read too:
  2. Not sure if you've read The Damned United (or seen the film adaptation)- it covers Clough's 44 days at Leeds Utdand either iswell worth looking for. The guy was genuinely one of a kind.
  3. I read a decent article about the parallels between Leicester and Nottingham Forest in the Guardian andthen readthe link toa longer article about that team. Makes cracking reading: Anyone seen the I Believe In Miracles film about Forest? Sounds really good...
  4. I saw this in the Telegraph How the feck could he say the bit abouthoping that he wasn't promoted due to being a mason with a straight face? OiDave fancy joining the masons? Yes, but only onthe strict understanding it won't do anything to influence my career prospects...
  5. It's all coming out now
  6. I hope that Leanne Wood refers to the old wifieas Mrs Windsor again. On that note, how the feckdo the BBC justify paying Nicholas Witchell a salary when he's nothing other than a PR man for the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas?
  7. Before I met my wife she used to live in thetenement over the road from the 524.I have issues with them going back to the days when they were 'refurbishing' the placesome 12 years or so back at the same time we were doing Mrs neilser's flat up for sale. I'm convinced that they were responsible for depositing a manky oldtoilet in the back drying green of the tenement, right after we'd cleared the place up... Happy days
  8. I'll see you and raise you with the 524 'Cocktail Bar' also on George Street. Not necessarily renowned for its Mojitos and Daquiris...
  9. Utd v Hibs

    Big Logan looks like a punter who's won the chance to play at Hampden with his mates. Certainly knows how to save a penalty though.
  10. The Masters
  11. Nice one! Keflezighi sounds like a really decent guy:
  12. Have signed up for the Crathes halfmarathon again - Sat 17 September. Surely can't be as hot as last year was...
  13. Jews

    Great film. 'You're going to need a bigger boat'.