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  1. What a clown the guy is - he'd already been in the press for alleged dodgy behaviour a few years back. He then gets the job of his dreams and fecks it up by bigging himself up to a couple of journalists with zero credentials to back them up. Whatever background story they fabricated they may as well have just worn wigs and stick on moustaches and adopted a Peter Sellers Inspector Clouseau accent and he'd have fallen for it. As for the FA, if the journalists have known enough about him to be looking into his dealings for ages, should they not have done some due diligence themselves before giving him a £6m contract? Makes the SFA look like a model of competency...
  2. Aside from everything else, he also seems to think that in Euro 2016 they only had to draw with Iceland to get through to the next round
  3. Gascoigne was up in court today: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/sep/19/paul-gascoigne-pleads-guilty-to-racially-aggravated-offence Guilty of racial abuse but apparently not a racist. Horrible thing to do though...
  4. Trump says he feels as good now as he did when he was 30. Which means when he was 30 he felt like an overweight, borderline obese 70 year old...
  5. Letts is just Kelvin McKenzie with marbles in his mouth - a real jock basher. Hope Joanna Cherry gets stuck in and doesn't give him an easy time just because he's not a politician
  6. Agreed. Masterchef can feck off as well as can the dancing programme, the karaoke ones, the jungle one and anything else with celebrities in it. And Poldark. There's people out there who virtually plan their lives round this pish. I've just about stopped watching mainstream TV recently - it's interesting to gauge people's reactions when you tell them that you don't know who they're talking about when they throw some non-entity's name into conversation.
  7. Middleton Trust Ellon 10k for me on Sunday ahead of the Crathes half marathon the week after. I saw in Monday's P&J that the people behind the Great North Run are bringing a similar half marathon event to Aberdeen...
  8. One of Greville Janner's stoutest defenders was Keith Vaz. Strange... https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/politics/2015/apr/25/keith-vaz-helped-kill-90s-probe-greville-janner-claims-why-is-vaz-silent-now?client=safari
  9. Day of the Jackal Easy Rider Electra Glide in Blue Carlito's Way The Road to Perdition (all fairly similar) The Graduate Kind Hearts and Coronets
  10. Heartbreaking. I was down there with my family last week when the tide was out - it's so different and dangerous when the tide's in and the wind's up. Awful beyond belief.
  11. I'll get back to you next week on that - I should manage Wednesday but I can't say when. Actually, more likely to be Friday...
  12. Thumped 6 - 1 at Gateshead. Jotters? http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/14686185.York_City_manager_Jackie_McMamara_apologises_for_embarrassing_6_1_thrashing_at_Gateshead/?ref=mr&lp=11
  13. This hurdler is the business pic.twitter.com/IdMfJa1NEG
  14. On all the evidence I find him a Kkunt but I suspect he'd appreciate my honesty too.
  15. This Keirin race is a fecking shambles - stopped twice already. edit: Cracking race eventually - another gold for Kenny