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  1. Next time I'm stopped and told to take down my hoodie, I might politely refuse and remind the officer of this positive step, possibly claiming to be a Jedi wizard or something if you have to be superstitious to get away with this sort of preposterous garb. That said, I haven't been stopped for years and rarely wear a hoodie. I suppose certain headgear might help some people feel more comfortable coming forward to discuss certain things like, oh, I dunno, forced marriage, domestic abuse, human slavery, lightsaber theft or paedophilia, so I guess it should be seen as a positive in that light.
  2. Martin is brutal, but maybe he's been picked in case we're forced to resorting to punting it into the box in the last ten to scramble a result, particularly if the free-scoring Fletcher is either injured or having a 'mare. Squad does look weak, but it must be better than Malta's..!
  3. Agree with Kaymer and Westwood. I think Lowry will be the man to get the nod. He's played OK in America this year and is above McDowell in the points table. Would like to see Russell Knox get it, but think Clarke will go with Lowry as he has performed better in the bigger tournaments this year (and had a 65 this week, I think?).
  4. Hey, Blondie...
  5. Yeah - a bit odd. Maybe that's what he thinks and the SRU think different, or maybe he wanted to do something with the Lions/ wouldn't sign an extension to 2019 and we told him to get pumped. Or maybe it's just a decision that they want to hold on to Toonie and see him as a better long term bet. Maybe, maybe. Who knows? Will be interesting to hear why...
  6. just realised this is on the Dalian Atkinson thread, so will take that down!
  7. I'm not fussed! Just reporting what she said their market research showed. i should also say that my experience of French food when I have gone there is that it is mostly utter dogschit unless you are paying through le nez. Germany, on the other hand, is wunderbar.
  8. I had one once. Don't generally eat stuff like that but thought I'd live a little and see what the fuss was about. anyway, I remember talking to a girl who worked in tourism Scotland (or whatever it's called) and she reckoned that the food had a good rep amongst the higher end tourists from France/ Germany/ USA. They love the fish/ game stuff and pay a lot for it - kinda goes with the whisky/ kilts/ shortbread type image that we use to get them in. That said, I'm off to la Laterna near Glasgow central tonight, so don't know what that says about Scottish food!
  9. I kinda want Fiji to win the sevens. Fiji has never won an Olympic medal of any colour in anything - men or women. If they get gold, it'll be some party!
  10. Mark Robertson. Good try from Bennett today, by the sounds of it (was driving and listening on the radio).
  11. Sounds like a must!
  12. Rugby selection for GB is a little odd, in that there are a couple of English lads in who are tried, tested and very good, but perhaps on the wane if recent results are anything by which to go. That said, the lads who I would have thought might replace them are also English, bar a lad from Scotland whose name I forget right now. I enjoy the world sevens when it comes round - Scotland winning the last round there at Twickenham (and knocking out England on the way) was brilliant!
  13. I watch a bit of Scottish/ English at the start of the season, but lose interest after a couple of months as it becomes pretty formulaic (at which point I start betting!) Leicester and to a lesser extent Aberdeen made it more interesting last year. I'll then pick up towards the end of the season if it looks competitive. Group stages of the champions league are just so boring. UEFA may as well just pick the usual suspects to go through at the end of it. If they wanted to almost guarantee their members progress, they could maybe have a 2-legged play off of 1st v 4th seeds and 3rd v 2nd. I might then tune in and buy some Continental Tyres or Gazprom leccy. Other than that, I enjoy the Bundesliga.
  14. Our lass is watching the diving at the moment. It is unfathomable pish and the attempts of the expert commentator to make every dive sound crucial is grating my cheese. Ooh - here comes tom Daley and the other, less marketable one whose name they can't seem to remember. Off they go. Splash. Pish.
  15. Just an example of how weak opposition will often result in shoddy legislation. See the football act as well. Would be good if there could be some sort of second chamber or independent scrutinising body. However, setting one up would require legislation made in its absence!