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  1. Wonder how the SRU will play this when they eventually make a decent statement..! They just don't understand that we're a country in a successful political union, etc...
  2. Haye is a ##### (they both are), but to be fair, this is funny... https://twitter.com/mrdavidhaye/status/837765480295325697/photo/1
  3. I'm sure I've seen some footage of the Lions singing it on the team bus when on the 74 Lions tour. Anyway. Hope we beat these chumps.
  4. Yeah, me too. Oh well. Anyway - surely Barclay captain and J Gray vice. Pyrgos bench, even if he's been a bit crap of late.
  5. Are they? I can't find them!
  6. First time I've seen it written down like that - grim reading! Need to be out the blocks like we were in the Ireland game. Really want to beat these fvckers.
  7. Am looking forward to Price starting (hopefully not the out-of-sorts pyrgos). I think it'll give Toonie greater options, as he'll then have a scrum-half with a bit more international experience than he might have expected. Looking forward to the wales game - just hope that price and Russell don't decide to jettison pragmatism totally out the window.
  8. I think it was Nathan Hines telling him to hurry up. Bizarre moment. Not Russell's best game. Would be surprised if he made Lions.
  9. Haha. If we look like winning, I'm doing similar - ordering 2 x tickets for the Italy game!
  10. Bit harsh on Fagerson there! Thought he had a decent game and he has certainly improved. Also, one of his middle names is Ragnar, which is another plus point against him!
  11. I think we can do well. Basically, if we're within a score with 15 to go, I think we will do it, as they will be blowing out their arse. Teams named today. I'm not expecting any changes, but I've seen on another forum the idea of starting ford and possibly Reid, before bringing in the more mobile Brown and Dell with 20 to go, purely with the purpose of running the French into the ground. Hope Russell plays better, and it would be nice to see Price (although if we do, it will probably mean we are chasing the game). And while I like rugby league, it just reminds me of a game of bulldog, or touch rugby with almost proper tackling. The scrums and re-starts after touch are a farce. I still watched Saints v Leeds last night though!
  12. will do, cheers.
  13. Another vote for a la mort subite. Cercueil bar for something different!