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  1. Rugby 7's

    That was brilliant! No Team GB!
  2. Agree re: points deductions. I think it would stop pretty much overnight, mostly through self-policing. However, what's the incentive for the blazerati? The Scottish government should just withdraw all funding from football in Scotland until points deductions are a realistic option. And while they're at it, keep the money in their pockets until they sort out a pyramidal structure and summer football.
  3. Irrespective of its arguablylaudable aims, the Actis so poorly-drafted and ambiguous as to be practically useless. An example of howweak opposition often leads to poor quality legislation. Also, arguably, an example of why a bi-cameral legislature not elected wholly on party lines is desirable in Scotland. At the moment, that piece of legislation smacks of people sitting round a table all agreeing with each other whoview outsidescrutiny as a trifling matter to be swatted aside,as opposed to a potentially valuable and helpful necessity to produce the positive andpracticallaw they were elected to make.
  4. Aberdeen on the move

    Cannot comment on the geography/ infrastructure as I don't know the area, but if those mock-ups represent the actual design of the stadium, it looks pretty bland,unimaginative and, on the whole,disappointing.
  5. Manchester Aiport

    10 - 15 mins, depending on human traffic, your bags, how fit you are feeling, etc. Have your train tickets ready at the top of the ramp! Can be a right carry on if you have put them in a pocket you forgot about. Ticket-checking system is ususally 2 jobsworths usingarchaic machines instead of the electronic barriers you would expect to see if flying to a similar-sizedairport in another developed country. tip - not much of a tip, but sit as near as you can to the front of the train and get off first. You then get first up the ramps, first in the lifts if you need them, etc. Sounds obvious, but the general fvckwittery of British tourists is not to be underestimated.
  6. Scargill

    Lives on in the golfing lexicon. Great strike, poor result.
  7. Voting

    Cheers. Would be interesting if that were the result!
  8. Voting

    Are there any exit polls?
  9. Best 5 pubs you've been in

    Hairy bikers on bbc2 doing Glasgow pubs at the mo, if anyone's interested.
  10. Prince dead

    As Prince probably once did in his orthopaedic shoes. A tragic coincidence.
  11. Finally takes the piano upstairs.
  12. Don't know. Just seem to remember himworking for setanta then popping up on sky.
  13. "Rangers fans who stuck by their team when they went bust. Unlike me and setanta..."
  14. michael owen

    ...or reach for the whisky...
  15. Manchester Aiport

    Yes. Plenty time, although maybe take fast track, depending on if you arrive at a busy time. Border guards are slow and the airport is dirty.