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  1. New Scotland Macron Kits

    I like them both, particularly the away one, but it seems that changing both kits (and both the 7s kits) every season has sneaked up on me. Since when have we done this? I thought they generally lasted 2 years in rugby.
  2. Summer Tests - Japan v Scotland

    We should be able to do that. The Argentina game at home will be important, and we should be able to beat at least one of Wales or Ireland (have said that before tho!).
  3. Spain

    I echo this question.
  4. Spain

    I thought Malaga was a great place when I went. Was only there a day, but thoroughly enjoyed it. There are a few wannabe geezers and their molls out there, but they are easily avoidable. May as well go out for the interview with a couple of days either side and see what u think. take sun cream.
  5. EU Referendum

    Pish it's aw pish every cnut is as bought and paid for as the next. The best you can hope for is to die in your sleep.
  6. Engerland Fans

    It's all gonna kick off soon... https://mobile.twitter.com/woodhousecurtis/status/742669266638475264?s=08
  7. Engerland Fans

    England fans are a disgrace. All that serious goading could only end one way...
  8. Engerland Fans

    Aren't the England fans on a final warning? As in if they tear the arse out a city, they're going to get chucked out the tournament? Or was that forgotten about after England fans behaved themselves for a wee bit in countries where plastic chairs were presumably harder to come by?
  9. Euros Betting

    had my hopes up there!
  10. Euros Betting

    Where is that, pal?
  11. Dusseldorf stag doo

    No, but it's a good choice. Stayed there for the Dortmund match. Some cracking bars. Also, winds these arseholes up.
  12. Just been strolling along the banks of the Firth of Forth, and had a discussion with a mate re: top predator in/ on the forth. We settled on seals, although you do get the occasional orca there. were we ring! Would it be seals there?
  13. Rugby 7's

    That was brilliant! No Team GB!
  14. Agree re: points deductions. I think it would stop pretty much overnight, mostly through self-policing. However, what's the incentive for the blazerati? The Scottish government should just withdraw all funding from football in Scotland until points deductions are a realistic option. And while they're at it, keep the money in their pockets until they sort out a pyramidal structure and summer football.
  15. Irrespective of its arguablylaudable aims, the Actis so poorly-drafted and ambiguous as to be practically useless. An example of howweak opposition often leads to poor quality legislation. Also, arguably, an example of why a bi-cameral legislature not elected wholly on party lines is desirable in Scotland. At the moment, that piece of legislation smacks of people sitting round a table all agreeing with each other whoview outsidescrutiny as a trifling matter to be swatted aside,as opposed to a potentially valuable and helpful necessity to produce the positive andpracticallaw they were elected to make.