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  1. It does have something to do with it. At Tynecastle last night you could see several of the players weren't match sharp, and one or two of the players (notably the left back and Sammon up front) were still getting used to playing together. Lack of ability (player and manager) is a bigger factor I wouldn't argue there, but it is wrong and simplistic to dismiss the issue of these effectively being pre-season games for Scottish clubs.
  2. Said pretty much that in the pub before the game last night. I thought we would probably still scrape through as they really aren't very good, but the risk of an away goal was always there from the off. Too few within the game in Scotland seem to have grasped this.
  3. Rope a dope at Tynecastle last night. Hearts thought they came away from Malta with a good result, but failed to see the Birkirkara players celebrating the 0-0. Birkirkara always fancied their chances of a goal, particularly when they saw how conservative Neilson was in his tactics and that half of the Hearts players dont look match fit. We created plenty of chances but in the end probably deserved to lose to a poor side that out thought and out fought us.
  4. Turkey

    Erdogan clearly looking to blame it on supporters of Gulen in the army as being behind the coup, the suggestion is that they have acted now as many will be removed at the military council next month. Wouldn't trust anything Erdogan said though.
  5. Turkey

    I'd be surprised if any of the tourist centres are much affected by this, if at all. I would be nervous if I were in Istanbul on the other hand, although I suspect some semblance of calm might be restored reasonably quickly. Difficult to imagine going for a stroll in Taksim Square or across the bridge at the moment though. It is a wonderful country but it really doesn't have its troubles to seek at the moment.
  6. Turkey

    Very true. Lock down the media, put a few tanks on the street and people tended (understandably) to stay in their houses while relatively small numbers of troops seized power. Not now. It's still not really clear who and what, but it is being reported as a faction of the the military staging a coup to protect the secular nature of the state. However pretty much all of the political parties seem to have rallied to the government against the coup, including the secular and Kurdish ones. Erdogan has purged much of the leadership of the army in recent years, so it may be fairly junior officers behind the coup.
  7. By all accounts Hearts should have won last night, but they aren't through yet. Looks like a tough draw in the next round anyway, although it is a different team from the one that played Motherwell, and in any case Motherwell's adventures in Europe don't give much of an indication of a potential opponent. Aberdeen's draw could certainly have been worse. And speaking to a couple of Brondy fans in Edinburgh last night, they felt Hibs were unlucky, and (while they were confident) they felt Hibs might yet push them in the return leg. Would be nice if at least one Scottish team could progress through this round and the next.
  8. Tragic and hilarious in equal measure. I'm sick of diddy clubs like Celtic damaging the coofficient with results like this. And yes I do know they will win the return leg 5-0, it's the aggregate result that matters etc.
  9. What is the evidence that the guy who murdered the police had any connection with those who took part in the peaceful protest march? Those who took part in the March, whatever you or anyone else thinks about their cause, are not responsible for the accusations of the murderer. In the example you give, if there is no evidence that the two were connected I wouldn't suggest that the marchers were responsible for whatever hypothetical violence you have in mind. If that is the high moral ground, from the comfort of my living room, fine by me.
  10. I've seen nothing to suggest any sort of direct connection between the Black Lives Matter protest (the BBC just said the shootings came at the end of a peaceful protest march) and the gunmen. The motivation of the attackers may turn out to have been some sort of revenge for the recent police shootings, but that doesn't seem to me to be a reason to condemn a peaceful protest. It is a terrible thing, best not to jump to conclusions.
  11. I see in the paper that Jamie Walker credits the quality of his delivery at set-pieces with practice. Who'da thunk it? I've a feeling Birkirkara will beat Hearts, particularly with the first game likely to be played in that sort of heat.
  12. Group B finale

    To reiterate, Russia are the worst team in the tournanent.
  13. I remember Rory Bremner being presented as an undecided on a debate during the independence referendum debate, which was about as dishonest as you can get. Barely a day later he was on another debate show representing the No side. And I'm not saying both sides weren't at it. There are genuine undecideds out there though. It is the sort of issue that most people, if they are honest, can hardly be 100% on. There is just so much that is wrong with the EU, although, on balance, I believe it is better than the alternative.