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  1. That's what pretty much everyone who knew anything about football was saying. A competently run club would have brought in a decent manager on half the wages that McCoist was milking from them, who could in turn have brought in players from the lower leagues, and used some of the young players they had on their books, at a fraction of the cost. When they got into the Championship they could have strengthened. I've lost count of the number of times I've had this conversation with, frankly, brain dead Rangers fans who just couldn't get past the 'he's never a Ranger player' or ' could he handle the pressure of playing at Rangers?' garbage at a time when Rangers were playing Annan, East Stirling and Elgin.
  2. He basically played Football Manager for 2 years. As soon as he had to start actually being a manager in the real world, in the Championship against several full time clubs with a budget that was approaching say a quarter of his rather, than less than a tenth, he was hopeless. Totally ####in clueless. There are any number of managers that could have guided Rangers through the 2nd and 1st division with some of the better players in our Championship for a fraction of the wages Rangers and McCoist wasted on sundry SPL players that he basically couldn't coach properly.
  3. Pretty much. It is quite disgraceful what Griffiths has been subjected to. Clearly he shouldn't have to come off Twitter, but wholly understandable why he has in the circumstances.
  4. Scotland V England

    I don't really think they have been this season though, which (along with a seriously weak bench) was why I was fairly sure we would lose. Glasgow had their season disrupted by the RWC but even so they haven't been playing that well this season. Injuries to the likes of Dunbar and Bennett haven't helped either, and I thought Bennett looked well off the pace on Saturday. I think the same team, with maybe Strauss in at 8 and Denton to 6, will be given another chance against Wales, although Lamont might come in as a counter to the likes of North. In all honesty though, when I looked at a back up front row of Fagerson, McInally and Reid I knew it would be a tough watch. The English knew that they would finish the game stronger. And the errors, always the errors. A bit of momentum, a few phases then a knock on, loose pass or squint throw at the line-out. Or something. We just aren't as sharp and efficient as the bigger teams. Summed up for me when Laidlaw (the most reliable of kickers) missed a pretty easy penalty and then no one fielded the restart kick, conceding loads of territory far too cheaply. These guys are professionals.I agree that England were ordinary but they played a limited game pretty effectively, scoring two tries to none, and won what must have looked like a real potential banana skin. They kicked far too often, and I think Ford might be for the heave-ho, but they still beat us fairly comfortably. The 6N is wide open, in truth I don't think there is a more than half decent team in it. France were awful against Italy (who will really fancy there chances against us in Rome), England are clearly a work in progress at best, and neither Wales or Ireland looked that strong yesterday in a game that Wales must be kicking themselves they didn't win. And yet already it is looking like how we go about avoiding the Wooden Spoon again. A shite state of affairs as Renton might say.
  5. Scotland V England

    I quite like the commentator on ITV, Nick Mullins. I'm told Guscott was in full-on bawbag mode on Saturday n the BBC.
  6. I was impressed by Hibs yesterday, play like that and they will push Rangers hard in the Championship I suspect. A much better side than just about any team we've played in the SPL this season. Hearts weren't good, but looked to have done enough. The substitutions didn't help at all, especially the reshuffle at the back. And our midfield visibly tired in the 2nd half, all of a sudden the Hibs players had time and space to play where there had been none in the 1st half. There is nothing quite like a derby match at Tynecastle, thoroughly enjoyed the day, even if the result up felt a bit like a loss, and (as always) too many fans of both sides go over the top. Thought we had pinched it at the end, but Hibs will justifiably fancy their chances in the replay.
  7. Scotland V England

    The game went to form I'm afraid. The backline never really clicked, only Hogg and (too a lesser extent Scott) looked really sharp. Bennett is a really good player, but was anonymous yesterday. The forwards competed well, but wilted badly when the changes were made, which was to be expected considering who was coming on. I imagine pretty much the same side will be given a second chance next week, but a few (particularly in the backs) will need to up their game.
  8. Was involved in a few of these about 15 years back, mainly BMW and Merc. They are RH drive, but the whole thing really was a bit of a pain in the arse. There are savings to be made, no doubt about that, particularly with sterling strong, but there are lead-in time, insurance and RV implications. In addition be very, very careful when checking the exact specification of the car you are getting - do NOT assume that a, say, BMW SE specification in Germany is precisely the same as in the UK. For whatever reason UK cars seem to have more bits included in the same 'spec' as cars in continental Europe. Don't know why, just seemed to be case, and people can end up disappointed getting a car that doesn't have something they wanted (and would get with the UK car). Wouldn't touch it with a bargepole personally, but there are specialist importers making a living so it clearly can be done.
  9. Piece of piss. Saw the band concerned at the Voodoo Rooms a few months back (minus the front man obviously) and they were superb.
  10. Scotland V England

    I wouldn't disagree re many ex players (this guy had the chance to turn pro right at the start of the professional era, but turned it down as he was already into his thirties and had a good career outside the game) but personally I would respect his opinions, while not necessarily agreeing with them. He knows far more about top level rugby than you, me and everyone on this board combined and he's not one of the rent-a-quote mob. I have heard similar comments, though not nearly so strongly expressed, from other folk in the game. All that said, I was genuinely taken aback at his comments, and think they were a bit over the top - we had both had a few to be honest.
  11. I enjoyed Admin 4's post above. But I did find myself wondering what the point of a swear filter, presumably put in place by the Mod/Admin team, is.
  12. Scotland V England

    I freely admit I'm a natural pessimist when it comes to the Scotland national side (comes from following them for over 40 years), but even so I cant really see many grounds for optimism tomorrow. We had a decent WC, finally seem to have a front five that can handle itself at this level, and the balance in the back row looks better with Barclay back. There are tries in the back-line too, although the form of a few of them hasn't really been the best in the past few months. I worry about our bench strength too. If Cotter does go for wholesale changes around the 60-70 minute mark I think we'll struggle. England have a lot of quality players, but with a new coach and quite a few changes it is hard to know what to expect. I'd predict England to win by 10 points or so, very much hope I'm wrong. I find the Denton debate interesting. I thought he was outstanding in the WC, one of our better performers, always making it over the gain line. At a party recently I was talking to a former Scotland international and Lion of not that long ago (his wife is a friend of my wife) and he was strongly of the opinion that he wouldn't have Denton anywhere near his team, certainly not at No.8 - totally one dimensional, crash ball, lacking in the basic handling skills and any game awareness or vision. I was taken aback at his comments really. Now I see hear that Denton is struggling at Bath, and another friend, who regularly watches them, says Denton is viewed similarly there, the phrase one dimensional is used, and he is seen as easy to read and defend against.
  13. I'm genuinely amazed that anyone would want McCoist. I can see his media pals talking him up for the job, but no idea why anyone beyond that would think it is a good idea. He may well be worse than Locke; I really wouldn't wish McCoist as manager on anyone.
  14. I think the theory is that the flat rate had to be sufficiently high to still be worthwhile to higher rate tax payers, if not as attractive as it is now. Certainly should be attractive to those on the basic rate (who have any spare cash) where future problems are likely to be the most acute.
  15. Tax relief on pensions is due to be changed soon. My IFA reckons it will be a flat rate of about 25%. She is usually pretty good on that sort of thing.