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  1. I fear things have moved on a bit from that. Many of us were assuming that the anti-Trump vote would do the trick after he won the Republican nomination (to date a tiny proportion of the electorate have actually voted for him), and that the big coastal states vote would take care of things and ensure a deafeat for Trump. Unfortunately not really looking so likely anymore. Clinton is very unpopular across much of the States, while Trump (unprincipled, populist charlatan that he is) has skilfully tapped into the anger with Washington and politicians in general. Trump is polling well in California and many NE states. Who knows what his campaign will come up with once it is turned onto Clinton. Not good.
  2. Not at all thanks re the first bit. Djouf did have more talent, arriving in England on the back of an impressive World Cup. He never lived up to it though, his poor attitude, short fuse, and lack of professionalism saw him shunted around from club to club, things getting so bad that he even had to try his luck in Scotland with Rangers at one point. Parallels with Barton shouldn't be overdone though, I don't think Djouf was ever jailed for six months for assault. Shrewd wasn't the word I was looking for, whatever you are hearing. Warburton (who I think is a good manager) is gambling that the Barton he gets at Rangers is the one that just played a season at Burnley, not the one that has caused bother at most of his other clubs. He clearly feel it is a worthwhile risk. As I said it can be rationalised from a purely footballing point of view. Time will tell if he is right.
  3. Barton. It can be rationalised from a purely footballing point of view I suppose, but it is a terrible idea and will end up in tears. El-Hadj Djouf (who was probably a better player) springs to mind, the kind of pension fund signing that Scottish football should have moved on from. Surprised at Warburton, goes against most of what he has done in his career.
  4. I just can't be arsed going along with the need some have to polarise this, whereby 'they' must be in the wrong, whilst 'we' are in the right. I don't think Hibs fans should have gone onto the pitch, but nor do I believe for a moment that anything other than a small minority of those who did had any sort of malicious intent in doing so. If Rangers players and officials were attacked then those involved should be prosecuted, as should anyone who chose to go up to the Rangers fans and get involved in bother. Equally, it is clear that the vast majority of Rangers fans didn't react to whatever provocation occurred, didn't go onto the pitch, and didn't get involved in any violence. Those who did, a small minority, prosecute them. The pitch invasion is a bad precedent, I'm puzzled by those who feel it is understandable, but keep a sense of perspective, on the whole it was a lot of people doing something spontaneously to celebrate a victory. Shouldn't have happened, but not the end of the world and just part of what was a great weekend for Hibs fans. And this place really would have gone into meltdown if it was Rangers fans who had done it.
  5. I don't know a single Hibs fan who feels that their day was in any way diminished by the pitch invasion. Not one little bit. The media reaction has, if anything, re-enforced that view I suspect.
  6. I just don't get when it became 'understandable' to run into the pitch when your team win the Cup. I didn't, the thought never even crossed my mind. I don't doubt for a moment that the vast majority of Hibs fans were just looking to celebrate and acted with no malicious intent, but they should have stayed in the stands like fans of most other clubs have done over the years. And that article in the link above is laughably one-sided.
  7. I think that is how the top four will shape up. Below that, really no idea, so many players will come in between now and the start of the season. The reality is that many of our clubs bring in more than half a team each year and it is all but impossible to know how it will pan out. I think Hibs will win the Championship comfortably enough, with Dundee Utd and Falkirk fighting it out for second spot. It isn't as strong a league as some make out, most of the teams are fairly poor. That said I hope Raith have a good go at it. Edit. Sorry, should have included St Johnstone in the mix. They'll be in the top 5, particularly if they hang on to Wright. Best run club in Scotland.
  8. Shame to see scenes like this. Well done to Hibs on the win, it looked like it was going Rangers way, to dig out the win from there was a great effort.
  9. They've looked tired for a while now, Rangers starting to play. Not overly impressed by Halliday, but lovely strike for the goal. Holt has looked better than most of the other Rangers players who have been talked up this season. Speaking of which, Keatings would have offered more than Cummings for Hibs.
  10. In terms of defending neither Tavernier or Kiernan are good enough to play at a level above our Championship. Hibs could easily have scored 4 or more by now.
  11. I mentioned earlier in the week that Rangers form wasn't great and that they might find it hard to come out at full tilt after a 3 week 'break'. I guess this is what has happened, they surely aren't this bad. There's another gear or two in them if they can find it I suspect.
  12. Has Kiernan been a regular this season? He's shite.
  13. Lot of truth in that. Celtic, perfectly sensibly in my view, funded a side to win the top league in Scotland without any real competition, and they accordingly got found out in Europe. They couldn't really admit to their fans that in doing so they were effectively accepting that they wouldn't be able to compete in Europe at all. It would have been nice if Aberdeen had been able to catch them out this season, but now that Rangers are back Celtic will, I guess, recognise that they need to get the cheque book out again. I fear things will revert to type depressingly quickly.
  14. One of those games I want both teams will lose somehow. I've a feeling it might be a good game, and I find myself hoping for a Hibs win. Life is strange sometimes. A day in the pub beckons to watch football and rugby.