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  1. It is a truly remarkable achievement by Lecicester, and they should enjoy every moment of it. But the media have overreacted. It is right that they recognise it, but as too often with the British media there has been a complete failure to maintain any sense of perspective. And,over and above everything else,this win is pure gold for the marketing men of the EPL and Sky, which is just hard to take. None of which diminishes the sporting story at the heart of the story.
  2. If the 'Charlie' comment refers to what I think it does, he is reading an extract from Shakespeare's Henry VIII, the speech by Cranmer. It is, I guess, meant tomark both the Queen's birthday and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. I'm a republican, and would get rid of the monarchy tomorrow given the chance (which the SNP wouldn't incidentally),but I honestly can't be bothered gettingoffended by that reading by Charles on his mother's birthday. Obama's intervention is clumsy at best, and is another example of the Remain campaign following the same strategy as the BT one in 2014. They need to be careful, they are doing much of the Leave campaign's work for them.
  3. Saw him at Wembley Arena in 1988/89, great show.
  4. Didn't I see something about him being taken ill and off a plane the other day?
  5. Watched it in the background at the pub last night, to be fair to Rangers it was a much bigger game for Hibs than it was for them. And had an element of 'after the Lord Mayor's show' about it too coming so soon after the OF game. In addition, most Rangers fans have accepted that their defence isn't great. Conversely I think there is a danger that some - not all - are reading too much into the Celtic game, it was a one off and this is a particularly poor Celtic side. The Danny Wilson question is an interesting one, he looked OK in the Championship last season (not great, but OK) in a team that was strolling through most games, often against part-time opposition. Maybe the Championship is his level. Similarly Gomis was excellent in the Championship for us, quickly got found out - and punted out on loan - in the first few months of this season.
  6. Lennon was looking very debonair and svelte at his golfing day yesterday.
  7. Rangers will spend a lot more than £500k strengthening their squad this summer,even allowing for the offloading of some of the remnants of McCoist's ludicrous signings.
  8. Might watch Spinal Tap again over the weekend.
  9. Allowing for all Wetherspoons not being up to much, the Footof the Walk in Leith is a real jakey ridden shitehole. Also made the mistake of going into the Dalmeny Bar on Leith Walk a couple of years back, it was right out of Irvine Welsh,with smashed glass all over the floor,and locals helping themselves to drink as the barmaid had passed out behind the bar. The Tam O'Shanter in Leith is probably just about the worst though, nipped in there a coupleof times waiting for the bus, just a complete hole.Too many to mention in Glasgow, and the Port Customs in Stirling deserves a mention too.
  10. To be fair, there's a half decent keeper hidden away in that fat suit.
  11. For all that the bloke Gunning may well be a fud and his behaviour last weekend not on, Dundee Utd's handling of Donaldson's substitution,with no one warming up for a player that had clearly been carrying a knock for a while, calls Mixu's competence into question.
  12. Dundee Utd are so bad, you have to think Hibs will win it.
  13. In all honesty, I'm in better shape. How can a professional sportsman be allowed to get into that sort of state. That said, Hibs look much the better side so far.
  14. You're a curiouscreature. In reality,afterit being shown your initial claim was nonsense, you tried to muddy the waters by saying indirect tax rates in the UK were higher. When the that was shown not to be the case either -with real tax rates in the UK being roughly in the middle for developed countries - you thendeveloped your 'analysis' by listing various taxes as and when you could think of them,and backing up yourclaims with links to, amongst others, the Daily Mail. Most indirect taxes in the UK will have equivalents in other countries (VAT rates are set at an EU level for example,and I don't think I've ever been anywhere there wasn't a sales tax). To take two specific examples. I checked on the costs inSpain we paid in relation toa couple of taxes you listedearlier in the thread.The Spanish equivalent of StampDuty is a TransferTax, and is charged on the value of the property at a rate of 7%, higher (usually much higher)than Stamp Duty for any UK property, certainly for those of less than£925k. There is also a 3% Income Tax payable on the purchase by non-residents, but that can reasonably be forgotten aboutfor comparative purposes. Either way, the cost is higher in Spain. Conversely, it should be said,road tax (IVMT) is probably about half to three-quarters what it is in the UK,depending on the model of the car. You made a claim which was incorrect. Unsurprisingly,you have since been unable to show any credible evidence to substantiate yourclaim becauseit is wrong.Rather than quit when you weren't ahead you have kept on going,and are now relying on stuff likepretending that those disputing your claim 'don't understand' the difference between direct and indirect tax.
  15. I do, yes. I've looked for any indication that this is a subject on which you have much knowledge on. It is becoming abundantly clear it isn't.