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  1. Yes. I know that you believe what you are saying is correct.
  2. Precisely so. You belief is based on your viewing of the incident. We have differing interpretations, both are subjective. Your's possibly more partial than mine. Only Stockley can know what was going through his mind.
  3. You have. It's a subjective opinion with nothing of any substance to back it up. You appear unaware of that. The nose and mouth are part of the head, so an injury to one or other of them is by definition a head injury. Over and above this concussion occurs when the brain comes into violent contact with the inside of the skull. There does not have to be any direct 'hit' to the outside of the skull for concussion to occur. Certainly a smack to the nose or mouth could result in concussion, as could a violent jarring of the head when another part of the body (such as the torso) is impacted. I don't know whether worries about concussion were one of the reasons it took so long to treat Tierney today, but it is a possibility and if so a sensible precaution. Maybe I'm conditioned to that now through watching and having played rugby, where protocol around head injuries is increasingly strict. It is common enough for long periods of treatment to occur which ultimately result in the player either playing on or walking off the field.
  4. Opinion obviously divided on that one. Looked a bad one to me, everyone will have their own take. It was a good game from a neutral perspective, and I enjoyed the way Aberdeen had a go and took the game to Celtic. The way they pressed so much caught up on them in the end I suspect, couldn't sustain it for 90 minutes.
  5. Like the first part of your previous post most of that is irrelevant, red herrings in an attempt to give some sort of substance to what is nothing more (or less) than a partisan fans blinkered viewpoint. 'But that's all the ammo you have'. Excellent. I enjoyed the highlighted bit too, genuinely funny that you seem to believe (and I suspect you do) that you can know his mindset in the split second that the incident happened. Your other post above re what constitutes head injury is pretty funny too.
  6. The first bit is irrelevant to what happened today, the second entirely subjective. Overall, just blinkered guff pretending to be an objective assessment. My (entirely subjective) viewpoint is that he had a swing at Tierney, but I don't much care and am self-aware enough not to kid myself that what I think I saw in any way qualifies me to be sure of what was going on in Stockley's mind. I do care about whether Tierney is available for the England game though, hopefully suggestions that he has a broken jaw prove unfounded. Could he really have been taken to hospital, seen, diagnosed, treated and released in time to be back at Hampden for the trophy presentation?
  7. Have you seen Brown's challenge on Hayes where he follows through and his studs seem to make contact with the top of Hayes' leg/thigh?
  8. Guff. He swung his arm and his elbow caught Tierney. It looked to me like he meant it, but I don't claim to know for sure one way or the other. In truth (as I think Willie Miller said at half-time) only Stockley really knows what was going on in his mind. You (mistakenly) are sure based on the sum total of nothing beyond your support for Aberdeen. The post is self-serving nonsense entirely without substance.Either way Celtic won the game, it's done now. My only concern now is that Tierney will be OK for the England game. He was at the ground at the end, so looking hopeful.
  9. Harrumph! Good effort by Aberdeen; Celtic deserved the win though. Hope Tierney is OK. Enjoyed hearing Bamber Stubbs referring to Celtic getting 'all the, eh, acculations'.
  10. Celtic thoroughly deserved the win in the end. Technically Rogic should have been booked for running up to the fans after scoring, but never going to happen. Decent game.
  11. The high press they have played will catch up on any team. Used to on Liverpool when Rodgers was there. Brown should have been booked at least twice, but hasn't been. Plus ca change.
  12. He had a head knock and was receiving treatment. This is the twenty first century. Transpires he has been taken to hospital as his tooth had gone through his upper lip. In truth, despite your protestations, none of us know if Stockley meant to elbow Tierney (who may now be a doubt for the England game). Brown should get hauled up for his stamp on Hayes. But won't.
  13. Aberdeen had to score there. Both teams creating chances. Overall, despite everything, Celtic look the likelier to score.
  14. Impossible to say for sure I suppose, but my feeling was Stockley had a swing at Tierney. I suspect Tierney must have taken a sore one, he surely hasn't gone of just because of a split lip or lost tooth.
  15. Genuine bawsac behaviour by Stockley there. Surprised to see Tierney go off, hope he's OK.