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  1. 😀 I only watched the first half, but to be fair to Rossy, the Germans did seem to be targeting Tierney, or at least the left hand side of Celtic's defence. Hartson singled out Sviatchenko rather than Tierney for criticism at H-T rather than Tierney though. Gladbach rather stole Celtic's thunder by pressing even more than his teams set out to do (which worked so well against Man City who seemed to get caught by surprise by that) and Celtic's players just couldn't deal with it.
  2. I find that surprising, but each to their own. Having commented I made myself watch it, in case he brings it to life a bit with his delivery. Or something. If anything it is even worse, wooden reading off of a teleprompter of a leaden and uninspiring speech, mainly excuses and blame, interspersed with bizarre little verbal and physical mannerisms. Not pleasant. Word salad as Donny says, a term incidentally I first heard used by commentators over the weekend. Trump is no orator. Which would be OK if he had anything of substance to say, but he doesn't. His is a campaign built on animosity to Clinton (fair enough) and an appeal to the lowest common denominator in much of white America. Unless there is something that he has up his sleeve (or Wiki, or whoever), he is looking like a busted flush. But we'll see in a couple of weeks.
  3. Maybe Chic Young is about to exclusively reveal he has signed for Rangers.
  4. Is that the one where he talks about people warning him it would be hell, but he isn't going to hell he's going to heaven for what he has done? Border line Jesus complex, weird even for him. I've read a transcript of that one (I find him pretty much unwatchable for more than a few seconds) and it is full-on roaster territory. Anyway, Trump has confounded expectation so often that it is probably rash to say he is finished, but he does seem to be moving into the blame and excuse stage. Election rigging, media bias, dirty tricks, reaching out directly to the conspiracy theorists. Etc. Predictable enough really. The saddest thing in all of this is that by having this ultimately unelectable, bullying, bigoted arsepiece out there, not nearly enough attention has been focussed on Clinton. It has been, and no doubt will be again before we're finished, dirty and beyond crazy, but unwittingly Trump has made, for most, Clinton's election not just possible but somehow essential. Simply because he is the alternative. That's fvcked up, and is, I suspect, how his campaign will be remembered. Along, of course, with disbelief anyone ever took it seriously.
  5. I feel a bit sorry for Sammon, he is playing up front with someone who spends most of his time fannying around in centre midfield. His confidence is obviously shot. Muirhead looks limited, but puts himself about, and he stretched a Dundee defence that was looking comfortable against a team that had been playing with no width. It made an obvious difference when he came on for Watt, he played to a team pattern and gave us a bit of shape.
  6. My father-in-law is not long back from a week in Masham and he loved it. Loads of great walks (he did Ingleborough and pen-y-ghent), near to Ripon and Harrogate, and the two breweries as mentioned above - he had a good meal in the Black Sheep Brewery bistro.
  7. Hearts were rotten against Dundee yesterday, who could justifiably feel unlucky not to get at least a point. Sammon looks unlikely to score again this decade, and I suspect Neilson might be running out of patience with Watt.
  8. The replacement of the ramshackle old stand is obviously long overdue, and it is good to see it happening. I don't think there is really much of a case for making the capacity much bigger than 20,000 anyway, can't see any point in spending more just to have more seats that will probably be empty as often as not. What matters to me, and most Hearts fans I suspect, is that not only does the club now have a future (something that seemed very unlikely only a couple of years ago) but that it is going to be at Tynecastle.
  9. Scheduled to be finished September next year with a capacity of 20,000, current 17,400 capacity unaffected this season. Not sure how that works, but sounding pretty good.
  10. I think Trump is weird, and has looked increasingly so as the pressure has cranked up. My opinion. I find it hard to believe he is still in with a shout, but he is. Still think Clinton will win it, as I suspect last night is just about all Trump had left, but none of us can know at this stage. Which, considering Trump is one of the choices, is astonishing.
  11. Pretty much none of that is accurate. I've watched most of it, roughly three-quarters, just didn't want to claim to have seen it all. Like many I've thought he is weird for years, I've just never understood how anyone could take him seriously. But I was genuinely surprised at just how strangely he was acting as I watched it this morning. Nothing to do with the commentary. I don't know if this pro-Trump thing you have going on is serious rather than a wind-up or not. Either way, I think we both feel the debates, so far, have made little difference.
  12. Being honest I haven't seen all of it, as usual both side seems to think their own favourite won. From what I've seen, and commentary I've read, Trump certainly doesn't seem to have been as poor as he was in the first debate. Whether he made anything like the impact needed I doubt, I suspect his tactics will repel at least as many as they attract. The body language stuff, the way he paced around and didn't seem to know what to do with himself when Clinton was speaking, was strange. The looming over her was border line sinister, but I suspect he's just a weird bloke, that is becoming increasingly obvious as time goes on. But, incredibly, he really is still in it.
  13. That seems a remarkably dumb thing for a senior politician to come out with. Probably got a laugh though.
  14. parkrun is one of the great popular, participatory events to emerge over the past few years. A genuine phenomenon enjoyed by tens of thousands of people every week, whatever the weather. Organised on an entirely voluntary basis, it is in my experience friendly, well organised and inclusive, encouraging folk of just about any age and fitness to get involved. It is also, for the vast majority of those who take part (as evidenced by its popularity), a lot of fun. Not perfect, nothing is, but in a country with such a terrible attitude to health and fitness, a genuinely wonderful grass roots movement. Difficult to think of anything like it. As for this Saturday in Glasgow, I'd heartily recommend the Victoria Park one.