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  1. Calling Sutton the best pundit in the Scottish game is, in reality, to damn with faint praise. He's clearly not as much of an idiot as that fat clown Derek Johnstone (who thankfully I very rarely hear as I don't live in Radio Clyde land) but then neither is most of the population of Scotland. Surely we are entitled to set the bar higher for our broadcasters than that they aren't as thick and inept as Johnstone. Sutton is a professional controversialist and gobshite, and he's one of those who isn't smart enough to understand that he isn't very clever. But at least he is prepared to be speak his mind and call an incompetent fvckwit an Ally McCoist or Ronny Deila. He also seems to want to talk up the product, like they do down south but unlike the majority of our media. His niggling attempt to start an argument with Lineker, Ferdinand (and whoever else BT wheeled out the other night) was both petty and funny at the same time.
  2. Clinton clearly won the debate. Not that it will make any real difference, but she strolled it. Only a melt-down by either of them in the debates will have any impact, otherwise they will have little or no impact come the vote. I doubt if Trump's performance will have convinced anyone outside those already onside which will, I suspect, make him have to go for broke in the remaining two. He can't allow Clinton such an easy ride. All of the suggestions of Clinton cheating, bias by the host etc. make it clear the Trump camp know he came second best.
  3. Does it have to be on a Saturday? I'd highly recommend the Seven Hills of Edinburgh race. Roughly half marathon distance (although there is no actual set route) runners make their way across Edinburgh from Calton Hill taking in Castlehill, Arthur's Seat, Corstorphine Hill etc. It is pretty tough, but great fun. Usually on a Sunday at the end of June though.
  4. When did ripping the piss out of (or at least attempting to) another team indicacate interest or care?
  5. Tend to agree. What he says is beyond dumb and unquestionably racist, but I don't think any of us can imagine what we we could out with in similar circumstances if someone shoved a camera in our face. My suspicion is that he will be shown to be a fool at best, but I'd say some benefit of the doubt is in order in the immediate aftermath. From what I've read the police say he was in a car at a bus stop, and he got out of the car as they were serving a warrant on someone else and appeared to be 'brandishing' a gun. I think the policeman who shot him had a camera, footage from which is now being looked at by 'the authorities'. Who knows what that will show. The guy's family say he was reading a book at the bus stop (I don't know if they mean standing at it, or sitting in a car) and that it was the book he raised when challenged by the police. I see thplinth says a gun was found at the scene, I haven't read that anywhere else. Edit. Sorry, having read a few more articles it looks like the policeman who fired didn't have a camera, it was some of the others.
  6. Saw him in a game against East Fife in an early season game at the old Bayview. He got a fair bit of abuse from a group of East Fife fans in the wam-up, mostly relating to his ample girth, but took it in fairly good stead. It was weird seeing a player like that at that level. On top of which East Fife won 4-0.
  7. Not one of the best, and like so many, way past his best by the time he played here, but in his day Pasquale Bruno had been a top class defender - and, admittedly, bit of a thug. I remember being on holiday in Rome when he was at Hearts and got chatting to a bunch of locals in a bar. As it often does, talk turned to football, and having established I supported neither Celtic or Rangers, they asked if Hearts had any good players. We didn't of course, not really by their standards anyway, but I was genuinely taken aback at their reaction when I mentioned Bruno. It was clear he was a player they rated highly and they took some persuading he was playing in Scotland - this was the days before Google. He's a pundit on Italian TV now.
  8. I've said a lot re Barton honestly not sure what specifically you're referring to there. Doesn't really matter. There were some here, and elsewhere, that defended him immediately after the OF game, less do now I'm sure. I'm surprised so many thought it was a good idea in the first place (Warburton more than anyone, he really should have know better), but I can understand supporters getting behind him once he signed. Now though I'd assume pretty much everyone has seen through him now.
  9. I'd be happy to take that bet too.
  10. Point taken re when he actually became a Rangers player, not quite as much of a waste of money then. When they were first linked with him I thought that it had the feel of something that had more to do with appealing to some of the fans and selling tickets than football, little more than a publicity stunt. He's a 'name' and has some talent, but his temperament is well enough known, he was never going to last long in Glasgow. It's well enough known that he had a good season with Burnley, so I won't claim to have expected him to be quite so ordinary up here, but the game here is quicker than many realise, Barton included. I'd put it down to the game here being better than he realised combined with an unprofessional approach to the start of the season. His performance in the OF game and his attitude in the aftermath have shown his true worth, feeble bleating about not having had a 'pre-season' just don't cut it. He'll enjoy himself slaughtering Scottish football when he does feck off elsewhere though, and there are plenty that will lap it up.
  11. Maybe the three weeks is partly to take legal advice to see if they do? If not I think they are working on the assumption that he won't be able to keep his trap shut and will say or do something over the coming days that lets them punt him. Him saying nothing, and then tipping back up for training in three weeks time, may well be exactly what Rangers don't want.
  12. Is Barton being paid over the next three weeks? One of the things that struck me in the immediate aftermath of the OF match was how many Rangers fans came out with 'it's not fair to judge him, he didn't have a proper pre-season' pish. He signed in May and is a professional footballer, barring injury he should be fit for the start of the season. Too busy with broadcasting commitments? Don't sign him. Now he is suspended for three weeks, so (including last week's comedy turn) he'll have missed four weeks of proper training by the time he is back. When is he going to be fully fit? The end of October? End of November? It is a complete shambles, a cluster fvck that was not only entirely predictable, but was predicted by just about everyone who knows much about football. The judgement of anyone involved in signing him has to be seriously questioned. Now I suspect Rangers are working on the assumption that the three week suspension should be plenty of time for a divot like Barton to come out with something that will let them sack him.
  13. Agree 100% right on this. The inclusiveness of the referendum, giving an equal vote and say to everyone who lives here irresespective of place of birth, heritage etc., was undoubtedly one of its strengths. The vote of my neighbour here in Edinburgh (who is Spanish, but has lived here for 20 years) was of equal value and worth as mine, and that is as it should be. Granted those in favour of independence should try to understand and address why the Yes vote was lower amongst those who have chosen to move to Scotland than the population as a whole, but that doesn't mean the decision to give everyone a vote was wrong. Thankfully, from what I've seen, the leadership of the SNP understands and strongly supports this.
  14. I really enjoyed Willie Miller's take on the Barton situation on Radio Scotland on Saturday.