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  1. If there is no ruck, there is no offside line. If you play rugby this really isn't that complicated, and neither is it all that new. Most of England's complaints didn't even relate to players who were within a metre of the scrum-half, and it was pretty brainless response from England in the first half. Other teams have used the tactic intermittently in very high level games in recent years, and in some ways Peter Horne's try in the RWC QF against Australia showed what a player with a rugby brain does when the tackling side don't commit players to form a ruck - pick up the ball and run straight down the middle with it.
  2. Cathro seems to have no idea how to set out a team against a side that will scrap for every ball. Which is pretty much every team we'll face in Scotland, except Rangers. He appears puzzled that the opposition aren't standing back and looking on admiringly as Hearts stroke the ball around. He needs to adapt quickly, he has made a terrible start. Well beaten last night by a better team.
  3. Wayne Foster was my postie for a while. Alex Cropley was a taxi driver in Edinburgh for years, haven't seen him recently though. Stevie Kirk is a Director in a plant hire company in Newmains, as well as being Commercial Manager at Albion Rovers.
  4. Trump is probably ahead of schedule in terms of mad fuvckwit scariness. Penny beginning to drop for a lot of people.
  5. Fair points above. You'd have thought that someone, a journalist for example, might approach the club for clarification. I'd be fascinated to get a breakdown of this £18m investment that has apparently already been made for example.
  6. Was it? But Hines had just arrived with the kicking tee. I got the impression the ref had said something about how long he had left to take it. I was watching in the pub so couldn't hear what was being said by the commentators, but it seemed an odd situation to me. You get 90 seconds to take it, but I've never seen a ref hurry up a goal kicker who has just received the tee.
  7. It wasn't a penalty, and the ref has a lot of explaining to do.
  8. The full statement clearly reads as £30m on players. It goes on to say that £18m of the £30m has already been invested, and that a total investment of more than £30m will be now required. It does not say, as was reported by the Daily Record, that another £30m may need to be invested.
  9. Hibs fought well today and their fans in the ground made a lot of noise, especially second half. Perfectly happy to acknowledge that. Every word quoted above is complete shite.
  10. The entire nation finds itself astonished.
  11. Terrible game at Tynecastle today. Tattie field of a pitch certainly didn't help but precious little football on display from either side. Any credit that is going is to Hibs, we were outfought across the field. The 'we can't play that badly again' mantra was being rolled out by many of us trudging up towards Haymarket in the freezing cold. It's not true of course. We can, and very possibly will.
  12. The big lad Cuthbert will be having nightmares about his attempt to tackle Daly for years. Really good game.
  13. I thought the Deputy Speaker handled it pretty well.
  14. Entirely fair to highlight the work that both Dell and Fagerson did in the loose. Cotter spoke about them in terms of it almost being like having two additional back-row men on the pitch. But (and it is a huge but) the one thing a prop has to be able to do (no matter how good he is at everything and anything else) is scrummage, otherwise the team almost always finds itself on the back foot, with poor possession, conceding turn over ball and penalties and (often) with men in the bin. In their post match analysis I'm sure the Irish will have reflected on their failure to drive home their obvious advantage in the scrum. It was an open goal and France are unlikely to make the same mistake. Brown starting might indicate that it is the props, rather than Ford, who are being credited with whatever improvement there was in the scrum, so good luck to them. Fagerson is a talent but is really young to be an international prop and is being asked to learn the hard way. I've seen the big guy Berghan come on as a replacement in a number of games for Edinburgh and each time he has improved the scrum a lot. He, conversely, offers less around the field, but he'll feature for a chunk of the second half on Sunday I suspect.
  15. Fully aware of all of that and more. Much more. But the place being silly is no sort of an argument for lowering yourself to the same sort of level. It wasn't a big issue but it was poorly judged.