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  1. Sutton had a point re the Forrest booking. But he droned on about it up to half time, then got right back into it after half time (having a childish dig at Chris Miller in the process) and went on and on about it for what seemed like about 15 minutes, all but ignoring what was actually happening on the pitch. The delusions of grandeur involved in him believing Thomson was making decisions as a result of his (Sutton!s) criticism from last week was beyond parody. Sutton is a classic example of someone who is too stupid to know he is stupid. And our broadcaster give him a microphone.
  2. What the fvck is Sutton wittering in about?
  3. First game I've watched on BT in ages. Chris Sutton us an absolute bellend. Looking like a ranking for St Johnstone.
  4. I think Ritchie said something to the linesman.
  5. I suspect you'd be surprised both how hard it is, and the rate they are going at. There was a guy that used to do the parkrun in Edinburgh (haven't seen him for a while) who wasn't that young, and I'm told not particularly good, that did the 5k run 'walking', if you see what I mean. He usually finished in the top half, meaning that he was quicker than over 200 people who were running it.
  6. Well quite. And think of the froth sundry fvckwits get into over which flag flies over official buildings, not least in Northern Ireland, though it happens here too. In general terms anyone waving a flag, or getting worked up about someone else doing so, takes a bit of watching.
  7. In general, anyone making a big thing about flags, good chance he/she is a rocket. Flags somehow seem to attract those who just can't keep a sense of perspective about things. As an example, if someone has a flagpole in their front garden they are an arsehole, don't care what flag they stick up it. But I respect and rather admire what some of the Celtic fans did last night.
  8. I've no idea what Patterson is worth in today's market. The money in England is mental, but our league's players just aren't valued like many other countries, It's clear the step up from our top league to the EPL is far too big now. Putting skill to one side, the physicality and pace (not to mention the way games are refereed here) down south are such that promising players here just can't handle it. Championship first for a year or two to adapt is the only way that they can cope.
  9. Wrong link I think. The final duel scene, and then the 'Hey Blondie!' bit is great. Rarely has music been used so effectively.
  10. Planet of the Apes and Chinatown are good shouts. Some of my favourite films have great endings - Shane, The Big Lebowski, Casablanca and The Third Man.
  11. To be fair I know what Ally means. The same, only more so. Anyway, I thought Celtic played pretty well last night, and it is noticeable that Rogers is regularly starting 6 Scots. Whether there will still be starting places for the likes of McGregor and Forrest come the close of the transfer window might be another matter, but for the moment at least they are which is encouraging. I thought Brown looked a bit heavy and slow at Tynecastle a couple of weeks back (to be fair he was busy refereeing most of the time), but he played well last night. As did Griffiths, who is a better player than some give him credit for. Defence is shaky though; OK for SPL, not good enough at a better level.
  12. The night we were there a sort of informal Q&A just seemed to happen at the end, and a (I think) Japanese guy said something along the lines of "Too much microphone, we want to hear your voice". In response she put aside the mike, stood in front of the stage, and did an unaccompanied version of Ne me quitte pas. It was genuinely beautiful.
  13. All about keeping Townsend.
  14. Daily Record linking him with Celtic and Rangers.
  15. My friend was in bits by the end of 'Look Mummy, no hands!' I've seen her umpteen times, wasn't one of my favourite of her shows, but still excellent. A few sound issues at the start with her mike too loud, and then a lot of distracting noise from the marquee (it was blowing a gale) on the quiet songs. Disappointed that she didn't do 'Ships' too, but she can obviously change the set list from time to time. Great show overall though, with bits of Prince and Floyd mixed in with the Bowie stuff.