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  1. On top of all the other reasons why allowing all residents a vote was reasonable, the alternative would imply going for 'Scots born' which would raise the issue of all the Scots in the rest of UK (and abroad), who I'd have thought would be more likely to vote to maintain the Union. Maybe one of the few times when the native voting statistic comes into play is when people say "Scots didn't have the bottle, whereas the Great British Public, given their one chance to leave the EU, took it". in this case it only seems fair to point out (what i think someone said earlier) that different rules applied so if they had used the same eligibility rules it would have been the same result
  2. Very curious. BBC put up 2 Labour people in same show. Just at the point they are tearing each other to shreds. Jeremy Kyle should be the host
  3. Who knows where this is going? It's got TA, Rangers and now politics, what threads will it swallow next? bake-off? bees? games of thrones?
  4. There must be a helluva lot of wee countries though. Previous winners Steaua Bucharest recently lost 0-5 to Man City, at home...
  5. Well according to the original post and title, I thought the TA is 2 Rangers fans down
  6. Ah yes, I'd forgotten about that (and similar SNP ambivalence in the run-up to 1997). Many people would have been persuaded that the Assembly was a poor offer, and there would soon be a better version (the Devo Max of its day?) - as even the Tories promised a better home rule offer to come, but then reneged on when they got into power.
  7. I can believe that - whatever was the vote-winner. If devo had lost more support in England than it gained in Scotland, he would not have done it.
  8. Ok... I am still trying to get my head round this. I can see that the indyref could have fired up (ex) Labour supporters to support the indy cause, which translated into switching to SNP in 2015. But I can't figure who was thinking what in 1979, just don't remember that. Maybe (ex) SNP supporters switched to Labour because by granting a home rule/devolution chance they saw Labour as pro-Scottish (= the sympathy vote). (And maybe those supporters switching were themselves ex Labour coming back into the fold after 74... But also I have a feeling that there was more fragile sense of national self-confidence (not just due to 1978 world cup!) Also, maybe the existence in Scottish Parliament and a visible core support for independence was a factor. In 79, devolution became a 'lost cause' and people dispersed with nothing to do but put their banners away get back to Westminster business as usual, whereas the existence of an ongoing nationalist 'alternative government in waiting' in Holyrood was a heartland to rally around.
  9. I don't think I follow. in what sense?
  10. Well I'd missed the beginning, so still not sure what the programme is for, who its for, what the title means. It seemed like a potted history of Scottish politics since the 60s but not sure what the 'Battle for Britain' means. It seemed reasonably balanced (though not mentioning the McCrone report). For me the most obvious omission (other than omitting Maggie visiting Hampden) was immediately fast-forwarding from 2007 SNP victory to 2011. As if Scottish domestic politics and SNP performance in government is of no interest to Marr. The real test of any 'bias' will be next time, how (if) they handle BBC/Pacific Quay and how (if) he covers the George Square 'riot' Oh and another thing, I'll be interested to see if it attempts to explain why the SNP surged after the 2014 referendum but not the 1979 one. I don't think anyone has ever explained that. People just seem to assume, 'obviously' after the failure of 79, support dipped, whereas equally 'obviously' after the failure of 2014, support surged.
  11. By the way, an Andrew Marr documentary on, right now, Scotland and the Battle for Britain. (Not saying it's biased... )
  12. BBC Quietly Owns Up to Blatant Propaganda Lies https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archives/2016/09/bbc-quietly-owns-blatant-propaganda-lies/ Is the BBC biased against Jeremy Corbyn? Look at the evidence http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2016/08/bbc-biased-against-jeremy-corbyn-look-evidence London Calling: The BBC is no longer “our’s” so let’s fight it, says film-maker http://newsnet.scot/citizen/london-calling-the-bbc-is-no-longer-ours-so-lets-fight-it-says-film-maker/ and just for balance, BIASED BBC: http://biasedbbc.org/ this lot who seem to think the BBC are too PC, too pro EU and biased to the left - and even too pro SNP!
  13. Well I generally know of overseas teams from via European competitions especially with Scottish clubs, so it depends who you play and some will loom larger than others. You could be passing through Belgium and suddenly see a station Mechelen and realise you know the name. Or realise you know that Craiova has a university (and, is a place, at all), because they once played Dundee United (it seems they are now defunct - the club not the university). And what about TNS (Total Network Solutions), Videoton, Anorthosis Famagusta, etc... So I'd have thought Aberdeen and Dundee United would be better known than Hibs and Hearts on grounds of European exposure. But by that argument, clubs like Gretna and Queen of the South could be better known than larger rivals.