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  1. It's as if May is turning the Tories back into the Nasty party - Dave's hugging hoodies and huskies and green tree logo and gay marriages seem a long time ago
  2. I see the Tories are scuppering the Turing bill As @Theresa_Maybe said, We successfully filibustered the #TuringBill. And you thought we were only Europhobic and xenophobic. Oh no, our Party has all the phobics
  3. You could try Grassington http://www.grassington.uk.com/
  4. There are two slightly different sub-groups who could shift from No to Yes. Those who see themselves as internationalists and wish to remain in something larger - this would include EU citizens . And those who are mainly motivated by economic factors - especially if Scotland became more, rather than less, attractive to business/investment in the event of independence. Both of these would depend on Scotland securing reasonable prospect of smoothly (re)joining the EU. But this won't be clear - including the softness or hardness of border - for a while. The great opportunity could be if Scotland fell in on the EU side, so that rUK can't bluff or play hardball about willingness to trade with Scotland. Also who knows, maybe the oil price will rise... Going the other way from Yes to No could be people who wish to be out of EU and voted Yes to be out of it, and who are happy with Brexit Britain. Hard to tell how many there are, but there must be some. On the age issue, I think those shuffling off the electoral roll won't be completely replaced by younger hardening into conservatives, also for reasons others said, the new generation won't be so attached to the 'Britain we fought for' but also surely there will de a diminishing number who believe what they're told by the old media. One final thing. Will people ever think they have been conned either by the post-No vote promises evaporating, or the post-Brexit promises evaporating (such as more powers for Holyrood), or the lack of UK Govt treating Scotland as a partner in the precious union? If so, when will that sink in?
  5. If you wish to win the hearts and minds of unionist ladies, what would you suggest?
  6. Surely there are lessons from the EU referendum. Lots of people were not committed either way and ready to listen to both sides. Hearing exaggerated views and one side baiting the other was unlikely to make this middle group switch - if I heard leavers calling the EU a totalitarian state and Brexit was the only way to return to democracy, or heard them scoffing at Bremoaners, I'd tend to switch off and stop listening; same if remainers dished out the full project fear stuff (your holidays will go up in price, security will suffer, terrorism will soar, the sky will fall, etc), or calling leavers loonies and racists (when you can see fine well there are ordinary decent ones), again I'd tend to switch off and stop listening. Probably a lot of people swithered and may only have decided late in the day (even, on the day) and maybe this could come down to one clinching argument or gut feeling about in or out, and I suspect it must be the same for indyref. So I'd conclude, it will be won with swing voters and one or two arguments or feelings that need to be genuine and reasonable, not exaggerated, and not implying 'vote of us, or else'.
  7. Apparently Alex Salmond, Emily Thornberry, and the Daily Mail's Isabel Oakeshott, coauthor of the pig-gate Cameron biog
  8. i thought some from Labour were touting this. They seem to have gone silent - and the media, where is the media asking what happened to these promises? It seems Brexit means Westminster gripping Scotland ever tighter, who'd have thunk it?
  9. Before going further: I mean that stuff people like Gove were coming out with - I mean *new* powers, - and even new powers over immigration - what happened to those? Gove vowed to 'renew and reboot the union' https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/pipe/news/scotland/michael-gove-vows-to-renew-and-reboot-the-union-after-brexit/ http://stv.tv/news/politics/1357274-michael-gove-brexit-could-lead-to-devolving-immigration/
  10. Sam Allardyce!
  11. Let's see... weren't expected to win this one, other results have gone our way, only 3 points behind England...
  12. I meant in the recent conference when the Tories spelled out a lot of policies, interpretation of Brexit, new initiatives like the naming foreigners, all those announcements: in among all those announcements did they mention the fisheries or any other extra devolved powers?
  13. But surely in league football, a new manager can make a difference- even without signing
  14. Maybe this time it is our last - or his.
  15. Baffling.