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  1. Interesting... apart from the bizarre Labour results, one thing that this shows is that although the SNP is sometimes called a cult, SNP voters at least rate Ruth positively and give Nicola a reasonable 71%, whereas the Tory votes have Ruth at a cultish 83% positive, and all other party leaders negative.
  2. ICM poll Conservatives - 43% (up 4 on ICM two weeks ago) Labour - 27% (down 2) Ukip - 13% (down 1) Lib Dems - 8% (down 1) SNP 4% (nc) Green 4% (nc) Plaid Cymru 1% (nc) Map is prediction based on poll, with one seat in Scotland SNP > Tory, the Borders from the looks of things.
  3. What was the report for? so Sturgeon is set to make a speech about Europe... so why would BBC national news be interested in that, in advance,and not even have the Scottish Govt view represented? But a commentator from the Spectator...? Who is the report for?
  4. This seems a very strange cover - what is it trying to do? The independence movement presumably needs to attract soft ex-no voters who are not 'nationalists' (they may be 'internationalists' and/or non native Scots) So what do you do - put a big flag waving image on the cover which may turn off those who don't like 'nationalism', have a quote about 'stupid English' to turn off the English and those who dislike bigotry, and keep banging on about the 'Yes movement' which could be a turn-off to those No voters who are simply concerned about their future and don't identify themselves (yet) with a political campaign. And finally, imply that the SNP is 'delaying' as if that party is in disarray and/or not fully committed to independence. ...but still, it's enough to sell papers...
  5. Labour seem to be in complete civil war mode, beyond caring who they are hurting (each other - not the Tories). insinuations and accusations of bullying and intimidation seem totally self-serving, seem designed to create endless "Corbyn denies bullying" headlines. It looks as if it's not just Jeremy Corbyn 'fecked' - but the Labour party 'fecked'
  6. Interesting - this proves it is not just that 'nationalists' are so blinded by their nationalism that they are not open to debate. You are admitting you are not open to debate. Do you think the Republic of Ireland should exist? The Republic of France? Should Turkey reconstitute the good old multi-national Ottoman Empire? So maybe this is the crux of the matter - you are happy (I assume) for countries already independent to exist, but you seem to dislike the process of gaining independence; you seem to dislike the 'tribalism' of 'nationalism' and the prospect of fragmentation of nation states. Which is fine but it's not as black and white as you suggest Logically the answer to the question about 'what circumstances would you accept an independent Scotland' could as easily be 'in the past' (if Scotland was already independent or had never been in the Union)? Maybe waking up in an already independent Scotland wouldn't be so bad after all...
  7. I refer the right honourable member to my previous reply. But aside from the monarchy, the constitutional issue of what kind of nation/kingdom Scotland is, and what kind of the Union the UK is, could have material effect on who gets what at the time of divorce.
  8. I see what you mean, but then, if you want independence, you need to convince a whole lot of people who voted no last time, many of whom are monarchists, that they might like to live in a tolerant and inclusive iScotland. Confirming the exact status of Her Majesty Elizabeth the First, Queen of Scots is then part of establishing certainty rather than uncertainty... There should be no conflict of interest in principle between the staunchest British monarchist and Scottish political independence as long as Her Majesty long reigns over us....no? After all, some of the more 'glorious' moments of the monarchy occurred when Scotland and England had their own parliaments...
  9. interesting, I made the mistake of watching that newfangled television contraption which seems to have moved the bbc hq (ghoulishly?) to nice, and almost not advanced beyond your original post nearly an hour later
  10. Maybe Jeremy Corbyn could give it a go?
  11. OK so the monarch would not revert to a Queen/King of Scots... but the 'king'dom of GB&NI would be disunited politically (two states), and GB&NI would be just a royal title... If so it wouldn't need sorting out and would not be on the list.
  12. Does anyone know, what was the proposed arrangement for retaining the Queen in the event of Scottish independence? Would she revert to the pre-1603 'Queen of Scotland', becoming Queen Elizabeth I of Scotland? Or is it more complex than that? The Queen is, besides the Queen of the UK, of course also the Queen of Australia and Queen of Jamaica, and even the Queen of Papua New Guinea. But as far as I can tell she is Queen Elizabeth II of those countries, even though there was as far as I know never a Queen Elizabeth the first of Papua New Guinea. So for these ex colonies, they take their numerical cue from the Queen of the UK. What about Scotland? Scotland would not be an ex colony. Yet didn't in some sense the Union (possibly 1707) actually merge the crowns into a single Crown? If so there is no Queen of Scotland at present? And if so, then on independence (assuming monarch retained) would the Queen of Scotland be the same status as the Queen of Jamaica? Meanwhile the Queen of the rUK would still be 'the' Queen - the continuity Queen? If England became independent, there'd then be a Queen of England and a Queen of rUK - who would be 'the' Queen then? And who would get Her Majesty's overseas possessions? If Wales became independent, would Charles become King of Wales??
  13. Talking of which, did the Leave campaign not promise that fishing and other Euro-controlled goodies would be devolved straight to Holyrood? Where's Jim Sillars when you need him?
  14. OK, not dour faced, just slavering, no further questions m'lud
  15. Anything in particular he said, like recently? All I have heard from Westminster today is tributes to David Cameron, not any reporting of any activity by Scots MPs on high horses or otherwise