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  1. They were, but it looks like the website down, although you can log in but if you try to do anything else it just keeps coming up error!
  2. Has anybody got 2 spare seats on a bus for this game please. 1 adult, 1 child leaving from the Dundee area or if a bus going down the Kingsway can arrange to meet somewhere on that road. Any help here really appreciated. Thanks
  3. I was at Hampden on Sunday for the kids Christmas party and bought the pink strip for my niece - no socks as they don't do them for kids - (4 year old), which was on sale, and the whole strip for my nephew (11 year old) and was told as the strip for my niece was on at a sale price I couldn't get the discount on that but did on the other one. I said the same thing but was told that no further discount would be made on any sale items and this was the shop inside Hampden.
  4. Quite a few of us in there as well
  5. I'm the same 100% football. When we don't play well this does have an effect for the rest of the trip. It's bad enough coming away with a defeat but a defeat where the team had no fight about them is even worse. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this.
  6. Exactly and the rest this year were friendlies (apart from Malta and Slovakia) - not even particularly good games
  7. We were the same really had to think long and hard about this game but in the end we booked (we are 10 pointers so to miss this would have been huge for us - not gloating just stating a fact). Want to give the kids, 11 year olds, who have been to a good few games over the past couple of years, the Wembley experience. As already been said it costs a fortune travelling away - I don't even want to think about how much we've spent over the years on trips!! If we could at least be guaranteed a decent game of football in every game, not expecting to win every game but at least come out fighting like we did against Germany, Italy and France, not this year unfortunately, over the years then everybody would feel different. It's the lack of fight in the team that is now getting to me. Don't know if it's anything to do with the way the manager's got them playing or just the players in general (or I'm getting old!!) but something's got to change. As Vanderark says it's also now that we get games all week and not so easy for getting time off etc. Not everybody has the luxury of being able to take a week off from work for a mid-week trip.
  8. We were on Zander's bus (3) and had no problems whatsoever. A big thank you to Zander for organising the buses and to the guy (sorry don't know your name!!) for the organisation on bus 3. Would definitely book with Zander again at any future games
  9. That's you in the good books with SJ. Brilliant
  10. Aww thank you. SJ that's me sorted with a sort of "tartan" scarf
  11. Ffs some people really need to get a life. Really thought you were on the wind up!! But as SJ doesn't go for the game only for the party is it really surprising
  12. I will tell you when I see you in Bratslava I will be the one in jeans and Scotland top and limping as too much to go into on here!!!
  13. Ha ha, did you look out a Burberry scarf for me please!!!
  14. How do you know I don't wear any tartan!!! You sound like you are going to a wedding mate. Certainly wouldn't want guys in a white opened collar shirt, definitely Scotland top for football, which is the Tartan Army dress code for football. I don't wear a "cheap" kilt, when I do wear mine and I don't wear it with timberland or trainers. FYI there is a reason why I won't be wearing my kilt for this game or for that matter any of the other games over the past 2 years but this is of no concern of yours but anybody who was with us for the Nigeria game at Fulham know the reason!! You carry on SJ and keep making my day (until I get bored of you of course, but I will let you know).
  15. Hope you're joking. Did that really happen or are you on the wind-up like SJ?