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  1. Ok, we received ours on Thursday. Happy days
  2. If you are going with kids Mellieha, as far north as you can go, has hotels that cater for kids (and a really nice beach), really close to Popeye Village, but if going as a couple wouldn't recommend there as apart from a couple of restaurants in the village not much else going on, although there are buses that take you to anywhere on the island. Sliema is one of my favourite places but it's true come 11pm you will be struggling to find anything open. St. Juliens or Buggiba seem to be the main places for bars etc. No need for taxis as the buses take you anywhere. Valletta is a gorgeous place to visit but really sleepy - worth a visit though. Take the boat over from Sliema and bus back, again to anywhere on the island. If I could afford it I would be there every weekend!!
  3. We were selected for pick up in Bratislava and we couldn't find the hotel, we kept walking right past both ends of the road!!! I have got no sense of direction. Kids were not amused lol Ha ha, it was a great party too
  4. I never choose Special Delivery!! I'm all for saving a few quid . Although pay a fortune on a away games to get there in the shortest possible time normally. Kinda defeats the purpose!!
  5. Fly out on Saturday Edinburgh - Vienna then booked hotels in both Maribor and Ljubljana on Saturday to Tuesday, to be cancelled when game confirmed. Then onto Zagreb on the Tuesday and fly back from there to Edinburgh via Brussels on the Wednesday
  6. It must be me!! I always do request standard oh well done now. Shouldn't try to do things quickly when at work!!
  7. Yeah although the drop down box "moved" (for want of a better word!!!) the only option was Special Delivery. Bought now as the kids would never speak to me again if I didn't get them lol.
  8. Did you get your tickets? I have just ordered ours through the SSC page
  9. Just bought ours this morning (2 adults, 2 kids), not many left by the look of it. Bought for East Stand Section F5 Row G. Can't see there being a public sale. Not giving option for Standard Post either only Special Delivery option. Did click the box to change delivery status but only Special Delivery available so another £7.50 on top of the ticket prices.
  10. They were, but it looks like the website down, although you can log in but if you try to do anything else it just keeps coming up error!
  11. Has anybody got 2 spare seats on a bus for this game please. 1 adult, 1 child leaving from the Dundee area or if a bus going down the Kingsway can arrange to meet somewhere on that road. Any help here really appreciated. Thanks
  12. I was at Hampden on Sunday for the kids Christmas party and bought the pink strip for my niece - no socks as they don't do them for kids - (4 year old), which was on sale, and the whole strip for my nephew (11 year old) and was told as the strip for my niece was on at a sale price I couldn't get the discount on that but did on the other one. I said the same thing but was told that no further discount would be made on any sale items and this was the shop inside Hampden.
  13. Quite a few of us in there as well
  14. I'm the same 100% football. When we don't play well this does have an effect for the rest of the trip. It's bad enough coming away with a defeat but a defeat where the team had no fight about them is even worse. I know I'm not the only one who feels like this.
  15. Exactly and the rest this year were friendlies (apart from Malta and Slovakia) - not even particularly good games