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  1. Don't blame you. It's hard enough organising a bus let alone a train
  2. Thanks guys. Be a good idea if we could collect and would if I knew how to!!
  3. Is the one?? Anybody any idea what it means. The very last line is e-mail address Slovenský futbalový zväz používa vernostný program PayMe Periscope a Vaším nákupom ste získali odmenu 0.38 € v PayMe kreditoch, ktorú môžete využiť kdekoľvek v rámci PayMe partnerov. Váš nákup: 48.00 € PayMe kredity za nákup: 0.38 € Kredity celkem … 0.38 € Aktivujte si váš PayMe účet pomocou odkazu nižšie, Vaša odmena je už pripísaná na Váš účet. Užívateľské meno:
  4. I got one as well but don't have a clue what it means either!!
  5. 2 more in Section 13 Row 4
  6. I phoned up about 12.20 when I eventually got through, and got the kids on the waiting list. Apparently this is ranked in order of points accumulated as 1 of the boys is on 4 points and the other on 3. She also asked if we had booked and paid for this trip, which we have and it's not the cheapest trip we have ever done, not that that's important but not sure if that's a factor or not if you've already booked maybe come before somebody who hasn't on the same points??? But she made it clear that it is going in order of points if any further tickets become available. Again not entirely sure what she meant by that as she wouldn't elaborate so don't know if they are trying to get more or it's waiting to see if any tickets returned
  7. Thanks guys. Phoned the Travel Lodge and they don't have Sky and won't be showing the game. Plenty of options now to chose from though. Really appreciate all the info
  8. See you soon
  9. Hi Zander, I see you've quoted me in to your response. If it came across that I was questioning your pricing it wasn't meant like that!!! Just saying that £16 was probably about right. If I've picked this up wrong then my apologies. I ran a bus in Malta from Mellieha and I had to charge £6 per head to cover the cost of the bus although I know some buses were slightly cheaper than that. It's the bus companies who set the price of the bus and not the organiser. Many thanks for organising this as I know how stressed I was and that was only 1 bus!!!
  10. Thanks for the update Zander
  11. We are £15 each on the bus that we have booked so that's probably about right. We are booked on one of Zander's buses
  12. Really sorry to hear about your wee boy, hope he makes a speedy recovery. If you contact SSC they will be able to help but if memory serves me correctly you will get a refund if they can sell your tickets on and for this game that won't be a problem with there being such a high demand for them. For what it's worth I think you're doing the right thing by sending them back if you have to
  13. Had the same problem and phoned them and spoke to a guy there who was really helpful. All sorted
  14. Tickets bought but problem with website. Had to phone and spoke to a guy there who was really helpful and put the payment through. Happy days
  15. As title says anybody know where we can watch the Lithuania game on tv in Edinburgh as we not going to the game as on 7am flight out of Edinburgh on the Sunday morning to Bratislava. We will have 2 kids, aged 11, with us. We have booked Travel Lodge at Ratho for the night. Any help here really appreciated.