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  1. Yes. We have a very low boredom threshold.
  2. Wouldn't disagree with you. Perhaps we've been too lenient. Please help us by using the Report facility.
  3. The thread was poisonous.
  4. Threads like this do some of the people who post in them no favours. Nor the board. Well, it appears that the Moderating and Admin on here has been receiving some criticism. The Big Bosses have decided that we'll all be double rostered for a while. Thanks for that. With apologies to the more civil posters - thread locked.
  5. Cool it, PS. You of all people know how this works.
  6. I do not. Cept Mod 18 he is still a kent. Don't disagree with that.
  7. Gosh. We picked you up wrongly. Sorry. Glad you've not left.
  8. Thread continued here
  10. We are amused. We (collectively) have no idea what phart is on about. We readily admit that is a reader problem. We are here to have a bit of chat, debate, a laugh - all of that stuff. We, occassionally feel that sometimes someone goes too far, or is just here to antagonise, so we feel we have to take action. While there are guidelines that we all try to work to, each Mod and Admin is free to moderate in their own style. We absolutely have no intention of "censoring" or "controllng" or any other proposed conspiracy. We don't spend too much time worrying about crossing the Is and dotting the Ts - about whether our whole moderating strategy lines up and is completely consistent. Way too much effort. We don't get it right always. We shrug and move on. The Board has been going to the dogs since the day and hour it was launched. We get that comment regularly. And yet, it still seems popular. The swear filter thing is good fun and gives us endless hours of pleasure. We really, really don't want to spend all of our time intervening. So we don't. That might appear to give rise to inconsistency - but Lo! Here is our fock garden, and we do not have a fock to give. Enjoy the board, be nice to people, don't dish out personal abuse and youd hardly know we were here. At the end of the day - other discussion boards are available.