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  1. Madrid like a lot of Spain is not to be missed at Easter. Was there once in 1981 and the street processions have to be seen to be believed with the guys in purple klu klux klan type get ups parading through the streets carrying coffins. As if that's not weird enough you then notice their legs are manacled together. Very very odd. I was in the Malaga Il Corte Ingles, main department store, last year and they were selling the outfits but trying to ,ake it clear they weren't for the klu klux klan. Should be good
  2. They are in freefall
  3. Its in very good condition judging by the photo but unfortunately it looks a bit boring. I have one in a poorer state but its got a colour picture of a kid in an Argentina strip with a ball and a sombrero in colour. It might get £20 on ebay if you are very lucky but I would have thought the postage would be a nightmare.
  4. As an attempt to try something new I have had some large fridge magnets produced featuring a black and white image of Law, Bremner, Lennox and McCalliog training at Hendon FC before Wembley 1967. Will put the image up here when I get access to my own laptop but until now here is the ebay link.
  5. Anybody been in the last year or so and got tips/recommendations about eating and drinking places. Have been to all the grounds and done the tour of the Bernabeau so more interested recent places that come recommended. Thanks in advance
  6. I see where you are coming from but I think Rafa's time has gone there. Clop appears in with the bricks though failure to qualify for any European competition might she the foundations a bit. I see Hamman is slagging the length of contract he received. 6 years does seem excessive. Rafa to Arsenal if they bin Arsene?
  7. Nailed it
  8. I would also recommend Silberfisch on Oranienburgerstrasse. Open till at least 5 am it is on the backpackers pub crawl route so if you fancy your chances with an American student off her face on half a litre of German beer with slogans written by her mates all over her t-shirt its a good shout. Very friendly bar staff who I am sure could give you some recommendations. Also there is a knocking shop next door should the patter fail on the septic :-)
  9. That place does have an exceptional range of beers
  10. I have had 100 match badges made up for the game in Paris on the 12th of February. They are £4 each including p+p. Anyone to buy one or wanting a group deal for a touring party PM me
  11. I would recommend the St Catherine area where there are various bars and eating places. if you want to eat in a traditional Belgian place which excellent value go to Le Pre Sale on Rue de Flandre. You would need to book. About 100 yards from there is my favourite bar in Brussels called the Monk. Big bar with a variety of beers and quite a lively crowd. There is a newer bar a couple of units down from it which is also lively but the name escapes me. Opposite Le pre Sale is a bar called Roskam which is long and thin. Good wee bar with a friendly owner. They have live music in there and we saw a Johny Cash tribute band there the night before the last Scotland game there. There are also some outstanding seafood restaurants in St Catherine on the Quai aux Briques. They may look imposing and pricey but they offer excellent value if you like seafood. Also on this street is a truly fantastic chocolate shop called Frederic Blondeel. If you go in the smell of chocolate is overpowering and their hot chocolate served with a couple of free chocolates is outstanding. In the main tourist area I would recommend a bar called Delirium Tremens where they have the largest selection of beers in the world. The beer directory is the size of a telephone directory. whilst this is good in terms of selection, it appears that every American tourist in the place tries to find the most obscure beer and the staff spend ages hunting for the weird bottles while you are gasping for a pint. You can go across the lane and drink their lager in a quieter bar. The lane that it is on also features the female version of the Manneken Pis. If you are looking to refuel cheaply there isa street with a variety of kebab shops behind the Grand Place on Rue de Marche aux Fromages If you like meandering around flea markets got to the Marolles area, loads of antique places and a daily flea market. Lots of local colour as they say. To go a bit more upmarket walk up the hill to Place Sablon. There is an excellent value restaurant there called L'Entree des Artistes. Very well finished inside, great staff and good value for what you get from an Italian/French menu.
  12. I think you make an interesting point. Again, showing my age, Gerd Muller was a one off goal machine but I had a conversation with a guy recently about would he have made it today? Didn't track back, small, lacked pace but the ball would go in the net off any part of anatomy. I like to think Bremner would have been smart enough to adapt his game to the new rules but am not 100% convinced. Regarding management I struggle with Liverpool fans and the Shankly way nonsense. Players in those days were slaves and now you have to deal with agents, non English speaking players, freedom of movement, social media, etc. Its a completely different world.
  13. I don't disagree with your valuation as I thought he was an all time great but would he actually make it as a player these days with all the statistical and analytical gubbings that goes around being a player. It always surprises me how in England and Scotland you can do 10 pints on a Saturday night and nobody bats an eyelid but if you smoke you appear to have killed your career for some reason. I think, from all accounts, Clough saved him but would Clough make it as a manager these days? Both genuinely incredible one offs
  14. There is also a casino at Westfield if that floats your boat.