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  1. Holiday reading to help TASA

    Cheers pal :-)
  2. Holiday reading to help TASA

    Wow, thanks. Really appreciated.
  3. Holiday reading to help TASA

  4. Holiday reading to help TASA

    Hi, Tonight I have found around 40 copies of Chancers, Dancers and Romancers in my flat. Essentially this is £400 for the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal lying in a corner. If you are looking for some holiday reading before you head off or was thinking of buying a gift for someone, please go to the link below and buy the book. Its a tenner including postage. The lovely people who run the TASA have a busy year coming up with three away games in the qualifiers following on from the games in Malta and France so every little helps. The book has had several positive reviews on Amazon and I am sure you won't regret your purchase. A sample are below A right riveting read. Tom Sharpe meets Arthur Montford This is a very engrossing and laugh-out-loud funny story that should appeal to non-football fans and Tartan Army travellers alike. The people around the pool while on holiday must have thought there was a madman in their midst. I was roaring with laughter at times. As mentioned in others reviews, every Scotland fan knows a Gus Perfectly captures all the madness of a Scotland away trip but with a little bit of fiction and murder thrown in for good measure! http://www.tasunshineappeal.co.uk/2015/11/chancers-dancers-and-romancers-a-tartan-army-tale/ Thanks for your support, Kevin
  5. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    Thanks for all the comments. Some interesting stuff. Sales still chugging along nicely.
  6. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    No problem with any of the comments as sales are going well so far. If you don't like that t-shirt there are another couple on the website, Welcome to the Tartan Army and Rocket to Russia, a Ramones pastiche.
  7. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    oh well, I knew you couldn't please all the people all the time but if anyone actually wants one, they are now on sale at www.loonyalba.com
  8. Hampden store

    Is there anything special in it would you know that might justify a trip out or pretty much the same as a JD Sports?
  9. Return of Player of the Year t-shirt

    Another LA Retro t-shirt is being launched this week with a the release of Scotland's Player of the Year t-shirt. Details of how to buy the short will soon be available at www.loonyalba.com.It will be £13.50 incl p+p. Image attached below
  10. Hampden store

    Pretty much as I thought then. Absolutely clueless
  11. Hampden store

    Earlier on this year or maybe last year i heard there was going to be a Scotland superstore opened at Hamden where people on the guided tour and general visitors could buy gear. Has it ever opened and if so, has anyone been in it?
  12. Lake Como

    Does anyone have any hotel, restaurant and things to do recommendations?
  13. Paphos recommendation

    Was at Aphrodites Rock brewery last week and would highly recommend it if you are fed up with Keo. Run by a family from Yorkshire the beer I had was pretty good and the food is also good, especially the fish and chips. If you are interested they do tours which don't take too long as its not the biggest.
  14. Glengarry badges

    I wasn't doing them then and have never seen a badge for that game
  15. Glengarry badges

    Its really not going to happen Scott. REALLY!!!!!!! :-)