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  1. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    I would sugfest you did to be on the safe side though mini markets should be open
  2. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Ok have had some technical issues myself. Emailed you confirmation. people should be aware the supermarkets close on Sundays in Malta so if you are going to get a carry out it should be bought today. I expect mini markets will be open though especially in Paceville as it is tourist central.
  3. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Yet another booze cruise update. The St Julians Burger King we are meeting at is in an area known as Paceville.
  4. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Food: The prices on the boat are as follows freshly made rolls are 1.50euro chips 2.00euro burgers 3.00 euro hot dogs 4.00euro chicken fillet ciabatta 5.00euro heineken 2.00euro skoll pint 2.50euro cisk lager pint 3.00euro then there are an assortment of spirits aboard sold at 2.50euro and quarter bottle wines sold t 2.50euro The beer is canned or bottled and COLD
  5. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Booze cruise update Just to ensure everyone on the booze cruise on Sunday is aware of what is happening this is the current timetable of events Pick up from Burger King, St Julians bus station at 2pm. People staying in Bugibba will make their own way to Bugibba jetty to get the boat. 3pm arrival at harbour 3.15pm boat departure. Arrival harbour 6.30pm 6.45pm departure Bugibba 7.05pm arrival Ta qali stadium 10.45-11pm departure stadium to St Julians. Wristbands to get you on the boat will be given out on the bus and to the people waiting at the jetty. You are allowed to take alcohol on the boat. Bear in mind unless you have a large cool bag, a 24 can carry out will become slightly tepid in the heat. The boat has a bar which is very reasonably priced. They have been asked to ensure they have enough booze on board. People may want to consider taking a carry out on board so the bar is not swamped when everyone arrives. It is also advisable to take something for the post boat/pre match period as there is little about the ground. The ko is 20.45 local time so we are allowing plenty of time to get to the ground to ensure we make ko. There will also be the opportunity to swim from the boat at some point so don't forget your speedos. It will be possible to leave any bags on the buses as the same buses will be taking us back to St Julians. At the moment three buses are sold out and the fourth is heading that way. If you want to contact me for any details or with any questions when you are there, my number is +44 7545 425 926. At this late stage no refunds will be given as all the proceeds are going to charity. See you Sunday. Kevin
  6. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Received. Will email you details of the pick up
  7. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Spaces are available. 4 is no problem. Follow the payment details at the start of the thread and PM me the names of the four passengers. Thanks.
  8. Matchday Booze Cruise?

  9. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Received. Who is the other name in your two?
  10. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Due to popular demand a fourth bus is now being arranged. If anyone wants to book please follow the instructions at the start of the thread.
  11. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Graeme, I passed all the details to Ronnie. Just been pointed out its you. Will email you now.
  12. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    I have emailed all the people I have contact details for with the details of the pick up and wristbands. Would you like to PM me with your actual name and then I can check against the spreadsheet that you are onboard and what bus you should be looking for. If there is a group leader you have given money to they should have the details. I am currently looking into putting on a fourth bus so will be in touch with details once it is sorted. Kevin
  13. LA Vintage t-shirt re issue

    Sure are. Go to and enter the size and style of t-shirt when you buy it.
  14. Norwegian airways

    Over 6 foot and take a size XXL in a shirt. Deerus makes a valid point as I have only done short haul as well
  15. Norwegian airways

    Depends on the price difference between them and someone else. If you are not too big I would suggest go for it.