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  1. Euro 2016 Finals -Ticket Portal

    I have a mate who is sitting on two 600 euro Cat 1 tickets for the opening game France v Rumania he is looking to shift. If anyone is interested PM me. Don't all rush
  2. Match badges available again

    Hi, Anyone looking for a match badge go to The badges originally sold out but I have had another 50 made up. If the link isn't working now, it should be by the end of the day.
  3. Match badges now available

    Received, in the post tomorrow
  4. Match badges now available

    No problem
  5. Match badges now available

    Match badges now available at £3.50 each including p+p
  6. Match badges now available

    Badges now available at £3.50 each incl p+p
  7. Sorry but throwing an object in the direction of someone tends to show intent in my book not really "a daft accident". The fact that it was a sharpened objectmakes it even crazier. A complete fanny.
  8. Possibly the person who received a training pole stuck in his thigh courtesy of Thomson's party piece at training?
  9. If he is an example of a good pro god knows what a bad one looks like. His career should have been ended at the end of last season if St Mirren had anything about them.
  10. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Hi, Could the following people please PM me to get the bus details Robert Russell Edna Russell Derek Woodburn Derek Findlay Thanks Kevin
  11. Rome

    Went to see Ostia Mare play the day after the rugby game earlier this year. After that we got on the train and went down to the beach which is at the end of the railway line. Bearing in mind it was close season the place was really closed down, there were drifts of sand against some of the buildings, most of which looked in a state of disrepair. As ever, the weather makes a place and as it was out of season you have to take things into consideration. It did look a lovely beach, wide and long but there must be better places further up the coast. I have googled Rome beaches in the past and there are plenty of options
  12. LA Vintage t-shirt re issue

    there will be a three inch wide badge on the left chest. it will say Lunnainn Albannaich and have a saltire going through it.
  13. LA Vintage t-shirt re issue

    Following of from a request from a TA member on Facebook, I am having the above t-shirt re produced as part of our vintage range. Aye right. The wording will be the same with a couple of additions and an edit here and there. They will be available from next week as either a v-neck or a round neck. If you would like to pre order one, please gift £13.50, the price incl p+p, to the following paypal address Please state the size you want, the type of collar, v-neck or round neck, and your address They will be posted first class from the middle of next week.
  14. Hospitality for Scotland game

    Its £275 plus VAT for the Scottish Cup final. I think I'll pass
  15. Matchday Booze Cruise?

    Its not the Elite TA its the VIP Tartan Navy