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  1. Bump. Ideal reading for flight to Malta
  2. You could go as a passenger
  3. There used to be an English language walking tour that started at Zoo and wes very good. Informative interesting and took you from the old west into Mitte pointing out various landmarks along the way. You can also do a trabant tour where you drive round in the old east german cars. Don't know the cost of that but it might be pricey. DO NOT do the beer bike tour as you get breathalysed before you get on. No wind up
  4. at www.loonyalba.com
  5. Aye well you're from Dundee so anywhere that looks like a cowp must make you feel a home :-) Dug out some cards I picked up earlier this year. Top place is Flavio Al Velavevedotto which is in Testaccio and is built into a hill made out of Roman amphora. They estimate there are 93 million broken bits of jugs in the hill. If there any pork dishes on the menu eat them as they all taste fantastic. Also good for deep fried artichokes which are a taste sensation. Roma's original ground is just across the road Obica- this place is in Campo del Fiori and specialises in local produce all sourced within 50 miles of Rome. The tomato soup is like nothing you have ever tasted. Fantastic pizzas as well using the local cheese. Open till 2am. Gusto Osteria Formaggeria - really lovely modern restaurant which specialises in cold meats and cheeses. get a plate of the antipasti and you are well set up. Don't go for the tripe like I did as you can put all the tomato sauce on it you like and its still shite. The place in Trastevere is Bir +Fud If you are in or around the Monti area look up the Golden Ass or Trattoria Monti. These places feature heavily in every single guide book and article on food in Rome. I have never eaten in them as I have been unable to get a reservation which says a lot.
  6. Have been twice this year and loved it. Campo del Fiori is the obvious place for bars and restaurants but where are you staying? Its a big old place. Have made the mistake of going to Trastevere twice in daylight and it has looked a complete cowp both times. People then say you have to go at night. Clearly because then you do not notice what a cowp it is. There is a place there called bir + fun which does a variety of beers but has a bit of identity complex. There is a restaurant at the back of a long bar but you have to eat. You can drink at the bar but its only worthwhile if you have a seat as it is a narrow passage. It is often queued out the door but apart from the Irish pubs, its as close as you will get. I also did a food tour which might appear pricey at 75 euros but everyone I know who went on it thought it was great. You end up off the beaten track and in some very interesting places. I would also recommend a walk up to the top of the janiculum Hill for a view of Rome which is well worth the effort. Put up where your hotel is and I might be able to give more pointers
  7. The city is flat as a pancake so nothing to be worried about for you i am sure
  8. going at the start of august for a stag and the beer festival. Will see what there is available but I think it depends what English game you are up against. There is an irish bar underneath hakeschermarkt station that might be a good bet
  9. Many thanks for the support. 20 copies shifted in the last few days so this £200 into the TASA coffers.
  10. Cheers pal :-)
  11. Wow, thanks. Really appreciated.
  12. Tremendous
  13. Hi, Tonight I have found around 40 copies of Chancers, Dancers and Romancers in my flat. Essentially this is £400 for the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal lying in a corner. If you are looking for some holiday reading before you head off or was thinking of buying a gift for someone, please go to the link below and buy the book. Its a tenner including postage. The lovely people who run the TASA have a busy year coming up with three away games in the qualifiers following on from the games in Malta and France so every little helps. The book has had several positive reviews on Amazon and I am sure you won't regret your purchase. A sample are below A right riveting read. Tom Sharpe meets Arthur Montford This is a very engrossing and laugh-out-loud funny story that should appeal to non-football fans and Tartan Army travellers alike. The people around the pool while on holiday must have thought there was a madman in their midst. I was roaring with laughter at times. As mentioned in others reviews, every Scotland fan knows a Gus Perfectly captures all the madness of a Scotland away trip but with a little bit of fiction and murder thrown in for good measure! http://www.tasunshineappeal.co.uk/2015/11/chancers-dancers-and-romancers-a-tartan-army-tale/ Thanks for your support, Kevin
  14. Thanks for all the comments. Some interesting stuff. Sales still chugging along nicely.
  15. No problem with any of the comments as sales are going well so far. If you don't like that t-shirt there are another couple on the website, Welcome to the Tartan Army and Rocket to Russia, a Ramones pastiche.