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  1. Phillips with a goal for west brom
  2. Barrie McKay with another goal today
  3. He is!! Put 3 or 4 great crosses in but liverpool no strikers are not taking advantage. Hopefully Griffiths can in 2 weeks!!!
  4. Just wanted to say, fair play to Aberdeen for keeping the scottish core. Bringing players like May, Stewart, Mackay-stevens. and christie in the team and giving them game time. Would love to see more team doing this than random european or mexican player. Hopefully a good season can give these guys the chance to get back in the scotland setup
  5. Ryan fraser, oliver burke, callum macgregor, even james forrest.
  6. When is the squad announced? Less than 3 weeks now
  7. I am hoping the shocking defending and Moreno performance i am watching now will give robertson a chance
  8. No Robertson in the squad for liverpool?
  9. Thought i would start this topic Barry Mckay scored a great winner today. looks a better player already from his last season at rangers
  10. Really? All i am saying is that he wants to play for scotland. I know we have some great players from montrose and crewe in the u21 squad but perhaps we could give him the last 5 mins of a game.
  11. Along with 6 others including martial. Good display otherwise
  12. Scott mctominey with a decent second half display v real Madrid. Need to get this guy capped at some level.6' 4" and only 20
  13. Seeing the 2 young guys playing for celtic and how Tierney has come on, as well as the guy coming on for Man U. I started to think how will our team look in 4 years? I Dont see any good keepers or strikers coming though I came up with this team Ryan Fulton Paterson Souttar Lindsey Tierney Burke Cairney Mcgregor Robertson Armstrong Griffiths/cummings I these players develop and continue we might have a decent team. There is also: Ryan gauld Billy Gilmore John McGinn and a lot of others with potential. Maybe its hope rather than reality but why not
  14. Anyone think regular SSC members will get the option for a 2nd ticket?
  15. He needs to lose weight, i watched the stoke this week and unless he has acres of space to pick a pass he loses the ball. He will not get said space at international level. I think Armstrong, Brown, Cairney, Morrison, McGinn are all ahead of him