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  1. rangers players broke the golden rule as the losing team with a pitch invasion - get the fk out of dodge at full speed - dawdling about on a pitch with that in full swing was naive - however aas I have mentioned before the players should not have been assaulted
  2. Normal service is resumed - moments before kick-off two rousing renditions of 'we hate celtic f***** b******* " - most probably from that famous minority and there was me thinking they were playing Hibs and so the songs went on throughout the match unchallenged by the thousand strong police & security team. Speaking as a neutral (the jags) delighted to see the Hibs win the trophy after such a long time - thoroughly deserved and a decent match too. As for the pitch invasion it was a joyous outpouring for the majority which did get out of hand - but there was absolutely no need for either the hibs fans to get involved with Rangers players or the fans of the losing teamto get themselves onto the pitch and involved in the general fracas (clearly unable to learn from multiple past indiscretions i.e. Barcelona, Hampden 1980, Manchester etc). I would hope that high quality footage of each and every moron who engaged in anti-social behaviour (from the hibs fans involvement with the players to those rangers fans seen on video clips tonight involving themselves in group stampings) are identified and shoved in the clink. Shame about the pitch getting partially wrecked ahead of tomorrow's amateur cup final - also surprised there was any grass left at all after the pitch was cleared - I'm sure though the lads of Colville Park & Leven Utd will have played on worse this season through the winter.
  3. In reply to the OP I'd like to nominate Ken McIntosh (the new speaker) as complete political non-entity who has wangled himself back into Holyrood on the list to collect a £60k MSP salary in addition to the £40k top up for sitting on his arse all day as presiding officer. Cannot name one thing this teuchter has done this last 16 years in the constituency - only see the greaseball when he needs your vote.
  4. she's a total zoomer - must have an album ready for release
  5. OLAS wake me up I'm dreaming been on the Old No 7 since full time - the Arabs and quite possibly those Killie khunts going down in the same season ... it'sa real pity that Airdrie finished mid-tabel as that would have been an unbelievable full house.Could only be bettered by the twa cheeks going out of business.
  6. no need for one- Scargill has already given the eventual verdict - The 78-year-old told5 live’s Rowan Bridge: “A full inquiry will reveal that they concocted stories, they told lies.”
  7. I asked you to explain - but you obviously don't have an opinion so have to lift quotes and video from wherever (Hitchins/wikipedia etc) - do you actually have any well formed opinion?
  8. " I'm a bit of an anti-semite to be honest "
  9. my my are you quoting wikipedia as a reliable source of information
  10. can you explain in simple terms (without posting tlengthy videos showing the utter sh*teespoused by Hitchins) what you disagree regarding my 2 previous posts
  11. wasn't being pedantic budor critical of you so apologies if you felt your toes stepped on - heard the phrase a couple of dozen times on TV today and it annoys me as it's equally applicable to a whole host of races/peoples who are not Jewish - but the phrase is trotted out for the single entity whose country/foreign policy/politicians/army/land grab policies which simplycannot be criticised for fear of being labelled a bigot.
  12. if my memory of school RE is correct - and we were taught a right crock of shit at school in the 80's - then the Semites were a nomadic bunch of different peoples from different countries and different religions - including Christians and Muslims so the term you apply to yourself covers most of the anti's above except fairies and mormons. I fukkin cringe every single time I hear someone on TV spouting forth about anti-semitism - when was the terminology hijacked solelyby Jewish folk who have got their collective tits in a fankle?
  13. Caught a brief snippet of a Lord Levy interview this morning (Tony Bliar's tennis chum). The tenet of his piece to camerawas that anyone who criticised/questioned the state of Israel or it's politics were essentially hiding behind these statements as they were 100% anti-Jew and anti-semitic. Completely and utterly outrageous. Wonder what Levy'scomments on this would be :
  14. jackie bird is a slimy cow - tried to tear Harvie a new one last night with badgering questions on his and party's stance on independence - whilst pro union numb nut Rennie gets a cosy wee chat from BBC England pro-union representative nothing has changed