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  1. first question to the panel in Glasgow should be: Why do the SFA still use hot and cold balls in the draw for the Scottish Cup - the pretence of a 'fair' draw isn't fooling anyone & the odds on top 4 getting home ties against lesser ranked opposition was predicted well in advance.
  2. Cheers boss! 40+ years of glory hunting in maryhill are worth it when you hear wee comments like that . I should qualify my thoughts in that should this indeed turn out to be true then the scumbag involved whether jags fan or not warrants locking up for a long time. Any saintees fans on board she'd any light?
  3. I know boss but some readers might not have made the link!
  4. stupid wee lassies just out of uni that are billed as the new 'stars' who take on jobs/projects, f*ck them up totally start to finish and then point the finger at everybody else for not helping them - look mr. boss I'm shouting loudest and crying so I know you'll believe me meanwhile all the rest of us have to pick up the pieces and complete their tasks
  5. I clicked on your link Ormond & read the article. There certainly seems to be some ambiguity about what actually happened within this outstanding piece of Scottish journalism. Article starts with SHOT and bullet from what is purportedly a 38 year old (!) bus driver (my arse mair like 68!) ... talks about getting nearly hit at neck height but photos of the hole from what I presume to be street level imply that this would not be anywhere his neck in a bus driver elevated position ... morphs into cops not knowing what type of weapon used ... this is perhaps due to the bus being taken back to the depot instead of to a cop shop to allow some forensic analysis to take place ... driver reckons it's not a stone but an air rifle or worse (is it a pellet or bullet?) but settles on a gun and firearms ... uncorroborated story about cops warning of similar events ... absolutely no link to Partick Thistle FC or it's fans nor location of where the bus was hit by this mysterious UFO - Lambhill/Maryhill/St George's Cross/Charing Cross etc In essence Ormond, it's a pile of utterly reprehensible journalistic pish used to fill up a rag. I should state for the record that I'm also supporter of the Jags.
  6. Stay California - we're your best friends (cut to Ross Kemp gazing wistfully out a window whilst drinking a cup of tears!)
  7. I'd completely disagree with Alan who has dismissed Glasgow schools as pish based on league tables. Glasgow is the authority area in Scotland with the highest number of free school meal entitlements and the largest quota of parents living in both areas of multiple deprivation and poverty it has a direct effect on the number of pupils engaging with their work and getting adequate parental support to achieve success in national examinations in the senior phase. Where the parents are in employment, are owner occupiers and actively engaged with their kids education then those pupils go on to achieve fantastic results in Glasgow. If you do move to East Ren you should note that pupils from this area have one of the highest drop out rates from University & Colleges - whilst their results do look outstanding in the league tables dataset (approx 95%+ owner occupier at Williamwood, St Ninian's and Eastwood btw) it is usually by having their pupils spoon fed the content of their school courses backed up with the luxury of private tuition at home paid for by the parents - when they get to Uni they can't handle the workload and have no real idea how to take responsibility for their own learning. Don't look at league tables as a judge of where a school is at.
  8. good idea - how about a deadpool 2017 - pick your top 5
  9. choked on a (careless) wispa
  10. Keep hoping OLAS ... but 42nd year as a Jag I'm starting to get that sinking feeling that it'll be lazy Saturday afternoons down at Somerset Park & across at East End Park next season - although it'll probably be via a playoff against the Hibees or the Arabs. Still tight at the bottom & next 5 league games in a row are crucial - plus a potential banana skin v Fortmatine U!
  11. So professional is he that he singularly failed to check his spelling as his stubby wee fingers rattled out another piece of nonsense. If he retains membership of any professional body then he should be investigated for this.
  12. I would strongly advise you not to do that!
  13. I teach physics and was told by the examining body at a national markers meeting for one of their top-end examinations that there are only 5 words in physics which candidates must spell correctly - fission / fusion alongside refraction / reflection / diffraction - as misspelling them could be deemed ambiguous e.g. fussion & defraction. When pressed we were told that if it sounded OK we could award. Reports completed by all markers at the end of the marking period ask for commentary on literacy standards - it's briefly mentioned in some principal assessor reports but nothing further ever seems to come of it. There is arguably a strange logic at play here - we want the candidates to display physics and collect marks for the science - they can lose marks for lots of other things an English / French pupil will not - for example too many significant figures in answers, substituting wrong numbers into calculations, wrong unit, calculation error, sign error etc - do we really want to start penalising a sciences pupil for shoddy grammar/spelling? One of my pupils recently wrote an answer to a charge question in homework and stated the numerical answer & unit as "1800 cool hombres" instead of "1800 coulombs or 1800 C" - the pupil gets the 1 mark for correct answer with unit as the unit sounds OK and the marking is therefore consistent with the examining body. Whether you agree or not that's the standards we are being asked to apply consistently.