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  1. I asked you to explain - but you obviously don't have an opinion so have to lift quotes and video from wherever (Hitchins/wikipedia etc) - do you actually have any well formed opinion?
  2. my my are you quoting wikipedia as a reliable source of information
  3. can you explain in simple terms (without posting tlengthy videos showing the utter sh*teespoused by Hitchins) what you disagree regarding my 2 previous posts
  4. wasn't being pedantic budor critical of you so apologies if you felt your toes stepped on - heard the phrase a couple of dozen times on TV today and it annoys me as it's equally applicable to a whole host of races/peoples who are not Jewish - but the phrase is trotted out for the single entity whose country/foreign policy/politicians/army/land grab policies which simplycannot be criticised for fear of being labelled a bigot.
  5. if my memory of school RE is correct - and we were taught a right crock of shit at school in the 80's - then the Semites were a nomadic bunch of different peoples from different countries and different religions - including Christians and Muslims so the term you apply to yourself covers most of the anti's above except fairies and mormons. I fukkin cringe every single time I hear someone on TV spouting forth about anti-semitism - when was the terminology hijacked solelyby Jewish folk who have got their collective tits in a fankle?
  6. Caught a brief snippet of a Lord Levy interview this morning (Tony Bliar's tennis chum). The tenet of his piece to camerawas that anyone who criticised/questioned the state of Israel or it's politics were essentially hiding behind these statements as they were 100% anti-Jew and anti-semitic. Completely and utterly outrageous. Wonder what Levy'scomments on this would be :
  7. jackie bird is a slimy cow - tried to tear Harvie a new one last night with badgering questions on his and party's stance on independence - whilst pro union numb nut Rennie gets a cosy wee chat from BBC England pro-union representative nothing has changed
  8. aye talking a right lot of bollo*ks as well the stupid old sod - bitter and classless to the end - slotting in with the other lot as the two cheeks of the same ar*e reunited.
  9. School closures

    3ED Consortium were involved in fullschool rebuilds & extensions in Glasgow during "Project 2002" - with Miller named as the construction partners - Page 27 in this fuller document ( in full the construction work undertaken byMiller on the 29 Glasgow secondary schools - namely 12 new builds and 7 extensions. Interestingly not a single public pronouncement has emanated from Glasgow City Council to date about safety checks.
  10. I've been waiting 20 long years since the painful relegation play-offs when those those late scoring tangerine ratsconsigned us to many years in the wilderness - clean sweep and Doolans winner tonight have soothed that particular memory. Cheerio Arabs ...enjoy your stint down below Maybe if we end up bottom 6 we can stick the final nail in their hopes of survival
  11. We don't all now agree stocky ... I'm also a bit perplexed about the numbers ... headline figure was £1.2bn over 5 years raised from raiding the wages of those over 40% ... and I reckon we're all in agreement that it runs to £323pa or approx £1600 over 5 years. Dividing £1.2 billion by £1600 gives a nominal 750,000 workers ... instead the number is half that - question is as Parky mentioned earlier some over the threshold are going to get taken to the cleaners at about £1k per annum or are the figures imprecise and we'll get shafted even more?
  12. If 11000 people constitute the top 15% of earners in the country then there must be less than 100k people in paid work - issue with figures? You say no more tax (technically correct). I say denial of a tax break freely available to rUK which therefore increase my tax burden (also technically correct) when compared to anyone south of border costing me £1600 minimum over 5 years - a not insignificant sum of money. Who should it be? It should be everyone in employment at every level of taxation. It has been presumed that those like me just over the threshold would be willing to contribute - why not open it up and make it a bit more transparent. Wonder how that would go down.
  13. Toepoke, I think we can judge denial of a minimum (presuming the rate at which 40% kicks in will increase for rUK in future budgets) approaching £1600 over the next 5 years as a significant boot in the baws when compared to others over the border. Seems that as thesignificant SNP cohort have failed to make their promised impression upon Westminster/Tories they have decided to use this new fiscalpower rather unwiselyto get itright up the Tories from Edinburgh by booting their own supporters in the goolies and shoplift from a sitting duck. Dare I say it'sthe Poll Tax all over again although this time it's self-inflicted.