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  1. Hearts twitter - between 11a.m. & midday Heart of Midlothian ‏@JamTarts  12 hrs12 hours ago Folks, there's no pitch inspection planned this afternoon - very much game on here at Tynecastle! Hearts twitter - 2 hours or so later Heart of Midlothian ‏@JamTarts  10 hrs10 hours ago Partick Thistle game called off Heart of Midlothian | News  I was in the Haymarket area from midday - and there was next to nothing (snow/rain/snow//hail etc) falling from the skies above that would have caused the pitch to be as waterlogged as per the photos emanating from Tynecastle. Fringo mentioned the ref showing up at 1 pm to take a look - now I'm not sure how much these khunts get paid by the SFA but if this is true and if they are getting close to £1000 a game, then they should be there from early morning to take control of the pitch and any shenanigans that might go on in the intervening period between arrival and the game ... or is it too much to expect a full days work for an obscene amount of cash?  
  2. arrived early for a beer and it gets called off ... the jam tarts should get their baws well and truly booted for such a late call off ... something doesn't add up here
  3. To the OP - could you no just have written 1/2/16 or 1st Feb on the board - what a total boton ... or is that botton?
  4. you're welcome - been well behaved since the JH stand went up but it's a soulless existence - gone are the days of goading the section B as they trooped through our part of the shed to stand at the opposite side of the fence or swapping ends at half-time the π however is mightier than the pyro
  5. ahh the Firhill shed with the rear wall where the smell of pish was palpable remember being in a small hardy group of shed boys at the pie stall totally unsegregated in with the blue filth - lobbed a dripping greasy pie at a celebrating rangers fans gub just after bobby russell had scored a dubious goal in off the bar - caught him a belter square on the chops the dirty unwashed basted! don't think I was responsible for floras jacket though ...
  6. says he posting on an internet forum ...
  7. I get the kaleidescope eyeballs and it's a sign/trigger to get pills down neck quickly (2 para and 2 ibuprof simultaneously to blast the fecker) - usually works well and migraine is prevented but if it takes hold it's not pleasant but nowhere near as bad as a kidney stone!
  8. 2Days Games

    hibees cummings seems to be getting away with playing with his socks round his ankles - ref should be insisting on standards being applied - doesn't look like he's wearing shinnies either
  9. Aberdeen Fans

    I'm most grateful to you for spelling it out despite clearly being able to discern that. Arsehole, dick, dunce - any more high quality insults from a scum-condoning low IQ Oirish sympathiser?
  10. Aberdeen Fans

    It's what you and your ilk do best - attack others with opinion and make it personal to deflect the argument that certain sections of your support are scum. If you are easily offended by words which you are unable to take out of context (in my context it was that a person/persons were considered to be either foolish or socially inept) then perhaps you should not be on a forum.Or are we to literally take your threat to burn down the shed at face value too. Back in the circle now with your fellow paranoids and play with your tarpaulin & flares now you stupid little bhoy.
  11. Aberdeen Fans

    stick your head back in the the wagon circle you fukkin moron - you handing out credibility checks is a fukkin laugh
  12. Aberdeen Fans

    Isn't it absolutely fukkin tragic that when ... three quarters of the denizens of Ibrox (a.k.a. "the minority") bounce up and down singing repeatedly about what they are up to their knees, anda bunch of retards from the other cheek let off fireworks in a 5 deep terrace in the middle of nowhere whilst also singing shanties of the old country... that their wee moronic foot soldiers and the press circle the wagons and call it "atmosphere". Scotland's shame the pair of them - heaven help the rest of us when this relationship is rekindled next season.
  13. here's 2 words for squirrelhumper ... .. Gary Locke
  14. it was always going to be tough for the dons tonight against the leagues in form team - happy enough with a point taking it into the smellik game at the weekend