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  1. Manager : C Levein (SCO)
  2. Celtic v Hearts Partick Thistle v Aberdeen St Johnstone v Rangers 12:30 ko's Stage set for Cathro and his laptop to hit back at his critics and deny Celtic their unbeaten league season? Or should I stay off the magic mushrooms?
  3. FFS, ugliest car on the road
  4. ok i'll bite Is it the club or the company that's in bother ?
  5. I look forward to the Kris Boyd article on the matter "That's not the Rangers I grew up with. We were taught honesty and decentness. Theft was what fans of other clubs did. But I can understand why he did it, due to watching his team get beat"
  6. pull the fuse/relay of the headlights. Part exchange it in daylight.
  7. The day after the Slovenia game was a cracking day and I had a few hours to burn in Glasgow. I just sat in george square people watching. It was most enjoyable relaxing and taking in the rays. There was the mature ned with the portable tunes listening to some 90's techno. There was the strange boy who walked round in circles for 2 hours. There was white van man double parked arguing with the traffic warden. The guy feeding the pigeons. The folk pissed off at the guy feeding the pigeons. The wheelchair guy who went round the whole square begging.
  8. I've had a look for the goals from the gers v hertz game but can't find them. Seems the people of reddit don't follow scottish football outside of Celtic.
  9. Just catching up with the goals so far, 0-1 - 0-2 - 0-3 - 1-3 -
  10. 1-2 Garner
  11. 1-1 McKay
  12. 1-0 Doolan
  13. The EBT guidelines yes, he was the author of the strategy Ola, jazz mag.
  14. Yes. It's in the rools Pretty sure it was brought in after an increase in players wearing shirts with slogans under their strip
  15. found it 1-4 MIller