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  1. I recall A Game Of Two Halves being on the tv first - am I getting mixed up?
  2. A Game of Two Halves - if its the one I'm thinking of with Jim White - was pretty poor. It was maybe ok on the first watch but each week was just the same jokes based on the stereotypes of rangers and celtic fans eg orange walks, chapels, the ref was a mason etc, etc. Denis Law had the look of "what the eff have I signed up for?"
  3. feck me at that draw they're no even trying to hide it anymore
  4. who's doing the draw later today, has Rod been asked back or in the interests of balance will it be a famous rangers fan? Amy McDonald after a few bacardi breezers?
  5. St J v Cel 2-5 -
  6. St J v Cel 2-4 -
  7. St J v Cel 2-3 -
  8. St J v Cel 0-1 - 1-1 - 2-1 - pelanty award -
  9. Watership Down - aged 5.
  10. For it to be a straight red I would have to assume the ref considered it offensive behaviour
  11. Entering or leaving the field of play without the refs permission is a booking, isn't it?
  12. O'Halloran Red - McDonald Red -
  13. in my experience the boxes that stream aren't very reliable for live sports. The open boxes that connect to the sky dish are much better but then they cost more.
  14. after a bit of googling... The draw is on sky sports 5 at approx 5pm Alan Stubbs and Rod Stewart will be conducting the draw.