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  1. Comments I've seen suggest he's invested money in the club.
  2. Traynor just likes bullying and talking down to people. It's been a while since I've heard it but he used to do it regular on radio scotlands football coverage. TBH I thought Warburton had it under control. He just kept calmly batting the questions away. Traynor couldn't help himself and just had to wade in.
  3. Jim Traynor pulls off Mark Warburton ?
  4. Oh FFS Here we go with the Irish history lesson. If this is the start of this sort of pish appearing on the TAMB then I'm oot.
  5. I'm watching it, best new thing I've seen on TV in a while. The only thing preventing me getting too excited is it going the way of LOST. Also I wish I hadn't discovered it now. I now hate watching a tv series 1 week at a time. Would much prefer to binge watch the series.
  6. If Wallace did get boo'd then that's unfortunate. I don't think he's done anything in a scotland jersey that warrants a boo. Has he? Then again, you pay your money you can boo or cheer whoever you want. No doubt they'll be a thread on follow follow calling all scotland supporters peados and papes due to this.
  7. Strachan was never going to say anything negative. A very defensive interview. Typical manager stuff, protect the players and deflect.
  8. poor performance. Late equaliser shouldn't mask that. 2 games in and we're already saying that's it effed. Not good.
  10. FFS
  11. Fletcher off, McArthur on
  12. after all the discussion over the choice of goal tune, this is going to finish 0-0 isnt it?
  13. I never had a Grifter. Any time I had a shot on one it was always 'stuck in 3rd'. Nobody knew how to replace the gear cable it seemed. My sister had a Strika, lime green with a pedal back brake. Could do huge big skids on it.
  14. I would avoid. Has been in the local press the last few years for numerous hygiene issues. That's on top of the inflated prices and the long wait. If you are in the area I'd recommend the Barassie chippy instead.
  15. we don't need a tune to celebrate a goal, and if we did we certainly don't want bits n pieces. I like the banging noise as much as the next man but there's a time and a place and its not after a scotland goal. Also you shouldn't need a tune after a goal. The goal should be enough to get the place going. I'm all for banging tunes to get the place going prematch. Faithless - Insominia is brilliant for this.