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  1. I work in the type of place where 20 years ago the majority had a paper for their break. Folk would then swap papers for the 2nd break. There's only 1 or 2 you see with a paper now and they'll be 50+. All the younger ones sit glued to their phone. My dad still buys a paper daily but he openly admits it's just out of habit and part of his morning routine. Funnily enough I had somebody chapping my door last week asking if I wanted the local paper delivered. I declined their offer and closed the door but I really wanted to ask them why they thought getting into selling newspapers was a good idea given the dwindling sales stats.
  2. The Rangers & a home draw. There's a suprise.
  3. you seemed to be happy with it for 6 months? Plus you've taken it to another garage who you admit has done work on it. I doubt the original garage will entertain any complaint now.
  4. Dons 2 up Hibs doing what Hibs do best.
  5. I was a TITP regular '94-'99 and then visited again 2005+2006. So its 10 years since I've been. Anyhoos, my thoughts are it's a lots less about the music now. Its like a stag do or a weekend away where you can behave like an arse for the weekend with no consequences. The biggest shock to me returning in 2005 was how much busier it was. The organisers had simply crammed more and more folk into the same space. This obviously created flash points. I was talking to a few folk at work today who had been to TITP this year. They all went for the day only. In their view the campsite isn't worth the hassle. "just gangs of young ones roaming about causing bother" That's coming from 19-20 year olds. To them spending 2 hours waiting on a bus and then 2 hours sitting on a bus home was preferable to the campsite.
  6. we have this discussion every year don't we? wasn't like that in my day. I remember when this was all fields. etc. The thing that does annoy me is The Arches was closed for less.
  7. das kaput
  8. i've not been listening to the telly but did we have the irony of terry henry analysing the hand ball incident?
  9. whats german for robbed?
  10. FFS
  11. boomtish.gif
  12. Germany are getting closer...
  13. got my lucky pound on ze germans to win in 90mins
  14. remember the last time germany played the tournament hosts in a semi?