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  1. I cringe big style when I think back to that day. My and my mates 15/16 year old, probably wearing shell suits, head up to Glasgow for 'the big day' We got a hold of cheap drink. I puked on the train before we even landed at central. Just acting like wee ned bawbags, FFS shouting at Sheena Easton
  2. Does Sheena Easton at The Big Day count ?
  3. Nae mention of the orange strip yet? Tis the season....
  4. Worth a listen. Covers his career with Killie, Rangers, Everton, Norwich and the National Team. Also his charidee work.
  5. wtf I've got to wear safety shoes at work. A walk of any distance or driving in them is crap. So trainers to work and then change into the safety footwear. or are you talking about office folk in a suit sporting a pair of new balance gutties on the train?
  6. When was the cruxifiction routine performed? I saw BC live in 2001 and outside the venue there was a protest from a small group of the god squad apparently protesting about the cruxifiction routine. That would make it nearly 30 years later, still protesting?
  7. is the tearing up of the retail deal going to spark scenes like black friday at the megastore tomorrow? What time does it open, have they started queueing already?
  8. i'm gutted. We score 2 goals - both absolute crackers - in the 87th and 89th minute and we still get beat. I know it's a draw but it feels like a defeat to me. When did we last score a goal direct from a free kick? When did we last score 2 in the one game? This is what we do isnt it? Seen it a hundred times before - as posted by ally bongo.
  9. I don't know what to say to that.
  10. 2-1
  11. 1-1