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  1. Steady...
  2. lolz 67 days.
  3. apparently Souness was in Scotland to attend the SFA Grass Roots awards ceremony. You would think he'd have been asked about, err maybe youth football, coaching, the future of our game or similar? Unless I've totally mistaken what an SFA grass roots scheme should involve? From what I can see he spent the whole time talking about Celtic and The Rangers, suggesting the latter should just spend - "find the money from somewhere". What about your EBT?
  4. Warburton having a go at the officials
  5. peach of a free kick to decide a poor game
  6. HT 0-0 On the evidence I've seen I can only see The Rangers winning this.
  7. it's not going to change anything is it? The blue half of glasgow will side with DJ and the green half will side with Sutton.
  8. funny to hear them having a go at each other. We all know why they take the positions they do, just refreshing to hear them both called out over it.
  9. Morton v Aberdeen Rangers v Celtic The semis will be played on the weekend of 22/23 October.
  10. When are they drawing Rangers v Morton ?
  11. Betting now.... lol, turning into quite the soap opera this one. I'm guessing jabba Traynor will now be feeding lots of stories like these to the media. The Rangers trying to sack him to avoid a pay off?
  12. Watching the highlights on BBC2 earlier this evening I noticed Kilmarnock had shortened their pitch. Whats the reason behind that? Is it a Baldrick-esque cunning plan to make it easier to score?
  13. thank goodness Celtic pushed through the rule change where the coefficient is based on your own performances....
  14. Will Rodgers claim there is no gulf in class ?