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  1. New Strip Launch

    We had a blue shirt with white sleeves in 1954 v hungary
  2. Bugibba / Qawra / St Pauls To Ta'qali Stadium Bus Transfers

    Are you taking the whole family julie?!!
  3. Malta

    I was there a couple of years ago , quite a laidback resort , I didn't know the museum was there until after I came back and I bought two Scotland match worn shirts v malta off them, so Ill go along this time now I know it's there, and was supposed to be going over there in early Aug to watch hibernians , but I think we might call that off now!
  4. Malta

  5. Malta

    Booked 4 of us in Qawra st Paul's bay, for a week.
  6. Signed Scotland Shirt

    put a picture of the shirt up unframed , back and front , is it match worn ? is it issued ? does it have the game detail on ? are the signatures clear ?
  7. its been a long time since i was there, what is the away stand called ? so i can get my tickets on the other side of the ground.