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  1. Hats off to the piper on the march to stadium

    I did say to the policewoman it would be better from 7pm , and she said she'already told the French police that, must have listened to her.
  2. Hats off to the piper on the march to stadium

    The French police wanted it , one of the Scottish police officers that was brought over for the game asked us to join it , but they wanted us to leave at 6pm , I thought it was a bit early.
  3. Travel share from Paris to Metz 3rd June

    Where have you seen this ? I've just been on the website and says trains are running even tonight's trains to metz are on time , are you looking to buy tickets ?
  4. Accommodation In Metz Looks Sparse

    2 of us also in the hotel du theatre ,Fri and Sat night , hopefully !!!
  5. No tickets

    That's ok , I wasn't saying it was a good price , I was just taking in the context of the amount of money paid out over the course of the weekend, and as someone has already said the prices are dropping .
  6. No tickets

    How much will it have cost to get to metz pay for hotel eat and drink ? If you've bought a ssc ticket with postage about £40 , now not something that's right but it appears now the only way to get a ticket , go on ticketbis buy one of the £80 tickets , that's £40 more , how much will be spent in the pub in the few hours that match time will have taken !? Really I don't understand going all that way then not going to the game to save yourself a few quid!
  7. Home section tickets

    Logged in on computer phone and I pad , ten mins before the start , I've already got an ssc ticket , got my mate one in east stand .
  8. Scotland Gear - Great Website

    Quite right! I spoke to a guy wearing that shirt in Dublin v republic in the carling cup, was that you?
  9. Scotland Gear - Great Website

    Are you looking for swap ? I've an 86 home number 5 Alex McLeish shirt ( not the wc version) .
  10. Home section tickets

    it did this to me as well , I just kept trying , fill in every line even if you have to stretch the address , I did it on the French version not the English translation one , also I think you have to be quick or it might time that security code out , it worked in the end .
  11. Home section tickets

    ignore last post , it does it automatically .
  12. Home section tickets

    when you changed the address to your French hotel , did you change both boxes ? the one that says particulier and the other that says comite d entreprise , or only one ? did you keep a uk address ?
  13. Home section tickets

    Its bit odd though , it lets you register from any country but then won't sell you a ticket ,even for a women's international that your registered place isn't involved in , but then lets you put in any French address and its alright ! Has anyone actually printed an eticketyet ? , not arguing just trying to get it right , as I had bother registering then it was ok .
  14. Home section tickets

    I didn't try to buy anything , but had a look at the women's game and that did have an eticket , here's hoping the French aren't to bothered about the game.
  15. Home section tickets

    I had a bit of bother as well , I got Google translation on their page , which didn't work either , but went back to the French version, fill in everything , and it might be a time thing with code at the bottom , but it all went in the end.