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  1. New Strip Launch

    Mine arrived today,cant really complain as the price is £42 cheaper than what that fat Geordie bastards charging in his shops.
  2. you can park outside my house,it's on Wordsworth avenue ,53 and 79a buses both stop outside the ground and across the street from me 10 mins on the bus to the ground.
  3. Train From Warrington

    Did you book megatrain.Prices can be as little as £2.50 return and that includes booking fee.
  4. Samsung galaxy,got everything on it bar a mobile phone,,
  5. Lithuania

    Mate of mine at work got turned down for a ticket for this game,2.800 applications for there allocation.
  6. Poland At Home

    Not all poles live in Scotland though.Just over the border there is thousands who would like to go to this game.
  7. Old Trafford Stadium Tours

    Been stood and sat at every part of that ground over the past 35 years,and i must say the day trippers give it the atmospere.other than that its situated in the arse end of no where.
  8. Qatar Match Tickets

    When they first went on sale online.
  9. Qatar Match Tickets

    West stand is open ,my ticket is for West lower.
  10. Rail Strike 4-5Th June

    Knacked my plans up for outward journey,looked at national travel and mega bus ,prices have shot up.may have to get the magic thumb out from Wormsworth roundabout A1 Donny.
  11. Extinct Teams You've Seen

    Seen them a few times when they were a Pub team.
  12. Extinct Teams You've Seen

    Is that the same league as FC manchester play in now they were promoted.
  13. Extinct Teams You've Seen

    Halifax,Darlington,Scarborough,Wimbledon,Chester,Gateshead,South Shields,Coxhoe,Ferryhill,Evenwood Town,Gretna,Clydebank,and Airdrie,
  14. Eurovision 2015

    Must be loads of skint or sad people on this board if you have been watching that pile of shite,ffs its saturday night.