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  1. Plans so far..... April - Paris marathon May - Stirling marathon Hopefully manage either 10k or half in the EMF and some other 10ks and halfs throughout the year.
  2. 😳 Wow! Well done. Which marathon were you doing?
  3. Loch Rannoch Marathon on Sunday there and another 5 mins off my PB. Down to 3.42 😃
  4. Cheers, I'll have a look into that. If if you're looking for somewhere closer to home next year, Loch Ness is braw. Certainly preferred it to the current Edinburgh route. Great PB potential as well.
  5. First experience of Loch Ness event, but really enjoyed it. All very well organised. PB for me as well 😁
  6. Classic example of why a ballot would be better!
  7. The Slovenia v Slovakia game on the Saturday will be interesting. A draw there prob suit best. Hopefully mean going into our game with Slovakia 5 points ahead. Any sort of result for us there under those circumstances would make it tough for Slovakia.
  8. I don't understand why they did away with it for the current system. Surely easier to manage.
  9. Also bringing a marathon to Stirling in May.
  10. I'd give him the start of the campaign. Re-assess after the England game, when we'll have some time to make an appointment and the next game would be Malta at home. We must have a minimum of 6 points by then. Imo anything more is a bonus for 2nd place.
  11. First time in 16 years there's been a total wash out. Would be the day I had tickets for. Here again today and not looking good. Managed to get tickets for tomorrow so fingers crossed get to see the Gasguet match
  12. I got the season ticket, for 2014/15. £130 for 5 games. Other than the fact rugby is pish compared to football, much better value.
  13. Frustrating that it takes till October to give the results of the ballot.