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  1. Season tickets

    I got the season ticket, for 2014/15. £130 for 5 games. Other than the fact rugby is pish compared to football, much better value.
  2. Frustrating that it takes till October to give the results of the ballot.
  3. 1,200

    Nope. Can of worms shut.
  4. Yes. With the German efficiency there were certainly no issues getting our bags back at the end. For a spring marathon I loved Rome and Barcelona and preferred them. The locals don't get behind it as much as the Germans did though. Hamburg definitely a good option for when the Nae luck magazine drops through the door from London, which is when we booked.
  5. Hamburg marathon yesterday. Well organised, good crowds out to support and decent weather. No a bad medal as well. And a PB for the wife :-)
  6. Entries for Next years Paris marathon opened yesterday for anyone interested.
  7. Did I hear a new song ?

    Love this video and how it just builds and builds. If only we could get it going. If he gets more game time the Super John McGinn song is decent for something different.
  8. It was ok. Sparta were a couple of goals ahead from fairly early on and Ziln never really looked like getting back in it, so pretty much killed the contest. I'll look forward to the Bratislava updates :-)
  9. Wubbs, thanks for all the advice. Made it to the Sparta game. Only missed the first few minutes coming from the airport. I'd forgotten how big the O2 was. 10,500 there and still only about half full. Next time I'll try and get tickets nearer the Sparta ultras haha. Need to see if anything is on in Bratislava in October.
  10. Team against Malta

    My starting line up depending on club form. I expect it to be totally different from Strachan and not much different from most of last campaign. Gordon Hutton Martin Hanley Robertson Fletcher Bannan Snodgrass Fletcher Ritchie McCormack Robertson in for his pace and attacking outlet. I don't feel we need both Brown and Fletcher against Malta. Fletcher gets the nod on recent form for me. Bannan in for directness and ability to find a penetrating pass. I'd have him in both Malta and Lithuania games. Anya has previously struggled against poor teams who sit deep, which I expect Malta to do. His main assetis his pace where he causes problems against a higher line (goals against Germany, Poland and Czech Rep prime example). He's out for this one, with Ritchie for his goal threat and crossing. If Snodgrass can get back to his 2013 form, he's one of the first names on the team sheet. Hopefully after a full pre season he'll be back to his best. I was impressed in the first 25 mins v Denmark how Fletcher helped join up the midfield and striker. For years our lone striker seems to get totally isolated.
  11. Squad Vs Denmark

    Agree Fletcher is our best midfielder. Brown was disappointing last night and looked slow towards the end. McGinn had a great first half I thought. When it comes to the qualifiers though, there are games certain personnel are more suited to. For example id play mcarthur if fit v England, but swap him for Bannan v Malta/Lithuania where we'll need someone more creative to break them down.
  12. Weird actions by Scotland players

    Agree. Ritchie seems a breath of fresh air in that regard.
  13. Thanks for update. Been tracking scores last two nights. Tickets sorted for the game :-)
  14. I've given since Georgia. They didnt seem concerned regarding trip there. I donate in Edinburgh. I tried to give on Xmas eve after hearing their advert constantly. Got there at just after 1 to find they'd shut at 1 and weren't open for the next 4 days.