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  1. You're No Rangers Any More Please release me let me go, I don't love you any more, Dundee FC's got no doh, (They've got no fcuking doh) Caballero yer ugly, off ye go!
  2. Germany game, left Dundee at 4:40 due to work and kids school commitments, got in a 19:50 after a running from parking near Church on the Hill. Mates had left at 3:30, parked at Asda and when walked to Church was told kids could not get in despite the fact we had been in it for the Gib game. Poland game, left just after 4pm and got in at 8pm after parking at a car wash next to Asda. According to Google it is a trip that should take 90mins. At one point we had did 4.5 miles in 48 minutes on a mtorway!
  3. I was one of the guys at the front pushing the Tesco shopping trolley full of beer that had been loaded into the back of a van and driven all the way south. Pretty sure the "comedian" Jonathan Davis showed up and was videoing fans int he tented village (it was on our hotel doorstep, we got lucky as feck with that).
  4. Weekdays are a pain but having watched Scotland since the mid 70s you just have to get used to it. I am lucky I can work flexi but midweek games are always a pain as coming from Dundee I will be in work at 7:30-3:30 (if I cannot get time off) pick up mates and them/their kids, drive through, match, then back. Depending on traffic it can sometimes be 1am by the time I get home. One of my mates lives in Montrose but works in Dundee so he sometimes he has to drive to Dundee, work, meet his son at the train station then drive though and back to Montrose where his wee boy has to go to school the next day if the match is a school night. On the flip side, it will all be worth it if we qualify.
  5. Got a link to the Shah speech? Cannot find it. Cheers
  6. Will the remaining Germany/Poland tickets potentially being offered to season ticket holders be sold the same time like they are doing currently or will there be separate sales? if so does that mean a season ticket holder can get an extra 2 tickets for Germany and an extra 2 for Poland? or if they have another 2 season ticket holders on his friends and family list will he be able to buy on their behalf like they would normally? So potentially he could buy and extra 6 for Germany and an extra 6 for Poland (between the 3 st holders)? I know I should look this up but my brain is fried and I am sure somebody will know!
  7. Might be the worst time to post this as half of the board members will be in Dublin but here goes... Got an awards ceremony next week. Been told by my boss to be on best behaviour. Thought about turning up in a tartan suit but not willing to shell out nearly £600 to prove a point ;-) Been looking online but seeing I am not a skinny hipster I am struggling to find anywhere that sells cheap ones or hires something. I could find trews but was looking for more. Cheers for any sensible suggestions. For the less sensible ones...well if I intend wearing a tartan suit I am open season I suppose ;-) Any ideas?
  8. In a similar vein, have been thinking about getting a 3 pce tartan suit done but not sure whether I should go see somebody used to working with tartans or a regular tailor. Got a 3 pce black watch one that I got off a retired piper but fancy something a bit more flash.
  9. Fly off on Tuesday to the Europa League Final. Wanted to take a large saltire/rampant lion. Had seen large Scotland flags out side Ibrox for the Georgia game but not seen them at Hampden think they were about 8x5 and £15. Kinda gutted I never bought one at the time. Just saw on Amazon but not sure I will get in time.
  10. Typical Stoke...boring route one football yet again!
  11. Some of the excuses make you wonder too. One wanted to get a job in construction but lasted 2hrs before saying he would not be going back as it meant he would be getting up too early all week for his groups. He was Mon 10-12, Tue 11-2, Wed 10-12 and Fri 11-1 Dread to think how many have not showed as they needed to look after the dog or had other "excuses". One missed 2 days of groups as they allegedly attended a funeral and did not come in the following day due to "not being in the right mind for it"...apparently were "friends" via Facebook.
  12. I do not know the guys. I do however work with disadvantaged unemployed 16-19 yr olds and sometimes their thought process makes ya wonder. For engaging with us they can get £30 pw if they are not on benefits. We start at a minumum of 2hrs per week and do taster groups which they might be interested in to try and get them to progress in life, football,forensic science, mechanics, cookery, digital media, music, construction, hairdressing, mountain biking,climbing/abseiling etc. Some even get the opportunity of sailing tall ships, trips to EP football clubs, trips to motorbike shows, days out motocross and work placements where there might be a job at the end of it. You would be surprised of how many cannot be bothered to turn up for 2 hrs once a week to get that £30(as well as the experience) and yet think the reason they do not have a job is not in any way their fault.
  13. Firstly...Apparently they were warned there would be consequences if they missed it. Secondly...That would have been using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut...and cruel ;-)
  14. proves I know where the coloured font button is. And that I cannot count...we only got 7 yellow cards not 8 and Celtic committed 43 fouls not 45! My next job is calculating the Green Party budget for their manifesto
  15. Not first team. Think they were 16. My fear is that not only have they screwed up with Dundee but they are compounding this with their Tweets. Think all of this added up might make any senior club wary of taking them on.